If you've ever had a daydream about chasing naked chicks around (c'mon, admit it) then you're gonna LOVE this weeks "Demon Quest" clips. 'Nuff said. And once you catch 'em.. well "Unauthorized Entry" has THAT covered! Great movie week!


"Lost Lands Underworld" Is up for the FINAL CHAPTER this week! Briaeros wraps this one up in epic "is it REALLY over?" style and at this point in time I have no idea what's next. New story? Or a sequel? I'll let you know when I find out! "The Perversion of Frankenstein" wraps it up this week too. Nothing left to do to her 'cept the final insult! Then a nosy chick finds out why she shouldn't be poking around in other peoples business. "Pandora's Box" gets well used indeed! The war continues in "Vampire City" when a detective and a vampire assassin bust in to save an acid spitting vampire queen! You don't see THAT every day gents. And squaring the circle - :The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" chugs up "Just Passing Through". Kinda like 'Walking Dead' but with a gorgeous survivor who can only find zombies when she needs to get laid.

Reminds me of my bar-hoppin' days..
Mike da Mutant



enough to rape a vampire.. you REALLY shouldn't stick ANYTHING down here throat. Really. "Vampire City" shows you why! Who knew that mutant-ism was contagious? I thought I was unique but "Routine Patrol" in The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" proves that anybody can aspire to my state of perfection. Whatta letdown - momma told me I was "special"! "The Perversion of Frankenstein" rolls on as the mean green fuckin' machine catches another nut. And the chick's about to lose her innards!


And you'll just get screwed all tired and sweaty! There's no escape for the beautiful booby girls in ">Demon Quest". But one of 'em has found a gun so things are about to get interestinger! And a betrayed Spacebabe can't even get un-plunged long enough to THINK about escape. She's an alien fuck-toy that's not goin' ANYWHERE 'cept where he wants her! (on the end of his dick). And it's all highly illegal 'cause he didn't get a plunging permit or his "Unauthorized Entry"! "Full Rock" part 2 is up to close out last weeks episode. Some aliens are just greedy. There's no need to Keep her after he's done - share with the rest of us you bastard! Gobble gobble? Not yet - but she's a snack anytime he wants since she's trapped in the funny-farm and he's in charge. NEVER bet against the monster in a "Tasty TitBit"! Or any other time really.

'Least around here!
Mike da Mutant



..the chrome right off a trailer hitch! But instead Natalie Minx is sucking some big mean alien cock this week! Poor thing thinks she'll get by with just some lip service but Mr. bad attitude is looking for some "Unauthorized Entry: Alien Penetration"! too! And our second video feature, "Bare Breasted Demon Quest" has Eve and K.C. jiggling for their lives as the hairy beast of hell pursues them with bad intentions! Both flics get updated this week with more to come. Much more!


It's back! "The Monster Channel" presents the newest vampire tale from the old country. You may THINK you recognize the characters but c'mon.. you KNOW they'll behave a bit differently in OUR version! Blood, blood, blood! It's EVERYWHERE in this weeks "Vampire City" episode. War spills into the open as the Werewolves and Vampires gather for the conclusive battle of their long-running conflict. Our feckless detective Matt Dixon is right in the middle of it and (naturally) fights for the vampires. After all, who the hell wants to have victory sex with a werewolf? Yech! And Frank wants to have babies with the squealy babe he's been bangin'! I think he'd be better off just crammin' that green wanker in her mouth to shut her up! But it not my call to make as the "Perversion of Frankenstein" continues.


When the museum closes one of the security guards makes a forceful move on his busty co-worker. But before he can even enjoy the sight of her huge swingin' boobies an alien leaps out of "the rock" and ends his lusty plans forever. Slid's two-part follow-up to "Hard Rock" is up in the short story section and is cleverly called "Full Rock". Part one is up now and the wet, messy, diabolical conclusion is lined up for next week! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tops it off with "Maneater"! Alien sex is really not something you get into without a little research, ya know? The life you save could be your own.


You may be wondering what's up with the dual feature flics. Short answer is that I'm buying some time and trying to organize the next BIG shoot. I have three amazing story scripts in hand but each and every one requires a BIG cast and shooting on location (and BIG $). While I wheedle and squirm trying to get the cast lined up (worse then herding cats) I'm draggin' out some of the best from days gone by and slammin' 'em up two at a time! That said there's a lot to look forward to and you can expect to see many new faces (and bodies) in our next release. Details will follow as the shoot tightens up. But brother.. I'm stoked!

And that's a great place to sign off!
Mike da Mutant



That's right - TWO MOVIES from now until fall! "DEMON QUEST" is a frantic terror chase with Eve and K.C. Cannons that'll get your pulse pounding as you watch them run for their lives! But alas.. they're both gonna go to the fiery pit of hell - and you'll get to see it all! And "UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY" has Spacebabe Natalie Minx caught up in a double-crossed mission to secure an alien DNA sample (or so she thinks). But the alien is NOT friendly and it's gonna be a real challenge to survive for the buxom babe. Can she suck and fuck her way out of THIS one? We'll see.


Slid's back with "Hard Rock" - a tale of a sexy scientist who's just too damn smart for her own good. And the "Perversion of Frankenstein" dishes out the pussy probing punishment on a monstrous scale! But did you notice that she's complaining less? There's a brand-new "Fable of Fright<" called "The Owl and the Pussycat" with a fat (but rich) sugar-daddy and his sexy girlfriend. But then there's a monster who wants in on the act. (Isn't there always?). Things twist and turn and you'll NEVER see this ending coming! "Vampire City" bursts out into open war between the vampires and the werewolves this week (why can't we all just get along?). The werewolves hit hard and in numbers but there's not much that's scarier than a really pissed off vampire! Of course the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" contributes. This week it's an "E.R. Emergency" when a dying victim suddenly turns into a killer beast in the operating room!

Enjoy! Lotsa beans to spill about movie plans but up against the deadline this week. So much work - so few remaining brain cells...

Stay tuned,
Mike da Mutant



Ya know.. it's hard being a mutant sometimes. I mean I'm used to screwing up but it still stings to do it publicly. But man I pood the scrooch this time! A minor miscalculation (complete mental fart) that went unnoticed last week just bit me in the ass this week when I discovered to my horror that I only had about 1 minute of "Final Report" left to show! Soooo... once my hearts slowed down I went searching for a way to make amends. And I think I came up with a good one!

On the "Final Report" page - right below the member clip is a "Mutant's Apology" link that'll take you to a six and a half minute blowjob by Nadia (she who sends the final report) just to show ya that the gal really CAN do a number on the real thing! I made this as a test for some new mini-clips I'm working on and now seemed like a good time to test it (and possibly save some face). So enjoy with my compliments and my apologies for the fuck-up.There's no preview clip of it - I owe the MEMBERS but let's not get crazy! Sorry freebie guys. Oh, and I have learned that the taste and smell of a brand new rubber dong is NOT conducive to a great BJ performance. Whoda thunk it?


James Lemay kicks it off with the final chapter of "SPOOKY". You don't really believe in ghosts do ya? Well DO YA? Then what about werewolves? Check out the "IT WAS DARK" short story for a really fantastic tale about a gal that hits a wolf on a lonely dark road. Or IS that a wolf? We'll see.. And what about "Underworld"? you ask? Well it's only the finest 5 pages of tentacle intrusion that you'll ever see - that's all! Seriously, waaaay over the edge!

Frankie likes it! And he wants more in "The Perversion of FrankensteinVampire City" swings back into stride with a runaway serial killer werewolf and "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "Incumming" about a chance encounter on a lonely planet.

Humbled but persistent,
Mike da Mutant



Gotta be! The "Final Report" was almost sent today. But then there was a little problem.. It seems that a minor miscalculation occurred and now we have to reconfigure for MAXIMUM distance.. and try again! Hehehehehe...! Then there's a bunch of comics! Starting with the "Perversion of Frankenstein" where the good doctor helps Frankie "persuade" his reluctant bride into taking the big green one! And there's a "Fable of Fright" called "A Not So little Girl" that'll take you behind the scenes in a girls school where everybody's an angel. Or maybe they're not so angelic? Hmm..


Careful what you ask for. A noisy couple makin' whoopie attracts the landlady's attention when they get too loud. But she joins in the fun and says she wants to "eat them". I guess they thought it was just a figure of speech! It's a delightfully "Tasty Titbit" called "The Room". And there's lots of biting as the Vampire assassin and her werewolf rapist get down to who lives - and who dies in this week's "Vampire City". She could bite me anytime she wanted!


Yup. His hangout really reeks but he knows how to get the girls! And how to keep them! (Tied up, naked and scared to death.) But that's how love is done in the "Slaughter House". And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spotlights a timing issue this week. You see, one of those monsters in the closet is dispatched to scare some little girl in her bedroom. But something causes the monster to show up about 15 years too late. Too late to scare the little girl.. but NOT too late to sample the woman that she's become! Just makin' the best of an awkward situation!

I do that all the time.
Mike da Mutant



Makes me proud ya know? I mean that poor Spacebabe is goin' WAY above and beyond in order to get that treaty back to Spacebabe Command with her "Final Report" ! But the artificial intelligence ain't makin' it easy. Very embarrassing.. Then while detective Dixon catches a nut with his vampire paramour, across town another vampire gal is about to die horribly! All courtesy of the werewolf serial killer from "Vampire City"! I guess the werewolves are active during hot weather 'cause there's another one lurking in the "Black Forest" just awaiting the occasional stacked-but stupid victim. It's his lucky day!


Just when you thought it was safe >BAM< James Lemay takes us back in time to when histories' uber-badguys walked among us. A sexy thief tries to nab Hitler's favorite pinky stone but gets nabbed herself! But she's hot and smart and maybe.. has a plan... a "SPOOKY" plan! Frankie gets some coaching from the doc this week as he tries to figure out what to do with the unconscious chick and his giant woody in this week's "Perversion of Frankenstein". Nobody said he was smart.


Forested ambushes are NOT just for werewolves! "The Ogre that brought his Cock" lurks there too! And there's plenty of babes to go around - there's a couple of them fighting - right over there! This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is "Black Lagoon" which you could probably deduce is about a babe, a scaly lizard guy and a twist! And you're right!

I remain,
Mike da Mutant



Wow. My A.I. spends a lot of time saying it's sorry.. but..It's STILL gonna get a blowjob from that Spacebabe! But after all this hassle will it really be her "Final Report"? Sorry babe. I don't make the rules. Oh wait..I do! BUWAaaaahhh!! Shut up and suck! Speaking of rules, there's some foreplay, monster style, in "Perversion of Frankenstein"! Frank's about to become a Man. Monster. Whatever.


Good thing that Mr. Zxassz was there to stomp out the problem! After all, he doesn't want any competition, especially from BACTERIA! It's in the "Monster Channel". section. There's a gorgeous female vampire "fixer" that's hot on the trail of the werewolf serial killer in "Vampire City". Problem is that he knows she's there and she is about to become his next victim! Then "The Wish" is up in the short story section. Poor lonely thing needs lovin' so she makes a wish. And her not-so-fairy-god-alien decides to drop in and handle it personally!


is STILL a vamp! "Brasov" is also in the short story section and when he puts the bite on - they squeal for more! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "Scout of Death" this week. Steroidal Jock goes all King Kong on chicks!

No second dates for him!
Mike da Mutant



Poor SPACEBABE! Imagine getting brain-fucked because of an incompetent underling, salvaging the situation (DIRTY DEAL) and expecting a grand welcome home. Now to reality: Ambassador Phillatia Yerdic just found herself inside an alien communications device that somebody from Spacebabe Command modified to work for humans. But if she's going to transmit that treaty in time to stop an interstellar war she's REALLY gonna have to work at it! "Final Report" illustrates why the job ain't done until the paperwork's filed! Then there's a glorious "Fable of Fright"! "Rape-unzel" starts with her long long hair... but that's where our version gets a bit different than the one you know. Finally, the big green guy snags his babe in this week's "Perversion of Frankenstein" - but now what's he gonna do with her?


James Lemay is back with another "Spooky" adventure! This time a sweet young thing shows up for class and gets a lesson that she'll never forget! Than Matt Dixon avoided getting his.. uh..dixon.. dissolved by a vampires throat acid last week - but he's not making any smart moves and the beautiful fanged bodies are stackin' up in "Vampire City"! New "Lost Lands UNDERWORLD" this week! Tentacles tentacles tentacles! (and of course.. the women who LOVE them!). In the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" you'll find "Pay for Play" - a short story about cyber-assisted sex - and what to look out for!

Thanks fellas!
Mike da Mutant



with "BAD DREAMS"? Know what you mean - me too. But it's a GOOD case of bad dreams 'cause this week I'm running the whole flic - and next week it's GONE when the new movie starts. So get it now and see why everybody's awake! Then Frankenstein's monster is still chasing his bride to be around the lab but it only makes the big guy hornier when she plays hard to get. "The Perversion of Frankenstein" - it's the thrill of the chase! Then a couple short stories: "Initiation" where a gal offers herself to Satan and Satan is happy to oblige and "Ransom" pops up in "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with alien scumbags and poor Earth-girl that's been kidnapped!


Nope - KILLER SERIALS! Three of 'em this week. "Vampire City" kicks it off with detective Dixon getting a deepthroat interrogation by a vampire slut with acid in her throat. Let's just say that she's got his FULL attention! Then the "Monster Channel" serves up another Invader episode with a sick alien who's nasty virus is about to do in that horny housewife and Eateries wraps up his runaway wife story as the lovers are reunited and death becomes a family affair in this week's "Tasty Titbit"!

Makes me hungry..
Mike da Mutant



Matt Dixon gets worried about a vampire ho and goes to check on her. He discovers she's doin' just fine and has sex with her. After a nap he wakes up next to her decapitated body! Sex is a rough business in the "Vampire City"! It's the conclusion of "Dirty Deal" this week. Well.. sorta. Our Spacebabe still has to deliver the treaty and she's gonna find out that that's NOT that easy! Her trials begin next week!


But his recalcitrant bride ain't havin' none of it! She's just playing hard to get 'cause we KNOW she wants to begin "The Perversion of Frankenstein" as quickly as possible, right? Then a couple short stories. "The Underground" is about a monster hunting gal that scores BIG TIME and "Lunch Break" tells the tale of a hard-working babe that prefers her protein and liquid form. Luckily, there are lots of handy aliens around to help her out!


James Lemay is up with another "SPOOKY" tale! This time a gender-bender encounter takes place in the depths of an ancient castle. And there's something fishy goin' on here! Hell hath no fury greater than a woman "Hijacked"! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents the conclusion to Slids sordid twist on space piracy - up now!

And it's all true!
Mike da Mutant



Maybe. My Ambassador whispers to her dim-witted courier (and fellow mind-fuckee) that she knows a way out of their predicament if she'll just follow her lead. But is she really on to something or does the Planton just want her to THINK she is? Hmmm.. Either way it's a "Dirty Deal". Then let's jump to "Vampire City" where we find out that serial vampire fucker and cop Matt Dixon has a sweet 'lil wife at home that gives him head with breakfast. And he cheats on her! Now I'm not one to throw stones but.. But maybe it eats on him - since he's apparently spinning out of control. But on the other hand.. ya only live once! Then it's off to the "Monster Chanel"! This time the city is being demolished even as the Kick-ass Chicks continue their fuck-challenge! They ain't so smart but they sure do pull a lot of vacuum!


With a new "Star Woes"! "I Am Number 69" is a parody of a movie that probably nobody saw (so is it really a parody then?) 'cause it was pretty lame. I like our version a lot better! In our version the alien girl gets a lot more uh.. exposure! Basta is back with "Justice Will be Served" about a much abused babe with a plan to get even and there's a really dark short story up called "New Generation". No it's not Star Trek. It's a whole lot scarier! This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is "Hijacked" from Slid. Bad things happen to lonely spacebabes...

..and usually I'm involved!
Mike da Mutant



Not exactly. Doin' it WOLFY style! "Vampire City" just lost two more gorgeous vampire hookers to the deadly bite of the Werewolf! Matt Dixon gets setup for a fall while the killer shreds the vamp-hos at his leasure. The tension mounts and Dixon's credibility evaporates as the murder spree accelerates! Up for a table dance? Check out this week's "Dirty Deal" clips! So what if she's mind controlled by an alien? She can really swing that ass! Then it's love at first sight as Frankensteins monster meets his new bride in "The Perversion of Frankenstein" photo comic.


Esmeralda thinks that she's got the ancient god set up for a fall with all her guards and hostages and a BIG ASS bomb. But Tlaltecuhtli hasn't been fooled and the trap is sprung - ON HER! It's not looking good for the future of the world guys. Better hope that Cameron has something more than just her amazing tits to bring to this "Lost Lands: Underworld" fight! Then we're serving up a terrific short story called "The Sacrifice". Some dirty bastard sold her to the Devil for a piece of gold! THAT'S AN OUTRAGE! (I woulda' paid double dammit!)


"Spooky!" is back from James Lemay! This time it's a super-stacked crate stacker who gets the treatment from the oldie-moldy that she just carried in. The pleasures of the flesh will not be denied - even when the flesh has turned to dust! And lastly the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" just burped up "The Blackest Magic" from eons ago. Silly girls.. Why do they mess with the bull but complain when they get the horns?

Chicks dig fangs.
Mike da Mutant



It's kinda our trademark! First there's "Dirty Deal" where a bungled diplomatic mission has turned two Spacebabes into sex slaves for the entertainment of the Planton ambassador. The overrought alien won't let 'em go until he gets his mental rocks off - and he's just get'n warmed up! Then then third chapter of "Vampire City" is up and Detective Matt Dixon is on the hunt for a grizzly murderer who just killed a gorgeous vampire hooker. But when information is in short supply Matt decides to "interrogate" another Vamp-ho "his way". Just the facts ma'am.. oh, and a blowjob!


The good doctor moves on with his examination of a potential bride for Frankenstein. But for reasons unknown he decides that a bath of acid will determine her suitability for sex with his creation. Huh? That's okay 'cause it's all for science, right? Sure. We'll all benefit from the scholarly experimentation going on in "The Perversion of Frankenstein". I just don't know how. Next up: The Kickass Chicks are back in "The Monster Channel"! Dim wits compliment big tits and super-powers as the girls accept a sex challenge from some ugly monster types. That's their business - but while they're proving their sexual superiority a giant spider is destroying the city! Then a new "Tasty Titbit" advances the story of the lonely chick muncher as he searches for his runaway wife. The object of his desire sneaks out the back way by sacrificing one of her friends for his snacking pleasure. He knows that she's just a "Distraction" but his appetites won't be denied!


Probably not. You'll likely avoid anything doing with water after you see "It Came from the Deep" by Donny! All she wanted was to unwind with a nice little swim - but NO - instead she gets an unbelievable visitor from beneath the waves and a relentless sexual drudging that leaves her exhausted and.. wanting MORE? WTF? Hot chicks are in peril even in their own homes! Especially if they're living on Roswell. This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry offers another glimpse into the terrible price paid by lonesome maidens as our whole damn planet gets "PROBED" by the lawless hoard of alien intruders! Where will it all end?

Not here.
Not today.
Mike da Mutant



Yeah. For my diplomatic corps. My senior diplomat and her idiot courier are about to get mindfucked by the Planton ambassador. While this is not gonna be much fun for them - let's not get carried away. I mean, diplomats are well known for sealing the deal with a little blowjob under the table if they can't buy their opposition - so what's the big stink? Gosh golly! They're better off - 'least there won't be much clean-up when they're done! I don't make the rules, that's just the way the galaxy works in "Dirty Deal"! Then "The Perversion of Frankenstein" starts this week as the evil doctor whips up a bride for his horny creation. Of course, nobody asked her what she wanted..


gets real complicated for Matt Dixon in "Vampire City". His relations with the Vampire hookers of the city are about to go sour (even as he's bangin' one now) because there's a mysterious killer out there taking out the vamp-ho's! Matt's gonna have to find the killer or suffer the wrath of every vampire knock-out in town. And NOBODY wants that! Then let's get to the short stories this week. "Lazy Buns" is about a gal that finds a secluded beach and goes for a tan. But the beach itself.. is ALIVE! And "Overstuffed" explores the tender relationship between a girl and her collection of little furry friends. Little furry friends who GANG BANG her!


Sure she's a delusional whack-job that lives in a funny farm and wants to kill everybody.. BUT.. she's so damn HOT that I could overlook it! James Lemay presents another issue of "SPOOKY!" and I don't know about you.. but I've dated crazier chicks than her! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has bubbled up "Return to Roswell" this week. It's really kind of a "sailor gets shore leave and finds a girl" story - if the sailor's an alien!

So enjoy the update!
Mike da Mutant



Damn! Everything was goin' along just fine with the Planton treaty negotiations and then >WHAM< some ditzy courier decides that her hood muffles her voice too much and THEN drops her friggin' robe on the way out! As everybody knows, the Plantons are a race of furry clones that reproduce asexually. But the word "Planton" translates to "brain fuckers" in Galactic speak because they still like to get raunchy. Normally they're pretty easy going but once they see non-furry flesh they lose it and try to brain-fuck everybody in sight! So here we are. "Dirty Deal" is the story of our latest attempt at diplomacy - and how we managed to salvage the agreement. And when it's over our diplomat has to send the treaty to Earth and THAT'S a whole new set of problems! STARTS NOW!


Oh man. I'm running Bobby Bones' "Vampire City" starting this week. It's one of my all-time favorite comic series and I'm gonna run it every week while it lasts. EXCELLENT artwork- this guy really knows how to draw the babes! Then the "Monster Channel" wraps up another vampire tale - but the vamp doesn't fare so well in this one! And there's a new "Fable of Fright" up! "Snowmonster" takes place at an outdoor photo shoot and once you read it you'll never turn your back on a snowman again.


Well, he did it. Kober killed the mighty knocker babe and left her lifeless body behind. "Backslash" ends with a deader! What a waste...! "Special Needs" is in the short story section and a more accommodating hooker you'll never find! Chick sure earns her money. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has burped up "Doctor Spacelove" with a futuristic slice of life from a xeno-space opera! You sure don't see THAT every day!

Mike da Mutant



Huh? No.. I mean that the final part of "Terror from the Void" is online now so get the whole flic while ya can. It'll be gone next week when the new movie starts. And Then check out this week's short stories "Arachnophobia" , "Interrogation" and "Ghost Story" for some instant gratification. Spider monster, space cop and a haunted house. What more could life possibly offer?


"Backslash" gets a fresher and 'lil ms big boobies is quite a fighter! When the handlebars wouldn't put him down she goes for a screwdriver. Now he's punctured in a dozen spots and she's still poking him!. Tough gal. "Belladonna Vance" comes to an end this week with a twist and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up the final part to "Cyclon 500" - and the race is on!

New movie starts next week!
Mike da Mutant



I was told that "Terror from the Void" was gonna be all about torturing information outta one of my Spcebabes. But so far.. if that's torture you can sign me up! Perhaps the wily Screechna (do you SEE that amazing ass?!!) has more in store but if that tongue bath is supposed to break my Spacebabe, me thinks there's been a communications error! UPDATE: Okay - scratch that. I just looked at next week's final episode and I take it all back. I don't want any of that! And this is funny - Kober the serial undeader is about to get his clock wound by a naked chick with a set of handlebars! And a set of.. HUGE KNOCKERS! Maybe luggin' them uber-boobies around all day has given her super human strength? Looks like she's about to "Backslash" the holy hell outta this zombie!


to "LUNCH"! But don't fall for it! This short story is all about duplicity and guile (not to mention bad manners). Just check the menu first - trust me. Carrying on with the snack theme - that munchy monster is back with a new "Tasty Titbit"! He's closing in on his runaway wife by eating every friend that she's ever had. How long can his reign of terror go on? Will he finally confront the one that got away? And how does he digest all that hair? Yeah.. lots of questions. Stay tuned!


"The Monster Channel" is back with a fresh episode. There's a killer on the hunt and she's just snagged a tipsy party gal that looks ripe for evisceration! But when they hit the sheets for some mutual rug muchin' everything's gonna change! Then it's the final chapter of "Vanya Swan"! She's proven that she's a cold blooded killer but now she has to face the surviving space pirates. Oh my! What WILL she do? And there's loads of fun in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! "Cyclon 500" is up (part one of two). It's like a futuristic alien death-race but with stacked babes that will do A N Y T H I N G to win!

Gotta admire that.
Mike da Mutant



is MISSING! With that ominous statement we meet Rangor of the Void who's managed to catch one of our biggestly overboobed Spacebabes! He thinks that I've entrusted her with the secret location of planet Earths hidden defenses and he's assigned his top interrogator, Screechna, to get the facts at any cost! K.C. Cannons stars with Nadia and a couple of ugly guys in a 3-week long encore presentation of "Terror from the Void". BTW: We've got a brand-new movie in the can but I'm up to me arse in alligators so I've remastered this bitchin' flic from 2009 to buy me some time to edit the new one and really do it justice. "Terror" is shown here for the first time in native resolution (853x480) instead of the tiny sized clips from 6 years ago and I'm running it through in 3 weeks - not 8 or 9 like the first pass. So kick back and enjoy it in three big chunks!


"Spooky" takes a button space for James Lemay's creepy horror series this week. The first issue is up with the master doodlers mental institution gone EVIL tale of one poor babe that's probably NOT feeling rehabilitated! Good stuff.. Then "Belladonna Vance" tangles with the huge-boobed chick with the bad habit and has her wooped! But then some priestess steps in and >ZAP< - it's all for naught! And the slash action continues in "Backslash"! Victim number 2 swings away with a set of handlebars and manages to avoid getting stuck (mostly) - at least so far. But not for long.


"Toy Girl Story" is up in the "StarWoes" section this week. She dresses like Buzz Lightyear but doesn't have his luck. From dinosaurs to Mr. Potatodick - she's the good time had by all! THIS gal is a real ACTION FIGURE but she ain't diggin' the action. Then the "Crowley Manse" has lured in another batch of bimbos looking for a cheap thrill. They sure came to the right place! But I bet they never thought that the house would do - EEK! - what it's doing to them. Naturally, there's a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" addition too. It's "Devil's Triangle" and there's a lifeboat full of bikini babes that just got rescued by a mysterious dark ship mid-ocean. Yeah.. they got "rescued".. But with "rescues" like that - who needs horrible lingering death?

Not me!
Mike da Mutant



Yup. The top of the freebies page looks like a furniture stores "going out of business" banner! But fret not. Gotta end something to start something new, ya know? There's two short series that wrap it up this week - Donny's third "Nosferatu" comic and the second part of Slid's "Curiosity". But that's okay - we've got more! And 6 of 8 takes her alien buddy to places he's never been (but would probably like to come back to!). It's a "ROGUE" round the world wrap-up and 'ol turtle face finally gets his happy ending! Nothin' left to do but >sigh< and wave goodby! Maybe share a cigarette..?


Uh-oh. Has the ghastly girl gobbler finally caught up to his runaway wife? And if so.. will he merely enslave her or chomp her down with her girl friends as a "Tasty TitBit" Who's gonna clean up that mess? The one the dead gal made in "Backslash". Kober finally "slips it in" on the first gal but he's got a real fight on his hands with the other one. When she slams him upside the head with a steel pipe even the slimy slicer takes notice! And "Vanya Swan" has lips that say "no no no" but her OTHER lips are saying "yeah baby!" to the strangely hued pirates that have her in their grasp! CAN she resist? WILL she survive? MIGHT she still emerge victorious? FIND OUT - in the next issue which is (you guessed it) the CONCLUSION! Then take a trip down memory lane as "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents another stellar adventure. When the captain goes looking for her crew she finds them - genitally tangled (if ya know what I mean). One of them's her hubby so she's a bit put out - as you might expect. But after the anger there's an accommodation that's so cool that it's "Space Cool"!

Enjoy it fellas!
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WTF? That's not fair. But that's what it's come to in "Lost Lands: UNDERWORLD"! Why do they always kill the Mummies? It's RACIST, SEXIST and NON-PC I say! But so what? It's too damn late to keep the ancient god bottled up and now there's gonna be some REAL fun! "Backslash" chalks up one in the "deader" column. She tried so hard to avoid it but now she's toast. Better yet there's FRESH meat to chase and slice!


"Belladonna Vance" get snagged by the bad vamps and.. they all go crazy? Everybody gets laid and some of 'em even get knocked off but.. they ALL seem to be havin' a great time. Huh? There's a second "Nosferatu" comic from Donny up this week and it's enough to make ya wanna dye yer skin grey and file your teeth. Friggin' vampires get ALL the girls! "ROGUE" - just one more week left as 6 of 8 diligently gathers her scientific data (and gets banged like a jack-hammer)! The splattery conclusion is next week! Then it just ain't an update without the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burpin' out and oldie. This week it's "Service to Our Country" from D'praved. Street hooker, shadowy government goon and a passel of horny aliens - what could possibly go wrong? And belly up to the titty bar as Slid presents "Curiosity" part 1. Mega-babe hears strange noises while she's in the shower. She investigates and discovers some ugly demon nailing her roomie! Now what's she gonna do? Call the cops? Rush in and attack? Join in the fun? Find out next week in part 2!

Can't wait!
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gets the best of the energy man - I guess. He's got 6 of 8 in every position he can think of - and she's lovin' it! Wow.. this is not for typical Gorb drone! Obviously this one has gone "ROGUE"! Then long-dead mass murderer Kober finally has his parking lot quarry cornered. But just as he's about to slice of a tasty hunk off >click< a door opens and she falls in! Think she's safe now? Really? Haven't been watching "Backslash" huh?


I call 'em vampires. But I guess if you're a blood sucking killer pervert you can call yourself anything you want. This one interrupts a little "quality time" in the worst possible way. Even for a "Nosferatu"! Now, I know, it's such a stereotype. A bunch of hot babes decide to check out an abandoned mansion and while they're there they get banged by the dead and chopped up like sausage. Stereotype I tell you! What I can't understand why stories like "House of 1000 Terrors" are still so much fun! Damn me..


No It's sewer sex! Classy guy takes a hot bimbo to his sewer hideout for some nookie? Huh? Well Karma gets him when a sewer critter shows up and ends him - then takes the babe! The "Sewer Peril" was all his! It's conclusion time for "Vanya Swan" - no spoilers here! Ok. Fine. She dies in the end. I think. The ever crusty "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth with the final chapter of "Return of the Monsters" this week! I'll never be able to look at Bela Lugosi the same way again..

Guess I can live with that.
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"Belladonna Vance" and her new companion (lover, captor?) go back to the Masters castle with that very intention. But the undead orgy might take a pause long enough to deal with them - or not. "Monstrosityverse" tells a tale about a babe that walked into a convenience store and finds the hottie clerk on the floor get'n nailed by some big green lizardy-lookin' thing and quickly gets yanked into the action. Hint: She shoulda run.


what the professor is offering! "XXXcavation SODOM" drops into the short story section with some archeological shenanigans that gets way hot - then way deadly when the accursed city is discovered. And "Backslash" is back with more running and screaming and slashing with a pinch of false hope and some near-misses. 6 of 8 gets bent over and ravished by the newly-minted alien guy in this week's "Rogue" clips - but she's all-in for science!


Another short story - "The Sacrifice" is about a sweet young thing that's left for the Gods - chained to a rock by her people. But she doesn't perish - she gets even! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up part two of "Return of the Monsters". Vampire hottie and a homemade monster. Like cookies and milk.

They just go together!
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Lesson learned: non-corporeal does NOT mean non-carnal. The dude in the synthetic body takes charge - much to 6 of 8's delight! He may be new to this but he's certainly got the main idea and this week he'll make her do it his way. "ROGUE" explores new territory as energy man takes on Borg droid! Then that undead asshole Kober has been clubbed and stabbed repeatedly by his intended victim. In a fair fight she would have already killed his clumsy ass and been toasting her victory! But "Backslash" is anything but fair.


So I generally avoid political and religious stuff if at all possible - there's no upside, ya know? But this week there's a new "Star Woes" comic up about Hitler and his untold punishment. If you don't concede that that guy is open to all manner of hate and derision then skip it. And seek counseling. But if you despise him as much as I do - make sure to see "Weird Hitler"! Then "Dr. Brooks Sinister Secret" validates all your fear of the dentist office. Just what a tooth-a-phobic needs huh? Oh well.. This month's "Tasty TitBit" is up! "Room Service" is all about a poor gal that just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time - for a snack! Pass the butter.. (makes her slide down easier).


And she does. "Vanya Swan" is on a tear this week! Her hand cannon blasts the bad guys to oblivion but after her murderous streak is over she makes a shocking discovery - one that changes everything. Then here's a moldy-oldie for ya. "Return of the Monsters" is up with the first of three parts this week. Vampires and Frankenstein in "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!

'Till next week,
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Okay.. so it's NOT the moon landing. But 6 0f 8 HAS taken science to new places with her un-endorsed carnal coupling with (formerly) un-corporeal being! But I just couldn't stop myself from including the famous audio from that fateful day in July of '69. Worked in well too! This week 'ol non-corp gets a healthy heapin' serving of Borg nookie and starts to show that he's "into it". It's science gone mad as 6 of 8 goes "ROGUE"! Then there's just not much fun in fighting a dead man. She pokes him full of holes and all he does is oooozz - and keeps on coming at her with that knife! "Backslash" just doesn't play fair.


Gimme some of that magical oil from "Lost lands: UNDERGROUND"! There's this sweet 'lil thang next door at the deli that I just love to introduce it too! But for now I'll have to settle for watching all the mummies have fun with there enraged captives I guess. Funny how their attitude changes once that evil goo hits their boobs. And how they don't seem to mind being touched any more. Yeah, gimme some of that! "Belladonna Vance" doesn't need any magic to get her to put out. When the recently escaped vampire babe gets caught by a murderous vampire hunter she's ready, able and willing to make a deal. "Please don't kill me - I'll do.. I'll do ANYTHING to live". >big grin<


They're everywhere tonight! In "The Monster Channel" our freaky alien-next-door, Mr. Zxassz, comes home from a tryst with the crazy fat gal to discover his lover entangled with the mail man. So he whips out his zapper and >poof< the mail won't cum today! And when a busty bimbo gets abducted the men in black send out a decoy to catch those nasty aliens. But all she catches is couple gray stiffies when her "Another Night in the Desert" investigation gets a little too close for comfort! Thank goodness they don't all go out seeking an abduction. It's better when they get snagged outta nowhere, don't you think? Like this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Tales of the Unexpecting" where a real looker gets snatched, "probed" (over and over and over again) and then returned with a 'lil something extra!

Mike da Mutant



He's a long dead serial killer with a knife fetish and he's almost got his latest victim cornered. Bloody and tired, she still tries desperately to flee. Maybe her screams will attract some help? If not, she'll just be the latest "Backslash" victim - but not the last. 6 of 8 parks her ass right on the aliens face this week - just to see what he does! And she's delighted to learn that her "teaching nanites" have given him the general idea. Thus encouraged she proceeds to just show off - deepthroating the ugly critter like she's been waiting for this her whole life! Oh how the Borg have changed in "ROGUE"!


Nah, not yer undies - the short stories that are up this week. First up is "Fertilization". An unsuspecting shopper gets nabbed right out of the clothing store and zapped to an orbiting space ship where she get a close encounter that she'll never forget! Those tentacle guys make sure they check out every nook and cranny. Then a hot (but none too bright) babe takes a wrong turn and gets "Lost in the City". Fortunately, there's a helpful neighborhood guide that just tickled to show her the way out. For a price! Next up, a group of sinister aliens sweet talks a marooned Spacebabe into some group sex. But she shoulda listened when they explained that when they got turned on.. they CHANGE. Cupie dolls morph into crotch splitters in this weeks "Plan 69 from Outer Space"!


Damn! Spacebabes are just falling outta the sky! This weeks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is "Boobyrella". She crash lands on some nasty alien planet where a nasty alien sex fiend is all ready to show her some.. nasty! But the titty queen ain't one for just lay'n there and taking it so the alien gets a BIG dose of it's own..uh, medicine(?)! And a 5 part series, "Vanya Swan - Space Pirate" kicks off this week. Vanya is really NOT a girly girl to begin with but after these alien pirate perverts get through with her she'll be lucky to still be breathing! Or maybe she'll turn it around on 'em?

Nasty indeed!
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Ya gotta give her credit. Since we saw her first sexual encounter 6 of 8 has blossomed! She's trapped a being made only of energy inside a constructed humanoid body and she's gonna show him what he's been missing. And this week she's giving him a blowjob that'll have the entire uberverse talking! Deliciously presented with ultra slow-mo highlights. Don't miss Natalie Minx in "ROGUE"! Then we're starting a new "Monster Channel" episode with that double-dicked alien invader making the discovery of his life. Old gals LOVE Elvis! And idiot aliens who disguise themselves like him!


There's a knife-wielding supernatural serial killer on the loose and he's gonna stick 'em both! "Backslash" begins with a chase and will end with a puddle! And there's a a new "Fable of Fright" called "Ultimate Nightmare". This poor chick can't catch a wink of sleep 'cause that evil clown just kills her friends and titty-fucks her every time she nods off. But he hasn't killed her. Not yet. "Belladonna Vance" takes advantage of the masters distraction (the knocker momma in the habit) to escape. But now that she's free she's still a vampire so what's a girl to do?


are soooo damn easy! "Dora Spikes" is supposed to be guarding the space station but when a dwarf alien invades she's quickly persuaded to forget about security and turns into a sex machine! Hope he can keep up! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" kicks out a classic called "Alien Agent". Have you ever heard the one about the Spacebabe that goes into a bar and...?

Well.. have ya?
Mike da Mutant



ROGUE! Natalie Minx is 6 of 8 a "rescued" Gorb that's gone waaay off the Federation reservation! She's trapped a being of pure energy inside a newly made humanoid body to see how... to see how he likes sex!? She wakes him up and starts her "experiment" - but this time she knows what she's doing! Hey..? Every wonder how a monster like the guy in "Tasty Titbits" gets to be such a freak? Well, wonder no more my friends as we expose the origin of the belly of death! Check out "Thinking Back" in this months update.

It's the final swallow for the "Slither" photostory. And bless her little heart.. she's still throwing punches - all the way down his throat! "The Snowbeast" wraps up with the conclusion of the Yeti tale and another lost comic gets posted (plus the 4 original chapters) as "Monstrositverse" presents "Save the Queen".


More than they can chew I mean. Yup. Check out "Armed and Dangerous" in the short story section. A brace of fine young spacebabes somehow manage to let one alien elude them. See how! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up "Canvas of Death" for your light reading. Sicko's turn on each other and it's Die! Die! Everyone DIES!!!.

Thanks for lookin'!
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Damn. I'm a day late with the update. Sorry 'bout that. Couldn't get it all together yesterday without scrimping on something. And there's a lot goin' on this week - let's get to it!


Natalie Minx is back as 6 of 8 (formerly of the Gorb collective). But her last encounter led her to new interests and new dangers. There's a five minute clip up for "ROGUE" that lays out the story and next week we find out just how the Gorb goodie gobbler has .. evolved! A hungry snake takes a 2x4 on the nose but methinks that won't stop him. Prob just make him hungry again. "Slither" - it's like a snake habitat - but with chicks instead of mice!


"Dimension Freak" - I skipped a "wrap up" episode that came in kinda late a few months ago. So what the hell - the whole series is up for a limited time. Get 'em now 'cause as soon as I need more button room... >POOF<! "Snowbeast" is up from Kanel Kitch. Babes and frosty giants part 1! Then "Belladonna Vance" becomes the Barons favorite screw-toy until she dives out a window to escape. But she's jumped and screwed everywhere she turns!


Some of that magical gooey stuff that they're using in "Lost Lands: Underworld". It seems that it doesn't matter if you just had a deadly battle with her - just splash some on her boobs and she's yours! Fresh chapter and magical goo! Bringin' up the rear, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up a cool little comic from Donny called "Homesick". But it shoulda been called "Now my daddy kills you"!

Apologies for tardiness.
Mike da Mutant



She's in a hell that only she can know as her friends watch her suffer helplessly. Perhaps they'll be smart enough to wake her up in this week's conclusion of "DREAMS"? Nahh.. And nobody woke up the blonde in "Tabitha's Nightmares" either! She scared herself awake! "Belladonna Vance" re-unites with her (dead) lover and learns that he's a sex-driven vampire. I guess she's good with that 'cause they have a helluva time before "the Baron" steps in."Jordan Nightshade" is in similar straits when her old love shows up in the midst of a vampire fight. Small world..


That kill-crazy clown is back in this week's "Fable of Fright" called "Third Nightmare". New beauties learn that no orifice goes unused and nobody leaves alive! "Slither" gulps down one and sets out after the other one in this sewer-centered race for survival. Think she can get away? Don't bet on it. They'll burn your world then take your women as sex slaves and recruits! They're the "FIREWALKERS" and they've just been posted to the ever-lovin' "W.A.B.A.C.Machine"!


a word about next week. Natalie Minx is back in the biz and we just shot a terrific follow-up movie to "6 of 8" our total Star Trek rip-off.. uh.. I meant PARODY from a couple of years ago. Ass is being busted as I get it ready for prime-time - NEXT WEEK! Gonna be..

Mike da Mutant



Yeah.. she really should. But takin' demon dick seems to be her priority in "DREAMS". At long last her friends MAY have seen enough to be worried. Maybe they'll wake her up? Or can they? "Belladonna Vance" begins from Succubus Nation this week. She's a vengeance seeking vampire killing machine with a body that won't quit! And after she takes out the vampire that killed her lover and ruined her life she's got a whole coven to wipe out - if they don't get her first! >CRUNCH< "Slither" gets down to gobble-gobble this week as the giant snake grabs a sewer snack. Hell of a price she pays for being clumsy - and slow!


"Fuckontact" is up in the "Starwoes" section this week. And OUR version of Jody Foster has tits and is NOT a lesbian! Well, she probably goes both ways but that alien she's spending time with definitely has MALE-ish characteristics! You won't see this version on the late night re-runs! The Kickass Chicks are up to their usual nonsense on the "Monster Channel" . Daisy pulls a chain of pug-uglies in a tit-for-tat attempt to gather some intel. Meanwhile her sisters are bored so they do what they wanna do (to each other) while she's chuggin' lizard dong. But surely she'll get the latest scoop on the bad guys..right? Then there's a real two-part treat from Furball as "Tabitha's Nightmares" debuts in the "Short Story" section! Tit lovers rejoice! Naturally the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up a classic. This time it's "..a Thousand Words" from Kanel Kitch - complete with unseen creepies, a house of tentacle dick and three dumb-as-rocks but built-for-speed hiker babes! Sounds like an average-to-good weekend from my younger days!


there were two. Scheduling hassles, flaky models and constricted budgets be damned - we've got TWO new movies in the can! Briefly: A couple of spacebabes are sent on a once every seven year mission to renegotiate a treaty and naturally they screw it up beyond recognition. So they'll seal the deal - whatever it takes - or they won't come back alive! And then "6 of 8" has gone ROGUE! She's been drummed out of Star Fleet for her single minded insistence on researching all forms of alien sex! The former Gorb cyborg is being hunted by the fleet even as she performs unspeakable acts upon innocent alien life forms! We'll join her as she attempts to couple with a non-corporeal being that she's trapped inside a made to order body for testing and experimentation. Coming soon!

Can't wait!!!
Mike da Mutant



Dianna Knight is still get'n the big fuzzy guys full attention as she suffers through her "DREAMS" - even as her friends continue to watch with growing concern. Are they gonna wake her up at last? Can they? I'm guessing that the two gals in the "Slither" sewer with the giant snake aren't really CLOSE friends 'cause one of them just abandoned the other and 'ol scaly is about to partake!


Not so much. The Mummies in "Lost Lands Underworld" don't seem to be anybody's friend. And while the gals may think that they're safe for the moment, I assure - they AIN'T! While they gobble down the dead to repair their own bullet-ridden bodies they're quarry falls under the spell of a dart-delivered aphrodisiac! Great idea. Bad timing. Then "Creature Busters" wraps up a 4 week run with the final installment from James Lemay's vampire tale. Bunny will never be quite the same!


"Jordan Nightshade" takes on a whole room full of naked vampires all at once. But they merge sex and violence so well that it's hard to figure out exactly who's in peril - and who's just catchiin' a nut! "Space Slugs" slide in through the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" portal this week. (I'll have to get that seal looked at.)


is required for this next item. Short version. I'm an idiot and completely misplaced/forgot about an issue of "Monster Violation" that showed up after I'd already pulled the button for the series (thinking it was complete). That was months and months ago. But with some timely prodding from a member I dug it up and we're re-posting the whole series this week! All ten issues are up PLUS the new unpublished 11th! But there won't be any more so if you're a fan of ROM's work - get it while you can.

And finally.. we shot a new movie this week! And we're shooting another on Monday!! I'm so damn excited! But I'm gonna be buried it editing. Better start now.

I'll letcha know how it goes!
Mike da Mutant



outrun the snake. I just need to outrun YOU! Yep, it's getting to that point in "Slither"! The sinister slitherer has their scent and he's on the yummy trail. Oh boy! - "Creature Busters" is up with chapter 3. Can a bad girl be happy as a vampire? Duhh.. She looks like she's adjusting quite well! The conclusion bites you right on the neck next week!


Nah.. they're "DREAMS"! Dianna Knight writhes and wiggles and fights and squirms and it's all because of her erotic dream - and we can see the whole thing! The Kickass Chicks are back on "The Monster Channel" and they'll obviously do just about ANYTHING to get the scoop on the bad guys. So she'll stoop to real lows but you gotta admit - she looks great in a trench-coat!


Well.. could be the sound of hot ogre/babe sex taking place beneath your feet in this week's conclusion of "Underground". Or it could be the ear-splitting screams of Marsha Frankenstein after her version of the patchwork monster comes to life in "Lightning Strikes". Nah.. 'probly just the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cutin' loose with "Terror" this week! I'm not cleaning that up!

'Till next week!
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shares a sewer with two ditzy babes that fell into an open manhole cover. And they're just about to meet up in this week's "SLITHER" update! Diana Knight gets the horny Wookie treatment while her oblivious buddies make out right next to her. They're diggin' the show that she puts on while she's thrashing in her "DREAMS". Me too.


Perhaps. But in the here & now there's short stories awaiting you. "Docking Bay 2" is up with TONS of sex. 'Course it's all kinda mechanical.. Then "Underground" serves up a pounding as big-boob-babe meets giant-ugly-cock-thing in the lower regions. Collision alert!


'Is that you? I thought you were dead. You WERE dead! But now I'll just have sex with you right here in the morgue 'cause uh.. what could go wrong?' Yep. That's the scoop in this week's "Creature Busters" from James Lemay. And don't snicker.. you know you'd do her too! "Jordan Nightshade" gets a bit pissy this week and thrashes some vampire around good. But ya can't kill what's already dead and she needs to write that down and remember it 'cause payback's a muther! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" just had a toon up (forgive me) so it's in great shape to spit out this week's selection called "Straight Flush" from Donny. She was bet in a poker game and one ugly alien hit the JACKPOT!

Aces and Eights for me.
Mike da Mutant



my head comes outta my ass and I realize that there's a comic in this week's lineup that shoulda been up last week. "The Suit" is a "Tasty TitBit" about scoring with a Santa suit! Just a reminder not to pack away the costume too fast. Could come in handy. Then there's a bevy of short stories up this week. "Underground" is actually a scary two part story about a gal that somebody froze and forgot and "Dead Freaks" is the old "don't make out in the graveyard" tale - but we'll SHOW ya why not!


James Lemay's "Creature Busters" begins with a murder. Somebody sucked the life from her!! And there's three more issues of this nasty little vampire tale so I'll put'em up weekly 'till they're gone. "Future Imperfect" wraps up the short stories with some giant alien insect abuse and then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" churns out "No Escape". Those nasty space pirate slavers are at it again!


I'm dreaming! And if my dreams are anything like Dianna Knights "DREAMS" I don't wanna wake up! Uh.. well, assuming I'm the hairy guy in her dream anyway. This week he's plow'n her from behind even as she shreds the sheets in real-life. Her clueless friends watch and make out in awe as Dianna gyrates! Me too!

Best wishes for great '15 guys.
Mike da Mutant



Hope so! Best wishes to everybody for a great Christmas & Hanukkah. Personally, I'm hoping that Santa lost his "naughty" list this year! But probably not - 'nuther lump of coal for me >sigh<. But it's no surprise I 'spoze - just look at this week's lineup.


No way! She's a captive of her "Dreams" but I won't be the one to derail the show that she's puttin' on! Dianna Knight writhes and wiggles and moans her way through the night and only we know that she's trapped in an "other world" with a hairy grope-monster that lusts for her gorgeous body. Shhh... don't tell anyone! Then there's some nifty short stories up this week. We've got a frat girl who pulls a monster chain in "Night at the Crypt" and some insistent zombies in "The Filth". And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth a shorty called "Occupational Hazard" for all you snake handlers out there. I guess..


I 'spoze I was a tad naive a while back when I "went green". I had no idea that it was about "the environment". I thought it was like the NAACP for us green skinned mutant types. Now I'm on the mailing lists and people send me trees to hug and ..well I just wanted to meet the hot green chicks! Like (for example) the uber-hottie in this week's "Mutant World" update. She's fresh off the intergalactic bus and immediately beset by her fellow mutants until the good guys step in. Then she's all about the thank you. But.. you know something's gonna go wrong, right? And imagine that there you are just walking down the street when you fall through an open manhole cover! That's the starting premise of "Slither" our photo comic that's appearing this week. Then of curse imagine that after you friend fall in on top of you you discover that you're not alone in the sewers - and that you look tasty! Now stow those thoughts and see how these chicks handle it! Then "Jordan Nightshade" wraps it up with episode three and a brand new look on "life". If it's really "life" as a vampire..

Enjoy fellas!
Mike da Mutant



Dianna Knight that is. But she's having anything accept pleasant "DREAMS" - even as her friends look on in amusement. That would change if they only knew the hell that she was trapped in.. But WE know! "Violation" wraps it up this week with one of the most embarrassing defeats in the annuls of Spacebabe Commands history! Sometime ya get the bull.. and sometimes the bull - well, you know. But those fallen Spacebabes will not be forgotten! Not while I still have their naked pictures!


Yeah, they can drive ya nuts. Just ask the sweet young thang that pulled lost luggage duty in the "Docking Bay" short story! She'll need more than a can of Raid this time. Then step up to the "Star Woes" counter and order a round of "Fucktastic Voyage". Just make sure you get a glass of milk to wash down those cookies!


Dammit! What kinda fucked up mummy would shoot a dart into such a magnificent tit? Good grief! There's no excuse for marring the breast of our heroine from "Lost Lands Underground" - NONE! They're like national treasures ya know? But darts aside the deaders attack and all the hot babes with guns are powerless to stop them from doing WHATEVER they want! Then the perils of alien sex are exposed in "Omega Fury" and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out a good 'un - "The Ghost Trucker"!

Mike da Mutant



Okay - so here's the scoop. A couple months ago a member wrote into the helpdesk asking WTF happened to "DREAMS" - a movie that we did years ago. It wasn't on the PPV list so he was wonderring where it went. That seemed like a damn good question - and I had no answer 'cept "hmm.. dunno." So I started diggin'. I went through about a dozen old harddisks and 4-5 different computers and came up with zilch. But never being smart enough to quit, I persisted and eventually dug out the original DV tapes of the shoot. Then I dug out my old cameras (Canon GL1's) and re-captured the whole thing. But not without some grief. You'll notice a few garbled frames at the beginning of the flic where despite multiple re-captures and multiple cameras used there's some brief moments of "digititus" - the blocky break-up of the pic (like watching cable TV sometimes). No biggie - it adds character? I've deduced that it's just the way it is probably due to tape stretch (yeah TAPE - that's how long ago we shot this 'lil gem!). Anyway the garble lasts only a few frames then all's well. So..


I've re-edited and restored this spicy adventure and I'm rolling it out today for it's first peek of daylight since 2008! It stars Diana Knight, Natalie Minx and Eden Wells and was shot in a hotel room and in a pretty cool set that we worked up here in the studio. The gals are just gorgeous and Dianna does a spectacular job as our nightmare-haunted heroine with just the right mix of fear and fight, resistance and surrender. This presentation is delivered in full resolution (480x853) - best available at the time and I think you guys will dig it. So without further adieu.. "DREAMS".

Mike da Mutant



- first! I'm finishing up a surprise movie and I'll have it online Friday night. Don't wanna say much more yet - but I'll spill all the beans in an update right here tomorrow.


The show must go on! So warmup with "Second Nightmare" our brand new "Fable of Fright" for the teddy bear lover in all of us. T-riffic (unless you gotta clown phobia)! Is it a dream or is it REAL? Then the sinister alien keeps bangin' away at our uber-boobed Spacebabe (KC Cannons) while the chick she was sent to rescue gets hypnotized by KC's huge swingin' boobs in "VIOLATED". "Attack of the Dickheads" is up in the short story section - and high school will NEVER be the same!


there's the rest! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up "Search and Destroy" with two bad-ass alien killers going after a real cutie and "Jordan Nightshade" gets turned into a vampire this week. And she doesn't seem to mind! "Samurai Spacebabes Part 2" is up with delicious girls ripping aliens to tiny little pieces on some far distant planet.

Back tomorrow with the movie!
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Leading off with the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week 'cause it just cracks me up. Check out "Sister Siobahn" - it's well worth the read. Then there's several short stories to entertain you. "Corpseville" is a spooky tale about that deserted road with the two girls and the broken car that - well. you know. And if ya don't you can find out now! Then "One Night in the Desert" pops up from Slid. Poor girl just needed a ride to Vegas - but she ended up going a LOT further! Then "Samurai SpaceBabes" kicks off a little three part mini series about an alien invasion of paradise!


Yep, the other half of "ROOMS" is up so warm up your downloads.. and enjoy! No slackin' 'cause it's GONE next week. "Star Woes" gets a fresher with " UFO" an interesting space battle that won't leave you hangin' and our "Violation" photo story is gonna get yer heart rate up. One babe down and the "rescue" Spacebabe just got impaled by the horny alien too. Everybody told me that this would happen if I put boobs over brains in the recruiting drives. Screw 'em...

Whatta they know?
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Yep, still twitching and floppin' try'n to get the next shoot set - so we're back with another PPV movie! "ROOMS" was a wild idea I had a few years ago about "portals" - doorways that led to irrational destinations. So one day we had to shoot it - it just wouldn't go away! Glad we did too 'cause it turned out to be entertaining as hell and the eye-candy is first rate! Fifteen minutes of FULL RESOLUTION viewing this week and about the same next week as it concludes. Then >poof< it's gone!


Not on HER! And that's my preview of "Calypso 6" and it's conclusion this week! Then Soak in the next issue of "The Monster Channel" as 'sweet 'n innocent' cookie girl shows her MURDEROUS side! "Jordan Nightshade" is a killer of a different color but her targets are familiar. Vamps, ghouls, the usual ickies - but Nightshade puts a new twist on it.


The rescue plan that is. I mean when one of our spacebabes gets "Violated" we usually make a big fuss (good for moral ya know?) But staffing being what it is we had to just send one to rescue the first. Now it looks like we're gonna lose two! Fortunately, they're insured. There's a "Fable of Fright" presentation of "First Nightmare" lurking around like a sick killer clown in a spook house! And I just kinda gave the plot away.. Well check it out anyway - it's GRISLY! And no week is complete without some "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" action! This week it's "Hooker Blues" - a lonely sailor wants sex one more time before his ship leaves. What's the problem with that?

Happy Thanksgiving.
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To see the ENTIRE "IT CUMS FOR ME" movie. My video shoot cancellation led to this and next update it'll be gone! But for now it's cheaper to join than to just buy the PPV version outright so if it looks like something you'd like to see (and who wouldn't?) then time to get off the fence! Still get'n hassles and dates that won't work with the shoot schedule so hell... there might just be another windfall PPV up next week! I'll letcha know. "Violated" continues with one Spacebabe coming to the rescue! But one is not gonna cut it! Besides, the chick she's 'spozed to save has already been impregnated by the alien. So what's the point, ya know?

New chapter of "Lost Lands: Underworld" this week! Money, politics and a family of really screwed up people combine to become the perfect agents of a dead god revival. And the hot chick with the implausible boobs is about to become a sacrifice! Such a waste! "Mission Gone Awry" is up in the short story section for you intrepid explorer types. Spacebabe lands on strange planet, discovers that she's not alone then (naturally) has to suck and fuck her way outta there. A time-tested strategy but one that doesn't always work.


Nah.. nothing to do with upcoming Thanksgiving celebration here in the USA. It's a new "Tasty TITBIT" comic! Even monsters have wife problems. This one tries to keep his wife around even as he gobbles down every friend she's got! It's called "Get the Message" - and I'm sure that she does! Then it's gear switchin' time from aliens and monsters to a ghostly encounter. "Blonde Taxi" was surely conceived by a sexually frustrated livery man. And if not - well, it shoulda been! A fantasy gal steps into his cab and takes him for a wild ride with a surprise ending. Good stuff!

This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" kicker is "Supersize Me" and it's got nuthin' to do with your soft drink. But I'll have some of what he's having!

News on the new movie shoot next week and the update will be on Wednesday so that we can all enjoy the Thursday Thanksgiving goodies. Pass the gravy?
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Better be. You're gonna be here a while. So here's the scoop. A video shoot blew up this week when our model and our monster couldn't make it into town in time. So while we scramble for a do-over I've plucked "It Cums for Me" from the obscurity of the PPV page, given it a little tweeking and sliced it into two big chunks. Chunk one is up right now and chunk two will wrap it up next week. Buys me some "plan B" time for the new video and serves you guys with one of our most funnest flics ever. Gummi is terrific as the space princess and you can tell that everybody had a great time making it. Maybe too good. Lotsa half-hidden smiles ended up online. Oh well.. You can easily miss them if you just wanna count the number of times my tripod appears in the background. (I say that like I've learned from it - yeah. right.) Lies and embellishments aside it's a really fun flic with tons of little zingers throughout and some hot gals doing nasty things to everybody around! It's about 50 minutes long ('bout 30 min this week and the rest next week) so please enjoy the bounty!


Last week we O.D.'d on short stories and this week the worm has turned! "Hell in Red Hall" concludes with a monster feast of flesh. And a helluva twist! Then there's a fresh issue of "Asspace" with the usual buxom beauty gettin' banged by a beast. But this one's a plant! "Calypso 6" has pretty much run out of crew members to kill off. Now it's just the Captain (who's tentacle-banged in excess) and the burly dude that's trying to get to her while there's some still left for him!


And his lovely wife. And his robo-maid with all the clever attachments. And don't miss his lovely niece - especially not her. Better yet, watch 'em all in this week's "Star Woes" presentation of "The Rocketsons"! Just when she thought is was terrible he flips her over and shows her what "terrible" is all about in "Violated". NOW she knows! Closing out the update the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up a great one! "CyberDevil" is so close to reality that it's scarier now than when we first ran it. Gotta fantastic bad guy - but he's a little hard on his victims.

She shoulda known!
Mike da Mutant



A weird scheduling nexus has served up 4 short stories this week. And there's some great ones! Next week there's series comics and a new movie but for now..

"Captured" from Donny. An evil gang of alien pervs has taken a nubile Earth girl and is broadcasting her "indignities" live! "The Calling of the Darkness" is next with a witches coven and their human sacrifice to summon a demon. They want a slave - but the demon has his own agenda! Then "Orgy of the Monsters" (aka "Side Effects") takes place as a gathering of creepies gets dosed with a super horny-hormone! And "UFO" (Uhh Fuck me Ohhh) chronicles woman-kinds first contact experience way way out there in the darkness of space. Poor thing never had a chance!


Yeah HER! "FLUFFY the Vampire Slayer" concludes this week - in more ways than one! Just a lesson for any other clueless babes with dreams of spiking the fanged man! "Violated" our horrifying photo story begins this week! Issue one is up and the succulent flesh has been bared! And ya know that there's a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry in here somewhere, right? This week it's "Escape from the Horny Earth Female" from D'Praved. 'Lil green guys get a taste for the chick with the giant jugs!

As do most..
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It's the final week of "Skyrider" and when the odds are overwhelming she takes a curious strategy to gain allies. Yup, it's "all you can eat" time as Helena gathers the essence from every horny alien that she can lock a lip on! Hell... silly gal shoulda done this ages ago! Then James Lemay is up with "Cold-Blooded Embrace" a delightful 'lil vampire tale that takes you places that you've never been. Didn't know that vampire chicks love monster hunter girls? Well they do! Raw, sauteed, on ice, whatever! It's all sex and blood with these gals.


Pretty much. That's "Fluffy's" options - and there's no escape! But then you already knew that, right? Daddy Vamp has her sooooo under control! It's HALLOWEEN! Well, it is tomorrow anyway. So here's a special "Tasty Tit-Bit" that's just perfect for your seasonal festivities - "Horny Halloween". Think of it as the pumpkin's revenge! "The Final Voyage of the Calypso 6" is back and we're running out of gorgeous gals to feed to the tentacle monsters! But as the crew painfully expires the captain seems to thrive from all the attention! Sure, she complains and screams for help but we know what's really goin' on. She wants it! Want's it BAD!


And the busty, too big for that uniform gal that sells 'em! And so does your friendly neighborhood VAMPIRE! The "Monster Channel" presents another "Love Suckers" saga and this time it's the cookie peddlin' babe that gets the vampires attention! Got milk? Then we go way, way, way back in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Sex Future" - back to the glory days of cyborgs and rough sex with big-boobed women! Ah.. it seems like only yesterday..

Hmm.. actually it WAS yesterday!
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is probably a monster! "Terror Cave" wraps up it's short run this week and there's just something rib-splitting funny about killing off the last sweet young babe. (?) Hmm.. must be a monster thing. In any event the boys all have a big belly laugh but I can't help wondering.. what are they gonna play with NOW? "Fluffy the Vampire Killer" better have a plan "B" 'cause her first plan was a dud. Maybe she's gonna strip naked and titty-bash him? Yeah.. surely.. that's what's gonna..! Okay, I don't know what the hell she's thinking. We'll find out together.


But is it a flash-forward or a flash-back? "Lost Lands UNDERWORLD" is back in the rotation this week and ghastly horrible things are doing horrible ghastly things (sorry) to big-boobed victims both past and future! I hope that the babes are big-time environmentalists 'cause they're certainly gonna go GREEN. Lotza green.. "Hell in Red Hall" is where the heart is? Dunno but there's plenty of big juicy tits! And when one booby gal lets her hands wander a bit too much she attracts some unwanted and other-worldly attention. But then again.. maybe she wanted it! She's definitely bored no more.


Love that game.. Anyway, there's a new issue of "Monstrousityverse" up this week and sex in the lab leads to a fall through dimensions then sex in the new place which leads to a portal escape which brings more sex.. well you get the idea. This girl's havin' a really busy day! The mighty Slid serves up "Orgy of the Horny Dead" which just makes that graveside romance all the more special, ya know? And I cross the "T" this week with a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "The Wolfman". Here's a fella that recognizes his own "special needs" and tends to them. And he's got a great harem!

Had to thin mine out a bit.. they were all get'n fat.
Mike da Mutant



Oh boy! "Fluffy - the Vampire Slayer" is on the loose! She's tracked down a nasty vampire to his cave lair and she's gonna drive a steak in his heart! Or hack off his head with and ax. Or.. saw off his head? Or..? Maybe she needs to pay more attention to the job at hand instead of day-dreaming? Don't blink - this one's only four week's long and it moves along FAST!


We got those! A new homeowner gets plenty distressed when she finds out the former owners son never mover out. Even after he died! That's in "The Chaste" a bitchin' 'lil short story. And another babe gets all bent out of shape over a routine abduction and sex with the aliens story called "Happy Anniversary". Touchy-touchy! "Alice in another Wonderland" gets bent when she has to watch but can't join the piggies and even "Helena Skyrider" has to stroke some pirate dick just to get a ride! Then there's a whole starship full of bummed-out babes aboard the "Calypso 6"! Invading alien tentacle rapists really do make the gals a bit edgy! And go-go-"W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! "Still Waters" is this weeks study. Hope ya have your snorkel!

Mike da Mutant



Perhaps not. "ANUBIS" wraps it up this week in style! No spoilers - but I'm late with the update 'cause of all the special f/x. Happy endings! Next week we'll have a Fresh flick about a gal that went vampire hunting - and found one!


A sweet young thing discovers a huge egg and decides to roll it home. Dunno why. But she cracks it and and out comes something really nasty in this weeks "Fable of Fright". There's a moral in there somewhere. Next up is "Ramona" who has a different kind of target this time around and "Mars needs Hot Babes" from Slid. Those pesky Martian invaders crash a bikini contest and behave uh.. rather badly. No upbringin'.


We got it. The "Terror Cave" gets a fresh chapter but it's running outta gals to kill off - fast. And "Hell in Red Hall" is loosing another sorority girl to the forces of evil again. Poor thing gets gobbled by ghouls! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth with the final chapter of "Paradise Found" and as usual paradise has a few.. quirks.

But don't we all?
Mike da Mutant



Really! Only one week left of "Anubis" and I guess that's a good thing 'cause the Oracles are about to bust open waiting for their turn with the ancient Egyptian god! I'll have some news on upcoming movies next week - and you guys can call the ball! Meanwhile "Monster Chanel" concludes this week and the earth is saved by one dizzy broad and her insatiable appetite for alien cock! Gotta love them housewives.


Yeah - I can't make this stuff up. "Helena Skyrider" picks up a couple hairy stowaways this week and after the initial scare they all seem to get along just fine. Sooloo gets a surprise when he gets to his bunk.. but he doesn't mind at all! "Detention" is up from Donny. Mz Principal has a parent in for an ass chewin' over his crappy kid. But the only ass that gets chewed is hers! You can catch the blow-by-blow in the short story section. Then it's time for a "STAR WOE"! This time Judy has a strange encounter with the robot from "Lost in Space"! It does NOT compute!


Eh..not so much. The titty Captain of "Calypso 6" has her hands full (and more!) as she struggles to escape the tentacled invaders but her crew is taking an even worse thrashing. Help might be on the way but for some it'll be sadly too late! And winding up the week is "Paradise Found part 2" our "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" feature where the ugly cave-babes attack our hero and his lovely companion. The chick is easy, great to screw and drop-dead good lookin'! Best of all she can't even speak English! I'd try to protect her too..

Wouldn't you?
Mike da Mutant



High Priestess that is! "Anubis" keeps jammin' his staff of power into Zera this week but somehow she doesn't seem to mind! The Oracles peer in on the action from the gate to hell and even encourage the thunderous thrusting! We're down to the last few episodes so don't miss one. A lone survivor escapes the "Terror Cave" and comes back with the cops. Naturally they're all lady cops and the creepy cave monsters are happy indeed! "Hell in Red Hall" is all the doing of a pranking human? No! There's got be another explanation! I detect other-worldliness dammit!


Damn. It was a lot easier before that evil Valesko chick revealed that her band of cut-throats was actually trying to STOP the evil gods from escaping! Now Cruz seems as confused as I am.. but still a lot better looking! Twisty-turny goes the plot in "LOST LANDS: UNDERGROUND". New chapter of "Monstrosityverse" up this week! It's another one of those spacebabes that decides to take a short cut to gather that alien DNA. Man, when will they ever learn? Then a spaceship FULL of icky alien types is out to get one daring spacebabe but these assholes have no idea how badly she wants to get out! But they learn in this week's short story - "Necrospace". Obviously, life just ain't complete without a lil "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" action! This week it's the first of a three-part mini series called "Paradise Found". But things ain't what they seem..

As usual!
Mike da Mutant



That's not exactly how "ANUBIS" puts it but the priestess gets the idea. And so she does. (Gotta get me one of these high priestess's) Then "Helena Skyrider" finally meets the bad guy behind ALL the bad guys and she (yeah SHE) is not what was expected! Baggage. Everybody's got some. But one hot mama takes hers into the dream world and discovers that she's probably not ready for the afterlife - 'least not after this trip to hell! It's "Personal Demons" and the lady's got plenty!


Monsters don't. "Alice in Monsterland" discovers that everybody wants her and NOBODY WILL SHARE! So the dead bodies just keep pilin' up. "The Monster Channel" is awesome this week! This weird little alien smart-ass is a riot! Suburbia will NEVER be the same.


Could be. The crew of the "Calypso 6" is fighting for their very lives - and losing. But up on the bridge the Captain ponders and frets and examines every option - in triplicate - doin' NOTHING while her crews life blood soaks into the deck. "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"? Funny, we got one of those! And this week it spits forth the second part of "REICH", mercifully putting and end to the tormented bimbos being ravished by the Nazi-zombies. Damn! I really HATE..

Mike da Mutant



And lovin' it! "Anubis" has shed the rags and now the high priestess is get'n down to some real 'ol fashioned WORSHIP! And she's very well suited for the job! Then the series comics hit. "Monster Violation" takes us to the heart of the jungle for a (purely scientific) glimpse of the native rituals and such. "Tasty Tit-bits" serves up a heapin' helpin' of REVENGE as "the nerd" gets her pet monster to gobble down an antagonist. "Terror Cave" part 3 is up and they're all dead dead dead! Well... 'cept for the one that fled. But you KNOW that she's not smart enough to stay away.


Like you can ever get too much..HA! Anyway big succulent tits get served up fresh to the undead in "Hell in Redhall" and a sweet busty soldier girl finds out "What Really Happened in Roswell" - the HARD WAY. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has NAZI's? I've always suspected as much.. But these creepy goons want nookie - not national treasure as we present part one of "REICH".

NAZI's... good grief!
Mike da Mutant



Mummy? He's out. But now the great god "Anubis" once more walks among the living and the consequences will be most dire! This is the week that it's all been building to and I hope it's as much fun to watch as it was to shoot! We're heading straight into the final couple weeks and there's nothing that stop him now! Helena "Skyrider" seeks knowledge about her ex-arch-rivals boss. And she'll screw anybody to get it! Luckily he's interested in her as well so she's not gonna have to look for him very long.


Gotcha covered with a couple short stories this week! "Justice will be Served" and "Out for Blood" are in the same morality spectrum too. The lesson here is to not rape chicks that will kill you? Good manners on any planet - even this one.


"Calyspso 6" begins! And we're kickin' it off with a double-sized 10 page issue to get the first blood spilled! Get an early seat for the final voyage 'cause this spaceship has run it's final race. And from "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" country comes "Zombies" with a "next time: spring for a hotel you cheap bastard" kinda message. Sure it's free to park.. until the Zombies get ya! And it's the FINAL issue of "Campfire Tails"! Saved the best for last too. Check out the gal with the shirt pulled over her face. kinda seemed like a silly whim when we shot it - now they're the hottest frames in the story! But ain't that..

..always the way?
Mike da Mutant



It's one of those weeks where it all came together in a wave of quality content. Lots of heavy hitters in the line-up. First off there's a new issue of "ASSpaces" from Rom so you know the artwork's super and that something BAD is gonna happen to some IMPOSSIBLY curvy babe. Great start. Follow that up with a new "Monstrosityverse" issue about a future explorer and her oh-so-interesting find on some ancient and long-dead world. Then a couple skeletal ghosties get a grip on one of those big-boobed college girls and they aren't letting go! Meanwhile her friend is snagged by an unidentified ethereal sumthinorother right next door. Ghastly deeds are afoot in "HELL in Red Hall"!


Bad things are right beneath the surface! The "sweet young thangs" meet the hideous creatures who prey upon them - and DIE when they do in "Terror Cave" #2 while evil people and the unseen master that directs them prepare to unleash a hellish terror in "Lost Lands: Underground". Only one brave babe stands between them and the destruction of all that's holy - and she's on the run! Worse still, the monster's influence goes deep into the forest and now she's fending off tree parts that want to do BAD THINGS to her! (And I thought I had a rough week!) And up burp's Slid's "Forever Ship" from the bowels of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine". A fine piece of astro-nookie wakes up from her suspended animation cruise to discover that she's NOT at her destination and that she's NOT alone! Oh my! How WILL they pass the time?


And I won't settle for less! It's an important week in the ongoing saga of "ANUBIS"! The LAST Oracle gets dealt with "mummy style" but then... he restores ALL the Oracles to our Earthly plane! But these are no longer the tough gals that they were..no sir. Subdued and enslaved is a fair description. And somehow while vaporized they've all managed to don new clothes and get all sexy and subservient! Yet Anubis is still sporting that mummy-wood so something's doing on.. but so far only Zera knows. This week's clip is a long one and covers a LOT of ground - a must-see!

Deviations R Us.
Mike da Mutant



And the mighty Zera responds! Poor Oracle is about to hit the highest high from Zera's tongue but little does she know that it's just a prelude to eternal slavery as Anubis' (Anubis's? Anubises?) plaything! The price of failure is high - just ask Reaver! Oh that's right.. he's DEAD - you can't! But Helena "Skyrider" ain't outta the woods just 'cause he's croaked! Then "Alice in Another Wonderland" can run but it ain't gonna save her from the wolf! There's a kickin' issue of "Campfire Tales" up this week. Actually hangin' upside down and kickin' once you get into it!


..Chicks that is! A bad decision on a tutor turns into a terrific money-maker as the doc has to confess to the chicks what the robot's all about. I guess the "Monster Channel" just got re-financed! Then check out "Technoflesh" in the short story section. Future sex and subversion.. gotta love it! Obviously, it just ain't a party without the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! So this week we've dredged up "Interstellar Relations" - let the experimenting begin!

And so it goes.
Mike da Mutant



ARgh! This week's update is a day late 'cause (fill in excuse here). Ok, actually I cooked my wireless network card on my home 'puter last night and couldn't upload the video clips. Sorry 'bout that. But back at the studio today where (so far) everything functions - so here ya go!


The Oracle mercenary gets inhaled like she's made outta snuff this week but before her dust has settled the high priestess has summoned the last Oracle to meet her gruesome fate. This one's a soldier but nothing in her military training prepared her for THIS! Anubis needs all 4 souls in order to return to our realm so there's urgency in the priestess actions now. She's so very close to restoring her god - "Anubis" that she can taste him. But that's later in the story...

It's a good week for gobble fans! "Tasty TitBits" offers up "Bedtime Story" and several sweet young things become midnight snacks for big green monster! The "Terror Cave" series starts a weekly journey through the member pages with the first episode today. Group of gals goes spelunking but soon falls prey to some of those nasty, inbred cave dwellers who lurk in the dark places and pounce upon the innocent! Sounds like my in-laws.. Anyway there's tits and ass and buckets of gore for all so maybe we should all hang out in caves and wait for the babes to come along? Just kiddin. (Tried it and it didn't work). Next up is a short story called "It Came from the Bog" from Predator. EXCELLENT! Love the gals expressions as she's put through her paces!


Yup. "Hell in Red Hall" is back and one busty babe goes to check out the basement. THE BASEMENT! Obviously, she's less than bright but seriously.. who the hell goes to the basement of a haunted house? Jeeezz.. no sympathy from me - she's askin' for it! Then "Ramona" takes out a werewolf in her usual style - but leaves him alive this time! Maybe she gets more money when they're still alive for experimentation or something. But you can't entirely fault her - he screws her and then immediately wants to tear out her throat! That's Outrageous! Even I haven't done that in yea.. month.. well, a while. Then D'praved comes up with "Temporal Incursion" in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine". I'll (wisely) refrain from comment on the political aspects..

THIS time!
Mike da Mutant



"Helena Skyrider" locks up with Reaver one last time and as you might expect she's confident and aggressive and... about to get Reavers dick up her ass! But instead of suffering the fate that she deserves she unexpectedly gets help from far far away and manages to un-impale herself just in the nick 'o time! She'll survive to be reamed another day. Volunteers? So a proud daddy wants to see what his new monster can do and decides he needs a hooker to test him out. So she's not really "Frankenstein Bride" - more like Franky's chew toy but she's a pro and will not leave until she does her duty! Then is it real or just a fantasy? "Campfire Tails" get personal as one of the fireside gals is the star in a zombie rape story. But it's just a story, right?


You WILL conform! At least that's what the doc had in mind when he built a robo-tutor for the Kick-Ass babes! But these troubled "Monster Chanel" regulars are not that easy to tame and robo-bitch has got her hands full! Part 2 of "Chasity's Vow" is up in the short story section. The relentless alien pounding continues but when he leaves her in a sodden heap - alone and used up - he's actually saved her life? Win-win! Sadly, "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" just pees all over Spielberg today as "E.T X.." hits the page with OUR version of that cute 'lil alien dude. My how he's changed!


..that the mercenary bitch in "Anubis" learned to suck cock like that in the Congo? Well, wherever she got her "basic training" it serves her well as the god of the underworld uses her to regain his strength. But mummy "does not live by head alone" so with a word she flips and rides that moldy oldie into...into.. well, that's for next week.

And next week the final Oracle arrives!
Mike da Mutant



Get set for an adventure! Briaeros ended "Return to Whispering Hills" last month but I told ya there'd be a replacement. And it's HERE! For you veterans it's the long awaited sequel to "Lost Lands" so if you recognise that - yer already excited! Me too. And for you new guys I'll just let you make your own judgement. "Lost Lands UNDERWORLD" begins it's glorious tour NOW! And piling on the talent comes the "MonstrosityVerse" series which is a LOT easier to read than it is to spell. Yer gonna dig this one - especially if you're Hanna-Barbera kinda guy. The artwork reminds me of Space Ghost or maybe even Johny Quest - take a look at the bad guy! The first issue is really terrific and it gets better as we go!


"Anubis" might have spent the last couple of eons in nothingness but he's makin' up for the boredom with a FEAST of lovely flesh! The High Priestess makes the formerly tough mercenary eat her cookies then zaps her with the Eye of Horis and sends her to update the long-lost mummy on current blowjob techniques! And she's certainly well qualified to teach. Then "Dominance" wraps up the first battle with the untimely death of the cute 'lil white witch. Death by titty-cution? 'Least the zombie caught a nut before she destroyed him too! And ya gotta be careful what ya wish for! Silly co-ed wanted to see a ghost. And "Red Hall" is so willing to oblige. This week multiple ghosties have a great time teaching her that shoulda stayed home! "Mutant World" gets a fresh chapter and I gotta admit that I'm kinda proud of my mutant brethren. There's a bunch of them and only one human gal - this would turn into a fight for nookie rights if it was you greedy humans - but MUTANTS have better manners so they all decide to share her peaceably. THEN kill her. Yup, makes a fella proud of the family. Aw hell.. you know I can't wrap this up without a moldy-oldie from the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! This week it's expelled "Alpha Test" from the infested mind of D'Praved - and you better hope the test fails or we (guys) might just be outta business!


A wee bit 'o housekeeping: You have probably noticed that the Thursday update is happening LATE LATE LATE on Thursday night. Just want to acknowledge that and tell you that it's definitely the new norm. Restructured work flow and scheduling compromises are behind it all but there don't seem to be a damn thing to be done about it. Maybe I should call it a Friday update so that it's always early?

Mike da Mutant



Clubs. The Jack of clubs.. is runnin roughshod all over poor "Alice in Another Wonderland" as she desperately tries to screw her way out of the rabbit hole. But no matter who she fucks it's always the same old thing.."That was great but I cannot help you unless you..." etc. Poor gal - she never wins but she can't give up! Helena "Skyrider" goes fom the frying pan to the fire this week as her evil captors are overwhelmed and replaced by... different evil captors! Same dick, different face..


Or rather.. SHE will. This week the high priestess of "Anubis" has summoned a wild one! The third Oracle is a mercenary - paid to kill - and she's about to do the priestess for free when >ZAP< she discovers that >ZAP< she can't! Her humiliation and suffering gives Zera more pleasure than she can endure - at least without joining in! But can Zera keep her under control until the ancient god takes her? The crowd starts to thin as the "Campfire Tails" gals meet there fate one-by-one in the shadowy woods. This week the threat is the trees and especially their ROOTS! Now it's just a matter of time until the forest is quiet once more.


She's followed him, cornered him and seduced him - all with the goal to make him admit that he's a vampire. And after she finally gets what she wants she KILLS the poor bastard with a stake through the heart! Now that ain't right! But she'll eventually get hers if she sticks around the "Monster Chanel" long enough - we have ways of dealing with that kind. And we've discovered "Vitamin EVIL"! Just a sip is all it takes to turn your plain 'o wallflower into a sexy hot devil-slut! Of course.. as with any new drug there MIGHT be some side effects. And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth a tale of four titties. "Hazard Pay" follows the cave exploration of two gals lookin' for goodies. And boy - THEY FOUND 'EM!

Or verse visa..
Mike da Mutant



that misses this week's "ANUBIS" update! That curvy FBI agent slides down on mummy dick and takes the kinda ride that J. Edgar never dreamed of! (Or..come to think of it..maybe he did?) Zera is there throughout every second of pleasure - making sure that her god gets EXACTLY what he needs! But when he's ready to consume his offering it's just him and she who he will consume! Cliff-hanger ending (beginning?) too! Then busty-but-not-too-bright college gals get what they came for in "Hell in Red Hall". They wanted ghosts.. they GOT ghosts! And that was truly foolish.


It's everywhere as the werewolf strikes again and again in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine's" "Red London". The bobbies don't know whether to shit or go blind but the chicks know how to lure it out! Yummy-time this week as "Tasty Tit-bits" rolls out "Powers 2". That nasty 'lil brat with the mind control power has finished off his step-sister and now he turns his attention to the step-mom! I sense a dysfunctional family unit - probably not his fault - he's just another victim of society! Or a cruel sado-psycho-serial rapist.. Wha-ever.. "Ramona" begins her day tied to a stake and getting whipped. But happy times prevail as she manages to bludgeon a lover and scissor off somebody's head! Good times! There's a short story up called "Chastity's Vow" that's every guys fantasy. Uber-hot mama wants you - more and more as you resist - until you can't keep the inner monster back any more and you have to... GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS! Hey! She had it coming! Then check out the Zombie slippin' the moldy-oldie to the cute little witch in "DOMINANCE". She's a bit upset but he's havin' enough fun for both of them...

So enjoy and we'll see ya next week!
Mike da Mutant



This week the big-boobed FBI agent gets completely unwound by Zera and the eye of Horus marks her for eternity! She'll shake and quiver and whimper out loud but in the end she WILL mount the undead god and her soul WILL be his! But 'tween now and then there's a whole lotta humpin'! C'mon, don't even think about missing "ANUBIS"! (I know the mummy and he's offered to curse those who we suspect of non-attention). You guys have no idea what's still to be revealed in this epic tale - but you will.


Sure. Why Not? Let's go hang out in an alley and when a hot young blonde strolls by we'll grab her and rape her. But then again.. things might get outta hand. She could be a beast from hell sent to shoot the bad guys straight down the infernal pipeline. Hmm... better check out "Devil's Lust" before you make an decisions.. Then hell should be full by now what with all those horny school girls tempting demons and such. "Hell in High School" is a great example. She wants to bang the teacher but once she discovers that he's really a hell-spawned demon with more dicks than she has accommodations for she wants to back out. TOO LATE! Then "Campfire Tails" resumes and one hot mamma gets killed by her erstwhile friend as death rocks her world! But has the evil one really beaten death by offering her friend instead?


There's a new hot teacher at school this week and she's passing out "favors" like there's no tomorrow. But while every boy in class wants her BAD - she's only got eyes for one guy - that strange pasty-pale loner that nobody ever sees during the daylight hours. Wonder what's up? Follow "Monster Channel" regularly and you'll discover her secret! "Helena Skyrider" gets caught by Hubba the Junt and is read like an open book by his slave. What they discover could change the fate of the universe! But can they bend her will to serve them? Then obviously there's gonna be a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" oldie/moldy! This week it's art class - alien style!

On a roll..
Mike da Mutant



Yep. We've come to the end of the road for Briaeros "Return to Whispering Hills". The final massacre is up this week and you need to bid a fond farewell to the endless zombie hoard...>sniff<. I'm gonna miss those guys. They ain't much on hygiene but they sure know how to charm the ladies! So now what? Hard to imagine MBC without a Briaeros feature story. Well, it just so happens that... but I guess we can hold off on that announcement for a little while. Suffice it to say that my favorite Poser artist ain't done with us yet!


And it's gonna get sooo much worse! This week the high priestess snags a 'gasm that gets her mind back to the job at hand - preparing the oracle for her sacrifice to "Anubis"! And now that her own needs have been met (for a while) she's hell-bent to prepare the FBI babe for her mummy ride! And then we're gonna revisit the sins of the South? Eh, kinda. "Hell in Red Hall" is taking a trip through the members content once again! It's a ghost story about and angry babe who dies when her black lover.... well, you'll see. And so will those thrill seeking boobie-babes who came there looking for a ghost!


Right up her ass! This week the cute 'lil witch from "Dominance" gets the zombie cock exactly where she wants it the least as the undead stud continues to shred her dignity (and her ass) at the urgings of her witchy rival! Payback's brewing. "ASSpaces" is back with a brand new issue and the evil Emperor is using the force to defeat and then ravish his latest wannabe assassin! Then a super-duper version of an "Abduction" is up in the short story section - beautiful to behold too! Wrappin' it up comes the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with another "carnal Science" issue from James Lemay. Nice way to round out the week!

Happy birthday America!
Mike da Mutant



Yeah. Well.. the second oracle gets snatched today and she thought that she was pretty tough too! But FBI agents are apparently not trained to handle the supernatural so it doesn't take long for the priestess of Anubis to take full control of her mind and body. But the priestess has needs of her own this time so the oracle will please her - then she'll be presented to to moldy cock of the Egyptian god! Nasty-nasty! It's our killer feature flic "Anubis" and if you're just living on the previews.. C'mon! Take the plunge!


Check out this week's short story "BOOGIE BLUE MAN". Yeah - he's like that (but somebody else already did the big green guy schtick so our guy is blue). And unlike the green guy, the blue dude is NOT shy about liking the girls. Teeheehee. Then it's time for some "Campfire Tails" to get the blood pumpin'. A completely clueless roomy gets "invited" in for a tryst with death - no matter that she's kickin' and screaming. What's the old adage? "Death be not proud"? Yeah - no problem. Death will take whatever he can get from both of these gals! Our other short story is "Diabolical Pact" - it's the curse of the werewolf! Ok..it's the curse of the HORNY DROOLING RAVENOUS werewolf! 'Nuff said?

The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "Hero 3000" this week. It's virtually sexy! The "Monster Channel" wraps up the second part of "The Birds" and Hitchcock must be spinning in his grave like a turbo! But then again...he might like it! Then it looks like the end for Helena "Skyrider" this week as she gets double-teamed by aliens that can suck out her energy. She's weak and drained and on the edge of defeat when suddenly...

well, can't give it ALL away!
Mike da Mutant



That's exactly what the first of the Oracles does this week when commanded. But she's settling down on some moldy old mummy dick! And her reward? (besides a nice ride?). She's CONSUMED by the bag 'o rags and he draws strength from it. Next week the second Oracle appears... Don't miss "ANUBIS"! And I guess there's a lot of that going around 'cause the cute 'lil blonde witch in "Dominance" is get'n the good wood from a freakin' Zombie! Her rival looks on with amusement.


What Monster? Oh... THAT Monster, the one that's gonna capture the big-boobed warrior and slime her in ways that she can't even imagine yet? Yep. It's a tentacle lovers dream in this issue of "Monster Violation" so put on your octopus suits and join the fun! "WTF?" EXACTLY! That's exactly what SHE said when she found out her boyfriend was after one more blowjob before he fed her to a giant slug! Easy way to end a relationship I 'spose..


There's a brand-new series eruption this week as we present the first issue of "Ramona". This chick's a vampire AND a bounty hunter and she REALLY likes her work. Check it out! "Horny Hollows" wraps up the final chapter with the series conclusion. Sex, violence, death and dis-membership.. THE GOOD STUFF! Chug, chug, chug, chug... it's "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! And this weeks moldy-oldie is "Traffic Duty" wherein a cop willing to make a deal has just made the perfect traffic stop. And the delights just keep on comin'!

And so it should be.
Mike da Mutant



And you will too if you check out our new feature flic "ANUBIS"! This week the first of the tough-gal Oracles to be captured by Zera gets the royal warm-up treatment from the Mummy's high priestess. But Even as the busty flat-foot hits the big O she has to know that she's doomed, right? But if the action doesn't make that clear to her this week's final words from the priestess will. There's a 5000 year old woody just waiting for her - and now she knows it! Another big clip - be patient downloading.


..let's see what happens! "Helena Skyrider" is stirring up trouble out in the provinces (some say it's a revolution). But if she thinks she's upsetting Lord Reaver she's not even close. Reaver's got his shank balls-deep in Helena's sister and that REALLY takes the sting out of the whole "revolution out there in the hayseeds" issue. "Mutant's World" is back this week but it's not the usuall "let's make the mutant look bad" stuff. This time the poor human babe gets the high hard one from an ally! Then the "Warrior Princess" saga comes to and end this week on a hopeful note. Mayhap we'll pick this up again someday and explore the possibilities. But for now.. adios.


"Daddy's Girls" is up in "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week and a couple sorrier lookin' alien shit heads you have never seen! But at least they know what to do with the farmer's daughters. "Campfire Tales" is back with some nasty betrayal and double-cross action this week. She'll set up her friend to take the next round of Death's dick so that she won't have to! And it's the FINAL ISSUE of "Body Parts" - see it now 'cause I need that button real estate soon and it'll be GONE!

But I'll be back - next week - and I'll have more of that bitchin' ANUBIS flic in hand!
Mike da Mutant



No excuses - just the NEW MOVIE! Two days of shooting, over a month to edit, 5 gorgeous gals, one mummy and a reincarnated god and dammit.. it's ready! I put up a DOUBLE-UPDATE this week to make up for stiffin' you guys last week - fair's fair. And at the end there's a super-sized preview of what you've got to look forward to! BEWARE - large clip is over 350mb! Be patient.. But once you've got it - hope you like it. Special thanks go out to uber-member Sam for his original plot idea and of course his MONEY that allowed me to do a BIG movie again. THANKS SAM! So settle down for a great ride as MonsterBabe Central rolls out our newest feature flic - "ANUBIS". FREEBIE guys - even the free preview is HUGE and KILLER!


won't keep my ass off the ground so I guess I better tell ya bout the rest. My personal favorite "Return to Whispering Hills" is back in the rotation this week and it's a zombie-sex free-for-all! Ghastly deeds are just foreplay in this chapter - it's NUTS! Then "Carnal Tales #3" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" courtesy of James Lemay. "Dominance" resumes and the Zombie's get'n some feel 'em up from the pretty blonde witch (who's not real happy 'bout it) while "Asspaces" returns to the line-up with a fresh chapter of horror in outer space! Great illustrations, wish I could draw.


for "The Monster" - 'least for now. And the series conclusion's got it all! Sex, murder, more sex..get the picture? Then what happens when a fair damsel fights back? "Horny Hollows" has got that covered - but you may not like the answer! SHA-ZAM!

Seriously.. go watch that movie!
Mike da Mutant



I deserve it. For the best of reasons I've screwed the pooch once again. The new movie is coming along EXCEEDINGLY well. But it ain't ready for prime-time yet so I'm beggin' off for another week to get all polished and shiny. We have sooo much time and sooo much money in this project that I'm gonna take the high road and resist the urge to rush it out. It'll have to cook for one more week 'cause I refuse to half-ass it to meet my own self-imposed deadline. I've been wracking by brain try'n to come up with a teaser or something just to show ya what's in store but anything I do takes time away from the edit desk and just makes it harder to get 'er done right. So screw it. It'll debut next week and it will be the very best effort that I can deliver. Better late than disappointing. I really want this flic to be the jewel of the collection and if I can do my part - it will be! "Deathlord Anubis" - NEXT WEEK.


So I'll stop whining about not enough hours in the day and get on with it! "Banished - part three" wraps up this mini saga in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with a nasty betrayal and a surprise ending! Then "Helena Skyrider" tries to regain her dignity after her horrific encounter with Lord Reaver. But even as she attempts to contact the rebels she falls prey to a trap. Meanwhile her elder sister is being ravished by that self-same evil Lord in order to draw Helena into yet another trap! Damn.. tough universe! So even after screwing the King AND the Queen of hearts poor Alice is still stuck in "Another Wonderland". The King popped in somebody else's mouth - not hers - so the deal that they made is dead! But enter the dashing Jack of clubs and his promise to aid her if she'll only... well, you know! "Campfire Tails" takes up where it left off last time. Death speaks softly but carries a REALLY big dick! And this week he's inching up most brutally inside poor Dena - the gal who couldn't say no! "The Monster Channel" is back this week with a fresh chapter! Sir Alfred Hitchcock should be spinning in his grave as we take or own twisted interpretation of "The Birds" and gleefully defile this classic! There's a LOT of defiling goin' on in there so I'm certain that you'll like it too! "Body Parts" resumes with the evil Inca queen about to restore her evil king and flush the world down the toilet! There's just one thing standing in her way - the fate of the world rests on the shapely shoulders of one female cop. Methinks we're doomed! We'll find out in two weeks with the series conclusion.

Shut up and edit, shut up and edit, shut up ...
back to work!
Mike da Mutant



"Vendeta" concludes this week with a head-popping ending. Now I could use a little feedback fellas. Should we continue the "Deathmatch" Series? I've always enjoyed them but who cares? What's important is what you guys think. If you have any feelings one way or the other drop a note on the helpdesk and I'll consider your council seriously. Now, that said, I urge you to check back next week and find out what a better financed project looks like when we roll out "Deathlord Anubis" with LOTS of gals in some exceptional hard-core-with-the -dead action. NO spoilers - you gotta taste it for yourself. Next week...

But for now we'll deal with the present. "Dominance" is back with another chapter of the witch war in the alley. Seems like the Zombie's the winner so far and - trust me - he gets the best part of this action all the way through! The villagers unite to fight the headless horseman in "Horny Hollows" but he's just too damn strong. They die in stacks even as the real evil is revealed to be one of their own. Master illustrator Rom is back with a fresh "Monster Violation" - and it's an all-African adventure. A brave young Amazon faces the Rhino-god of the Serengeti in a battle that's more about status than blood-lust. Good thing too 'cause she's soooooo outclassed!


"Tasty Titbits" sports a new tale this week as the "Stranger" stops by for a quick snack. Hard to believe a hottie like that would open the door and let him in. But she did (and she'll never do it again). Then skip over to "Fables of Fright" for our own twisted expose' on what Really REALLY happened to "Elvis"! The guy's been gone so long that I've almost forgiven him for shooting that '72 Pantera in his driveway. Almost. (I gotta thing for De Tomaso Panteras). Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burped up another "Abduction" this week! This time the poor gal never even knows what "hit" her! But we can tell..


I apologize for any hassles that you're getting here. We've been doing some MAJOR re-org for the last couple of weeks and last weekend we had a database problem that kept new guys from getting into the site after they joined. That was just one symptom of an overall back-stage churning that has made life REAL interesting-like for weeks now. We THINK the monster's been tamed once more but if you notice any unscheduled weirdness please let me know. Now link that to the biggest editing job I've undertaken in ages (next weeks feature flic) and you end up with one frazzled mutant. But in the long run it'll be a really good thing. The network geeky stuff keeps us alive and the new movie... is stunning so far. I'm still hip deep in raw clips but I've got a three day weekend without phones ringing and (hopefully) without 'puter hassles so I'm feeling better about it every day...

Which is a great way to wrap it up this week!
Mike da Mutant



This week we've got our own twisted take on "Babe Blue" in Fables of Fright!. And once you've seen our version on it you'll won't remember the one that mom taught ya! Nor should you! "Campfire Tails" wraps up one story with a bite while another begins with a trade. Would you trade a friends soul to save your own? SHE would.

Shannon recovers a bit this week and makes her sneak-attacker wish that he'd brought reinforcements for his nasty "Vendetta". But he didn't and now the action is non-stop as she works out her intense anger and frustration on his shaggy body. The Inca queen has the world (and the cops) by the balls this week while her undead hoard destroys the works of man! When they're all done there probably won't be anything left except "Body Parts"!


Could be! But they're not the usual kind. This week's short story is "Heaven Yonder" and it's well worth a blink or two! The aroma of sex and fresh defeat hangs over the hall where "Skyrider" just got "humbled" by Reaver! But she's not backing down...just.. regrouping! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out with "Banished 2" for your unbridled pleasure!

See ya next week!
Mike da Mutant



Alrighty! Yesterday was a blur but we got the update posted - sanz comments. Today is slightly less chaotic so I'm catchin' up.

"Vendetta" carries on in the video area as the sucker-punchin' alien takes his prize. Then we're posting the first chapter of "Dominance" a whitch-war photo story. "Horny Hollows" keeps the sex, blood & gore coming while "Chimera" is in the short story section.


include "Return to Whispering Hills" from Briaeros, "The Monster" and "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up another "Carnal Tale" from James Lemay! Short but sweet - next week I'll catch you up on this weeks video project. It's HUGE!

Happy Mothers day!
Mike da Mutant



ONE PUNCH just took out Spacebabe Commands BEST? WTF? Jeeeezzz... I mean sure - it was a sucker punch from nowhere but c'mon! It was just ONE PUNCH!

Oh well. I was 'specting more of a struggle but if he can take her out with a single blow then who am I to deny him? Especially when he's shredding her clothes and decides that he likes what's revealed beneath! So while the take-down was a bit simple the shredding and ravishing begins NOW! And you guys know that somehow, sometime she's gonna wake up and there will be HELL to pay! (I hope..) Meanwhile he's gonna get the goodies before she figures out what's going on - it's all part of the aliens "VENDETTA" against her. I'm reasonably certain. Yeah - almost sure..that.. that's it. I think.


Helena "Skyrider" comes up against her nemesis, the all-powerful REAVER this week! Helena is confident that she's the stronger warrior and even tells him so. Then she's on her ass wondering what hit her! Oh boy.. That nasty blonde vampire has our heroine laid low in this week's "Campfire Tails" and she's just about to take that first nibble! Then, while the cops daydream about sex the Inca queen has unleashed her undead army upon the world! "Body Parts" is about to get bloody as the terrible throng of deaders finds it's way to the big city looking for things to kill!

Alice in WANDerland?

Alice makes friends with the Kind of Wands this week as she barters once more for help finding her way home. And though the King likes her terms his wife may just have another opinion. "Alice in another Wonderland" is about to become a catfight? The Kick-ass chicks have been compromised! They've been turned into Furries - mindless creatures that only want sex - by the big bad-guy! But one sister remains unaffected so there's some sliver of hope for a change of fortune. But we'll let 'em get that sex craving outta their system first! Don't miss it in this week's "Monster Channel" update. The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" churns out another "ABDUCTION" this week! When are these stupid Earth girls gonna figure out that dark nights, lonely roads and skimpy outfits are ALIEN BAIT? Thick as bricks I tell ya!

Not that I'm complaining! Bricks have uses...'least good lookin' ones.
Mike da Mutant



that make the website! Yeah, I have something to do with it too - BUT - "Vendetta" was actually inspired by a member's idea. The Punching bag opening scenes, the outfit, the rending of the clothes... all came as a movie idea from a fan. Though it's not EXACTLY what he asked for it's pretty damn close and my thanks go out for the thought that he put into it. So THANKS! This week a sucker-punch takes out our Spacebabe - knocks her out cold. But that just means the REAL story is beginning! Stay tuned.


Or killer serials? This week the lineup is an all comic series romp! I'll confuse you (of course) by putting "Skyrider" in the short story section this week. But that's only because I've run out of real estate on the main page! Next week "Martian Gear Solid" (final issue up today) will go away and Skyrider will take it's place. Then my world will all make sense again. (yeah...) Anyway, there's a ton of great content posted today like a fresh issue of "Tasty Titbits". This month's issue is all about that brand new anti-nagging service you've all been hearing about. Yep, finally there's a way to resolve those nasty disputes that leaves no evidence and clears the air for new and better relationships! (Legality may be an issue - check your local laws and ordinances before using this service).


Get in line. "Monster Violation" is back with a fresh issue. This time an uber-hottie learns the cost of dealing with demons! And (maybe it's just me) I think she comes out even hotter after it's done! Heads roll again in "Horny Hollows" as the demented deacon and his headless monster polish off another true believer. I hope that she fares better in the afterlife 'cause she sure didn't enjoy the send-off! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth another tale of evil alien perverts and their Earth girl rampage! It's the second in the "ABDUCTION" series and 'tis not for the feint of heart!

And remember - use that "nag removal" service sparingly.
It's GOTTA be expensive!
Mike da Mutant



I hate being late. Sometimes I gotta call it though - if it's a choice between "on time" or "done right". Sorry guys. But the new movie is up NOW and we're proud to present SpaceBabe Shannon once again. She's been on the run but when her enemies found her - we found out. "DEATHMATCH: VENDETTA" begins this week!


"Body Parts" part nine is up and the Inca queen is about to end the world. That should upset me. Right? But ya know... oh well. Then "there's another kickin' "Martian Gear Solid" episode and a brand new chapter of "Mutant's World"! Gotta love them mutants!


"Campfire Tails" has the vampire's fangs and "Warrior Princess" covers the claws. Gonna be blood either way. Reliable as hell - "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up "Banished". You might want to re-think that revolution after you see the consequences!

Whewww..! Back on track.
Mike da Mutant



Then again..maybe we will. "Horny Hollows" deviates decidedly this week when the insanity spreads through the local parish! Oh man... And deviate behavior doesn't even begin to describe the torturous action taking place inside "Martian Gear Solid". Between the alien tentacle beast and the electroshock there really doesn't see to be much hope for the good girls. But you never know what's just around the corner - maybe a machine gun?


"Blind Date" wraps it up this week. Held in the aliens ship, do you think they put on a "show" that will get them released? Or maybe there's an encore required? One way to find out! While your poking around those "member content" buttons make sure that you check out "Return to Whispering Hills". It's THE ONE we've been waiting for! The nasty babe that's been so central to all the action FINALLY gets some extended quality time with the two-faced, four-armed, beast with two dicks and it's EPIC! Payback's a bitch.


The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is one FIRE with this week's offering! "Carnal Science Issue #1" from the ever popular James Lemay is this week's selection. It's like we struck gold in the cushions of our old couch. AMAZING things bubble up from the past and this is one of the best! More to come. I'm tickled shitless to announce a new offering in the "Star Woes" section! It's been so long.. but we're back - and back with STYLE as we present "The Truth about Marilyn" complete with an alien JFK and conspiracies to die for! Oh and lots of naked screaming Marilyn Monroe! Then closing out this update comes "Savages" in the short story section. When a primative sweet young thing investigates a crashed spaceship she gets waaaay more than she bargained for. These boys know what they want and don't waste any time taking it. Good thing. They don't HAVE much time!

But then.. who does?
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Weird alignment this week - every thing's a series! Starting with "Blind Date" where the silly humans try to screw their way out of an alien abduction! Then there's "Body Parts" and this week the Inca Queen is complete! So she celebrates by making the only witness to here despicable deeds munch on her recently acquired (and low-mileage) snatch! I'm pretty sure that it's not gonna turn out well for the rug muncher. Next up comes "The Monster Channel" where the Kickass Chicks take on a new threat to Snoozy City. An old enemy has returned to change everyone into Furry Sex Maniacs! Can the chicks defeat him? Do they even want to? FIND OUT!


Whoda thunk it? Alice gets caught trying to steal the pot 'o gold but her co-sneaky-thief, Lucretia is all twisted up 'cause the Leprechaun and his giant henchman are too busy pumpin' Alice to punish her! Huh? Well.. suck leads to blow leads to happy ending for the boys until Lucretia gets loose and wants to dismember them. Alice? Smart girl that she is, she's heading the other direction as the curtain drops on this episode of "Alice in Another Wonderland". Then our buxom heroine from "Campfire Tails" discovers that vampires have fangs. Really! And worse still - swords don't seem to work very well. Whatta Dumbinski! I'm don't even KNOW any vampire slayers - but I knew THAT!


"Martian Gear Solid" gets a fresher and while one babe dies the death of a thousand monster-gasms her companion gets the shock treatment from the boss bad-gal. They say that the one getting eaten alive got off easy! SHOCKING. Then the trusty "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" delivers the conclusion to last weeks "Abduction" and things really don't improve for the big-boobed abductee. She pulls a 69 with a little gray alien then gets "probed" EVERYWHERE by his tentacled "medical device". That's gotta be tough on a gal...

...don'tcha think?
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Yeah. She may be butt-naked and afraid as she's being controlled by unseen alien forces - but somehow she's managed to talk them into letting her and her new "friend" take control of the action. She's told them that what they want to see will be made far better if she's in control of the "BLIND DATE" action. Let's find out! The re-telling of "Martian Gear Solid" heats up as a lovely female agent get strapped to a table to await the attentions of a "face hugger". Just a guess, but I'm expecting a lot more than her face to get "hugged". Know what I mean?


Wow. She shoulda read the fine print huh? Too late now as "2 for 1" reaches it's yummy conclusion this week. C'mon...you HAD to see this one coming! Even so it's one of those "good to the last drop" conclusions that you won't want to miss. Bring the dip and meet up in the "Tasty Titbit" section! It's been a long time between episodes but my delightfully decadent presentation of "Monster Violation" is back! This time it's one of those nasty little Leprechauns taking advantage of a sweet young thing's naivety. Nope - she doesn't get the "pot 'o gold" - just the big purple staff of destruction!


Well.. you'd want some too if yours was missing! But nothing seems to slow down the headless horseman as he claims his next victim in "Horny Hollows" in this week's update. Personally, I just think that he's misunderstood. "24th Century Standoff" is up in the short story section. It's all about a power-mad alien rapist get what's comin' to him. AFTER (of course!) he's done terrible nasty things to a spaceship crew. And you know that the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is gonna cough up a gem. This time it's the very first "ABDUCTION" comic from the huge series! Part one now - second part next week. Enjoy!

Watch out for pranks on Monday.
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Apparently! This week there's a body swap! Now the alien life-force is in HIS body! But shockingly, the gal makes a deal - if the aliens agree to stop taking them over - they'll show 'em how it's 'sposed to be done! That's this week's "BLIND DATE" feature video. Then an ancient vampire tastes the sword in "Campfire Tails" - and wants more! But even as Mr. Ranger regales the "campfire girls" with his tale of horror.. something's stirring in the shadows around the campfire. Better stay alert gals! It won't help but it's all that they can do.


"Mutant World<" presents a tale of MUTANT HELL-DOGS unleashed upon the populous! And there's ONE gal in particular that's getting the full treatment - HELL DOGGIE-STYLE! Then even as one cop daydreams of sex with the other, the Inca Queen strikes again! She's almost got all of her "Body Parts" and once she's complete... Hell's coming! The "Warrior Princess" stops for a refreshing dip in a stream when she discovers that even there - to see her is to yearn to HAVE her. Green-skinned monsters from the deep have there way with both of our heroines and somehow.. our heroines don't seem to mind! Well.. not much.


The security specialists of "Martian Gear Solid" have walked into an ambush! Now they'll pay a horrible price for their actions. But alas...the worst is yet to come! Then the smoke and noise and clattering means that the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has once more delivered! This week it's "Xeno-Bordello". It's the kinda place where EVERYBODY is welcome - even the occasional human.

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Martian Gear SOLID! We just recently gathered all the old content together and got it organized for some W.A.B.A.C. action but something caught my eye. Take a spin backwards in time - about 11 years ago when SpaceBabeCentral was new and Briaeros was feeding us exactly what we needed. "Martian Gear Solid" was the "we want more!" answer when his first series "Starship Hookers" ended. MGS takes up with a fresh tale of evil science run wild and the gorgeous gals who stepped up to fight it. It was outstanding then and it's just as good now. I got a big kick out of re-reading it and I thought you guys might too. And if yer not an old timer and this is your first look.. yer in for a treat! Then take a gander at his current work, "Return to Whispering Hills" and you'll see just how much progress can occur when talent like his gets a long stretch to develop. Yeah.. been getting the goodies from Briaeros for 12 years now. And the best thing is that he's STILL feeding us exactly what we crave!


Maybe not so good.. this luck, huh? Red headed Molly discovers that Saint Patty might have left a few snakes around - and a bunch of devilish elves too boot! We're a wee bit early on the shamrock shenanigans but that's just the way the calendar works - Blame Caesar! But don't wait till Monday to read it - guzzle it while it's still cold! It's "(Pre) St. Pat's Day Fable" and you can savor it in the (where else?) "Fables of Fright" section! Then "Horny Hollows" continues this week and the headless horseman.. gets some head! Morality crumbles as an unstoppable force of evil takes charge! And our video feature "BLIND DATE" gets a fresher with more of that alien possession action and "Sweet Revenge" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!


Royalty takes a beating in this week's "Short Story" selection "Dhalia's Choice". Some really aggressive suitors decide that want to be the princess's new husband - but they don't want to wait for the ceremony to sample the goods!

Sound familiar?
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Hey guys. It's a day late 'cause I got slammed by the special f/x in the new movie. Sorry 'bout that but I think it was worth the wait. There's a REALLY BIG opening clip for "Blind Date" this week so that we can get right into the good stuff. And there's lots of good stuff on the way as two strangers try to figure out a way to get back home after this latest ALIEN ABDUCTION! Mind (and body) control - alien possession, dirty deeds and nasty acts - yep - we got it all!


Might as well 'cause after this cum bath 'ol "Snow White" isn't gonna need that white dress no mo! The spooge really hits the fan in this week's series conclusion. It'll likely be gone next update so get it while ya can! Then settle down and get ready for some "Campfire Tails". Mr. Ranger has the stories guaranteed to scare the pants right off of those babes! "Body Parts" carries on but the cops are too damn busy fantasizing about each other to notice when another victim bites the dust. To serve and protect?


The "Monster Channel" concludes "Slut Trek" this week and the fate of the Galaxy rests on the Captain's shaft! Uh..stay frosty Kerk! "Alice" gets a lesson on crime and punishment as she's nabbed try'n to take a pot 'o gold! While she didn't get the goodies it's not like she went away without something to remember the day with. Blisters. And those big-boobed "Babes in Black" seem to be servicing the aliens instead of apprehending them. But perchance in this week's conclusion they'll catch a break? Could happen. You'll have to check the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" to find out!

Mike da Mutant



..and remember! Can't help myself - I'm a Whoie. Or a Docie..or sumthin (I love Doctor Who) so it's a real thrill to have a guess appearance by Clara and even a cameo by the Doctor himself. Whatta fantastic way to breathe some life back into the "Star Woes" section with "Who's the Doctor Now?"! Then it's good/bad news time 'cause "The Curse of the Red Shirt" CONCLUDES this week. I didn't make a preview this time - couldn't figure out how to do it without it being a spoiler. So if yer a Trekie (NOT a whoie) you already know what happens to the Red Shirts. If not, then you'll never find out without a ticket to the show! On the other hand we'll be starting the newest ABDUCTION video next week and it's a beaut!


Nah. Not equipment rental (bad as ya may need it back East) - it's just a great description for "Snow White" as she chugs dwarf dick like it's goin' outta style! The evil Queen takes advantage of Snow's dangling udders for a nipple nibble too. And Snow even puts a smile on Grumpy's face! Then we're rolling out a classic about the Headless Horseman. Check out "Horny Hallows" for death, depravity, unwanted advances and lots of mythical misdeeds! (sounds like high school, huh?). And soak in the stunning beauty that's wall-to-wall in this week's "ASSPACES" update! Sweet young thang crashes on an alien planet where she finds the garden of Eden. But this alien slice 'o heaven comes with it's own "special" kinda snake! And it doesn't give a damn 'bout apples!


..too many! Wow. Imagine how HE must feel! He's created a formula that lets him effortlessly mind control any woman on the planet. He's got himself a rich woman to pay his bills and he's just erased his sordid past as "The Monster" with a brand new identity. The future is unlimited! Well.. (you knew this was comin') that's when he returns home to discover his sugar mommy gettin' the beastly end of another guy with the same power! Uh-oh. The poo's gonna hit the prop now! And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has decreed that it's time for some "Babes in Black"! This week the Babes clearly have bitten off more than they can chew and the future of the world is in grave doubt. But it's only part one of two so maybe there will be a change of fortune next week when the conclusion is up - and we'll all survive?

Else-wise it's the end of the world!
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Sure. But don't touch any alien technology that you find on the lake bottom! I thought everybody knew that but I guess somebody didn't get the memo. Witness the results in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Still Waters" - if you dare. Then screw up your courage and dive deep into some "Body Parts"! The resurrected Inca Queen takes a great set of knockers this week. Pity the donor though... And speaking of evil queens.. Snow White's nemesis takes control of the dwarf action - up close and personal. Apparently being the filling in a dwarf cookie is not humiliating enough - she needs to make sure that they don't miss ANY spot to plug in a dick - or any chance to further defile the (once) virgin of the forest.


Sadly, the citizens of Magna City have banded together to create a reign of terror. This week alone, two mutants were savagely gunned down by the disreputable mob while exercising their Darwinian right to partake in some random chicks bountiful booty! This cannot go unanswered! Mutant's unite and stand up for your rights! Otherwise..why call it "Mutant's World"? The "Warrior Princess" gets a lesson in humility as she hesitantly accepts the fact that even she cannot win against an entire city of monsters. So after one last tryst with the local shaman - she gets the hell outta town! Smart gal.


Oh. No. Sorry - she already did that. But HE's gonna blow (a load) any second and when he does we'll find out just how much weight this "curse" really carries. Next week - the explosive conclusion to "Curse of the Red Shirt"! Then we freshen up the short story section with "Believe it or Not" - a tale of hypnotist that REALLY knows how to please the crowd!

Don't tell anybody - but we've received word of another Abduction. I'm told the documentary footage should be available in a couple weeks.

'Till next week!
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It's long past time to set up a section for the guys that HUNGER! So with the new issue of "2 for 1" comes a new button and a place to collect those "Tasty Titbits"! Just to be fair we've seeded the new section with the first 4 issues of "2 for 1" AND the new issue! Catch-up time anyone? (or maybe that's "ketchup"?). Eateres does these quirky comics. Now it's time to recognize his contributions with some tangible button-space!


What? HERE!!? Hmmm..could be I guess. Yeah.. if you wanna get knit-picky I guess you could say the "Snow White" isn't really welcoming the gang-bang from the dwarfs. But the evil queen is really diggin' it so that kinda balances it out, right? Not to mention the dwarfs.. And sure, you COULD say that this week's short story "Benefits of Technology" is an old fashioned monster with monstrous dick rip up..but you'd be WRONG! It's just a great way to start the day! But yes.. I guess you'd have to say that the girls of "Return to Whispering Hills" PROBABLY don't relish the attentions of the horny zombie horde (go figure!) but c'mon.. PART of our heroine has to love a man with four arms, two tongues and two dicks, right? Hope so.. she's get'n 'em either way! And I 'spose that this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Tomb 19v" kinda falls in the unwelcome class. Unless that "explore the tomb, awaken ancient aliens and get gang-banged" stuff was all per-arranged. Ya never know..


Sometimes these chicks have their own agendas. Like the green gal in "Curse of the Red Shirt". She's up to something.. I just know it! But Simmons doesn't seem to care too much as long as she keeps applying friction to all the right places. And for her part, she's happy with a Simmons (good Simmons OR bad) just as long as he gives her the stiff attention that she craves! But dammit... at least one of our babes is givin' all away this week! "Alice" is doin' gratitude sex with her lovely savior and her pet lizard-man! There! Finally some "welcome" advances! See?

I KNEW it!
Mike da Mutant



Oh yeah..Simmons (the evil one) is banging 'o green titties into sci-fi oblivion and he ain't real gentle about it. Strangely, she seems happier when evil Simmons is in charge. But she never has him for long (damn those freak magnetic storms!) so she better ride him while she can! "Curse of the Red Shirt" pounds on! "Snow White" finds out that although they are short of stature, the Dwarves are NOT little guys everywhere! And they're gonna slam her like "midget bowling" was HER idea! The cops arrive at one murder scene but there's another taking place nearby that they don't know about. "Body Parts" are missing from the victims. What kind of sick killer are they dealing with? We know - let 'em find out on their own!


Hmm. this was NOT planned - just kinda happened. It's like a Star Trek parody holiday or sumthin! "Star Fuck" deals with one of those oh-too-common transporter accidents that has a strange effect on that communications gal and the first officer and "Slut Trek" gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what really happened in that old movie about the Klingers home planet blowing up. Be prepared for a shock!


Well kinda. We've got tentacle madness in "Veiled Threat" from the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" and lotsa zombies in Donny's "THE FILTH". So maybe if ya read 'em real fast ya get zombie tentacles? Nope.. didn't work but I REALLY like the idea and we may just have do a movie about it! But how can you tell a Zombie tentacle from a regular tentacle?

I'll study up on that..
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...through the weekend. Why? Honest answer: I am waaay too damn lazy to get off me arse and change the prices on Friday night. So we'll do it Monday morn instead. You won't see a sale like this for at least another six months so get 'em cheap - while ya still can!


"Curse of the Red Shirt" - poor Ensign Simmons has his hands full with an Orion slave girl that won't take no for an answer! But when the "freak magnetic storm" hits he's suddenly EVIL Simmons who's gonna screw her into the dust and discard her! But this week it's the slave girl that calls the shots and she shows him exactly what she needs! Then the first of six issues is up in the glorious 'lil fairy tale that we call "Snow White DOES the Seven Dwarves"! I'm assuming that this story doesn't need a lot of explanation? Good 'cause it's a riot! And I can't wait until they whip out Snow's "snow globes"!

It's a dirty job - but somebody has to do it! "Creatures LLC" is the sad tale of a regular monster (monsters local 332) who gets sent to frighten a little girl but sadly arrives too damn late. She's all grown up now and it kinda spoils the fun. But our hero improvises a big-girl plan and manages to salvage the trip. And then some..


"AssSpaces" is back this week! This power-packed issue illustrates the fall of planet Earth to the marauding man-things from MARS! And with Rom's graphics and Dinei's coloring it's a real treat for the eyes! I just love the work these guys put into ever issue - outstanding! Then "The Devil's Wishing Well" is up in the short story section and it's another AMAZINGLY illustrated comic - with a moral no less! Follow that up with an exciting issue of "The Monster" and you'll understand why one monster wants to find and kill the other! Trouble is that you just don't know who to root for - so I'm on both of their sides. May the MOST EVIL prevail! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spit out a zinger this morning - and I didn't even have to kick it! "Meter Maid" (I guess her name could be Rita) shows y just for serious some government employees take their oath to "public service". Hehehehehe...

Next Friday we'll be shooting some new photo stories. Any requests? Drop a line on the "help desk"! I actually READ that stuff. Really.

Mike da Mutant



The Captain and crew had the right idea when they fled the planet before those nasty magnetic storms hit. But Ensign Simmons got stranded. And even now as he stands on the sand of Orion 3 with a gorgeous green slave girl (apparently) vacuum-stuck to his woody the storms hit! A trans-dimensional portal opens up and EVIL Simmons takes his place without skipping a beat (or thrust..). Amazingly, the slave girl doesn't notice until her face gets rammed into his crotch a few times. Evil Simmons doesn't seem to care if she gags and chokes and for that matter..neither does she! She just keeps on pumpin'! That's this week's "Red Shirt" summary in a nutshell - HOT!


..of her parts? That remains to be seen but we'll know soon 'cause the wicked Inca princess is gathering her "Body Parts" quickly and in a most gory fashion! Bad time to be a hot babe in South America. Yer babe got great tits? Guard 'em! She's on the hunt for those soon! The "Oakwood Denizen" is the target of a vengeful cheerleader and her bff this week. Proving, of course, that brain power is inversely proportionate to the size of her boobs? Could be - it doesn't work out very well - for her. "Mutant World" is back with a fresh chapter and the mutants continue their conquest of Magna city! No man shall go un-speared, no woman un-raped ('least the pretty ones!). Speaking for my brethren - mutants worldwide - I just wanna point out that we WILL take Magna city and after that - THE WORLD! Buuuuuuwaaahhhhh! Nothin' personal (some o my best friends are human) but you guys are screwed! GO MUTANTS!


Okay. Was it just me or did you perchance hear those words uttered from some half-naked chick in a cars backseat too? And IF you've heard that.. did you say "Great. Whip it out and stroke my dick with it and then I'll care" like I did? (I still have the scar..) Anyway, the hither-fore brainless but beautiful bimbo in "BREED" wakes up and saves the day this week as the mini-series wraps up in a giant blood splash. Or so she thinks... WARNING: Cringe inducer ahead! "White Hunter" turns the whole African Safari story upside down as the man on the hunt encounters a wild beast he's NOT equipped to handle! Naturally the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" snorts and shakes and burps out a good one for us this week! It's "Rhonda Retro issue 4" and this time Rhonda pays up for past transgressions! Gawd does she pay!

PLEASE beware of those damn magnetic storms!
There's only so many slave girls to go around.
Mike da Mutant



You betcha! Mr. Scott was correct to yank the away team back to the safety of the ship. But security guy Simmons is on the planet's surface and he's right in the middle of it! Damn these sub-space anomalies. Interesting..as Spock would say. Simmons seems to have been replaced by "evil alternate universe Simmons" (you can tell by the goatee) and the knob slobbin' green gal is oblivious to it all. Well.. at least until evil Simmons decides that she needs to swallow ALL of his dick! Let the gagging begin! But even evil Simmons must remember the "Curse of the Red Shirt"! (You don't HAVE to be a Trekie to love this - but it helps!) And if you're NOT a Trekie.. why da fuck not?!!


They're happening everywhere! "Formula 469" from the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" for example. Some 'ol broad discovers a way to restore her youth - but it's a little hard on those around her. And three witches decide to summon the devil - just to see if they can? Duhh.. But that's the psudo-scientific process in this week's "Alignment". Then a sexy chick experiments with a new doctor and he turns out to be very creative in his treatment! You might say he's a "New Breed" of physician!


..said the spider. Well he's not a spider but "Oakwood's Denizen" is deadly and he's always happy to receive fresh guests. This week a young couple thinks that his "abandoned" house would make a great place to have sex. I guess they were right - for HIM! Then "BREED" is back and the sex-crazed man with the woody doesn't care who he's screwing - just as long as SOMEBODY is screwing him! Pity he didn't notice that his girlfriend just got quietly taken out by the vampire bitch.. And ..let's see.. I know there's something else. It's on the tip 'o me tongue ya know?


Briaeros begins a fresh chapter of "RETURN TO WHISPERING HILLS" - yeah, that's it! Worth the wait fellas - there's no escape in sight and the three surviving gals have bonded into an efficient strike team with all their experience. So why - in the middle of this - WHY is one gal pulling a gun on the other? Chicks..!

So there's a feast of fancy fare for yer informed ingestion.
Mike da Mutant



..It's all pink on the inside! And this week Mr. Not-too-sharp finally gets the message and confirms that. Sure, she's green and they come from different worlds. But relationships are hard to explain in any circumstances so who are we to poke fun? And there's some real mutual attraction here - her mouth and his dick just can't stay away from each other! Yep, just another tender MBC love story called "Curse of the Red Shirt"! And she can curse me anytime!


..get stuffed into small women! At least when the "Oakwood Dennison" is doing the stuffing! This week another clueless beauty wanders into his lair and finds out the hard way. Then we're back with the second week of the "Alignment" short series. Two evil demons have lured a sweet young thang to their den of iniquity - but they didn't do their homework. As they cast off their human disguise they find out that they're not the only ones with a secret! And it's "Monster Channel" time again! Sweet Christina spends her time screwing everybody - hoping against hope that one of them will turn out to be her uber-evil quarry. This week she gets lucky and after a few multi-gasms she makes the world a safer place!


At least not for much longer. Poor dude takes his main squeeze into a cave and frees a bound beauty. But the mystery gal is a powerful and exceptionally evil force of nature and she's gonna put on a show for him - one that will drive him CRAZY - with his girlfriend! He'll chew his arms off to get to them if he has too - just so he can "BREED". More "Body Parts" go missing again as the ancient witch finds a new donor. She doesn't need the parts from the boyfriend - he was just a bonus kill! It snorts and smokes and makes horrible noises but the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" ALWAYS delivers! This week "Hard Rock" bubbles up with a lovely tale of a science geek and the E.T. that thinks she's HOT!

Wait till ya see next week's movie clips!
Mike da Mutant



..spitting in the face of reality. I've decided that it's gonna be a good year. I have no idea how to make that happen 'cept to double down on effort and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Wish me luck fellas.


No kidding. This first update of the year is really important to set the tone, ya know? So here's the scoop. We're starting a new movie - and it's REALLY GOOD one! Everybody knows what happens to the red shirts when Cap'n Kirk takes them for an outing, right? Well we've got our own take on what REALLY occurs when the security guy hits the fan - and it should come as no surprise that it's a bit different from the TV version. I've spent many a sleepless night get'n this one ready so I'll spare your eyes and my fingers and just direct you to go watch it. Freebie guys can watch the big-ass preview file too. Although I'm NEVER completely happy with anything that I produce - this one's got all the right things going for it. I'm stoked. Big file alert - almost seven minutes of video this week. Go watch "Curse of the Red Shirt" and see what ya think!


Yeah. New year, lotsa new stuff. "Asspaces" debuts as a new comic series this week (First one's GREAT - the artwork is TOP-NOTCH) so I'm tickled to roll it out as the year begins. Then we're gonna run Basta's "Breed" as a "short series" (consecutive weekly publication - but in the short story section). Fun series - lotsa bad girls doin' bad things to good people! Next up: "Oakwood's Denizen" replaces "The Offering". It's a terrific little 3D story with HUGE chapters. We'll run it 'till it's all gone. Another "short series" begins with "Alignment" this week. I believe that there's 4 or 5 chapters about some nasty party animals that really are.. animals! But the forces of good are on their trail. The "Warrior Princess" spends a night in the big city where she discovers a terrible truth about the city dwellers. If she's smart she'd just haul ass and get outta there while she still has her life. I don't see that in the cards though.. Them the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up "Bridal Surprise" this week. She though she married a man - turns out he's more like a kitchen appliance - and somehow she's okay with that? It makes sense..really.


Here it is - the best deal we've EVER offered on our Pay-Per View movies. All month long and it will NOT be repeated for at least 6 months - if ever! Buy 'em buy the sack and save a bundle! EVERYBODY get's a sweet price - MEMBERS get 'em even cheaper. Check it out!

Wait till ya see next week's movie clips!
Mike da Mutant



Wow. 2013 is soon to be just another footnote. Kind of a smelly footnote at that! It hasn't been the best of years so I'll not likely miss it. But we've got ONE more update to do before it's REALLY over. Let's do it!


Goodbye to "WITCHES" as we conclude this supernatural tale this week. Then get ready for a HUGE hello for our new movie that appropriately starts 2014 with a BANG! There's a 'lil teaser tacked on the end of this week's WITCHES clips just to whet yer appetite! It'll be a great way to kick off 2014! (2014? Seriously, where's my fuckin' rocket car?). Hello to "Mutant's World" a brand new series that's just starting and "Body Parts" is here for a limited engagement too!


Yeah. Ya gotta tip the hat to that which has past. But there's always new things right around the corner. "The Hybrid" for instance. It's up in this week's Short Story section for your enjoyment (it's certainly not there for HER enjoyment!). And "Georgie Porgie" LIVES and claims another victim - a virgin - ON HER WEDDING NIGHT! Cold. That's really COLD man. Say goodbye to "The Offering" this week as well. True belief doesn't protect her very well. Shoulda tried true belief and a gun... And there's no way to do an update without a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" addition! This week it's "Fertilization". That's the title AND the plot!

So have a great start to the new year next week - and don't forget to see what we've got in store for ya!

Pop the cork boys..!
Mike da Mutant



..HO? "The Night Before Christmas" is our seasonal offering to kick off this week's update. Dastardly John, the comic team of A&A and Slid all teamed up to get us a "Fable of Fright" that's perfect for the holidays! I sure hope that this is what she wished for.. but doubts persist. There's no doubt about one thing - we REALLY saved the best for last with this weeks "Sex Tales from Hell" series wrap-up! Exceptional artwork and a twisted story that'll keep you guessin' 'till the end! Then "Alice in ANOTHER Monsterland" gets an unexpected rescue but there MIGHT just be a catch!


..lurks an alien spaceship! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents "Rapists from Mars" a familiar tale of alien invasion and big bouncy boobs! And we couldn't do just ONE fifties parody could we? Of course not! So check out the "Star Woes" presentation of "RETROWORLD" where all those damn alien invaders get to take their best shot!


WTF is she thinking? "The Offering" thinks that she can refuse her "gods" request! Silly girl. And those "WITCHES" are turning up the sexual heat - doing their best to lure their powerful master into this Earthly plane. Why. Find out in next week's conclusion!

And I'm workin' me arse off on a preview clip for our next movie. Gonna get it done by next week - it'll just be a day late for a Christmas gift!

Best wishes to all of you for a terrific Christmas!
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A day late on the update this week. GRRRRrrr! We were shooting a new movie yesterday and something had to give. BUT after reviewing the effort last night I declare that we just shot the best movie we've done all year! No kiddin' - you guys are gonna dig this flic when it hits the website! I'm aiming for some kind of a preview available next week!

But the show must go on so here's this week's lineup. "WITCHES" is up and BOTH of them are tempting the Mighty wizard to come to this Earthly plane and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Hmm... what's their game? And "The Offering" is a glimpse inside Hell's inner workings. Pity the silly girl that stepped into their trap! An old friend returns with a mission! The "Love Sucker" is back in "The Monster Channel" and she's on the hunt. Killing one vampire merely whetted her appetite - NOW she's gonna find more and she doesn't care how many random strangers she has to screw to do it!


The short story section is packed this week with three new ones! "Cyber Sex" leads off with a sobering tale of future life - at least ONE possible future life. Then "WARLOCK" steps into box to slam out a tale of hubris and lust that won't end well for the studly necromancer. Who'da thunk it? "Two for One" concludes this mini-series with a tasty episode that promises revenge AND snacks! Part 4 is up and green guy say you need to see it or you might be next! And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" delivers a scary tale of young love, parking sex and alien intruders! "Alien Attack" will teach you to RUN when you see those flying saucers!

Or better yet...lock 'n load!
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Yup. They're back and this week the "WITCHES" take their battle to new heights of explosive wizardry! But they're so evenely matched and the battle is draining them quickly. Worse still, their efforts are NOT appreciated by the Warlock that forces their battle - and he's gonna do something about it!


..Sorrow. But at least you get a warning! This week we post the final episode of "Contamination" No spoilers. Same goes for "Blood Hunt" - it's the last update. Both of these will be replaced by new stuff without notice so get 'em while ya can! "The Offering" spreads the pain and remorse around as a true believer discovers that her "Gods" are the sub-scum of hell and next up, "Formula X21" invades the short story section.


The cop who's supposed to be tracking "The Monster" has instead taken the formula himself and he's even worse than the little creep who started it! And since he's found THE POWER, Detective Michaels can't allow another to share it. And so the hunt is on! Then "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is freezing it's light bulbs off this week but still managed to spit out "Rhonda Retro #3" before it seized. She's every bad-guys favorite chew toy and this week she gets a visit from an old admirer!

Try to stay warm and we'll see ya next week!
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It weaselly excuse time on this week's movie. Sorry guys - short week and "technical difficulties". I'll skip the boring details and sum it up by saying that new software upgrades suck sometimes. But I'll get it licked and I'll have a HUGE movie update next week . Promise. Meanwhile the show must go on so while I'm chastened and humbled by my lack of movie prowess this week we've got nothing to apologize for with the comics. Thankfully, I don't have to "green screen" those!


Yup. There's two short stories up this week. "The Camping" is just what you need to see right before a camp-out. It's the kinda stuff that keeps you awake in your tent all night long. And "Gone Fishing" is a nasty little tale about a gal that chose the wrong boat to charter for vacation. A mistake that she'll NOT repeat! Then "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up "Bad Results" - a cautionary tale of booze and aliens and how poorly they mix. Gotta remember that for my next party trick! "Bloodhunt" is up with a fresh issue and this time the masquerade is over and it's SLAUGHTERIN' TIME!


... are out! "Return to Whispering Hills" is UP! And so are the infected perverts. Too many at once - not enough bullets then "Oh NO - they're shredding my clothes!" and "NO NO NO don't put that inside me!!!". You get the idea - the GOOD stuff! Then it's the final issue - the virtual swan song for "The Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen". Those fun-lovin' monster boys meet their fate in the series conclusion. Don't miss it - it won't linger on the site for long! And the lovely sacrifice in "The Offering" discovers that the gods she was sent to appease aren't gods. They're nasty brutal undead things that are gonna tear her apart and eat her! After some perverse amusement of course...

And that's a wrap! Double size movie clips next week - come hell or high water. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all - hope you have a great one!
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I got it. But even though green-screen shoots and special f/x reduce me to slack-jawed drooling we got the update on time. Now I'll back-fill what already happened.


"WITCHES" is up with two gals that we've never shot with before and it's comin' together great so far. The first week's installment is up! So the rest of the line-up works out like this.. "The Offering" moves into the photo-story slot for a few weeks. "Alice in Monsterland" continues the shake up from "down the rabbit hole" to "over the rainbow", and blood spurts freely in "Blood Hunt". Then the "Warrior Princess" extracts the maximum revenge from her former captor while "The Orc Road" is a a bitchin' short story with some terrific artwork (and a moral)!

Of course there's the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" contribution as well. This week it's Slid's retro classic spoof of "Journey to the Planets"! makes me long for the 50's..

Next update will be on Wednesday - not Thursday 'cause we'll all be stuffing ourselves with turkey!

talk to ya then.
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plans? Well, hell. Sorry for the day-late update. We shot our new movie "Witches" yesterday and I thought that I'd have it ready for posting today. That was dumb. Greens screen and special f/x requirements are waaay beyond that time frame. So humbled, I'll attempt amends with a ...


Yep. Having already screwed the pooch on the deadline I'm gonna concede defeat and start the new movie AND the next photo story NEXT WEEK. And that leaves seven slots open for comics this week! So here's the menu.

"BLOOD HUNT" is a vampire orgy of sex. Just sex..so far. But there's sure a lot of THAT. Issue 3 is up!
"Dimension Freak" - the long awaited VENGEANCE and SLAUGHTER is followed by the reunion sex!
"Galaxy Tina" is a STAR WOES story about the robot you wish you could buy.
"The Cemetery" teaches you the cost of graveyard lust. Actually, it teaches HER.
"2 for 1" - part three (the conclusion) is up in this YUMMY trilogy of betrayal and get'n even!
"SEX RAY" is up from Slid. Beware: she'll screw ya BUT there MAY be side effects!
"Crash Landing in Sector Five" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine". Tough neighborhood...


There will be "WITCHES" starring Toni and Totally Tabitha! And on that note, I'll get...

back to work!
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It's always hard to watch a movie end - 'least for me. But "Containment" wraps it up this week none the less and desperation leads to .. salvation? We'll see..


Why? 'Cause it's one of those weird calender things - this week is when all the great serials have bubbled up! like "The Monster". Suddenly our weird 'lil whacko has competition as some deranged G-man gives himself "the injection"! Maybe he timed out on the 'Bamacare website and just took matters into his own hands? But two monsters is two too many and this can't last! Then there's an EXCELLENT "Monster Violation" up this week. It's the story of the Minotaur's Labynith and the sweet young thing that finds herself trapped there. Continuing the monster theme we present "The Monster Channel" too! This time it's those perky "Kickass Babes" finishing off the horny snot-monster! And they do it THEIR way! Then we have a studly vampire about to let the girls sink their teeth into him! Or maybe they'll just use their lips..either way "Bloodhunt" is a fantasy ride for everybody 'cept the girl in the back seat!


Yep, the last of "La Cueva de los Muertos" hotties gets stuffed into the gaping maul of the sea-beast this week. Now the cave is silent but for the muffled sound of her bones crunching. Sad to see 'em go... but I'm sure that they were tasty! And you can't call it a done deal until the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up it's contribution. This week it's "Alien Autopsy" from Slid and there's surely a lesson hidden in here somewhere. Maybe "check before you slice"? See what you come up with!

Mike da Mutant



And so can you as the invisible monster from the lab gets more nookie than I do! But that ain't hard to do.. Anyway..he pops a nut on one chicks ass and then heads straight over to do the other one - again. Whatta guy! But these fickle chicks are playing "hard to rape" again so it looks like there's gonna be a chase. I like chases. Big bouncy boob chases especially! Don't miss it in this week's "Containment" clips.


Trust me - just say no. And find out why in today's short story "The Visitors". Gawdamn aliens! Then imagine that yer all alone in a cave where your two buddies have already been plucked and eaten. And now the sea-beast wants you. You feel it's tentacles wrap around your waste and get tangled in your hair. What will you do? WHAT WILL YOU DO? Well... DIE of course! But not before you put up a (desperate, hopeless & futile) fight! That's why it's called "La Cueva de los Muertos"! It's been TOO DAMN LONG but we finally got a fresh issue of "The Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen"! If you're familiar with the series then that's all that I gotta say. If not.. WHY THE HELL NOT? At least check out the samples! Then there's a six-issue blast of "BLOODHUNT" starting this week. Cajun vampires and sweet young thangs... YUMMY!


...shittin' me! It ain't fair. They've battled HOARDS of mutants, got assaulted a zillion times. They've killed and made love, slashed and burned and almost died more times than I can count but this..THIS is too muckin' futch! Just as the buxom babes of "Return to Whispering Hills" seem to catch a break and are about to get outta this hell-hole their Hummer hits another mutant. So what you say? They squash mutants all the time? Well, THIS mutant ain't like the rest. Ever play "Left for Dead"? If so then you know what a BOOMER is. If not...here's your chance to find out! Just beware the splatter. Then you WISH that "Hero 3000" really was a computer game, but sadly, you'll only hear about it in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" selection. Bootable lust!

Happy Halloween!
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..of MONSTERS! And the invisible critter from "CONTAINMENT" has "had" one gal - now he's goin' after the other one! As long as he keeps them terrified and separated he's the one calling the shots. And they REALLY need to do something about that - fast! "La Cueva De Los Muertos" still echos with the screams from the latest victim but the the sea-beast still hungers! Now the last of the three women must face it alone. G'luck with that!


..Grace? Hardly. But a gorgeous gal DOES tumble from the sky in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Alien Agent 2". Luckily, there's a good Samaritan nearby to "catch" her! Next up comes "Warrior Princess"! Captured and repeatedly raped by the quad-dicked sorceress and her gang of Zombies, most chicks would give it up. But not our brave heroines! When times get desperate - it's time for desperate moves! And NOBODY saw this comin'!

IT'S 2001 AGAIN?

Man.. I wish! I'd buy Apple, sell GM and patent the word "twerk"! Sadly 'tis not so... but we DO have a bitchin' new "STAR WOES" story that'll bring back some memories anyway. Maybe even make some new ones! Then Slid's up with a cautionary tale about "too good to be real" called the "Honey Trap" in the short story section and a disgusting crazy-quilt of a man scores BIG-TIME with a chick well out of his league in "Sex Tales From Hell"! Methinks he left quite an impression too!

Or was it a dent?
Mike da Mutant



And sometimes you discover that your tiny escaped lab creature has grown huge, is invisible and HORNY! While one gal basks in blissful unconsciousness (after being knocked out) the other must face the transparent terror alone! tsk.tsk... She should have called for "Containment"! Then it's time to say goodbye to another bikini beauty this week as "La Cueva de los Muertos" claims the next victim. Drug away in the darkness to be gobbled! Ouch.


Gotcha covered. This week's lineup includes THREE short stories just for you! We're posting the final chapter of "Curse of the Triad" (die, die, everybody dies!) , then a scary 'lil tale called "Buried Deep" (hint: buried does NOT mean underground) and part 2 of "Two for One" (betrayed, she's doomed... unless she can make.. a DEAL?). Good stuff!


I did. Some big-boobed-bimbo just got snatched right out of her moving car and it's those damn aliens again! Yep. it's a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Tales of the Unexpecting" from the mighty Slid. And finally: He's been a nasty little bastard that's done a lot of harm to good people. But this week the twisted twerp in the metal suit gets some "evens" upside his head as the troops rally and FINALLY fight back against him! "Contamination" is the least of their worries. Now it's all about REVENGE.

But then, it usually is..
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Gotta love 'em! But Kieran might have a different point of view. Since they kidnapped her she's hasn't had a second without something huge and hard intruding in her personal space (uh, spaces)! She's been passed around like a hooka... and after all that , NOW they're gonna do her in? SHEESH! That's cold. But it's an ice world anyway and that's just the way it goes in "Dimension Freak". The second part of "Curse of the Triad" is up in the short story section. The big-boobed mercenary chick allows herself to be captured so that she can discover who (or what) is behind all this zombi making activity. But that might not have been wise..


You better have 'cause you won't SEE it! Gosh golly.. can you believe that the 'lil invisible critter that the babes of "CONTAINMENT" are hunting has GROWN? Oh yeah. And now the worm has turned and the gals are the HUNTED! Fire up those "I'm Invisible" fantasies! Then ya gotta check out "Women In Black Suits" for a dose of STAR WOES reality! Nobody takes down aliens like big-boobie gals! "La Cueva de los Muertos" is filled will screaming and a terrible fear! That's understandable since the dark haired vixen (Diana Knight) has been snatched by the tentacle monster and is slowly being stripped by it's wandering suction cups! Slowly it dawns on her that it's after a little something EXTRA before it eats her. Duhh..


So say'th the big green snot-monster! Somehow he's back and is willing to destroy the city if the "Kick Ass Babes" don't come to confront him! But the silly-but-sexy super heroines of "The Monster Chanel" will NEVER allow him to best them. They know his ways and will stay out of reach this time! Or.. maybe.. they'll just bumble through it again. ARGH! The mighty "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out another tall tale of brilliance this week - "Alien Agent". So this babe walks into a bar...

You can probably guess the rest.
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Duhh.. That's 'cause it's INVISIBLE! Yeah..requires a 'lil 'splainin' don't it?

Short version: When MonsterBabe Central took over from Spacebabe Command we had a lot of squinty-eyed mad scientist types on the payroll. We decided to keep 'em - mainly because we didn't want these sick fucks running around loose and selling their services to the highest bidder. So when one of them discovered how to engineer perfect camouflage into some of our home grown lab experiments we let him pursue that line of research. After all that could come in VERY handy if we could figure out how to adapt it for our own agents use. Well it never really went anywhere since a nasty side effect was murderous rage and a compulsion to rut at any opportunity. We have plenty of that around here already. But we let the experiment run it's course.

Then just yesterday one of the newer versions of invisi-critter slipped through a feeding hole in it's enclosure and before you could say "WTF" it was running loose and - well, here we are... "CONTAINMENT" begins now!


...as much trouble! "Curse of the Triad" is a three-part mini-series about a nasty coven of witches that arise from the dead and take over the village. Naturally they hide their evil disgustingness within beautiful bodies so that they can lure those feeble-minded men into their trap - and turn them into undead slaves! Part one is up this week and the next two parts will follow in order in the short story section. Then "Monster Violation" explores the deep deep Amazonian jungle and some of it's lesser known inhabitants. Like the man who turns into a Jaguar God when some hot little Missy gets lost in his domain. Cat scratch fever anyone? Maria? TOAST! And now the last two gals in the cave wish that they'd listened to her warnings. But hindsight won't save them and the creature is still hungry for tasty female flesh! no surprise. They were doomed when they first entered "La Cueva de los Muertos"!


When two apex predators roam the same territory there's gonna be conflict. But when one is a mutated uber-monster with four arms and the other is a mutated hottie with bad intentions... STRAP DOWN! The battle that we all knew was coming has arrived in "Return to Whispering Hills" THIS WEEK! 'Nuff said. he's a nasty little piece of work - there's a reason that he's called "The Monster". But his ego is unchecked and his mind control abilities insure that he can drop in anywhere and get a blowjob - and get his body guards laid too! Sure, he's an ass.. but doesn't some nasty 'lil part of you kinda enjoy his exploits? Yeah, me too. wrappin' it up this week is "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with "The Red Menace" a tale of power and lust and some guy in tights. Odd but enjoyable!

Overall, one AMAZING update!
Mike da Mutant



...didn't get his ass all blown up! And that's good enough for me as "The Sinister Abduction of Cindy Abbott" concludes this week! Get set for a scary "invisible creature assaults the babes" debut movie next week!


That's what Slid is known for! This week we've actually got TWO comics by the jiggle master! First "Zora the Witch MILF" lures and unsuspecting young man into her witchly abode with promises of sex and seduction. And she delivers! But then - oh yeah, sorry - I need your heart too! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" delivers part two of "Chastity's Vow" and another heroically proportioned hottie takes the worst that an alien can deal out! Over and over and...


No. I'm NOT talking economics - just the comics. "Alice in Monsterland" does a switch-up and dear sweet Alice finds herself at the un-mercy of a friggin' Bridge Troll! He's packin' something extra just for her and she's not the kinda gal that would let that challenge slide by unanswered! Double-dong delirium ensues... The "Warrior Princess" is ambushed and now she'll find out what it's like to be completely helpless as the inhuman thrall shares her like a bowl of popcorn! But - oh my - the worst is yet to come! "La Cueva de los Muertos" is back and Maria is doomed! The sea creature has selected her as a tasty meal and is dragging her out of the cave - and into it's mouth! >gulp<. Then... it was perfect! The perfect date followed by perfect sex - just perfect. Until... HE came in and dismembered the guy and took charge of the woman! Now it ain't so perfect no mo'! But that's why it's "Sex Tales from Hell" and not "Sex tales from Heaven" right?

Mike da Mutant



...that it looks like the "Sinister Abduction of Cindy Abbott" is about to become a scandal...but wait a week. Really. We've actually gotta plan hidden in there and next week's the conclusion. So have a 'lil faith - there will be blood (and it won't be HUMAN blood). And any week with a new "Fable of Fright" comic is a good one! "Old MacDonald" (you may have heard of his food operation) HAD a daughter. But alas...no more.

TO BE...

...continued? Yeah. Weird alignment of the planets or sumthin. There's THREE short stories up this week! Eateries presents "Two for One" another in his girl-gobblin' monster series but unusually - it's a two part comic. Just that much more to anticipate! And Slid's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is "Chastity's Vow" - the other two-parter. Nice quite guy gets seduced by some crazy MILF who won't take no for an answer. But now she wishes that she had! "Grave Duty" is up in the short story section. Brave zombie hunter gal confronts one in the grave yard. But wait.. is that YOU Bob? Complications ensue...


Why, yes he is! And "The Plumbing Monster" finds many a clog that needs service in his sweet young victim! So enjoy the show as he cleans her pipes and flushes out her system! Then silent death stalks one gal as the other two sleep on - right next to her. "La Cueva de los Muertos" lives up to it's name as slithery tentacles ooze up through the sand and penetrate every opening that poor Maria has! She can't scream for help, she can't even think straight. Now it looks like it's curtains...

...until NEXT WEEK!
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And that's putting it mildly! I send two Spacebabes to rescue somebody and they get captured instead. NOW they're gonna dance for their alien captor? Ohhhh...sheeshhh.. But the "Sinister Abduction" ain't over yet and I'm a sneaky bastard so don't count us out! Maria warned them but they wouldn't listen. Now it's too damn late 'cause the beast of the sea has discovered their ocean front "Cueve de los Muertos" and it looks like a jar of candy to him! I don't mind if he eats 'em - I just wanna make sure that they get naked first! Does that make me a bad person?


Who can blame you? Life's sure gotten complicated in the good 'ol US of A these days. So take a trip waaay out there with the horny space station babes! "Mentor" shows ya how they pass all those lonely hours by learning new things! But you already knew that, right? Then how about a good old fashioned "WereWolf" assault? Nah, not the kind where he's using his teeth to grind her bones. No Sir! He'll use his cock to grind her ass instead! 'Least... for now...


So what? They're hot and that's all that matters on "Sexaris - The Monster Channel" and that's probably as it should be. Everybody aboard is doomed anyway so if ya gotta go.. goin' out with a bunch of hot babes ain't the worst way brother! Then it's an important issue of "The Monster" this week. He's made the uber-rich babe marry him and now he's got his other babes setting up alibis for him? What's the evil master-mind got up his sleeve now? And can he stop bangin' babes long enough to get ANYTHING done? "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranked up a jewel this week with Slid's "Mars Fucks Women" story from days gone by. He's green and horny and he wants her in the WORST way possible - so he TAKES her in the worst way possible! And he leaves a gift!

Stickin' to that story.
Mike da Mutant



It's a whole new ballgame in "The Sinister Abduction of Cindy Abbott"! Apparently the abduction was just a ruse to lure in my Spacebabes and apparently...it worked. Now they're stuck like glue to some creepy alien's floor and bound by his will. So far the torture has just been the mental kind - but we all know what these ghastly creatures are capable of. This is lookin' bad for the home team guys but I will hold out hope until the bitter end. And hopeless scenarios are the theme of the day. Witness the final chapter of "Bimbos in Space". What could be more hopeless than a couple gals suckin' for life? And they can't possibly out-think DOOM can they? He can't be THAT dumb!


Not me - Dr. Toshiro! He's the patricidal mecho-maniac with the severe Oedipus complex that's using his armored suit to gang bang our poor heroines AND his own dear step-mom! His will is unchallenged and his scruples were stolen. This guy is EVIL in shiny steel and so far there's NOTHING to stop his dastardly deeds! It's a world-wide plague but it's his MIND that's "Contaminated". (NOTE: last chance to catch up - early issues will go away next week!) "Boxed In" is in the short story section this week from Basta. It's every claustrophobic's worst nightmare. She's BURIED ALIVE! Worse still, she's NOT ALONE IN THE COFFIN!

In this week's "La Cueva de los Muertos" Maria was ignored and the girls are really gonna spend the night in that cave. But sleep evades them as a deadly intruder starts sizing them up. Surely they'll realize what's happening and run away right? Right..


Dr. Frost isn't content with just probing her enemies with her new mutant tentacles - no sir!. NOW the reigning lunatic in "Return to Whispering Hills" is sporting a raging hard-on and poor sweet Susan is gonna be her first conquest. But even as she stretches the poor gal beyond her limits there are other - far worse - terrors on the loose and one of them is about to come knockin' down the door! Then it took me a while to get the lesson out of this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" update - but I figured it out. This is heavy... better write it down: IF you find yourself on a new planet exploring, PLEASE, PLEASE - DON'T SCREW THE PLANTLIFE!

Good advice...
Mike da Mutant



Yeah...uh, well we sent a couple bad-ass Spacebabes to rescue Cindy and..uh.. they kinda got abducted. Details are just filtering in but it appears that Cindy is back and other than being emotionally traumatized, she's ok. But about our agents...well check back next week and I'm sure we'll have this all sorted out. But it sure does put the sinister in the "Sinister Abduction" don't it? Oh boy..


There's no use crying over a couple lost Spacebabes, right? It's not like we haven't lost some before! So back to the update. "The Monster Channel" is back after a short absence. And if you're familiar with that (really forgettable) movie called Solaris then you'll recognize our MUCH better version called "Sexaris"! I'll let you ponder how the two might differ. Then faced with imminent doom, the "Bimbos in Space" have to formulate a new plan. Wish 'em luck - "formulatin" ain't their strong suite, ya know? Tensions rise in "La Cueva de los Muertos" as the two Yankees blow past sweet Maria's strong objections to staying in the cave. Methinks that they'll live just long enough to regret that.

The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is up 'n runnin' flat out as it produces the final chapter of "SeXXXplorers" this week. There'll be a hot time on the 'ol tongue tonight! And you gotta check out the uber-babe in this week's "Sex tales from Hell" installment! It's "The Attack of the Crocodile-Man"! Hot babe, dead dude, big green terror - 'nuff said!

Meanwhile.. cross yer fingers for my Spacebabes!
(can't hurt)
Mike da Mutant



They're close. But this abduction is bouncing along fast so they better get moving! Whatever this semi-human bitch has got in mind it looks like she's getting mounted up to do it. But "The Sinister Abduction" is about to receive guests 'cause my Spacebabes are in the building! This week we're sharing "La Cueva de los Muertos" - one kickin' photo story! Bikini babes miss the bus back to town and get stranded on a Mexican beach. They walk for hours until they find a sea cave that promises shelter for the night. But they're heading straight for the Cave of Death!


Everything's fine in her world. She's bouncing along with her big blue lover and the sex is amazing despite the cold. But then from nowhere... >WHAMDimension Freak"! Then the "Bimbo's in Space" story hits a snag when the bim's discover that DOOM has amazing clenching powers. It's a thrill to slide it in...but it WON'T COME BACK OUT! Hey, they KNEW what they signed up for! "Alice in Monsterland" starts with a party and ends with a party. In between there's a rescue and some death and destruction but the big cat attack has succeeded and Alice is FREE!


We'll make sure that we have a hungry monster waiting for you! If you're the cop chasing a bad guy and the bad guy gets eaten by a monster...why not just call it Karma and go home? Nope. She HAS to investigate in this weeks short story "Fools Rush In"! DUMB move. And naturally the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has something for us. This week it's part two of "SEXPLORERS" and the salvage operation just turned into a survival challenge. Good thing that there's lots of humans around. Takes longer to kill 'em all that way!

And we don't wanna rush THAT along now, do we?
Mike da Mutant



Maybe. My agents or on-site but the bizarre and "Sinister Abduction of Cindy Abbott" continues unabated. They gotta get IN THERE and put a stop to this twisted xeno-sex! And where the hell are my advisers? Somebody tell me what is happening!!! Oig! Oh well... I'll just move on to other topics. Like the "Bimbos in Space" photo comic. Doom has them..or rather they have HIM by the short hairs as the girls tag-team away to avoid their well-earned demise. But they can only suck for so long before their heads collapse, right?


Huh? Some ancient Egyptian God (with a funny name) has snatched one of the old worlds most amazing beauties when she foolishly frolicked in his heavenly pool. Now there's some intense WORSHIP required if she's to survive the encounter. Heavenly artwork in this week's "Monster Violation"! And there's no escaping the FINAL chapter of "Hit Squad"! Cookie makes a desperate move to get rid of the Grubbs once-and-for-all. She's been warned to never cross the cocks - but she does it anyway! Bad jo-jo babe...


It's been FOREVER since we had a "Fable of Fright" comic! But the dry spell is over and this week you can feast yer eyes upon the wonder that we call "A Tooth Fairy Tale"! The fairy is lovely but methinks her first solo mission may well be her LAST! And in the short story section you'll find a 'lil ditty called "SEXTRONIC". She ordered a poet-bot but what showed up was something entirely different! Poetry...live by the pen, die by the...uh...robo-dick! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is set to stun this week as we roll out the first of three "SEXPLORATION" chapters! A reckless group of scavengers claims ancient alien ruins as their "find". But even as they struggle to discover the secrets and riches of a long-lost race - someone - or someTHING - is stalking them! With evil intent no less!

Nothin' beats "evil intent".
Mike da Mutant



Professor Whats-his-name didn't thrill us with his scintillating analysis this week! But "The Sinister Abduction" gets along just fine without him. Strange machinations in the abduction chamber serve to heighten the angst as two mysterious figures in black (but with chrome boots!) infiltrate the building to put this situation right! They look ready to pounce - but pounce on WHAT? "Bimbos in Space" - ya gotta love the refreshing honesty of the title, right? And the fact that when confronted by danger and the unknown both bimbos go straight into "suck and survive" mode! I love bimbos... Good times scaring them as you might imagine.


They think so. But the gleeful gals of "The Hit Squad" aren't known for their brains. Grubbs don't die that easily gals - try again? What if you were the last human in the universe and your only porn movie broke? Yeah..a sas, sad tale in this weeks short story called "VHS". >sniff< But there's an uplifting story about a Spacebabe who just won't listen in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" recycler - it should lift your spirits! Poor Rhonda Retro!


Yup. Briaeros is back and we're starting the third segment of "Return to Whispering Hills" with a mutant-woman-with-tentacles chapter that'll knock yer socks off! I'm just not so sure that this evil man-made killer virus is ALL THAT bad any more! I see possibilities... And it's "Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen" time at last! This time Wolfie helps himself to a little camper action out there somewhere in the deep-dark woods. Dracula is closing in - hoping to join the fun - but he might be too late!

They're out there. Watch the skies!
Mike da Mutant



Gentlemen - there's been an abduction. A really weird one too. Details are still emerging but we DO know this - it's not as simple as it looks. And this time we're NOT gonna let 'em get away with it! So don't jump to conclusions as "The Sinister Abduction of Cindy Abbott" plays out - there's more here than meets the eye! And before it's over I WILL have my pound of flesh.


Classic. Just classic. This week starts a new photo story called "Bimbos in Space" and as you might conjecture.. we're not dealing with Rhodes scholars here. Not even close. But what they lack in cognitive power they more than make up for with tit's, ass and a complete lack of any gag reflex. Go BIMBOS! And EVERY woman is just a bimbo to "The Monster". This guy's get'n his act together and goin' for the babe with the bucks this week. I mean.. when you can take control of ANY woman's mind and body... why NOT find one with deep pockets? Hope it all works out, ya know?


...of WAR. Sorry - poetic license. There's not really any hounds in Max Zero's "WAR" comic. But you won't miss them as a left-over babe-bot from the last round of trade wars is unleashed upon an unsuspecting troop of innocent thieves and rapists. And it was soooooo good - until she murdered them! The pain suffered by the blondes in "HIT SQUAD" is NOTHING compared to the destruction that they're now dishing out to the offending Grubbs. It's almost too brutal to post but I think we can all put on our big girl panties and squeek by. Just as long as it doesn't get any worse! Than it's wrap-up time for "Sex Tales from Hell"! The demonic battle of the boner goes into sudden-death overtime as the demon and his succubus-like prey both go in for the KILL! Wrappin it up this week - "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents the second part of "Amazon Assault". If you think the outnumbered and out-gunned Amazon babes are in for a cluster fuck - well, you'd be right! To the slave pens with them!

Cry Havoc!
Mike da Mutant



This week I've posted "FUNHOUSE II" as the final PPV bonus for July. It's the sequel to FUNHOUSE and it's the best of the bunch. TONS of action and naked chicks running for their lives, scary clowns, monsters and and Eve returns as the new ringmaster! It's up at no extra charge for members from now until the next update (Aug 1st) - then it's GONE! Next week the new movie starts - we're shooting the final scenes this Saturday so check back next week for that announcement.

Meanwhile back at MBC headquarters... We've posted the conclusion to "The SHOP" and (shock) there's no happy ending! But happy IS the word for this week's "HIT SQUAD" chapter. Cookie's sitting on a Grub just WAILING away with her fists and the two blondes have been DYING for some pay-back. And man... they're get'n it! There's two short stories up this week. "The Motel History" spans decades of girl gobbling fun and "Zombies" might just change your mind about those little "out-of-the-way" places that you take your girls. Just say'n..


..how to PARTY! Alice has been brought to the Red Queens castle much to the delight of the monstrous courtesans who can't wait to get a crack at her! But they'll have to share because the Red Queen and her giant strap-on have first dibs! She's the good time had by all (as usual) in "Alice in Monsterland"! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth with "Amazon Assault" this week. It's the first of a two-part story about the planet of the babes get'n invaded by a bunch of horny guys with BIG weapons. These girls are brave and tough - but that doesn't really matter against the marauders robo-assault!

Scoff up that PPV flic! These things don't come around much.
Mike da Mutant



Blame us 'cause we're pumpin' gas on the fire like there's no tomorrow.  "FUNHOUSE" is this week's Red Hot July PPV selection!  It's one of my favorites from the HorrorBabe years, and it's up in all its glory for THIS WEEK ONLY.  Don't miss it - it's GONE next week!  Then... did you ever buy a house and discover the defects AFTER the sale?  Well there's an extreme case of buyer's remorse in this week's short story selection called "Holes".  Hot babe, old house, THINGS that go bump in the night!  Then you gotta check out "Monster Violation"!  It's the second issue and a gloriously stacked princess falls afoul of an evil sorcerer - in a most carnal fashion! (That makes more sense on the second reading.  No?)


Could be.  The "Warrior Princess" takes a break and avails herself of the comforts of civilization as she soaks up a little "R 'n R" with an old friend.  And for a killer like her there's only ONE way to really relax.  Good thing that she's got friends... Flesh presses flesh in this week's "The SHOP" chapter.  The gals are grinding themselves to orgasm and neither one knows why!  Cookie launches her rescue effort in "Hit Squad" to save the blondes from the Grubbs and she's ready for battle!  Well... 'cept she forgot her gun... Now what?  Then "Bad Luck in Giopoli" bubbles up to the top in this week's "W.A.B.A.C Machine" presentation as two unsuspecting Spacebabes get a lesson in local planetary customs.  They shoulda read the tourist info - but now it's far too late!

Don't forget that the comic archives are half price all month.

32 minutes of Titty bouncing TERROR this week.  FUNHOUSE ROCKS!
Mike da Mutant



This week starts out with another PPV selection posted IN FULL.  Can't say a "free" PPV... it's only for members, and if you're pay'n for membership it's not really free is it?  But it is "over and above" and I hope you guys enjoy this month's "over and aboves" with our compliments.  This week it's "DEATHMATCH: Encounter One" and it's the video that sprung a whole series way back when.  Eve and Mary take on a selection of alien opponents and each gal has TWO complete battles!  Good stuff fellas - all meat - no filler.  And I'll take another week to get our new movie ready for posting... whew!


Wow.  I can't believe it but "Rhonda Retro" debuted long enough ago that it's eligible for "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!  Seems like only yesterday that 'ol RR graced our pages in all her buxom dim-witted beauty.  If you missed it the first time yer in for a TREAT!  The worm turns in "The Shop" this week as possession switches from one hapless reporter to the other.  Gotta be frustrating if you're the horny spook.  But the fun's just starting!  Cookie has dealt with her target in "HIT SQUAD" and now she's going for bonus points as she sets off to help the other two (who are still swallowing the double-dongs of death)!  Methinks she should make haste...


An alien with issues gets caught playing a dirty game with those nasty humans this week in our short story "Milk Run," and there's an exceptional issue of "Contamination" up!  Dr. Toshiro joins the cast of contaminated characters and the girls will rue the day that he was saved from the virus.  Might not be too late to introduce him to it though... Just a thought.  It's just three gals against a whole town full of mutated zombie-critters.  But one of them is not what she claims to be.  This week the mask drops and the worst monster of them all reveals herself in "Return to Whispering Hills"!

Don't forget that the comic archives are half price all month and that next week you'll get another uh... "bonus" PPV flic!

Mike da Mutant



Maybe for forever?  The "PILOT" meets an unsavory fate this week as her perplexing ordeal comes to a splattery ending.  She was better off frozen.  But her demise won't stop the show.  We'll just soldier on with somebody else's story - next week!  The nosy reporters in "The Shop" are gonna get their story.  It'll start with the strange sexual compulsions that they feel for each other and end in their horrific death!  Hope they're taking notes.


...DICK!  That's where Cookie shoots Puk-stra this week and (do I have to say it?) that's the end of HIM.  High >cringe< factor warning!  Okay - not that bad... it's just the idea of... oh forget it.  OUCH.  Anyway, Cookie is gonna go see if she can help the blondes out since they're gettin' throat-probed by the Grubs "dicks of death".  Nice thought, but she need not hurry. (Just say'n...) Spelunker.  First time I heard that word I was sure it was dirty.  Then I found out what it really means and now... after all this time... I WAS RIGHT!  "The Cave" is this week's short story and it may have taken decades, but by golly - I had it nailed!  Spelunker gets spelunked in the cave!  Still sounds dirty...


Yeah.  Gotta give "The MONSTER" his props.  He's sleazy, slimy and only out for what benefits him, but when it comes to the babes - he's a sure thing!  And so far... he's on the path to riches and endless nookie.  And if he doesn't screw this up we'll probably all be working for him someday.  This week's update has him moving in on the rich babe - via her brain-controlled servant!  Then the demon runs amuck in "Sex Tales from Hell".  He's a brutal, evil bastard who's taking his issues out on a sweet young thing!  But the "sweet young thing" is... not!  Not sweet.  Not young.  But definitely a "THING"!  And "things" turn around in an instant!  Wouldn't be a REAL update w/o the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" and it's vintage contribution, would it?  That in mind, we present "Lost in the City" from mid 2008.  Poor gal try's to walk through gang territory without the proper permissions.  You know what's next... 'cept this gang is just one BIG alien!  Fortunately for her, he'll take his fee "on the spot"!


Look, summer sucks for website membership. (DAMN THOSE FAIR WEATHER DISTRACTIONS!)  But this year we're fighting back!  Starting today - and for every weekly update throughout the month of July - MEMBERS get a free Pay-Per-View video every week!  I picked "Zombies" to kick it off this week.  It's one of my favorites and it's over 50 minutes long!  Regular PPV price is $35 and it's just the first of FOUR!  Hey... if that doesn't tempt you - what the hell ARE you waiting for?  Maybe a sale on comic archives?  FINE!  We just rolled out two new ones today and these ain't mashed 'taters boys!  "Alien Huntress" from Predator was one of the most anticipated feature updates that we ever had (with good reason) and Edgar Rocha's "Doinise, CA" has been requested time and again for archive inclusion - again, with REALLY good reason - this story ROCKS.  TONS of free samples and even these two new ones are HALF PRICE IN JULY!  So the feast is all laid out.  Man up and scoff down the goodies!!!

More unwholesome goodness next week!
Mike da Mutant



TRIPLE Update of "The Shop" this week.  Had to so we could get to the good stuff!  Sometimes I just have to move things along a little faster than planned - meaning that I screwed up and need to slap it back in line.. so consider it SLAPPED!  And while there's lotza slappin' going on in "HIT SQUAD" - it's not my doing.  Smart they ain't - but ya gotta give 'em credit for being durable!  Cookie stakes her life on her refusal to suck Puk-stra's oversized unit (again) while Gail and Amber watch as double doom slithers up their shoulders and finally between their lips!  They may be a freaked out by what's coming from the Grubs but... at least it shut them up!


It's a death trap!  Witness the unseemly gobbling that takes place when one sweet young thang takes a dip in "The Pool".  She's dipped, dicked and finally dined upon!  And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is dripping with lust as a strange encounter introduces another sweetie to the incredible attentions of a bizarre off-world pervert!  What an education she gets as the "Colossal Cunt" makes a pit stop on planet Earth to relieve some "galactic stress".  And then >PLOP< - back in the water!


That's what the furiously masturbating "PILOT" what's to know.  NEEDS to know!  She's already surrendered to the non-verbal urgings of her captor.  Now we wonder what's gonna happen when she finally gets off.  Think she'll really be "freed"?  Keep guessin' - you'll get that answer next week in the CONCLUSION!  There's two terrific serial updates this week as well.  "Dimension Freak" picks up with the (slightly tardy) rescue of one of the band 'o babes but the work's not done.  There's still missing members in Hellsgraves' group of gals and he's out to get 'em ALL back!  And while "Alice" has been the "good time had by all" ever since she fell down that hole, NOW she must face the court of the Red Queen!  Tossed out to the court's followers at first she's now being targeted for special attention by the evil Queen herself!  Damn.  Hope she makes a good impression!

Next update (Wed July 3rd since we'll be taking the 4th off) we're gonna start our "SUMMER SUCKS" campaign 'cause SOME of you seem to think that there are other ways to amuse yourself! (Yeah - can you believe it?).  Nice weather and girls and motorcycles and... well... all that summer stuff is hard to compete with BUT - we have a plan.  I'm gonna include a free PPV movie in EVERY JULY UPDATE just to show ya the error of yer ways!  Won't cost ya a dime extra and it'll be a great time to catch up on some very cool video.

'Till then,
Mike Da Mutant



We're cranking it up with a brand new comic series from the guys that gave us Abducting Daisy!  Premiering this week - "Monster Violation"!  The first chapter is all about a legendary beauty seeking a magical shield.  But she'll need far more protection than any shield provides when she's discovered by it's demon protector!  Then the "Hit Squad" is showcasing a test of wills between an evil alien brain critter and Cookie - our home grown Spacebabe extraordinaire!  It seems that Puk-stra wants his unit serviced AGAIN by the comely babe - but she'd prefer to snap it in half!  Some disagreement ensues...


Even if you're the "Warrior Princess"!  Arianne and Sibby pick a spot for the night - knowing that they rest in the cursed lands.  So neither is surprised when they're attacked by a band of snappers and while Arianne cuts them down, Sibby is not quite so lucky.  And she didn't even get a kiss!  "Monster Channel" is up with proof that even a vampire shouldn't engage with a "woman scorned," and the "PILOT" SURRENDERS!  She's getting nowhere so with little to lose she declares that she'll give her unseen captor "whatever you want - anything!"  And then she does!


Good looks and brains aren't NECESSARILY mutually exclusive - they're just unlikely to reside in the same woman.  Witness the two uber-hotties that find themselves trapped inside "The Shop" this week.  Great to look at, but holy shit... they're just now figuring out that they're doomed?  Jeeezzz...  And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a fresh "Alien Terror" comic.  This one is the CLASSIC "woke up in alien ship and got probed" story.  Hard to improve on the classics...

But we'll keep try'n!
Mike da Mutant



"Whispering Hills" is back this week!  And the three busty survivors get a little helping hand from fate just when they need it most.  But just 'cause they survived a tank battle doesn't mean that they're home free.  Uh uh.  They've got an entire town of zombie mutants after them, and now the infection is spreading to the animal and insect life!  No way that they're gettin' out of this mess!  Then the gals of "Contamination" are taking the very best that the mutants can dish out and they just can't stop their endless orgasms!  At least until the mutants suddenly stop and carry them away.  But their reprieve is short lived as they're unceremoniously dumped at the feet of their new... master?


Or doesn't she?  The "PILOT" endures another episode of mind numbing "wrongness" as her hands mount a campaign of their own to force an orgasm.  But frightened and alone as she is - she's still got the willpower to defiantly resist!  What's this going to cost her?  The nosy reporters in "The Shop" seem more interested in lunch than survival this week.  That'll change!  I'm certain that the "Hit Squad" gals are doomed as well.  This week Cookie fights back hard, but it seems far less effective than she'd like.  And the blondes, Gail and Amber, are just alien chew-toys as the Grubbs skillfully execute their signature move - the "double dongs of death"!


Meanwhile, Jenny Van Helsing and her uber-slutty sidekick are finishing off (in a GOOD way) the innocent bystander left over from their latest conquest of Franky.  But they're urgently needed elsewhere.  Helsing's certainly thinning out the herd of "Monster Gentlemen" but even as Franky curses them from hell Wolfy is hard at work attacking some nearby campers.  Gear up Jenny - they NEED YOU!  Then the freakish adventures of "Alien Terror" finish up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with a desperate struggle to escape a marauding monster that <insert shock and surprise> does NOT go well for the Spacebabe involved!  Shit happens...

...'specially to nice girls!
Mike da Mutant



Three of 'em up this week!  "Monster Channel" kicks off the 15th installment with "Love Suckers" which (as you MIGHT deduce) features a vampire and a prostitute.  Evil of all kinds is embraced, but there's something not-quite-right about this "hooker".  Then "Sex Tales From Hell" demonstrates the folly of the ubiquitous one-night-stand.  If he seems too good to be true baby... HE IS!  "The Monster" is on the loose and no woman is safe. But there's a government task force on his trail - and they'll likely do what they always do - make a bad situation much, much WORSE!  Oh boy...


Much.  And you know that you can count on accurate and timely reports right here about these ongoing photo stories!  Like "The Shop" where a couple of lovelies fret over their future - like they have one!  Ha!  And the "Hit Squad" gals?  Well the assassination isn't going all that well, but the monsters seem to be having a good time!  Glad I could help ya out, fellas.  Naturally, there's a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" intrusion into reality and it's the 3rd issue of "Alien Terror"!  This time it's a big 'ol ugly lizard from space that wants to snack on another little Earth girl.  Hmm...  Maybe I should get into making monster snacks.  Earthgirl chips?  Cheese-bimbos?  Then the "PILOT" gets a dose of even more alien mental intrusion as whatever is controlling her ramps up the "wrongness"!  Bad things happen to good girls... especially HERE!

I'll work on that.
Mike da Mutant



Well the "PILOT" thinks that she is.  Her confusion and despair hit an unsustainable level and then suddenly >WHAM< it's like it never happened!  But this time she remembers parts of past cycles and maybe - just maybe she's got an idea!  But in the meanwhile there's a lot to be said for just watching the things that it (whatever IT is) has her doing to herself.  Oh yeah...

"The Shop" has those nosy reporters hearing things and about to jump right out of their skins!  But what they're experiencing now is only in their minds.  It won't be for long.  The "Hit Squad" gets more embarrassing every week.  Not only are my assassins gonna get slaughtered by the alien creeps they were sent to kill, NOW they're apparently gonna be monster sex toys first!  Oh man... the shame!  On the other hand... It IS nice to see 'em without those dorky costumes on.


C'mon... 'fess up.  You always wanted to know just how well equipped that RoboCop was, didn't you?  I mean... when they put him back together - did they replace ALL his parts?  Well, Monsterbabe Central answers your unspoken query with "RoboCock" in this week's Star Woes section!  Now you'll know!


Sorry.  Had a girl stuck in my throat.  I guess I'm just not cut out for gulping girls, but I know who is.  Check out "Not So Happy Ending" and you'll find a guy that's got it down to a system.  And coincidentally there's another gal heading for the digestive system in this week's "Trap Door" short story.  Probably tastes like chicken anyway.  Pass the sauce.  Then back to yesteryear as the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up the second "ALIEN TERROR" adventure and this time it's a sweet young thing that gets a visit from a nasty alien critter while she's in the shower!  Bad things happen to this nice girl until eventually - wait for it - SHE GETS EATEN!

WTF?  Some kinda epidemic?

We'll be back with a fresh load of girls next week - unless somebody eats 'em!
Mike da Mutant



The last chapter of "Sector 13" is up this week.  Sadly, we know even less about these freaky events then when we started!  Some things just defy explanation, huh?  But then again... I don't HAVE to understand it to ENJOY it, do I?  But as one door closes...  A NEW SERIES STARTS!  "Warrior Princess" debuts this week from Predator.  In a time long gone a kingdom was defiled and hidden away from the light.  But now comes the savior and her elfin sidekick to search out "the key" and restore the kingdom!  But first the sidekick needs to suck on the "bone of wisdom" for "enlightenment"!  Of course.  Naturally!  Sword and Sorcery meets Tits and Ass in our newest series!


Our shapely "PILOT" sinks to an emotional low as her isolation and frustration drive her nearly mad.  But just as she's sobbing herself into helpless despair a strange glowing orb appears and soon her hands begin to roam across her gorgeous body as if controlled by an unseen force.  And it's just warming up!  The "HIT SQUAD" ain't doin' so well fellas.  Gail's about to get cold-conked for biting the alien's schlong (again) and Amber's positioned correctly for a sudden invasion of her "personal space".  Okay, as assassins they kinda suck.  But maybe when it's time to suck they be "killers"?  One way to learn...


Duhh... You two bumbinskis break into the scene of a hideous unsolved crime to snoop around and it SURPRISES you when the killer claims you as his next conquests?  They're all 'tits out" and pretty, standing in the midst of a supernatural hot spot and they THINK that they're not alone?  I repeat: Duhhhh...!  Even in "THE SHOP" they're the dullest tools on the shelf!  But I'M CERTAIN that they'll have their uses.  Teehee-hee... Satan's bride learns the price of her infernal tryst with the devil - but it's a lesson learned far too late to save her!  Hellfire and Damnation in this week's "Monster Channel" - enjoy!  Then it's back-alley fun with Earth bimbos as the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out the first of 5 "ALIEN Terror" encounters!  They can run... but really... why?

Whaddaya say we go find us some Earth girls?
Mike da Mutant



Not yet.  But the "PILOT" is getting close.  Eons in deep-sleep only to be awakened in an empty ship's hold with not a clue about the situation - THAT could mess up anybody!  But if her grasp of reality is slipping now - she's screwed.  The truth WILL NOT set her free!  BTW: Gotta call from a member today asking about the actress.  That's Goldie (aka Mistress Goldie) for your Googlin' pleasure.


So if your trapped on a spaceship with a crew that's gone Zombie - DON'T FUCK AROUND!  Blow that sonovabitch and get the hell out!  And that's just what happens in this killer short story that we call "NECRO SPACE".  Smart girl!  Then unexpected signs of life are seen in "HIT SQUAD" this week.  One of my babes bites the big one, (no, REALLY) but takes a savage beating because of it while the other is suckin' Puk-stra juice like it's the water of life.  In her situation I guess it is!  'Least she's good at it...


Nope.  Justa re-make.  But "Galfucktica" cannot have two Starfucks!  One of 'em has to go.  And naturally there's gotta be a little kinky exploration before the final blast.  Hell, even the toaster gets in on it!  Snoopy broads are gonna learn not to stick their boobs in where they don't belong in "The Shop"!  These tabloid tootsies have got lots of moxie, but they might be a wee bitshort on brains.  Otherwise what the hell are they doing in this place of death?  I mean besides becoming the next victims?  And oh boy... it's "Return to Whispering Hills" time!  In this episode the frightened survivors break out of the compound only to discover that the whole town has been contaminated!  But a chance encounter with an APC and a .50 cal might just buy them a little time.  Maybe.  Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" confirms the Galactic law of supply and demand.  When the hottie racers break down, the parts man has the supplies that they need.  But brother... he's got some serious demands first.  It's the conclusion of the Cyclon 500.  May the fastest lips win!

I'll take the runner-up!
Mike da Mutant



And you won't care where you're going.  "PILOT" begins this week after much to-do and an incredible amount of slavish devotion to the project.  We've worked so hard on this one that I don't think it needs any hype - but you decide.  Could be just hubris, maybe some fatigue mixed in, but honestly... I think we gotta WINNER!  Check out the previews and decide for yourself.  Members, you voted for it - and you got it!  Seriously, this is so damn cool...!


Huh?  There's fresh meat in "The Shop"?  And they're snoopy reporter types that we'd all LOVE to see strangled?  Even better!  Bring on the PAIN!  Sadly though, pain is all my "HITSQUAD" bimbos are feeling as well.  Methinks the aliens are pretty safe (and right about now they're toasting me for sending them such good looking IDIOTS)!  Ah well... Live by the boob, die by the boob as they say.  They say that, right?  Maybe I read it on the Internet.


And I can't get it rolled back up!  "The MONSTER" is up again this week.  I think this is my new favorite comic.  This guy DOES every evil little thing that that the rest of us filter out (keeps ya outta jail) and is pure LUST, GREED and FILTH to his very core!  And he nails babes that you and I can only dream about.  Yep.  It's official.  I HATE THIS GUY.  "Sex Tales from Hell" wraps up a dire sexual encounter with a demon and celebrates with a murder!  My, my... Ya just can't trust those damn females!

Then it's "MONSTER CHANNEL" time!  This week Satan himself beguiles you with a tender tale of demonic lust and a freakishly unquenchable woman.  Even the king of hell has his limits!  And the limits of control are far exceeded when two futuristic babes go racing on their rocket steeds inside "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine".  An untimely crash leads to a unscheduled pit-stop.  But first they'll have to pay the repair bill - IN FULL.  Hee hee hee...

Tonight I rest.  I can't wait to show you what's up in next week's PILOT!
But somehow I will...

Mike da Mutant



Marathon video shoots just suck the life outta me.  But we've really got some cool stuff in the works, so I 'spoze it's worth it.  But what's comin' down the pike won't pay today's bills so let's take a look at the update!


HELLO PILOT!  This week marks the last of the "Monsterbabes" hard-core footage updates.  An obvious ploy to buy some time for the new video, it's served it's purpose and with this week's posting of "Breena & Joy Swallows" we're DONE!  And next week you'll see what's been cookin' around here since the last user poll.  Oh boy..!


Yup.  "The Shop" gals go the way of all things mortal.  But the investigation begins next week and the body count has just begun!  Sadly, the gals that I sent to kill off that alien scum are failing miserably.  I'm thinking that I shoulda called it "Hit Us" instead of "Hit Squad" but I guess the die is cast.  Maybe they'll get lucky and one of the aliens will trip over his own dick? (That's about the only hope that I see for victory.) PHOOEY!  But it's not ALL bad news this week.  The "Dimension Freaks" Hellsgrave finds that his new mistress (He's been sold into slavery.) has a taste for his dino-dong and she MAY just turn out to be an ally!  But what of his companions?


So the little geek next door makes a monstrous buddy and learns that he can now command his step-sister to do his bidding.  Naturally, he decides to see if she'll blow him and >VOILA< she does!  But the good times come crashing down when the monster claims his snack... all in this week's "POWERS" short story.  And then "The Grid III" is up in the "Star Woes" section as we push the boundaries of common sense by presenting a sequel too far.  Just like the movies...

The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth a good'un this week!  "Cassandra Covington" may look like your fantasy date but trust me... you better pass, brother!  Really.  RUN don't walk away from this babe.  Ya been warned!

And the beat goes on...
Mike da Mutant


Alrighty then...

It's up!  I went back to the original tape (Yeah TAPE - it's been THAT long.) and recaptured some "B" roll footage from The Drazumi Human Trap.  This is the first and only time that it's ever been seen in full resolution.  It was shot in 720x480 DV1 format - that was the cutting edge back then - and that's how it's presented now.  Enjoy - it was worth the effort!  Breena's long since moved on to other pursuits, but when ya see this you'll really miss her...

Mike da Mutant



But not for long!  In two weeks "PILOT" will grace this website with it's other-worldly presence!  Still deep into editing, but It's coming along superbly!


Uh, yeah.  Or maybe I got so damn excited about the new movie that I dropped the ball on the current stuff.  I'll go with the dog excuse if ya please.  In either case I'm gonna have to go with a two-part update this week 'cause I need another day to get the clips right for the grand finale of the "MONSTERBABES" X-rated video.  I'll have more to say 'bout it tomorrow when it's posted, but TRULY - we saved the best for last!


And so it will.  Tardy video or not, the rest of the update steps proudly into the center ring and pleads for your attention.  So turn your gaze upon "Jewel of the Damned" - it's the FINAL CHAPTER!  And good ALWAYS triumphs over evil, right?  Eh... not so much.  It's an outstanding wrap-up to a great series and the only reason that we let it end is because Predator's next comic series is gonna be REALLY different!  And you'll see what I mean in one months time.  Then the "3D" experience at the haunter movie theater gets WAAaaay outta hand in this week's "Monster Channel" presentation!  But if you could buy it - you would!


Or just a couple of horny gals?  We're closing in on the answer (and the bloodshed) in the new chapter of "The Shop" this week.  Lesboniacle tendencies bubble to the surface and there's a compelling reason behind it - MURDER!  Then Slid slips in another "Sector 13" this week with "I Wasn't There".  So she's a spaceship commander responding to a distress signal.  But when she arrives she finds that the crew of the distressed ship didn't call for help - their invisible stow-away did!  And he has plans for her...

Things just ain't workin' out for the "HITSQUAD" girls.  The Scurilee Grubs are stripping Gail and Amber as they resist by forgetting ALL they're training and Cookie thinks she's nailed the PUK-STRA Craniumnal big-time with her repeated blaster attack to his face.  Sadly... that's only gonna turn him on!  Like I said... if these chicks fall I got PLENTY MORE!  But just in case we run short I've authorized the "W.A.B.A.C Machine" to release "Join Space Fleet".  It's a key recruiting tool that we've used for years.  Very effective.  We just edit out all the blood and gore first.

So get 'em now and get back here tomorrow when I'll have the razzle-dazzle of freshly re-captured "MONSTERBABES" for you to get all hot 'n bothered about.  This'll be the first time EVER that they are seen in full resolution.  Probably be up in the afternoon.

Till then!
Mike da Mutant



TODAY we're shooting a new movie and I'm too damn overwhelmed to get all long winded about it, BUT I'll have a bunch of "teaser" stuff for you next week.  And the week after that we'll be rolling it out.  Oh BOY!!!


And it starts with the final TWELVE MINUTES of the "MONSTERBABES: The Unseen Footage" presentation of Nadia's best.  Lotsa happy endings in this one so you'll NOT want to miss it!  Then some heavy hitters roll out for your enjoyment.  Like "The Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen".  Sadly Frankie can't resist that Van Helsink babe - and it's gonna cost him - EVERYTHING.  Funeral arrangements to be announced.  >sniff<  Then "Contamination" spreads as a nasty band of mutants ambushes our threesome, and while the guy's outta commission they ALL have their turn at the girls!  GO MUTANTS!  And NOBODY does evil mutants and imperiled babes like Briaeros!  His "Return to Whispering Hills" remains one of the most popular comic series that we've ever had.  And no wonder with all the icky, yucky mixed in with the oh-la-la on every page.  This week one of the BOSS critters traps the girls and is about to do 'em in when another - EVEN BIGGER boss takes him out so that he can have 'em himself!  Nice to be wanted, huh?


...abound in this week's "The Shop" where two terrified bimbos attempt to figure out their sudden attraction to each other.  They don't even know yet that they are DOOMED.  And more disaster is in the offing as the "Hit Squad" spacebabes discover that they are woefully under-prepared to take on the alien bad guys.  My bad.  Shoulda kept 'em training more than a day or two.  Oh well - maybe they'll survive - maybe we'll just replace 'em if they can't take the heat.  Fun to watch in either case!  And part three - the conclusion of "Checkmate" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" right now.  Being the queen has it's downside...


Me... that is.  You guys kick back and enjoy, and next week I'll have lotsa new movie news.
Mike da Mutant



But as you can plainly see Nadia has gone way past sucking fruit in this week's "MONSTERBABES: the mostly unseen footage" update!  It's the complete blow-by-blow presented just the way it happened!  Then "The Shop" takes a turn for the lesbonic as both gals unexpectedly grope each other - for no reason that they can understand.  But we do.  Or at least... we will!


Might as well be for all the good those blasters do against the GRUBS.  But I'm confident that my assassins from the "HIT SQUAD" will emerge victorious!  And if not... I can replace 'em. (Easily in this economy...) WIN-WIN!


So this guy wanders into a bar... Really.  And while he's there he picks the hottest babe in the joint and commands her to follow him.  And... somehow... that works!  But she's not ready for the changes that he's gonna go through as he teaches her that being the hottest gal ain't necessarily the path to a long life!  It's all in the brand new issue of "Sex Tales from HELL" - up now!  Then "THE MONSTER" is the little twerp that discovered that he has mind control ability over women.  So when the hotel desk-granny gets into his business >ZAP<!  NOW she's gonna DO HIS WILL and it starts with a pucker, Granny!  "The Monster Channel" returns with another Ghost Finders episode!  And naturally they're all doing shit that distracts them (like sex) while the ghosts are poised to strike!  No shame there... But the update really wouldn't be complete without the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Checkmate part 2" this week.  One queen has been taken brutally by the opposing king, but now it's time to turn the tables!  And another one bites the... dust!


Sadly, that doesn't work as well as it once did.  Now ya gotta PAY 'em to do porn! (Yeah, what's the world coming to huh?)  That said, I'll have a BIG announcement about the upcoming flic and just who's gonna grace your 'puter screens next week.  The gears are slowly turning and the shoot's a go - just gotta iron out the last few details and it's time to SHOOT!

Mike da Mutant



...goes down... whatever!  The "MONSTERBABES" series continues with Nadia this week.  Doesn't seem to matter if she's' the bride of Frankenstein, an escaped slave from outer space or even a very confused clone - she delivers!  And the "mostly unseen footage" has got lotsa great action that never made it into the feature movies - which was a shame!  But better late than never, right?  Enjoy the expert technique and the "sure, I can do that" attitude.  These chicks are rare!  And there's 10 minutes of this dynamo up THIS WEEK!


TWO photo comics up this week!  "The SHOP" continues with more screw-tightening tension as Rae suddenly takes an intense interest in Leslie's boobs?  Uh... oh.  I smell a POSSESSION on the way!  And the intro to one of our best is up this week as we roll out the "HIT SQUAD"!  Mike da Mutant (that's me!) has had enough of these alien abductions so it's time to send out the troops to KILL 'EM ALL!  Sure hope it works out this time.  Otherwise it may just be another sad story with three gorgeous babes being sent to their wet, drippy, naked and ravished DEATH!  That would be a bad thing... right?


Actually, I let the artists do that.  Better for everybody.  And they did it GOOD this week!  Check out "Alice in Monsterland" where poor Alice doesn't even get a breath between bunny-humpin' the Mad Hatter and taking on the Red Queen's guards!  Poor thing has gotta be a little sore by now, don't ya think?  But even so she easily satisfies ALL the guards and now her reward will be... imprisonment?  Damn.  Tough crowd to please!  "Why Resist" is up in the short story section as another gal gets gobbled just so Mrs. Anderson can get her date - to inflate!  And strangely... that seemed to work!  In this issue of "Dimension Freak" Kiera has been sold in the alien slave market and she's been forced to walk the desert on a leash!  But up ahead there's an oasis!  With water.  With APHRODISIAC water!  And her slaver didn't take her there by accident. >wink<

Wrappin' it up this week is the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "CHECKMATE".  So... truly advanced civilizations settle their disputes on the chessboard?  But the blood, the death - they're just as real as war!  And the stakes are real - your planet's future!  Naturally, it gets most interesting when the beautiful Queen is in play.  This is part one of three and trust me... the Queen gets a VIGOROUS workout!

Somehow I remain,
Mike da Mutant



'Cause the biggest clip of the "MONSTERBABES" series is up this week!  Natalie Minx dishes it out and takes it like a woman in this extended wrap-up clip.  With Nat... there's always a happy ending!  Then the girls that got trapped in "The SHOP" are thinking that - perhaps- they are not alone.  Musta been the flying tools that just whizzed past their heads?  Hey, at least they're thinkin'!  And this is it.  It's your LAST OPPORTUNITY to see the "Erotomania" series in all it's glory without having to buy it as an archive.  The FINAL chapter is up and it's likely to be ALL GONE next week when we need that button real estate for NEW STUFF!  Consider yerself tipped off!


Why be concerned when the Kick Ass Chicks are on the job?  Ok... So when you look in their eyes all you see is the back of their heads.  Big deal.  Brains are way overrated anyway.  These "Monster Channel" heroines have got yer back - just don't let 'em touch nothin' else! (They could break it... )  And if yer in the mood for some dirty dealings and alien perversion then I recommend a dose of "NIGHTMARE" from Basta.  It'll make it allllllllll better!  Worked for me.


At least for the "Jewel of the Damned".  Yup, ONE more issue wraps up the series and the jury is still out.  Do they get to destroy the jewel and if they do does it restore the ship and it's crew?  What about the dead ones?  And why is there a gang of horny mummies attempting to stop all this anti-alien salvation?  Find out in Jewel #26 - the next and FINAL chapter.  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" features the second half of "The Lost Weekend" and wraps up this update!


Until the half price PPV movie deal is gone, gone, gone!  Offer ends April fools day.

So remain vigilant and watch for the signs!
Mike da Mutant



These artists just keep me in stitches!  For example: "The Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen".  Frankie has been on a tear with the mom, daughter and goofy monster hunter babe for quite a while now.  But when Jenny Van Helsing shows up to set things right he knows that his days are numbered.  But - he wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for the same treatment that sent the Mummy back to hell...  would he?  DON'T DO IT FRANKIE!  And a strange combination of ritualistic evil and duct tape set the stage for an uber-scary episode of "Erotomania" this week.  Between the demented doctor and the venus-fly-trap-monsters there's little room for hope.  Depravity runs the show, and there's no place to hide as huge boobies take a lickin!


The poor survivors of "Contamination" have had a hard row to hoe.  First the plague turns everybody else into monsters.  Then after all the monster rapes and abuse they find an uncontaminated guy - who then gets bitten.  Now he's a monster (although still friendly) and they really WANT to please him but his unit won't fit anymore!  Frustrating to say the least, but these intrepid boobie-babes test the old axiom that it'll "stretch a mile before it tears an inch" and soldier on!  Hope they're REALLY elastic...  "Return to Whispering Hills" packs a wallop this week as the zombie-ized hoard rips into an amazingly stacked science-type gal.  Her horrific abuse is witnessed by our heroines, but they're unarmed and completely mesmerized by the scene (and each other's incredible bodies) - so much so that they don't see what's THROBBING behind them!  And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" bubbles up "The Lost Weekend" - part1 this week.  They thought it was an ideal getaway for a little much needed sex and... more sex.  And they were right.  But they didn't include the aliens in their plans!


Nah.  But it sure does NIBBLE a lot when Natalie Minx is the "MONSTERBABE" of the week!  I'm not complaining, but I fear that she may be getting "type cast" ya know?  Poor gal, she tries to spread the pain, but always seems to end up with her face planted in some monster's crotch.  And this week there's another huge 10 minute clip of Natalie doing just that (some in slow-mo no less).  Lotsa "editing room floor" footage posted and some bitchin' ACTION!  And "The Shop" moves along as the girls find out that they can check in - but NOT check out!


Kinda.  And worn-out too from building the spaceship set for the next movie.  So far - so good, but we haven't gotten to the fun parts yet.  Lotsa plans for this project and there'll be an opportunity for you guys to chip in and help!  Details still being kicked around so stay tuned.

Mike da Mutant



Oh yeah!  This week we begin the Natalie Minx "MONSTERBABES" presentation.  And brothers... this is the GOOD stuff!  She's the go-to gal when some nasty critter needs to be taught a lesson and her "crisis management" techniques are second to none!  This gal can de-chrome a trailer hitch in seconds flat! (Think about it.)  And there's 'bout 10 minutes of expert oral antics up this week!  Sidebar: work progresses on the new movie set.  MAJOR challenges creating the interior of spaceship, but it's actually working!  We continue to slog through it and gather the props with an eye on a shoot in about two weeks.


New photo story geared up this week!  About time huh?  "The SHOP" starts off with an entrance - and a mystery as things seem to move around by themselves.  I don't wanna be a spoiler so I'll shut my trap about it until next week.  But it's up and it's gonna be a BLOOD BATH!  The Kickass Chicks are back in this week's "Monster Channel" selection and this time they've met their match!  Strange mutations on the farm got their attention - then the strange mutants got... everything else!  Uh oh.  There's been another "occurrence" in "Sector 13".  This time it's a lone spacebabe on the run from some nameless dong-swingin' critter from a nightmare.  But after she runs she's caught and after she's caught she decides that discretion is better than being battered.  Wise choice.  Then angry bikers turn into DEAD bikers as the unholy terror from "Sex Tales from Hell" shreds the local miscreants upon his lover's request.  Ample pay-back sex ensues amongst the steaming carcasses soon after.  Kinky!


...says Misty as her cold seething rage finally bubbles to the surface.  PAYBACK time in "Erotomania" this week - if only for a little while.  Then "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up "Life Form" and when this critter breaks in nobody is safe!  Especially the babes...

Beans to spill on new movie next week.
Mike da Mutant



That's Gummi.  And this week we're wrappin' up the hardcore tribute to the busy "MONSTERBABE" with another huge slice 'o life from that glam-girl of the dark places.  'Bout 10 minutes added this week.  Get it while you can.  Next up is Predator's "Monster".  This nasty little piece of work has stumbled into everyman's dream power!  He's a snake and rogue, but with a word he can get any woman to anything for him.  And now that he's mastered the power he's going after the women who control the wealth in this country.  Sounds like a plan...


"Dimension Freak" goes primal as nasty alien critters enslave the girls and that giant tri-o-whatever that they hang with and put 'em all up on the block.  It seems like a cultural throw-back, but the auction is really quite civilized.  I mean... their policy of "try before you buy" sure has it's appeal.  And their goods are first rate!  "Alice in Monsterland" is up this week, too.  Alice has a good 'ol time with the bunny-humpin' hatter, but finds herself all alone when the Red Queen's goons crash the party.  Naturally she finds a way to accommodate.  ALL of them!


NEWS FLASH: Local real estate agent disappears!  And they won't be finding this body!  Rumors continue to circulate that she's met her doom at the hands of a local pervert and his pet monster.  Details available in the "Dead Estate" short story!  And it's not a REAL update without a little smoke and fumes from the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine", ya know?  And this week's regurgophonic episode is called "Mission Awry".  Dumb.  REALLY Dumb spacebabe steps out of her ship for a little look-see on an unexplored planet.  Monster comes along... likes girl... takes girl, etc.  Hey, it's Darwinian.  She got what she deserved.  Summer catches a rescue in this week's "Erotomania" but her friend Misty is still living the horror.  And it's not looking good for her.  Tsk, tsk.


...will never be the same.  Movie news: Construction has begun on our spaceship.  The crew is being selected and training starts soon.  This is gonna be a real adventure!

Mike da Mutant



First off - ALL the PPV vids are 1/2 price until the end of March.  And that means that members get 1/2 off their regular 1/2 off, too!  So load up while ya can.  And speaking of load up... next week there will be some pruning going on - older comics will be GONE!  Get 'em NOW or forever be remorseful.  Just a word to the wise...

The second featured model is up in this week's "MONSTERBABES" video.  It's Gummi, the oh-so-compliant MILF from outer space!  Lotsa unseen X-rated footage and delicious action!  Yummy!


They were on the way to the control room to destroy that damned alien jewel.  But they didn't make it in time and now fresh horrors are loose and they may NEVER escape!  Such is life aboard the spaceship usurped by the "Jewel of the Damned"!  On the other hand... some of those physiological changes... they might want to keep!  Then how about a good old fashioned alien in the woodwork story?  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has got one for ya.  Mission X - to boldly go where no chick should ever be?  At least not alone...


"The Monster Channel" wraps up it's tribute to the 50's Sci-fi movie with the victory of the pod people.  So if yer gonna hide - don't do it in a hole with only one way out.  And don't fall sleep!  On the other hand... if you're a buxom virgin and the werewolf that ate your lamb is after you now... RUN!  Mary should have run faster as "Mary had a Little Lamb" concludes inside the "Fables of Fear" section.  But then again... what fun would that be?  Ancient tools of torture are introduced to the mix in this week's "Erotomania".  Whatever this gal did in another life - it musta been BAD!  There's no other explanation for this abuse!  And the last chapter of "Screwbee Doo" is up in the short story section.  The girls will have an interesting tale to share... or will they? Screwbee-doobie-doo!

Mike da Mutant



Brrrrrrrrrrr.  Friggin' cold today.  It snowed in Arizona last night!  WTF?  I don't have clothes for this shit!!!  Must be that global freezing thingy?  Whatever the cause it's time to curl up with a nice warm computer and enjoy this week's update.  Maybe a little Southern Comfort and coffee to ease the shivers?

Let's start off with a fun one - Part 2 of "Screwbee Doo and the Mystery Gang-Bang" is up and the Daffy/Vulva investigation team has made contact!  Again and again and again... until their screams finally wake up the boys.  Now there's a rescue in the offing?  HA!  Methinks not!  Sticky conclusion next week.  Then "Erotomania" goes waaaay off the reservation with chicks in stew-pots, chicks in mid-incantation and chicks with...BIG monster problems! Psycho-babble and big boobs mix with impossible monsters as new highs of depravity are unveiled!


Well Frankie is!  "The Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen" is scattered to the winds by that killer Van Helsinki bitch and Frankie's on his own.  But after doin' the oh-so-succulent Mom he turns his jaundiced eye to the sweet young daughter.  Then suddenly another monster hunter shows up!  But this monster hunter wants nothing so much as to sample big Frank's package - and she even helps him with the daughter!  He's a one-monster gang-bang, but seriously, how long can his luck hold out?


Perhaps you too have been "Contaminated"?  Don't give up hope.  While our amazing stud/scientist has been infected, quick thinking on the girls part arrests the process before his intellect is destroyed.  A quick needle in the neck and he's a mutant with brains!  Now they have to figure out how to handle him without get'n ripped apart.  And they need to be VERY CAREFUL - somebody could easily get hurt with that thing!  "MONSTERBABES" the series continues with the second half of "Amber Lynn - Monsterbabe" this week.  Aliens, ghosts, kidnapped Earthlings - no matter - she does 'em all!  Oh baby... "Return to Whispering Hills" is up with issue #5!  Two survivors (stacked, naked, armed) take on a military base full of Zombie's with hard-ons, but they're running out of bullets.  Their search for the ammo brings them to a room where another (stacked, naked, armed) babe is about to be overcome - but they WON'T HELP HER?  Uh-oh.  I smell a sub-plot!  And don't forget to check out "The Box" from deep inside "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine," too.  BAD things come to nosy girls!

I think I'll go set a Zombie on fire and warm up!
Mike da mutant



Ya can't have winners without losers, right? So here's the raw data. Comments at the end of the list.

#1 (24% of the vote) Sci-Fi Ship Invasion Plot: Commander Diane Parker is awakened by the automatic sensors of the deep space exploration vessel New Dawn. She is alarmed because her ship and hibernating crew are still light years from their destination. The ship's artificial intelligence was created specifically to handle ANY contingency but whatever is amiss is apparently something completely unforeseen. And that can't be good. Scans show the ship is intact and her investigation reveals nothing out of the ordinary. Then she begins to hear noises, see shadows moving and finally confronts the cause of the alarm - an alien presence that has taken up home on the ship - and has its own plans for the ship - and for her.

Terror in deep space as Parker realizes that the alien has come to stay - and to toy with the humans on board.

#2 (22%) Sasquatch Plot: Three gorgeous gals try to enjoy a weekend communing with nature in a secluded rental cabin way out in the woods. Little do they know that the cabin's previous occupants disappeared mysteriously just months ago. As night falls, strange wailing sounds are heard from deep in the forest. Curious, the girls step outside to investigate. That's when the rock throwing starts. They flee inside from a barrage of stones that are hurled at their cabin and cower in the main room. But their cabin is little shelter from the huge hulking creatures that have instinctively sought them out - to breed.

Big Foot attacks - lots of scary scenes climaxed when the legendary boogiemen gain entrance to the cabin - and their reward.

#3 (20%) Fantasy Idea Plot: A sorceress revives an ancient mummy who promises to reveal the secrets of immortality, but she must bring him brides representing the foreign kingdoms of the past. The brides are captured and brought before the mummy by the sorceress. Each of them struggles until the mummy hypnotizes them and has them strip naked. The mummy then ravishes them upon his altar and drains their kas (souls) upon orgasmic climax. After having been harvested, he commands them to stand at attention naked. The mummy looks at them and smiles, all is going according to plan for his new harem. The sorceress then asks for the mummy to honor their agreement and he does so by taking her as his main bride - forever immortal along with his other chosen brides. He then commands them to follow him as he proceeds to enslave additional brides for his growing harem.

Lotsa creepy mummy mind control and domination. Victims repulsed until mentally overwhelmed.

#4 (12%) Haunted House Plot: Jim and Stacy Crenshaw have just moved into their dream home high in the affluent California suburbs. It's they're happiest day as they finish arranging their furnishings. But that night, as they're celebrating by making love, they begin to suspect that they're not alone. Noises, objects that move on their own, strange odors, occur randomly over time. As they struggle to cope with the strangeness two spirits manifest themselves - a ghostly man from the 19th century and a mysterious female phantom from more recent times. Both are hell-bent on corrupting the clueless couple with sexual energy from beyond the grave. The couple enlists the help of a beautiful psychic to rid themselves of these intruders. Her methods are curious but she attacks the problem with enthusiasm and soon the feckless Crenshaws are caught up in a dizzying attempt to drive away the sexual predators - with sexual acts guided by their psychic!

Ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Lust from beyond and tense, scary sexual encounters abound.

#5 & 6 (11% each) Mind Control Plot: Percy Bergman is just an ordinary guy. But he's an ordinary guy with a distinct advantage over the rest of us. Percy has the ability to mentally compel any woman to submit to his amorous attentions. Any place, anywhere, any woman. Needless to say Percy has incorporated this into his lifestyle. His job as a plumber takes him to the homes of so many potential conquests that he just can't stop himself. He wants them all. The movie follows the exploits of a man on a mission - to sample the feminine fruit of this planet like no other before him has been able to. While basically harmless he none the less enjoys having "his women" perform lewd acts for him - especially after they've told him that they "don't do that". Poor or wealthy, young or old, none can resist the advances of this prolific plumber as he leaves a trail of sexual satisfaction and confusion behind him.

Mind control and puppet-like compliance. Multiple encounters as we follow Percy the plumber from one adventure to another.

Sci-Fi Exploration Plot: A mission to Mars in 2057 goes awry. Caught in a solar mass ejection while approaching Mars orbit, a crippled spacecraft is lost. It drifts through the solar system for eons, undisturbed, until by chance it strays into the gravity well of it's long-ago destination - Mars. From the surface a mysterious beam of energy strikes the craft and within seconds several small landing craft eject and begin their descent. Most malfunction and are destroyed in re-entry. Some impact the surface and explode. One (at least) survives long enough to eject it's occupant violently onto the surface of Mars - intact. But it's a terraformed Mars with breathable air and flora. He cannot know that while he slept, tens of thousands of years had gone by. Or that Mars had been claimed by humans long ago then lost to an alien race that still lingers here. They rule unchallenged over a race of beautiful clones - exquisite slave women to serve them, and of course the occasional human, for sport. Our survivor finds a beautiful android assistant (fantasy tech from far in our future) and together they set out to discover, to feed their libidos (she's a fully-functional android) and to survive. 
Mind control and CGI space scenes, tons of special effects, large-ish cast. Dark secrets and slave girls will be explored while battling a race of reptoids for control of Mars.

CONCLUSIONS: Huh <pause>...HUH?

CONCLUSIONS (in more detail): Hardly a blow-out. The voting went back and forth and the favorites changed often. But in the end we have three that garnered 20% or more and three that didn't. So while that doesn't mean that the bottom three won't get produced... it does mean that the others will be the priority. So I'm thinkin' that we'll flesh out that Sci-fi ship invasion plot and see where it leads us. Been a "wanna do" of mine for ages anyway. Lookin' for a secluded Arizona cabin for that Sasquatch shoot too. The cabin location might even mean a couple days of great outdoor shootin' (I LIKE outdoor shootin'). The third place selection mummy fantasy) also tweaks my interest but it would be the most expensive of the bunch to shoot. Might be able to swing it if the stars align...

Okay. The facts is da facts and we're rampin' up for a big space ship set right now. May the farce be with us!
Mike da Mutant



And we have a winner!  But I'm gonna sort out the results and try to lay 'em out with a battle plan TOMORROW.  Me back's against the wall today and I'll need a few hours to sort it out and prepare some remarks.  But it's sure interesting...


...and they're done with STYLE!  Super MILF Amber Lynn kicks off the first of a little series that I've been cookin' up for a while.  Basically, when we're shooting a movie, we're try'n to actually tell a story (REALLY - humor me).  So it's a bitter pill to swallow when I find that I actually have TOO MUCH hardcore action to use (and keep the story moving).  But all that unused footage has been accumulating and I've finally gotten off my ass to create a "MONSTERBABES - the (mostly) unseen footage".  It's made up of "B roll" (secondary camera) footage shot from different angles with LOTS of great unused HARDCORE ACTION!  Add a few beats and salt to taste - Good STUFF!  So this week I've got Amber Lynn kickin' off the production with a HUGE clip of her "dirty deeds" and more comin' next week!  Several other gals have this kinda tribute in the works as well.  Announcements will follow.  And soon we'll talk more about what's next.


Indeed - let's get right to it!  "Erotomania" leads off with the false hope of salvation.  But Misty's savior turns out to be the BIG EVIL and she's turning into a foul rotting corpse even as she defiles the poor young maiden!  Yuck!  Then "The Monster Channel" presents a blast from the past as "Invasion of the Booty Snatchers" rolls out in black & white glory as it was intended!  The '50's chicks will keep ya company while the brave doctor sorts out all this "alien invasion" nonsense.  Or so he thinks...


The hunt is ON and this 'lil chick isn't afraid.  Dunno why - she's gonna get creamed.  But the thrill is in the chase so when she doesn't run away he's gotta find some OTHER WAY to vanquish her.  Hehehe...  It's "Predator XXX" inside the Star Woes section - naturally!  Up for a mystery?  We have the gang all set to get to the bottom of this haunted house problem.  But the haunters are get'n to the bottom of the hauntees first!  Pity the girls' horrible fate as "Screwbee Doo and the Mystery Gang-Bang" rolls out this week.  Part 1 of 3 is up - next week part 2!  Whole new take on "Screwebee Snack"!  And yes Daisy... you can get too much of a good thing!  "Sector 13 - The Little Death" illustrates the point.  In space... no one can here you cum!  And it wouldn't be a real update without the slight and smell of mold and old linen that comes with every selection from "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!  This week is "I, Rob" a different twist on the old robot rebellion story.  These robots have been hiding some URGES!

Back tomorrow with movie news.
'Till then I remain,
Mike da Mutant



And we call it "FADE AWAY".  This week's movie clip gets to the experimental part where we attempt to make a big-boobed girl disappear.  And it worked!  I did everything wrong.  Bad lighting and a bunch of other dumb rookie mistakes and it still worked.  Then the thought occurs...  WHY would you want to make a big-boobed girl disappear?  Hmm.  Well maybe we'll use the green suit on a monster?  Yeah.  That's it!  That's what I had in mind all along!  Yeah.

Then there's a virtual "who's who" lineup this week of the good stuff as lots of serial comics get freshers!  Let's start with Predator's "The Monster".  Friggin' awesome!  Creepy dude gets any chick he wants - anywhere - anytime.  It's like a wife-beater shirt and cheap beer fantasy! (Trust me.) And when her hubby gets home and he uses her to subdue him... terrific!  Boy is SHE gonna be in trouble!  Then check out this week's short story "Biggerfoot".  Just when he thought it was safe to make a move on the camper babe >WHAM - RIIIPPP<!  Or maybe R.I.P. ?  Snack time in the deep dark woods!


...right up her leg!  And then they get curious... "Erotomania" cranks up the icky this week as a gang of "ickies" decides it's time for some female companionship.  And they're not the only ones.  Bad things happen to nice girls here!  "Dimension Freak" is up and no sooner does the 3 way sex end then - from nowhere... it's an ATTACK!  Who are the creepy dudes in the robes and what (horrible, vulgar, perverted) plans do they have for our two babes?  Dunno... hope it's really horrible, though!  "Alice in Monsterland" is up, too.  This time Alice gets a roofy (roofie?) in her cup 'o tea and then suddenly she's a bunny humpin' cock slurpin' NYMPHO!  And she's no closer to home.  Tsk, tsk.  The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" coughs up "Future" (from the past - how confusing).  Two lovelies all alone in a dark creepy lab.  But they don't know that they're there for a highly classified breeding experiment with an alien.  But it's okay - the alien's gonna 'splain it to 'em!


...that it has another week to go.  But you knew that already.  If you haven't cast your vote for the script ideas (or gotten your free PPV) then get on it!  Offer ends next update and I'll share what we've gleaned from the survey with ya then.  Thanks to all who voted so far!

Next week beans will spill.
Mike da Mutant


The new poll is up!  Members get to choose their two favorite movie plots, and when they're done they'll get another freebie!  C'mon guys - tell us what YOU want!

Mike da Mutant



Gotcha covered.  TWO short stories up this week!  Basta rolls out "A Night at the Inn" about a lost couple in dire need of shelter - and how they got more than they hoped for!  Then there's a dark one called "The EXPERIMENT".  If yer gonna turn men into monsters for science... you REALLY should make sure that they stay locked up!  Oh.  Never mind.  She just figured that out.  And I guess there's really THREE of 'em when you count the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry called "The Abduction of Sarah".  Girl snatched, alien trial by sex, ultimate slavery, and no happy ending at all.  GOOD STUFF!


Or rather - killer serials!  The comic series roll on with "The MONSTER CHANNEL" , "JEWEL of the DAMNED" & "Erotomania"!  The Monster Channel presents the conclusion of "Love Suckers".  C'mon... you knew it was too good to be true, right?  Thinking that a hard-working vampire might catch a break from a holy-rollin' bimbo in a back alley?  Yeah.  Well that didn't work out.  And The Jewel is comin' down to the wire.  Can our heroic couple reach the control room and stop the evil gemstone before it kills them all?  And how are they gonna get around the all-powerful Queen of the Damned?  And how does she manage to get that girl to do those nasty things to her?   This and more to be revealed!  Erotomania - the monsters are irresistible!  'Least the girls can't resist 'em.  Summer's being the good girl had by all while Misty races directly into... a trap!  There's gonna be plenty of wholesome girl-flesh to go around now!


Or I'll test ya back!  This week's flic is "FADE AWAY" and it's admittedly kinda strange.  It was actually shot as a tech test to see how "invisibility" worked in video, but naturally we had the gals strip off and back into a buncha cool costumes along the way.  K.C. And Kristy flash the flesh while I try to figure out invisibility.  No biggie - just a place holder kinda thing for a couple weeks while I try to nail down the...


Okay.  I gotta tell ya that dealing with porn agents has got to be some kinda karmic punishment.  Flaky, unreliable, and not even vaguely acquainted with the truth - these guys make politicians seem honest and competent!  I'm still sluggin' - there's still a couple left that haven't fed me total BS - yet.  But I sure wish that I knew one that was qualified beyond just fogging up a mirror...  Anyway I'm gonna post the new "Whatcha Want" poll tomorrow.  Check back so that you can take control. (And get that FREE PPV reward!)  Members only - and rightly so!

Till manana...
Mike da Mutant



Okay.  So the forgotten lab guy gets screwed to death and he's somehow traded away planet Earth's water for the privilege?  Uh... there could be repercussions as "The Hynookian Ambassadors" take their contract and leave the dead guy for me to clean up.  Always the bridesmaid... But that's how it goes when you can't be everywhere at once.  More movie news down at the bottom.  But first...


It's been a long time 'tween "Fables of Fright" but we've got a good 'un to stir some life back into that little area!  "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is up this week and there's two things you should know: 1)Don't get emotionally attached to the lamb and 2) DON'T assume that this is all just gonna work out in the end.  NOT gonna happen.  Part one is up and there's mo' to come!  Mutton anyone?  There's a short story of "Cop vs. Mutants" in the short story section (duhh...) and yer gonna like it.  It's a great story, but the ending is kinda sad.  I HATE it when us mutants take a loss.  But into every life a bit 'o rain must fall... If mutton isn't to yer taste try something else.  "Erotomania" is a titty feast! (Titties anyone?) I guess the pressures of being so evil must wear on a gal, huh?  And somehow that makes her boobs lactate?  So naturally she'd summon a couple of demons to relieve the overflow problem?  Hmm... How convenient!


Just when Frankie's get his groove on and both Mommy and Teenie are his for the taking - there comes an interloper!  And she want's in on the action!!!  This guy's having TOO MUCH LUCK!  But the latest addition to the party has her own agenda... so after the sex... better RUN, Frankie!  "The Monstrous Gentlemen" need to regroup and tackle this challenge while they still can!  Ready?  It's time to "Return to Whispering Hills"!  This week the quack-en-stein that created the uber-monster succumbs to his gentle caresses - unconscious or dead - we don't know.  But there's two more beauties on the loose in that hell-hole and he's got their scent!  But then so does every other swingin'-dick zombie in the compound... Better take a number, boys.  "Quality Control" issues plague "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week.  There seems to be some concern about replacement android parts that requires an "in-depth" investigation.  Luckily, we have a guy on staff that's willing to get real close and personal with the issue!


Next week I'm gonna lay out several movie plots that are under consideration right now.  Some are mine and some are from members who sent in their own ideas.  I'm gonna let you pick your favorite 2 from the list and we'll see what we can do to make 'em happen.  And of course there WILL be a bribe - another free PPV (to be announced) for sharing yer thoughts.  So warm up the brain bucket and don't miss next week's update!

Fair 'nuff?
Mike da Mutant



But I'll get to the poll results in a minute.  First let's take care of business.


Lot's of heavy-hitters this week.  And one that's ending...  "Abducting Daisy" closes out this week with the final chapter.  She's come a long way since the aliens grabbed her.  Now she's in the driver's seat and Galaxy is NOT ready for the payback that she's dishing out!  It's the ever-lovin' END!  Next series up: "Sector 13" where an explorer discovers too late that the atmosphere she's breathing is intoxicating.  It makes her horny as hell and then... then it shows a minor downside.  Like death.

Failure of any kind is fatal in the insane world of "Erotomania".  Just ask Aurora, who just went from grand demoness to latest victim.  CHOMP, CHOMP!  This is a tightly run version of hell and if ya screw up you're a SNACK!  Serial comic #4 is "The Monster Channel" and there's a neck sucking vampire who's stalking his next buxom victim.  She's so sweet and innocent that you'll just want to barf, but he's gonna take care of that.  IMMEDIATELY.  And maybe she's a bit TOO sweet and innocent?  We'll see.  And the last serial for the week is a killer chapter of "Sex Tales from Hell".  Those dirty no-good biker rapists are taking everything that she's got, but they have no idea that HELL is sitting in a parked car just yards away.  Time to enlighten 'em!  I predict SPLATTERS!


Well... that's kinda misleading... ain't no cherries 'round here!  "The Hynookian Ambassadors" sure ain't burdened with 'em!  I'm get'n the feeling that this 'lil miscommunication is gonna cost us heavy.  Nobody knows what he's givin' away for some diplomatic nookie.  Least not yet.  And the ever-productive "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" chugs up "Reality TV" and a hard-won lesson on skepticism.  She scoffed at those silly claims of being "abducted" and "molested" by aliens from flying saucers.  Until it happened to HER!


...YOU!  So last week I put up a survey for members - seeking some guidance to help this website better serve it's members.  THANKS guys!  Here's a link to the poll results so that EVERYBODY knows what went on - and what our marching orders are.  I've appended some short comments after every set of results and there's a summary at the bottom of the page.  It's not Hemingway, but a couple of short paragraphs that will tell you what I think that I've gleaned from the polling effort. 

Many thanks to all that participated - sorry if you missed it (and the free PPV) but methinks you'll have another chance sometime soon.  I'm always curious...

Mike da Mutant



Gonna short the rah-rah to get to the FREEBIE this week.  But first...

"THE MONSTER" is up and get'n brain-fucked is just foreplay!  This guy has really stumbled on to something and I'm liking this story a bunch.  "Erotomania" feeds the babe to the leeches (I HATE leeches!) and "Alice in Monsterland" gets cat-scratched. (Or is it kitty licked?) Then the "Dimension FREAK(s)" make a "first contact" in between the slaughtering while "Origin Unknown" finishes up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!  Oh and there's a new short story about a gal that WILL accept substitutes - if she HAS TO.  It's "Sex Urban Legend" in the short story section.


Oh yeah.  Lotta that goin on in "The Hynookian Ambassadors" this week.  Looks like that idiot is gonna trade... uh what? (I dunno yet.) for a galactic lap dance!  Doomed.  We're friggin' doomed...


Now's yer time to tell me.  I have a 5 question poll up that'll take you about 30 seconds to complete and when yer done you'll get to pick one of the new PAY-PER-VIEW flics - gratis!  No catch, no BS - just gimme a 'lil help steering this project the way ya want it to go and suck up a FREEBIE!  "Genomee12 - Stolen Clone" and "ALIEN PENETRATION" are both available for the first time - today - so take the poll - then enjoy one with my effusive gratitude for sharing yer thoughts!  Got mo to say?  Drop a note HERE.  I'm all ears and warts.

Next week I'll tell ya the results and do a little 'splainin' on what it's all about.
Mike da Mutant



Whatta fuster-cluck.  Some dingy inventory clerk has been mistaken for me and now HE'S gonna make a deal with alien operatives!  Holy WTF Batman!  Too late now - those "Hynookian Ambassadors" are really driving a hard bargain.  'Least for HIM.  It's a classic screw-up - when we moved to the new MBC digs we apparently didn't send out those little "we have moved" notices to everybody.  Now some schmuck that we forgot to fire is get'n the negotiational lap-dance!  Shit!  Shit!  SHIT!!!


Not at all.  There's actually a few planned events that didn't get all screwed up.  Like "Physical Rescue" - a clever 'lil short story 'bout stranded explorers and the hotties that go find 'em.  Good times all around until... well, until they're NOT good.  Always a price to pay ya know?  "Erotomania" makes a scheduled stop in the "completely depraved zone" this week as the prime-evil bitch from a sick nightmare makes her appearance and prepares to drop a sweet young thing into the pit of HELL!  After a few "warmup" exercises of course.  Then the boss says it's a bust, but Ms. Junior Ghost Hunter is upstairs with some spirit of her own and she might just have some insights on this particular "Monster Channel" haunting.  If anyone would listen!


"Jewel of the DAMNED"!  And rightly so.  This week's fresh chapter of the ship gone wild is terrific!  Our heroes escape, get a little "evens" from the devil girl and rush to try to stop the jewel from continuing this altered-state madness!  But there's just one 'lil thing that slows 'em down.  How will they get past Death herself?  Hmmm... gonna have to cogitate on that one.  Thankfully, little thought is required to enjoy "Eden" in the short story section!  Space craft, crash, 2 survivors, primitive planet, lust, lust, lust.  See?  Simple!  But a simple plan went terribly wrong in "Origin Unknown", fresh from the depths of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" as part two illustrates how the most noble of sacrifices can still fail.  The Captain offered herself to the big alien ugly, but even that didn't satisfy him.  Now the men are dying and women wish they could as a horror from beyond rends and rips it's way through their spaceship!


Let's find out.  I wanted it this week, but life kinda got in the way.  But next week I'm gonna have a short poll and a free MOVIE as the reward for participating.  MEMBERS ONLY.  I won't make it an essay or a pain in the ass.  Just a few opinion queries so I can better steer Monsterbabe Central towards what you guys really want to see in 2013.  I'll share the results and we'll maybe all learn a thing or two.  Details?  I don't need no stinkin' details!  Not until next week...

Meanwhile I'll ruminate upon that.
Mike da Mutant



Or better yet... I'll just send the "Hynookian Ambassadors" over to go over the details with you.  AFTER they get done with the clueless guy of course.  I'm pretty sure that if they turn their negotiating skills on you - you'll soon see it my way.  These gals came prepared to compromise!


Let's drop in some comics!  We'll start with "Whisper Park 2" from Slid.  'Nuther gal ignores the warnings and goes skimpy-runnin' through the park.  Now she'll never leave.  And "Erotomania" swaps back and forth from fantasy to reality in a heartbeat.  But does it really?  Which "reality" is really the scary one?  And where do I get whatever drugs that they're using?  Uh, oh.  Frankie was supposed to lay low, but instead he's found him a new nookie dispenser.  But the heat's on and while he finishes this gal off and goes running for the next he's being stalked!  Now the "Monstrous Gentlemen" may have another loss unless he gets lucky.  Really lucky.  Oh boy!  It's time for a fresh chapter of "Return to Whispering Hills" from Briaeros!  Dr. Frost brought in her hideous creation to do her bidding.  But instead it's bidding to do her!  Death, destruction and, "No!  You'll split me in two!!!" reverberates around the lab as the out-of-control monstrosity eyes the evil-but-deadly-hot Dr. Frost as the next place where it can place it's seed and obey it's biological imperatives.  Dr. Frost is about to melt!


Human male that is.  The "Contamination" gals trap a monster so that their new (and completely human) lover can do his science thing on it.  But when it gets loose and does it's monster thing on them he foolishly rushes to their rescue.  Now he's exposed (and NOT in a good way) and there's no hope.  Okay, there might be some hope, but I don't see it.  Maybe next issue... Nah.  The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has struck gold!  The first of three parts of "Origin: Unknown" is up this week and it's a classic "rescue goes to hell and everybody dies" kinda story.  But the clever Captain has a plan to save her crew and if that means she has to do the "Xeno-dirty" with an ugly alien critter, well that's what she'll do!  And we'll see it all - NEXT WEEK!

Until next year, Troopers!
Mike da Mutant



The new movie is up.  Have a great Christmas holiday and we'll see ya next week. (Assuming that there IS a next week.)



I have to beg off on the new movie until tomorrow.  Sorry guys... you know how much I hate to play the excuse game.  But this time I just bit off more than I could chew by Thursday.  I'll post a quick "it's up" message here tomorrow when I get my act together.  Dammit.


...must go on!  So... let's start with the conclusion of "Caught a Falling Star".  It's the final update of this bitchin' lil mini-series and it's chock full 'o happy endings - at least for most.  I hate to see it end but now there's room for mo!  "Hunchback Revenge" is up in the short story section, too.  Another tender love story about a guy with a growth and a grudge.  He finds his long-lost object of lust from High School and decides to show her what she missed out on.  REALLY show her!  Then the psychotic adventures of Missy and friends continues with a creepy chapter that makes my teeth clench.  But I'll cope somehow and we'll see where this leads.


The artwork in this week's "Sex Tales" adventure is really HOT!  This guy knows how to draw a sultry babe - and how to make sure that she pays for her offensive sexuality! (I dunno...)  Anyway, she's gonna have a run in with the local biker rejects and things are lookin' bad.  But (ain't there always a "but") they should have looked in car first.  Might have saved their lives...  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burped up a good one this week.  It's like a nightmare come true when the crew of some spaceship discovers that their sex-bot has malfunctioned.  "Glitch in the System" could (and does) get ugly!  You shoulda kept up on that preventive maintenance schedule fellas.  The dick you save could be yer own!  And one of my favorites is back up this week.  "The Monster Channel" starts a new adventure with a group of TV ghost hunters lookin' for paranormal activity in an nasty old haunted house.  They brought the right shapely bate IF they have the right place.  And BOY did they come to the right place!  This one updates every two weeks so don't stray too far from the path or you'll miss it!

Movie tomorrow. (sorry)
Mike da Mutant



Twice!  Two new comic series kickin' off this week as we present "The Monster" from Predator and "Dimension Freak" from Una Majer Studios.  The Monster is bitchin' - creepy scientist accidentally discovers the means to control women's brains... and now they're ALL gonna be his!!!  Of course, there's a few complications... And "Dimension Freak" is a classical fantasy story about a gal and her triceratops sidekick doin' battle and celebrating their victories - gladiator style.  Great additions to the line-up and since I have peeked ahead a bit I can say with confidence that they both just get better with every issue!


Or rather, it's back.  "Alice in Monsterland" is back with our second chapter this week.  Poor gal just needs directions to find her way home, but she's about to learn that EVERYTHING comes at a high cost down the rabbit hole!  Then Eateries rolls out a new short story called "Busted".  He knows that eating women whole is gonna get him in trouble - and he's trying not to.  But when these hot bimbos just keep throwing themselves at him - what's a guy to do??  GOBBLE.

"Erotomania" continues the non-stop delusional sex-fest as monsters play with the lives of our heroines and "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "Star of Desire" this week.  I suspect that these will both involve mis-deeds and nasty sexual encounters.  Tell me if I'm right.  And sadly the "Madam Murder" adventure ends today.  But don't fret - we'll be sure that somebody DIES!!


It is with much satisfaction and a wee bit 'o trepidation that we roll out the Monsterbabe Central Pay-Per-View page - VERSION 2.0!

EVERYTHING changed.  New format (if you can watch Netflix and Youtube you can watch our stuff), smaller downloads, better quality as we take the jump from .wmv files to .mp4 presentations.  Super-easy to navigate now you can watch all the previews INSTANTLY!  This has been a long-term project and naturally we're still rolling it out in a rush so if you guys have any trouble let us know via the "helpdesk" - we'll be watching.  And please enjoy!

Oh... Shooting an old-fashioned Spacebabe kinda video today - look for it next week!
Mike da Mutant



...it's been a while since "Madam Murder" last auditioned a young hooker.  This hapless chick is a rabbit in a Rottweiler's jaws as the dead Madam grinds her groin into her face!  Ironically, she's the one doin' all the nibbling...

It's back for another issue!  "Falling Star" is the short series from a guy who's name shall not be mentioned lest he get fired from his day job at &%^%$#% comics (can't say).  Only one more to go so fella's... ya snooze ya lose!  Then those pitiful gals that got caught up in "Erotomania" just keep takin' the hits.  This week one gal offers to eat him (grisly monster dude) so that he WON'T eat her!  So she does.  And he eats her anyway!  (It's a guy thing?)  Anyway it's way hot and it just gets hotter - see for yourself!  Just don't trust the monsters.


That's where the action is!  "Sector 13" is up in the order and this time it's a hospital ship that pays the price for intruding into the sector.  Pretty staff - shame that they didn't believe the warnings.  And on another lost ship the "Jewel of the Damned" is smokin' hot this week as old lovers are reunited in a dungeon, a nasty little creature decides to turn it into a three-way and the only hope that they have of saving themselves is about to be dashed!  That's kinda how things go ever since that damn Jewel flashed and everything changed.


The "Monster Channel" is back and those perky Kickass Chicks have stepped up to take on the big green guy.  First they'll take advantage of his big green dick and then when he's basking in the afterglow and making plans for their future >ZAP<.  He's a big lime Popsicle!  So don't trust the girls either!  And this week the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up the final installment of "Jedi Justice" and there's a terrible price to be paid for revenge... er... I mean justice.  Hope the force was with her...

And you too!
Mike da Mutant



...that she's really got a brain... it's under the control of "Madam Murder"... and that's NOT good!  Whatever she had in mind, it's not gonna happen.  Instead she's being forced to go through a whore "try out" for a long-dead head hooker in the dark!  And she had BETTER perform!  Yeah.  I know.  That's cruel, evil, exploitative, etc.  That's what we do!  But that's the least of our politically incorrect sins - read on.

A sweet young thang gets a bad reading from the local crystal ball jockey and before you know it she's get'n done by the devil!  And the devil has come equipped for ANYTHING.  That's in this week's short story "Deadly Predictions".  Definitely NOT PC.  And the psychotic behavior is contagious in this week's "Erotomania".  The monsters of the mind have taken flesh and they're TAKING flesh, too!  It's a hyper-warped vision of hell that's about to consume three of the bustiest babes to ever jiggle in agony!  AWESOME chapter!


LOTS of them this week!  Briaeros presents "Return to Whispering Hills" chapter two and the zombie shenanigans are going into overdrive!  Just when you've sprayed the room with bullets and think it's safe... >WHAM< some bitch scientist invents a better Zombie!  There is no justice!  Well, except for "Jedi Justice" to be found in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week.  Chapter two is up and the forces of evil are determined to stop this prison break.  But will the FORCE be with them?  Find out in next week's conclusion!  Then "Contamination" is back and the last man on Earth has got two good reasons to live.  Two hyper-sexed huge tit'd reasons!  Could be a lot worse... probably will be!  And then "The Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen" slams back into the lineup with a terrific chapter about Frankie's solo adventure.  He loves to teach the ladies new things - and they seldom complain (usually 'cause their mouths are full).  But he's being stalked even as he pursues his latest victim!  It's a race to the death!

Who dies first?  TBD...
Mike da Mutant



It's that kinda week!  NEW Movie, "Madam Murder" is starting right now.  It's a ghostly tale about a brothel owner who killed herself and all her whores - and now she's recruiting again!  Then there's a NEW series called the "Monster Channel" from the same guy that brought us "After School Special" for so very long!  I'm excited.  This guys spins a helluva yarn and his drawings are unique and just a whole lotta fun.  Hot babes and monsters... yummy!  And this is a departure... we're gonna update this story EVERY TWO WEEKS.  Yeah baby!


Wow.  Occasionally we'll get an offer by a "mainstream" comic artist to do a few pages for us.  These guys are super talented, but flaky as hell, so I'm always dubious... but I ain't stupid!  So for three NEW chapters we've got a kickin' comic called "Caught a Falling Star" from a guy who's work you may recognize, but who's name shall not be mentioned.  I guess he wants to KEEP that job at D.C. Comics...  But it's a real windfall while it lasts, and I'm thrilled to share it with you!  You'll find it in the short story section - 'cause I had nowhere else to put it!  And as long as we're in the short story section check out "Space Nymphs" from Andrea and "EEW GOO TWO" from Slid.  One's a lesson in why you don't just "touch things" and the other... well, there's no lesson here.  Just hot naked girls and gooey monster shower sex!  WooHOO!


Maybe dream rapists?  That's the "Erotomania" agenda this week as multiple gals get multiple monster dongs in multiple orifices!  It's like HEAVEN!  Well... maybe not for them.  But I like it!  And it just ain't an update without the sickly smell of mold and dust and the whirly clanking noise of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!  This one's worth the clean up too as the first of three "Jedi Justice" comics spew forth.  Light sabers?  Yep.  Naked babes?  Oh yeah.  Horny alien scumballs?  By the shipload!  Add in the unwanted advances, the oversized members, and a lotta bare naked battle bashing and you get "Jedi Justice" - part 1 of 3!

Like cooking a turkey 'cept tastier!
Mike da Mutant



Yep.  It's OVER this week!  "WE ARE THE GORB" comes to a climax (pun intended, kinda) this week and Six may or may not get the answer to her investigation... but that Gorb drone won't be complaining!  Now I know that we all want some ex-Gorb chick to invade our lives and drain our nanites, (Gotcher na-nites right here, babe!) but alas, she's far, far away in a universe that I just made up.  Dammit.

Fear not though!  Next week we'll entertain you with a ghostly hooker in a brand new flic!

Oh... I just wanna warn you that the last three minutes of the final GORB clip is just silly stuff - credits.  Mostly just fluff, but I had all this extra slo-mo footage and some great out-takes so I just added it all at the end.  Really.  It's not like we're get'n all professional or nuthin!  But they're entertaining so why not? 


We got 'em!  There's a woman-eating plant and a babe that has to eat before getting eaten in "APPETIZER".  You'll find it in the short story section along with "Something Ain't Right".  That one's about a porn shoot in a graveyard and an unhappy resident!  Then "Erotomania" finds Summer trapped in Misty's nightmare.  And the monsters are gonna get 'em both!  Monstrous "BUGS" are in dire need of extermination in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" update and we've even supplied a gal to try just that!  But can she do it or does she become bug food?


Daisy is gonna be rich!  But first she's gotta get past the biggest, thickest purple "rainbow" that she's ever tackled to get to that pot 'o gold!  Whatta trooper!  Just remember that "Abducting Daisy" has become a sport and even if she's rich... there's always a monster with a woody behind the next star cluster!  "Sex Tales from Hell" shows what's wrong with those damn "Do it yerself" kits.  This babe sliced and diced and made herself the perfect man and after all that work... Well, it doesn't pan out.  Tsk, tsk.

Next week's update will be a day early so that we can all...
...gobble gobble!
Mike da Mutant



And you're not.  But you'll wish you were when you see this week's clips of Six bumpin' and grinding on that Gorb unit!  Some "additional visual stimulation" helps too as she whips out those cyber-knockers.  It's time like these that I REALLY like the slo-mo video from the hi-speed camera. <Baa... ounce, baa... ounce> Then there's the intro "...the Gorb.. your sister will service my Gorb unit" - hehehe..!  I just crack myself up!  Even if I'm the only one.  I'm NOT the only one... am I?  HELLO?


And she did!  "Alice in Monsterland" is the new series premier today.  There she was - minding her own business - when, ZAP!  Attacked by a rabbit thing and dragged below ground to... Monsterland?  New world, new rules baby - learn to adapt.  Alice is gonna have MANY new things to learn and lots of monsters to teach her!  And it starts today.  Then Slid's up with a new "Sector 13" story and another crew of brazen beauties gets "got" by the evil that lurks in the sector!  And when the inmates are running the asylum who can be trusted to administer the therapy?  NO ONE!  Misty is lost as those that she's trusted turn out to only be interested in her body, not her mind.  And her mind is truly getting SCREWED!  That's "Erotomania" for ya - a place where bad dreams mask the real terror of reality!


Oh yeah.  When Chainsaw turns into a zombie it's time to run.  But if you're recently fucked silly, exhausted, and tied up your options are a bit limited.  Best that you can hope for is some other victim to distract the brain-sucking killer long enough for you to get away.  And when that fails... the "Jewel of the Damned" is your only hope!  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" coughs up the final chapter of "It came from Outer Space" this week and the spider gets the girls!  I love a happy ending!  Basta serves up a savory story called "Justice will be Served" as this week's short story selection.  A tender tale of a brutal rapist and the horrible things he'll do to her.  But alas... there's a catch.

Ain't there always a catch?
Mike da Mutant



Where to start?  Well... the BIG news this week is the beginning of a kick-ass new series - "RETURN TO WHISPERING HILLS".  You guys have just been through the original, now it's ALL NEW and the saga takes up where the last one ended.  Briaeros has his thumb on the pulse of perversion and there's just no way to lose with MUTANT ZOMBIES!  Been waiting for this one a long time and now finally IT BEGINS.  "Contamination" takes a turn for the better?  Well the girls think so 'cause they've found an un-mutated man!  And he's a brainiac that thinks he's got a cure for the scourge!  It doesn't take long for the gals to "warm up" to him either.  Now the big question is - can he handle 'em both?  Let's find out.


We got 'em - Furball style!  "Erotomania" is simple bustin' out with huge-boobed damsels in duress!  If the dreams don't take these gals somewhere and do nasty things to 'em... I WILL!  But I think that's about to be handled... dammit.  Then the posse is forming and I damn-sure hope that the "Monstrous Gentlemen" have found a deep dark place to hide.  Won't save them from these two horny monster hunters, but at least they'll get a little down-time before the babes find 'em and screw 'em back to hell!  Past, present, future - it's all the same on the battlefield!  Witness the fate of the vanquished as "Spoils of War" bubbles up in the short story section.  Poor gal.  She's a lover - not a fighter, and they'll SURELY find some way for her to serve.  Hehehe... "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" belches smoke and sounds like a dying cat (I can't even begin to describe the smell) but from deep within spews forth the second chapter of "It Came From Space" and these farm girls are never gonna forget THIS visitor!  Final chapter is up next week!


Six of Eight is givin' it all up for the pursuit of knowledge!  And along the way she's discovered that she's missed some good things in life.  This experiment has got her NAILED!  She's DEEPLY engrossed in her studies! (Sorry - I couldn't stop myself.) There's just no way that she can ignore this Gorb stiffy - 'least not till she's drained those damn nanites and saved the hapless Gorb!  And she's starting to tingle...


Re-editing video!  And today we're cut'n loose with FOUR new PPV releases!  If I can keep the momentum goin'... I'll have more before the month is out!  Kinda fun really.  When I'm editing these flics all I see is what I coulda' done better.  But years later when they're get'n remastered for PPV it's soooo much more fun.  I can enjoy the good stuff and sometimes even feel like I done did a good thang! (Sandwiched in between the screw-ups.) All the angst kinda melts away and I get to actually watch 'em for enjoyment instead of racing a deadline.  This week we're posting Clovis Man, Recycle or DIE, Kiss of the Vampire & The PROTECTORS.  Sumthin' for everybody!  I just watched FUNHOUSE & FUNHOUSE 2 and I'm SHOCKED at how entertaining they are.  Watched Funhouse 2 twice!  That's so weird...

'Nuff said!  Go get them goodies and I'll get back to work.
Mike da Mutant



Or so she wants us to believe.  But I think Six has just decided that if she's going to use sexual means to extract those pesky nanites - then she might as well go ahead and take the plunge.  Swallowing Gorb dong just doesn't appear to be bringing about an "efficacious and expedient conclusion".  Or maybe she just wants to see what it's like!  Either way our dedicated ex-Gorb researcher has deemed it necessary to mount that ugly gray cyborg and pump him like a steam hammer!  And ya know... I can't find anything wrong with that.  So let's wish Six the very best as "We Are The GORB" enters a whole new line of research and discovery!  GO SCIENCE!


Mixed emotions this week.  "Poison" and "Wicked Weird Tales" are both wrapping up with series conclusions this week.  And after last week's final posting of "Omega Fighters" it's kinda like losing old friends.  But nuthin' lasts forever and with every ending comes a new beginning... right?  Like... An incredible sequel series to "Whispering Hills" (starts next week), a new series from Edgar Rocha (the guy that brought us "Dionese, CA - After School Special") called "Monster Channel" (starts 11/22) and "Alice in Monsterland" (starts 11/15).  So November is gonna be an interesting ride with new stuff poppin' up every week.  Cool.  And there's a bitchin' 'lil mini-series called "Warriors" that's ready and waiting as soon as we get another opening in the line-up.  WE IS PREPARED.  We is!


The torture continues as an erotic nightmare in "Erotomania," and when a girl can't tell reality from dreams... does it really matter?  I'm still making up my mind.  I suspect dark forces are at work - and that the rape of her mind is as important to them as the ravishing of her body!  But hey... I've been wrong before. (WTF do I know?)  Everybody loves "Fables of Fright" so with a small drum roll (wait for it) I triumphantly announce that there's a new one up and it's kickin'!  And check out the short story area for "The Idiot". Its a story about an interrupted girl/girl encounter that turns into a girl/girl/idiot encounter. And it's not about me!  Rounding out a momentous week is a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of a three-part mini series called "It Came from Outer Space".  Three farm girls and their momma play host to a nasty eight-legged visitor from beyond on their secluded family farm.  Naturally these "farmer's daughters" have some unique experiences ahead of them.  Hehehehehe... Part one is up!

Our voyage continues...
Mike da mutant



6 of 8 is learning the ropes at a prodigious rate.  While she claims to have never had a "Gorb unit" in her "mastication area" before I see signs of practice gained from repetition.  If I'm wrong then we've just stumbled across a real natural, boys!  In any event, I too feel confident in her procedure's effectiveness - if ANYONE can suck out those nasty nanites it's her!  So as you watch this week's "We are the GORB" episode don't lose track of the fact that it's all for science and humanitarian goody-goody stuff.  The universe will be a better place because of her efforts!


Oh no!  Is it really time to wrap up "The Omega Fighters"?  Wow.  Seems like only yesterday, but it's actually been two years!  And all good things come to an end, but that's ok. We've already got the replacement and it's amazing as well.  Debut's next month!  The Omega's won't go down without a fight, but Dr. Grey has had his plans in place for a long, long time and his victory is unavoidable.  Only question is how far will the mighty Omega's fall?  Last chance to catch this terrific series before we take it down to make room for the new one - ya been warned!

Whispering Hills is gone to make room for Furball's "Erotomania".  It's a super-cool series that I'm gonna post each and every week until it's all up - then it too will go away (except as a paid archive selection) forever!  It's the last of the mighty Furball's stunning comic series produced for HorrorBabe before the merge and you're unlikely to see it's equal in this lifetime.  Soak it up!  One night per year the creepy-crawly icky critters from the dark get to walk among us without raising alarm.  And that means that they can just walk right up to some gal and gobble her!  And they do in "Trick or Eat" in the short story section.  Also in the SS area - "Temporal Incursion" from D. Praved which is breaking the "no politics/no religion" rule that I follow here - but just a bit.  That's what rules are for, right?

The crazy bitch with the knives has finally assembled her dream man from parts in this week's "Sex Tales from Hell" chapter.  So far so good, but she's still gonna give him a thorough "road test".  Right now!  And "Underground Part 3" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" and closes out that mini-series.

Next week we'll post the final chapter of "Wicked Weird tales" and set the stage for even MORE new stuff!

Till then I remain...
Mike da Mutant



That's probably what the Sheriff's thinking in "Whispering Hills", right?  I mean she's get'n banged by a two headed guy with four arms and two dicks so what's she so unhappy about?  Some chicks...  And it's the FINAL issue... BUT.  But last week I promised some MAJOR news so here ya go.  There's a SEQUEL!  Briaeros has graciously accepted my bribe to bring "Whisper" back to life and on November 1st you'll see the fruit of his labors!  Remember how this chapter ends...


And ya gotta check out the short story called "Just Passin' Through".  All you zombie-bashing fanatics are gonna LOVE this girl!  Slid serves up another chapter of "Sector 13" this week and naturally another hottie in the wrong place discovers that space can get VERY friendly!  Even when she wishes it didn't.

And new use has been found for "POISON"!  Yep, it's the miracle plant food that'll have yer garden just bursting with energy!  A little hard on the neighbors though...  Chainsaw takes his latest prize back to his lair for some nasty encounters in this week's "Jewel of the Damned".  But the ship is doomed unless somebody gets to the cargo hold and stops the evil that's transformed everything.  Gonna be tough for her since she's chained and banged at the moment.

Then the second chapter of "Underground" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week.  Grisly groundhog grabs girl - girl get mouthful - grisly demands more... you know the drill.  But ya gotta see it first-hand to get the full effect!


It's DEEP THROATS & GOOD TIMES in "We are the GORB" this week.  After you see Six's lip-lock in action you'll be out try'n to score some of those nanites for yerself - just so she can come 'cure" you!  And the "crazy-sex with a cyborg" action is just beginning!  Wait till next week!

Seriously.  That's the update .  Ya gotta wait till next week now.
But I'll make it worth yer wait.

Mike da Mutant



Oh yeah - they're blowing.  The "Contamination" girls from post-apocalyptic Earth have just discovered that they're not entirely alone with the monsters that roam the surface.  There's a man in a haz-mat suit.  And he's been spying on them.  Now they've got him cornered, but the next move is far from certain.  And the "Monstrous Gentlemen" have suffered a heavy loss.  With the Mummy gone they've lost their confidence and have scattered.  But that won't stop Jenny Van Helsing from hunting them down and screwing them all back to hell!


Issue #30 - the last and FINAL issue of "The Berserker" is up!  And true to form she won't go down without a fight.  Bittersweet... but nothing... nobody... lasts forever.  I'm gonna miss it, but fret not - Predator is crankin' up a NEW series that will start next month!  Then step over to toxic cock land as the Sheriff is bound and fingered to attract the biggest, baddest, nastiest critter in all of "Whispering Hills".  Needless to say (but said none-the-less) she's not so happy about this occurrence.  And you can bet on HUGE events next week when the double-donged monster that used to be two men gets all four hands on her!  It'll be the conclusion - another ending.  But... But this cloud's got a GOLD lining!  Briaeros is busy working on a SEQUEL to Whisper that'll start soon after.  Yup... NEW Whispering ACTION!  Zombies RULE!


Resistance is futi... well, just dumb!  I mean the Gorb drone is about to get a BJ from the hottie ex-Gorb with the virginity issue.  So what's to resist?  C'mon... you know that you want to see that snotty know-it-all Gorb babe discover what suckin' out all that "poison" is like, right?  Well fellas - ya came to the right place - at the right time!  6 of 8 is curious - and so are we!  Bring it baby...

Then there's a short story up called "Peril in the Sewers" that should have been called "Perversion in the Sewers" - least after the monster gets in on the act.  And roundin' out the linup is "Underground" the first of three chapters going up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" about a poor uber-boobed babe that's lost her way... >sniff<  But I'll bet she finds SOMETHING to do!

Lotsa NEW developments comin' at ya next week.  MAJOR stuff.  Yer gonna dig it - but no spoilers.

That's just how I see it.
Mike da Mutant



Sure, why not.  I don't mind telling you that getting this story "WE ARE THE GORB" wasn't easy.  Nobody seems to care about the former galaxy conquering cyborg bad-boys since they've been sidelined by Captain Jamways ship the Voyeurism.  But while Starfleet may have written them off there remains one who has dedicated her life to saving them.  Six of Eight is her name and she'll do ANYTHING to save those poor souls.  ANYTHING.  This is an amazing story... yer gonna dig it.  Just wait 'till you see what's goin' on next week - you've been warned!  Oh.  Sidenote: I've just made one big-assed clip per week for this one.  I've usually cut them down to half that size and posted two clips, but that's mainly a legacy from the bad old days when bandwidth was really a factor.  I suspect that it's more annoying to have to do all those extra clicks than to wait a few seconds more for the movie to start.  If I'm wrong, if the clips are too damn big - lemme know.  We exist but to serve!


"Transfuckers" is up in the Star Woes section this week.  But don't get all freaky on me - it's not a gender bender story - it's a love affair between a hot babe and her evil alien robo-car, okay?  And it's funny as hell so just relax and enjoy it!  Then "Abducting Daisy" is up and this time Daisy is clearly outmatched.  But undaunted, she jiggles on and finds a way to complete her ENORMOUS challenge to everyone's satisfaction.  Whatta gal!  An unwanted outdoor sex-romp sets the stage for gruesome revenge in this week's "Wicked Weird" selection.  The guys deserve what they get - if only for not noticing that the gal really preferred "doggie style", ya know?


...on an INDUSTRIAL scale!  Oh man... The shifty merc from "Whispering Hills" has been locked out of the safe house and must suffer the attentions of the horny hoard of zombies alone!  She's a nasty piece of work, but holy hotdog Batman... these guys are gonna KILL her!  There's a short story called "Canvas of Death" that'll have ya diggin' out those old paint-by-number sets and this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is the conclusion to the "Cyborg Avenger".  Unconditional love for humanity prompts our heroine to give the ultimate sacrifice to protect the survivors of the human race.  And trust me, no good deed shall go unpunished!  Obviously that's...

...as it should be!
Mike da Mutant

PS: I finally got around to making preview clips for the two PPV flics that were missing them.  "Gray GOO" and "The Miner's Tomb" free samples are now accessible.  That makes over an hour of sample video online - even if I can't temp you into buying one.  Check it out.



Probably.  I almost didn't bother with the update today.  We're all friggin' DOOMED so why pretend?  But on the off chance that the Aliens don't destroy our planet before the day's out... here it is!  As you might glean from the preceding - our brave Commander Goldie has FAILED US!  Go figure.  All that training... all that willpower... all that BUSTY WHOLESOME GOODNESS - and she CRACKED!  ARGHHhh!!!!  Sheee..itt... The alien banged her lights out and she gave up the codes!  So it's a good thing that this is the final week of "Alien Interrogation" 'cause there probably won't be a next week NOW!  Too late, I see the folly in hiring security people based on bra size... dammit.  Oh well - you're all gonna get toasted - sorry.  Shit happens.


Huh.  The Aliens must be taking their time - or maybe they're no more competent than our own governments - in which case they'll NEVER get around to killing us off.  Probably stuck in committee... But if they don't get us today they'll surely nail us somewhere down the line.  Like the "Omega Fighters".  Doctor Grey has infiltrated their headquarters and is NAILING the fighters - one by one!  And their response?  Send him more!  Good grief... And what's up with the "Sex Tales from Hell" guy?  I mean his gal collects men's body parts and he's okay with that?  Darwinism... Pure Darwinism when his head goes in a jar!  Plus we've got a monster with a weight problem caused by lots of over-indulgence.  We call it "Overeating" - the curse of prosperity!  Poor critter... he just can't stop gobblin' them gals!

I knew a girl like that once.  Real popular that one!


Nice word - I made that up (© 2012 monsterbabecentral.com).  But dastardly deeds really do surround us!  "No Way to Treat a Lady" is full of 'em.  A couple of vamp-killers find a hot one - and chop her to bits!!!  DAMN.  What ever happened to compromise?  Then the sneaky, lyin', low down dirty back-stabbers of "Whispering Hills" betray the gal with the M60 machine gun as she's hosing down the zombies.  Now SHE's gonna get hosed - zombie style!  And aliens are droppin' faster that IQ's in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Cyborg Avenger" Part 2.  But the carnage is just the beginning - there's 'sposed to be an escape in the offing!  Personally... I don't see it.  But that's what it says.  Guess we'll find out when the conclusion is up next week.

Or NOT!  Remember.  Goldie dropped a dime on us and we're all doomed.
Plan accordingly.

Mike da Mutant



Really.  I'm guessin' ugly is "IN" 'cause every ugly critter we see is get'n more nookie than me!  It starts with the "Alien Interrogation" where Commander Goldie is get'n the evil alien equivalent of foreplay and there's no doubt that he's gonna plumb ALL her secrets!  I'd hold off on buy'n that new house this month.  The world is probably gonna end when she spills the beans.  Use the money for chicks 'n booze...


Step right up!  We gotch'r short subjects right here pilgrim.  "The Tucson Incident" leads off with another example of those pesky sex-bots goin' off the reservation... again.  You gotta read the owner's manual you big-boobed dummy!  But perhaps reading ain't really in her skill set?  But slurpin' robo-dong IS?  Yep... my kinda gal!  Then curiosity just got the cat nailed as one way-too-naive prison guard steps into a cell where... Where she learns a lesson!  A BIG lesson!  Sad but expected inside the horror that we call the "Monster Prison"!


NO.  Killer Series!  And there's three of 'em up this week.  "The Jewel of the Damned" introduces another encounter between our brave young heroine and a creepy critter.  But this one has a chainsaw.  So when he politely requests a blowjob he GETS a blowjob! (I gotta chainsaw - never worked for me.) Then it's time to take to the sewers in "Whispering Hills".  I guess that's a good idea.  I mean nothing bad would be down in the sewers waiting for three naked babes... would it?  Nah...  And are ya ready for another dose of "Poison"?  Better be!  It's paperwork time - science requires detailed reports ya know.  And detailed (nasty, graphic, wet) reporting it gets!  Then it's gonna be a great time in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week and for the next two weeks as "The Cyborg Avenger" begins a 3 part mini-saga!  Good stuff - apocalyptic end of the world, alien invaders with perma-wood, female survivors get'n raped left and right.  You know... ALL the good stuff!  Oh.  And a hottie with an attitude out to set it all right again.  Bitchin.

And if you have the time we posted three new PPV flics.  Grey Goo (LOTS of requests for that one), Scurilee 2 & Character Test.

Mike da Mutant



Could be.  This week the "Alien Interrogation" takes a couple turns.  First they introduce Goldie to a bunch of leach/slug lookin' critters that crawl all over her, (They seem to like her boobs the most.) and then >WHAM< she wakes up in her bedroom?  Methinks I smell a dastardly trick in the offing... we'll see.

A bounty hunter is set loose to find an escaped Silicon Valley creation - one that walked away under it's own power.  But when she catches up with the robot she soon discovers that she may be in over her head!  It's called the "Alpha Test" and it's found in the short story section.  Next up is "Rock a Bye Baby" part 2.  'Ol Kruddy Freuger has this sweet young thing right where he wants her - and he's gonna take advantage of her wholesome defenselessness before he dispatches her to the great beyond! 


At least it does in the world of "Contamination"!  Yep.  When the world has gone to hell and the only way to survive is ropin' mutants to harvest their cum... it's pretty desperate.  But somehow the gals have created a system to do just that and they seem to be THRIVING!  Then we're down to the last few panels of "The Berserker".  After she kills her creator she's still got to outrun the cops on her trail.  But that's not really a challenge is it?  What's odd is the cops reaction to losing their quarry.  But if three way sex takes the sting out of failure... sure!  One last chapter wraps up the series next month - Don't miss it!


This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" takes us out to deep space where happy fornication is interrupted by an ugly band of pirates!  But even as they swarm the ship and accost the beauty on board her 'bo is shredding those tentacled asswipes and piling up the "Intruders" bodies!  And piles of bodies are all that's left after the big-boobed merc saves the Sheriff's ass this week in "Whispering Hills".  But the Sheriff smells a rat and they're not gonna be allies for long.

Kinda like me and my bank...
Mike da Mutant



The alien has had a blast play'n with Goldie's boobs, but he really hasn't learned much in his "Alien Interrogation" has he?  Now he's bringin' out the brain scanner to work her over.  I'm still confident that she can resist... but I DID buy that summer home on Mars just in case.  Ask not what your government can do for you... they'll tell you!  So it shouldn't come as any surprise that some chick gets told to "take care" of some ugly critter for Uncle Sam's sake.  And that's how it goes in "Service to your Country" from D. Praved.


Daisy has some time, but while she's undulating to her own drummer another hideous alien pervert has her in his sights.  There seems to be no limit to how many of them want to be "Abducting Daisy"!  She might have gotten away if she'd kept her eyes on the road.  But an untimely crash re-sets the horror-meter in "Whispering Hills".  Need a refreshing look at the news?  Check out "Weird Wicked Tales" this week!  Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe it!  And it's the final issue of "Laura Talbot - Monster Hunter"!  Don't miss LT's devastating destruction!  It's G H A S T L Y !

Also up - one from the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" called "Space Boat Down".  A crash survivor encounters something unexpected.

I expected that!
Mike da Mutant



I am.  After watching that inept alien "Interrogate" Commander Goldie I don't think we have much to worry about.  So far all that he's learned is that it's a lot of fun to squeeze her tits!  Hell, I coulda predicted THAT!  But it could change... and next week... it will.  Meanwhile he's really taking the fight to her t-shirt!


Why not?  Science was how "The Nerd" conjured up a big purple people eater to screw all her rivals.  But when she got to "know" him she's decided to keep him all for herself!  And it was science that created the deadly bug that's turned everybody into sex-crazed zombies in "Whispering Hills"!  This week the deputy finishes with his girl toy and turns his mutated mega-dong toward his boss!  But the Sheriff's luck holds out and a group of zombie party crashers breaks in and distracts the deputy long enough for an escape.  Pity.

Dr. Gray uses science and his special mind control technique to OWN another "Omega Fighter"!  This guy's a one-man gang-bang and he's turned every one of them into sex-slave puppets when they come for him.  Is there no woman who can defeat this monster?  Nope.  'Least so far...  While she claims to be a busy scientist this week's sweet piece of ass hardly seems to be the origin of another "Sex Tales from Hell" story.  I mean she's screwin' some dude's lights out with them big 'ol titties a floppin' and... hey wait.  What's that in the jars behind her?  Uh oh.  And science is definitely behind the poor bastard's woes in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" story!  Ya don't get that screwed up without some SERIOUS genetic piddlin'!


...we'll throw in one that's NOT directly involved in some science experiment gone wrong.  That's right.  If you're one of the first 300 million people to respond you'll get all the above PLUS a special BONUS comic called "Rock-a-Bye, BABY!".  You'll thrill as Kruddy Freuger slices and dices his way through this co-ed's dreams!  CHILLS will tingle your spine as she runs bare-assed to get away from what we all know is her INEVITABLE FATE!  AND it's all included - but only for the first 300 million callers!  ACT NOW! (We can't keep doin' this all day.)

Just pay separate shipping and handling fees.
Mike da Mutant



But can we trust her with our lives?  Guess we're gonna find out as we begin our new movie "Alien Interrogation".  Mistress Goldie stars in this kinky 'lil flic about those loathsome alien marauders and their unending quest for humanity's demise.  It seems that someone from Spacebabe Central entrusted her with the top secret codes to activate and de-activate Earth's orbital defenses.  You knew 'bout them, right?  Anyway - they're pulling out all the stops and they're determined to break her will by any means available.  Mainly get'n her naked and slippin' her the evil alien wood wouldn't ya know... Better hope her will is as firm as her bust-line fellas or WE'RE ALL TOAST!

FYI: I didn't cut this one into multiple clips - the file sizes should NOT be a problem.  Same amount of content - one less click!


And then some!  Slid slips in a short story about the "HERITAGE" and this sweet young thang is gonna discover that when she inherited the house - she got the curse, too!  Oh boy - the Sheriff's down and tied up, the deputy is gonna do a one-zombie gang-bang on the gal that he's supposed to be protecting, the black-ops chick is get'n GOT by her own men and there's no hope in sight!  Yup - that's "Whispering Hills" for ya!  "Sector 13" returns with a new nasty tale that blurs the sci-fi/horror borders.  It's supernatural space uglies gone wild!  And naturally there are a couple of hot babes just passin' through the sector to receive the full effect.


I've been neglecting the "Star Woes" section, but I'm back on track!  And wutta comeback.  The absolute HOTTEST Star Fleet Captain EVER shares her secret motivational techniques with us this week.  And man... she's got that crew MOTIVATED!  AND - I'm gonna freshen up the "Fables of Fright" section next week - can't wait!  Then the weirdo "men in black kinda alienish" are back to make sure that no secrets are exposed in "You Saw Nothing".  And what they'll do to miss blabber-mouth is u n n a t u r a l !  And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "Horny Virus" as a sexy scientist from way in the future goes where no woman has gone before!  Kinda scary in there...

Tough week for the ladies indeed!
Mike da Mutant



...with the mostest!  "Velira, Mistress of Cock" wraps it up this week and the headless man is headless no more!  She's got a few parting shots but gets taken completely by surprise by his!  But ya can't fault her reflexes... she's on his dong in nano-seconds!  And now that it's over it's time to look ahead.  Next week we're rolling out a quirky 'lil flic staring Mistress Goldie (boobs to die for) and after that there's something REALLY special as Monsterbabe Central gears up to meet "The Gorb"!  And you'll be blown away...

Murder is one thing but when the sole survivor discovers her only option for freedom involves some cutting... well it's time to ask yerself - what would YOU do?  "Bump in the Night" ends even darker than it began and the screaming still echoes through the chamber!  Tough choice.  Next up is a killer chapter of "Contamination" where we'll learn about the early days of the pathogen.  Mutated hyper-sexed evil rules the world and this gal was just in the right place at the wrong time!


Even the black-ops assault team is overwhelmed by the evil that is "Whispering Hills" and the male team members turn on their hot lookin' leader.  No woman is safe and even the Sheriff's right-hand man has turned and is about to take her down, too.  And you don't wanna miss a second of it 'cause the depravity is REALLY about to start!  Basta presents another "Weird Wicked Tale" - this time about a real estate agent who shoulda left this listing alone.  But when she encounters the occupants of her new prize listing you can mark that property as SOLD!


We'll fix that with a couple short stories this week!  First there's "Mistress of the Monster" where another dingy babe with colossal boobs sees only his monster cock and overlooks his monster teeth.  Chicks..!  And then The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" pops out another shorty called "Sculpt".  It's all about a totally new approach to art!  But of course there must be sacrifices... human sacrifices.

See ya next week!
Mike da Mutant



Imagine yourself just out for a walk and >ZAP< next thing you know you wake up with some gal's lips on yer dong!  Hmm... could be a lot worse I suppose.  But when Big Bro gets involved it's pretty awkward.  "MINDBENDER - The Scottsdale Incident" wraps up this week and there's plenty of "WTF?" to go around!  Velira does the intro and she'll be back next week to put the cherry on top.  After that we're rolling out a new flic called "Alien Interrogation" that's got the hottest new Uber-Boobie gal that those pervs at SpaceBabe Command could find - this one's S M O K I N' H O T...!

The evil, nasty, unsatisfied master takes out his angst on one of the captives this week.  It's uh... evil... and nasty?  Yeah.  And it's packin' some high voltage!  Don't skip the "Bump in the Night" update!  Briaeros is up - not once, but TWICE this week!  First it's the next episode of "Whispering Hills" where the zombies all sport over-sized wood and lust for the Sheriff - then it's the all-new chapter of "Laura Talbot - Monster Hunter".  And Laura's got it even worse than the sheriff!  Looks like she outsmarted Bullwinkle with that killer tit job, but just when she thinks she's safe she turns to find that there's TWO OF THEM!  Gloom, doom, and disaster awaits!


Do NOT collect $200 either!  Good grief.  I mean... I know he's bad... but I kinda like him.  Makes no difference though.  He's completely under that Van Helsing babe's seductive spell, and when she's done with him there'll be nothing left to shovel back into his sarcophagus!  Poor bastard - screwed to oblivion!  And the rest of these "Monstrous Gentlemen" better haul ass or they're next!  There's just one more bad guy between "The Berserker" and the man that created her.  Pity that fool, but save some for the evil scientist that she wants to dismember.  He's gonna really need it.  Wrappin' up the week's update is "Big Green Pimp" fresh from the bowels of the W.A.B.A.C. Machine!  Space hookers really need a union or something - sheeesh!

Stellar Ho's local 587?
Justa thought.
Mike da Mutant


Gobble Gobble GULP!

Feedin' time around here.  First there's a hungry shadow that gobbles up a girl in "Shadows" and then the "Sex Tales From Hell" story features a nasty revenge kinda "tear off her face" munch-fest!  It's not as gruesome as it sounds - really - and the dead guy bangs the lights out of the hottie that resurrected him after his cheatin' bitch snack.  Guess she agreed with him...?


Velira finally convinces the headless guy that there's more than one way to blow a nut as she introduces this week's "MINDBENDER" clips.  But the action before AND during the movie is gonna require some lubrication.  There's more thrusting and bumping and thumping than polite society can take.  Good thing we ain't polite...  Then she's paid the price and gets her reward!  The long-suffering 'lil babe in "Bump in the Night" gets some slack in her chain - but not enough to reach the key and win her freedom!  Nope... there's a far heavier price to pay before THAT happens!  And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "The Reich Stuff" conclusion this week as Nazi zombies spread the seed of the master race and (are ya ready for this?) A SPY is exposed in the "Omega Fighter" organization!  Yeah.  Recruited while in the shower no less!


Hey.  Don't knock 'till ya try it!  Just ask the Sheriff of "Whispering Hills" since she's cornered and about to meet the zombie wood up close and personal-like!  Worse, her deputy has got the sickness and the gal that he's 'sposed to be protecting is in DEEP shit!  And from here on in it GETS WORSE!!!

Mike da Mutant



There's a HUGE movie update this week - clips are much longer than normal 'cause we're gettin' down to the nitty-gritty with "MINDBENDER" and Velira had a lot to say this week.  Actually she doesn't really speak much but her mouth is in constant motion.  And her head bobs a bunch, and... well you get the picture!  And "Bump in the Night" stays creepy/edgy this week as the master's concentration is directed at just the brunette.  She's wishing that she was ANYWHERE else right now, but wishes won't save her.  NOTHING can save her except pleasing her new master!


The comics... man, this is the good stuff!  First there's an incredible Zombie holocaust of sex and depravity taking place in "Whispering Hills" where the big-boobed Sheriff has caught the bug and can't save anybody while she's madly diddling herself!  Then the deliciously evil inventor of the "POISON" talks another horny suitor into taking her medicine.  And we all know how that works out, right?  Then Predator's "Jewel of the Damned" is up and our brave heroine is molested by a roving gang of Zombies.  Just when she thinks it can't get any worse... IT DOES as she's "rescued" from the hoard by... by a guy that you might just recognize!  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" churns out the first of a two-parter from Gunslinger called "The Reich Stuff" and as you might guess those pesky Nazi's are back and up to no good.  Pity... just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water...


Over-the-top kudo's go to Slid this week for his completely bitchin' "Sector 13: Alone" comic.  Usually it's bad things - TERRIBLE things that happen to the fools that stray into "Sector 13" but not always!  Slid takes a big chance with a story that's really got a "Twilight Zone/Outer Limits" kinda feel to it and pulls it off easily.  I REALLY like it - see what you think.

Thanks members!  You make it all possible.
Mike da Mutant



THAT's gonna leave a mark!  Heads explode as Deputy bad-attitude comes to the Sheriff's rescue just in time!  The 12 gauge... it's ALWAYS the Zombie solution - 'till ya run out of ammo!  But the infection is spreading faster than they can pull the trigger and >GASP< all those beautiful women, all those Zombies... Oh my!  It's a "Whispering Hills" zom-bi-thon thing!

Then along the same lines comes "Contamination" issue #2.  But the wildly wobblin' wonder woodies belong to a bunch of mutant critters! (Who also just happen to be insatiably horny, too!) A little back-story this time so ya know why this gal HATES those mutant pricks so much!  Movie-wise, Velira's get'n tongue burn from delivering a non-stop headless header, but still manages to introduce this week's "MINDBENDER" clips.  Big Brother has the scene in focus but so far the Feds are letting it all play out just as the alien wants.  Perhaps they're just enjoying the sights?


Unlikely... This week's "Abducting Daisy" is up and no... they're not cutting her any slack.  In fact her new alien master is goin' places where "no man has gone before" and Daisy is... LOVING IT?!!!  Chicks... who can figure em?  And it's time for the OTHER gal to go "Bump in the Night" this week!  "Man does not live on head alone" so her punishment is completely different from the first victims.  But the SCREAMING is the same!  And the final issue of "Wicked Weird Tales" is up this week.  Poor Earth gal gets 'ducted by an alien.  But this is one weird alien and she's packin' a couple of surprises!  And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out the second part of "Docking Bay" this week.  It's a lesson in the need to get ALL the details before you sign the deal!

Zombies, Mutants, Aliens & lotsa screamin' babes. Yep, that's a WRAP!
Mike da Mutant



...as Jenny Hellsink does that thing that she does so well to the MUMMY!  Poor bastard is goin' straight to hell and she's got him begging for the trip to begin!  What CAN a bunch of good 'ol boy monsters do against THAT kinda power?!!!  NOTHING - the "Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen" is about to lose a member!  Then the master of deception has the upper hand as the girls of "Bump in the Night" are competing for his pleasure!  The winner MIGHT be released.  But the other one is TOAST!


With the HEAVY HITTERS this week. (Duhh..)  Aside from F.O.M.G (above) there's Briaeros eerie tale of "Laura Talbot" who faces a heathen GOD for judgement, "The Berserker" who's back in SLAUGHTERING form as she snatches revenge from the jaws of agony, and the weekly presentation of "Whispering Hills" where the extent of the Zombie Apocalypse is just beginning to be revealed!  Blood, guts, gore, tits & ass...  Yep - think we're covered fellas!


Hey.  I gotta get me some of this mind control power, ya know?  Even though big brother is on his trail this alien entity has seized the body of some poor schmuck and then brain-zapped the closest two females into wordless submission.  Just think about all those wasted hours of dialogue'n 'em and dating and... what's that stuff called?  Uh, yeah.  Foreplay. (Whatever THAT is.)  He doesn't waste time on ANY of that crap!  Oh my!  And "Velira" has her own moist-wet introduction to this week's video "MINDBENDER" action, too!  WOWZER!  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "Docking Bay 1" from deep, deep inside the Spacebabe archives and there's an infestation!  Anyone know a good exterminator?

Good Times fellas - let 'em ROLL!
Mike da Mutant



Velira presents "MINDBENDER"!  But while the mistress of cock does that thing that she does so well, secret government surveillance tapes have fallen into the wrong hands (ours) and are about to be shared on the internet!  Now we don't REALLY know if these are legitimate BUT they certainly seem convincing.  It falls upon us to reveal that some non-corporeal alien life-form has been flittering about taking over a man's body and brain-blasting nearby women into having sex with his victim?  So it seems friends.  See for yourself!


Not us!  We've got 3 short stories this week!  When two lost beauties come across a lonely farm house out in the woods they think that they're saved.  >BZZZZ<  Wrong!  More like they're served - for dinner!  It's "The Butcher"!  And who knows what female gobblin' monsters lurk downstairs in the Laundry?  Eateries knows!  And he'll show you in this tasty little comic called "Laundry Day 2"!  Then Edgar Rocha slips in a short story about an evil man with a "performance" problem.  But his recuperation takes a turn for the grisly when he stumbles into the wrong doctor's office.  It's called "Mind Games" and it'll make ya think twice before seeing that next shrink!

Vulgar humiliation is the punishment of choice as Mr. Mystery unloads all over his first victim's chest.  At least it's a NICE chest!  But you have to wonder what mom's thinking on the other end of the phone.  He's an unnatural force and muchly reviled for his nasty "Bump in the Night" habits!

CHICKS!  Who can figure 'em?  She knew that she shouldn't - but she did it anyway.  And when this modern "Pandora" opens THIS box she's gonna unleash a sexual terror that... that... she may just come to love!  Ah yes.  Shipboard romance in the offing!


Yes - THAT!  All 18" of it!  "Whispering Hills" is about to be unkind to our Sheriff.  Or at least one of its denizens is.  You see, she's stumbled across a little zombie rape in progress and unwisely intercedes.  But her S&W model 29 in 44 magnum doesn't hold a candle to the zombies oversize dong and he's about to show her just how how helpless she is!  There's a reason why this is my favorite series ya know!

Or is that TMI?
Mike da Mutant


Over. But NOT over?

"Puppeteer" closes out this week, but Velira rocks on!  Next week she'll be introducing "Mindbender" - a story of total alien possession and the interesting things that he makes women do!  Gonna be cool... and nasty!

"Hi Mom.  Not much...

...just blowing a bad guy!"  Yeah.  There's an interesting conversation goin' on between the guy in the hood and the chick that's blowing him's MOM!  How much more can he humiliate her?  Ah man... quite a bit!  It's just starting in "Bump in the Night"!  An uber-curvy explorer finds far far more than she ever expected aboard a derelict space ship.  And after THIS treatment there's no coming back from "Sector 13".  This issue of "Poison" has a twist.  What if even after you take the monster formula you can't escape your own freaky hang-ups?  Well the good doctor is there to help you in whatever form it takes.  Even if it's just a show!  Then the "Jewel of the Damned" is finally understood as the terrible weapon that it truly is.  And after get'n the scoop (and the big blue dick) from a friendly alien our heroine is ready to go DESTROY IT!  But of course there MAY be complications...

You GOTTA be kidding me!

Nope.  They're BAAACK!  We're gonna post the entire "Whispering Hills" saga from pixel master Briaeros starting this week.  It's my favorite poser series of all time and if you've never seen it you're in for something special.  For those of you who were members 6 years ago when it last ran you'll love the refresher because....(wait for it)... because... Briaeros is making A SEQUEL!!!  I'm stoked!  And it'll start as soon as the last issue of the encore is done!  Sweeeet!  And sweet's the word for the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of Donny's "The GHMEE Toy," too.  Maybe the poor chick that turned it on before she read the directions has another point of view... but I doubt it!

Methinks she's a bit preoccupied!
Mike da Mutant



Velira does that thing that she does so well and >VOILA< the headless man gets head!  But while she's suckin' it in and swallowing his pride there's some really weird mind control'n goin' on in "Puppeteer".  Who are these madmen and what the hell's all the girl on girl action for?  I mean, they're both just kinda lay'n there all naked and horny...  What?  I need to draw him a picture?  Hmm... one more week for Puppeteer, but Velira's gonna stick around and introduce our next feature flic "Mindbender" so fret not my friends!  Well... unless her jaw gives out.


NEW SERIES STARTS TODAY!  And it's a good'un!  "Contamination" begins with a desperate scramble across the ruins of the city as the super-stacked survivor babe flees from the horror that pursues her.  But things going as they usually do, she trips and accidentally offers her ass to the drooling necro-dong that has her in his sights!  YUCK!  It's a world gone straight to hell where the women run and the men... have been a l t e r e d !


"Xenomaze" wraps up today with tasty snacks all around!  The girls ain't havin' much fun, but who says it's always gotta be about them?  Final chance to ogle the classic Furball dementia - next week IT'S GONE!  And boy... have I got a replacement for you!  Loch Ness has one less mystery this week as "Wicked Weird Tales" exposes what used to be a closely held secret.  But between that Scottish hospitality and the monster-morphing there's not much left to guess at.  Mystery solved. And there will be plenty of munching in "Bump in the Night" as the kidnapped gals learn that the path to freedom lies over their captors cock!  Worse still - he's gonna share the blow-by-blow with their MOM's as it happens!  SHEESH!


Oh man... "Abducting Daisy" is a real stretch!  And s t r e t c h is exactly what Daisy needs to do if she's gonna cope with her new master.  His body is small, but his cock sure ain't!  Poor Daisy eyes her doom if she's not extra careful - which is hard 'cause he's dosed her up to the eyeballs with pheromones that make her a shameless SEX MACHINE!  Sure hope everything snaps back to shape when he's done...  And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up "Tentacle Trap" a story of bravery, valor and the tentacles that punish the gal that gets too close!

She shoulda stayed with the ship!
Mike da Mutant



...to mention that "Velira" was a suggestion from a member that came into the helpdesk a few months ago.  Fella said that he'd love to see Elvira get'n "got" by a monster... so... we came as close as we could without get'n sued!  So if anybody else has any particular desires, feel free to send me a wish list via the helpdesk and I'll try to oblige.  I'm game!


...on to the update!  The aforementioned "Velira" does what she does best this week.  And that's NOT talking!  NOBODY goes headless around that babe!  And she's included more clips from "PUPPETEER" too as the blotto'd babes do WHATEVER the creepy guy wants!  Then the clothing gets lost with their last hope as the hooded Houdini show the gals who's boss in our "Bump in the Night" photo comic! 


The BIG GUNS are up!  "Laura Talbot - Monster Hunter" was left for dead.  But she's not REALLY human so what woulda finished anyone else just really pissed her off!  Now she's out for blood and she's damn-sure gonna get some!  Van Helsing...  JENNY Van Helsing!  She's got the reputation and her very name strikes fear into the hearts of the "Monstrous Gentlemen"!  Their party's been crashed and they're running away, but the Mummy has been captured and now Jenny VH is about to do - well, I don't really know what she gonna do to him but he sure looks panicked!  What could she possibly do to freak out an undead mummy?  I GOTTA know!  Next up is "The Berserker".  She's finally cornered the evil scientist that's ruined her life and just as she's about to get her revenge >WHAM< BLINDSIDED by her lover!  Then we get a look at the dirty dealings behind the "Xenomaze" and guys... it's worse than we thought!  These chicks are DOOMED.  The second chapter of "Samurai Spacebabes" is up in "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine".  If you haven't already got one of these "guardian" chicks you'll certainly want one now!  I can think of many handy uses...

Now back to Velira!
Mike da Mutant



Well... mostly!  That's what Velira does best!  And we don't want to be the ones that change her.  So pull up a seat and get set for some Velira style entertainment as she deftly introduces this week's "Puppeteer" video clips with her "discriminating palette" and (half) witty repartee!  Then "Bump in the Night" gets deeper into the prickly predicament that these gals find themselves in.  Who's the weirdo in the cape and how does he do that shit that he does?  And who's he talking to that they can't hear?  Hmmm... the plot thickens!

"Xenomaze" Takes us to a place where plants eat women and then >ZAP< they're somewhere else!  Who are these evil scientists that take pleasure in their suffering?  Soon grasshopper, soon... all will be revealed!  Another brave recruit risks her ass (literally) to bring back a man that had been turned into a monster in this week's "Omega Fighters".  These chicks have got guts!  And if they're not careful they'll be splattered all over the room.  "Sex Tales from HELL" is a mission of revenge, but it's all about the sex this week as that crazy corpse-lovin' Amanda makes out with the dead guy's wife.  What's her angle?  Beats me.  But she's definitely got the murderous wife's attention!


No?  FINE!  Then just let the damn plant have her!  "Zookeeper Wanted" is up in the short story section - a tale about a new job, a man-thing rapist and the gobbly-goo plant that cleans up his leftovers!  Seems like they have a good system...  But what of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"?  Fear naught as the latest installment takes us to the agricultural planet "naked babe" where they raise the bestest women around!  And the current crop is ripe so - here come the bug-eyes to reap 'em!  Yeah, I said r e a p.  It's called "Samurai Spacebabes" and there will be violence!

Just like real life!
Mike da Mutant



Yeah - kinda like that.  Nested.  "Velira - Mistress of Cock" joins the crew to present our feature video.  She's a distant cousin to that other gal (What's her name?).  But she does stuff that would get that gal tossed outta the studio!  And when her latest beau (sans head) stumbles onto the set in search of some (go ahead - guess!) head... well things get kinda awkward.  But Velira's a giver so she's confident that she can please him AND us as she deftly multi-tasks her way into video infamy!  After her intro you'll be treated to "PUPPETEER" - a delightful drama of dead men seeking vengeance through mind control and those silly enough to step into his unnatural trap!  Ga-ROOVY!

And there's a new photo comic, too!  Creepy dude, co-dependent wife, gifts of kidnapped gals, shocks, perversion, more shocks, and some untimely deaths... yep, that about covers it.  It's called "Bump in the Night" and there's gonna be a lotta "bumpin'"!


No shit.  That's what he says!  Our lonely human survivor is finally set to get some answers about the Jewel, the aliens, and what the hell has happened aboard the NAUTILUS!  But the alien computer requires a "biological interface" in order to educate her and she's gotta (seriously) suck the info out of it!  "Jewel of the Damned" indeed!  The "Xenomaze" girls think that they've finally gotten a few moments alone to satisfy those girl urges, but NOOOooooo...  Some creepy crawler plucks 'em up right off the floor.  And Bridgitte's about to come under scientific scrutiny like no human has faced before.  Maybe they'll discover what holds those huge tits up?


Uh... it ain't wine dude.  It's "POISON" and after you drink it you'll be transformed into a sex-crazed mutant from hell!  Then you'll have to have multi-entry sex with that gorgeous scientist chick who makes it!  Hmmm... guess I'd drink it too!  Slid crawls out from under a rock and delivers "Sector 13 - Stowaway" just in time for some alien kink.  The arrogant Captain thinks he's found a free nookie fountain when he finds her hiding in the ship's hold.  But he can't possibly know the horror that he's about to set free!  >CRUNCH!<

And from the bowels (just doesn't sound right...) of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" there spews forth "Space Station #9" - a blast from the past!  Space girls... they're not pissed 'cause an alien rapist attacked and then raped 'em all in the vacuum of space.  Nope.  They're pissed because he left before they were DONE!  Sheeeezz... ball busters all!

Vel-I-ra..Vel-I-ra, my heart's on fire...
Gotta put that to music..
Mike da Mutant



Yep, there's been many a struggle inside the "Deathmatch" series.  But it's all led up to this one - this week!  Shannon pours it on and wears down the Mega-slayer by using his own gimmick against him.  And there's no doubt about this outcome.  But what's next for the Uber Spacebabe?  Won't say.  Not yet.  BUWa-ha-ha-ha!!!!


Theorize no more!  After 34 years the truth finally can be told.  Armstrong was the first MAN on the moon.  But the chicks from mother Russia beat him out by almost a year!  Why (you may ask) has this revelation been withheld?  Well... there were complications... Find out the TRUE history of Lunar exploration in this week's "Women on the Moon"!  Then it's time for a trip to HELL!  A special little hell reserved just for women that we call "Personal Demons".  Spiders run rampant and poor 'lil Bridgitte can't do a damn thing to protect herself!  Even while she suffers the bite, her two companions are makin' out on the floor of the "Xenomaze"!  Where's the justice in that?

And while the captain's busy porkin' Daisy his wife's having some fun with the human slaves.  "Abducting Daisy" gets a twist!  A giant titted, blue babe from space twist!  And twisted is the word for this week's "Wicked Weird Tale".  She may look like the victim of a pervert's wet dream but trust me... this girl ain't NOBODY's victim!  YIKES!  Then the bottomless "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up a classic from Donny.  "Preggo" sheds some light on the unusual space medicine practices out there among the stars.  Ya just can't get this kinda care on this planet!

'Least not legally...
Mike da Mutant



That's this week's "DEATHMATCH: ESCALATION" summary.  Don't believe me?  Check it yerself!

Uh Oh...

The good times are over for the "Monstrous Gentlemen"?  Say it ain't so!  But even as they're latest victim lays in a quivering heap from her multi-monster-gasms a stranger shows up and throws the boys into a PANIC!  Oh no... is that REALLY a big-busted Van HELLSINK?!!  Lord Gray gets word that all is prepared to take down the "Omega Fighters" and release his mutants upon the Galaxy.  He's got a traitor within their organization and soon he expects to have ALL the Omega Fighters in his Harem!  But this week he'll have to settle for his newest slave - Black Fury!


Parallel Universeseseses..?  Interesting concept.  If true then somewhere out there exists one where I scored with that uber-hottie sixth grade teacher, Ms Green?  COOL!  But back to THIS one where D.Praved rolls out "Quantum Parallels" - just to jump-start yer brain!  She's worked for years, endured the worst that could happen, and has patiently awaited her chance for revenge.  Now "The Berserker" sets up her elaborate trap to finally get the evil bastard that done her oh-so-wrong!  And they're sexy as hell, but apparently indigestible?  Lucky them - these "Xenomaze" gals.  If you can call what just happened to them "luck"!  The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" musta had a meltdown as it processed this week's blast from the past.  That's 'cause a sweet young thang just discovered that her treasure map puts her in an out-of-the-way location where 4 little purple fuckers have decided that SHE is the treasure!  And they're gonna all get 'em some!  Then get some more!

Moderation?  Screw that.
Mike da Mutant



He's soooo friggin' fast!  Shanon has apparently been outclassed by a speedy alien?  Say it ain't so!  But no matter what she does he just >poofs< in and out with impunity - dealing damage with every pass!  So the uber-Spacebabe is a topless punching bag now?  Not so fast dude!  We ain't talkin' about yer garden variety cannon fodder SpaceBabe here.  This is S H A N O N - get it?  And I for one refuse to believe that she's goin' down (Uh... pugilistically speaking that is.)  Watch the final few seconds of this week's clips - and grab something secure 'cause "Deathmatch: Escalation" is about to ESCALATE!


Right upside the head!  "Laura Talbot" is kickin' ass - and she couldn't care less about takin' names!  'Least until a giant oak-tree monster butts in and spoils the fun by coiling around her and squeezing!  But when a gal's built like this one she's used to leaving a trail of woodies behind her - so maybe she's got a plan "B"?  Sadly, we've come to the end of the current installments of "Future F.A.I.T." this week.  Robotman's favorite les-bot goes back on the shelf for a little while as we await future issues.  But despair ye not!  For there's always somethin' cookin' in the MBC pervertowerx...


Oh yeah.  After that spider-momma gets done with Brigitte she's not gonna be much use to anyone else.  And the other two gals are about to become tasty morsels in a monstrous wet belly!  I sure hope that they signed the liability disclaimers before they entered the "Xenomaze".  Maybe I should check with the lawyer?  "Sex Tales from Hell" is up this week and we discover that the super-hottie screwin' the corpse has a plan.  A sick, twisted plan to lead her moldy molester to his murderous widow for VENGEANCE!  But first she's gonna get her rocks off - graveyard style!  "Ms Anderson" has her way with another beauty and then she feeds the rest to her pet monster!  Seems a bit harsh.  I just give 'em cab fair and tell 'em to go home myself - but I'm frequently accused of being too tender-hearted.  Blasting from the past, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" churns and burns and coughs up "Homesick" this week.  She's pure, untouched by the evil desires of mortal men.  Or at least she was.  Romance has a way of turning a girl's head and a sicko alien rapist finally gets the girl on this trip!  But there's always a price to pay... and a Daddy to contend with!

VIEWER WARNING: Next week you'll see the single most action-packed clips that we've EVER done when Shanon gets her girl on!  It's like Judo - gotta turn his strength into his weakness.  Somehow.

C'mon babe...
Mike da Mutant



Uh oh.  The shit's really gonna hit the fan now!  See... Spectrum the Mega-slayer has crossed a line.  Besides the probing and sparring and testing of Shannon's defenses, he used his sneaky >poofing< power to grab her top and disappear.  Bad move (for him), great service (to us)!  Modesty gets tossed aside quickly as she adapts to slug it out topless, but she's at a full boil now and he's toast if she can just figure out a way to nullify that >poofing<. (C'mon... you just gotta love the high-speed camera shots of bare bouncing boobies).  And so it goes as "Deathmatch: Escalation" continues to ramp it up!


Sounds like real life, huh?  Well there's a very confused killer robot being corrupted by a chubby lesbian in "FUTURE F.A.I.T." this week.  Reprogrammed to serve her new mistress, she's a key element in the invasion of planet Earth and the aliens want her fixed!  Then the horny pilot of a doomed transport ship in "Sector 13" discovers that his "cargo" of alien gals has decided that they'll break their chastity vow and show him the time of his life.  But naturally, there's a catch!  And everybody's horny all the time in "The Jewel of the Damned"!  Our school-girl morphed heroine finally makes the connection between the horror aboard ship and the strange alien gemstone.  But her struggle to get to it is complicated by the unwholesome urges of every living thing aboard as they jostle and compete to be the next one to do her!

Hunger's the word for the "Xenomaze".  ALL the gals are being turned into nutrient rich sources of sustenance by the evil flora and fauna of the maze - and they're not thrilled about it.  Big-boobed terror served up in tasty packaging... Yum!  "The Recruiter" is up in the short story section this week.  And for once there's a spaceship full of happy... uh... people (mostly).  Between the sex-bots and the smokin' hot crew you gotta wonder why the Captain's bothering with the new alien that he's found, but (I'm just guessin' here) he's likely to be a real tit man!  The Queen does sexual battle with her green invader this week and sends him packing in part 3 of "Enslavement" (found in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine").  Her strategy is a little strange, but it works!  So who's to complain?

Not me!
Mike da Mutant



It's the sound of battle!  This week's "Deathmatch: Escalation" clips are all about the fighting.  Spectrum stays in our time-space throughout as he continuously probes Shannon's defenses for any sign of weakness.  For her part the uber-spacebabe is strangely reserved and seems willing to just test his mettle as well.  Toe-to-toe they poke and prod and parry - each looking for that chink in the others armor that will lead to victory!  But word has it that Spectrum likes the ladies and has plans for some detailed inspection of Shannon's boob... uh, bounty next week!


Oh yes!  There's a lot of that "oh no" stuff goin' 'round this week, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.  "Abducting Daisy" is up this week!  Daisy gets "got" by some creepy robo-critter as he tests her suitability for his sovereign's pleasure.  She said no - didn't make a hoot's worth of difference.  Then the Amoeba army of Beckys wipes everybody out and regroups as Becky and the gang stand by helpless - saying "Oh no!" as you might imagine - in this week's "After School Special, Dionise CA".  The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" coughs up "Enslavement" part 2 this week and all the "NO!" in the world ain't gonna slow down these Mantis-men from get'n what they came for.  But from nowhere, up pops the queen with plans of her own to deal with this ghastly threat.  G'luck with that Queenie!  Conclusion (one way or 'tuther) next week!


ALL OVER HER BOOBS!  Bridgitte's waaaay past "Oh no" this week as her spider rival unleashes her hoard of hungry offspring for a Bridgitte booby feast deep within the "Xenomaze."  And "oh no" turns into "Aw... what the hell." as a gorgeous astronomer in "Wicked Weird Tales" is confronted with direct evidence of alien life!  How could she possibly turn down this unprecedented opportunity to interact with the aliens?  Hint: she can't!  And our "Future F.A.I.T." chubby defender takes the world-destroying alien killer-bot home for a little look-see.  And some reprogramming...

Bet that voids the warranty!
Mike da Mutant



Never being one to shy away from self-recrimination and debasement, I offer the following confession.  I've been bad.  There, now I feel sooo much better!  But I've seen the light.. and it's... BRILLIANT!  WTF you insightfully query?

Well... I gotta ask you for a favor.  I need you to download LAST WEEK'S video again.  Ya see, after some soul-searching (and nagging to boot) we've gone back and re-edited last week's opening video for "DEATHMATCH: ESCALATION" and added a few things, redid some f/x and generally made it a whole lot better.  Mainly so that we could transition into this week's clips with our best efforts displayed front and center.  I don't wanna get too technical with ya but I found a much better >POOF!< effect for our nasty alien dude.  Now don't get confused - >POOF< is a highly technical term for instant portal transportation.  There won't be a quiz - just remember that better >POOF<..ing leads to better video and a better experience all-around.  So give a mutant a break and re-take last week's video before you go for this week's installment.  We'll both feel better!


Still covered with crumbs from my humble pie, I gleefully present this week's clips without reservation!  Shannon's completely on the defensive as "Spectrum the mega-slayer" >poofs< in and out dealing savage blows and offering her no opportunity to defend herself!  Somehow that just don't seem fair, but if you're a fan of the series you already know that these alien scum-balls aren't too concerned with fairness.  So strap it in tight boys 'cause this movie's gonna shake you up!  'Nuff said (for now).


FINE!  Then on to the rest of the update!  Which is TOTALLY COOL!  Starting with Briaeros' "Laura Talbot, Monster Hunter" - Laura discovers another hot babe has been "disappeared" and kinda goes nuts.  After realizing that beating up on the townspeople isn't the way to go she heads off to the bad guys' lair to confront them.  And with bare boobs bouncing and twin MAC-10's in hand you can rest assured that she's got their full attention!  Rescues seem to be the order of the day.  This week's "Berserker" gets a taste of rescue as our heroine is being gang-banged by her arch-enemy alien guys and an unlikely visitor steps in for a - wait for it... RESCUE!  Yep, the chick with the wild-ass hair is back this week for a cameo!  C'mon guys... you remember the "Alien Huntress" don't you?  Oh yeah...!


The boys are back!  The "Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen" is about to fill out the roster with the inclusion of everybody's favorite amphibian - The Creature from the Black Lagoon!  And just in time as his extraordinary senses detect an intruder!  A young, shapely and hopelessly alone intruder!  Needless to say the boys put her to work right away.  Then a grisly discovery in the "Xenomaze" leads to even more layers of digestion and despair as Heather finds a prior victim who's been unwillingly nourishing the flora, and Bridgitte bumps into a jealous female spider who smells her mate's scent - on Bridgitte!  The plot thickens in "Future F.A.I.T." this week as the fem-bot is sent to take over planet Earth.  But an unexpected malfunction plagues the killing machine and she falls into the hands of a chubby lesbian who has her own agenda in mind!  And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" belches out "ENSLAVEMENT"!  A planet of lovely Amazon women gets invaded by an army of bugs - HORNY bugs!  And just when they think that a lack of resistance will save them... the bugs start changing!  Into?  Well, we'll have to wait and find out 'cause there's two more chapters to this one!

So lemme see... confession, contrition, enumeration, description... and excessive verbosity.  Yep.  My work is done!

Mike da Mutant



...that I was a COMPLETE moron - I fooled ya!  I actually got the new "DEATHMATCH: ESCALATION" shoot done and enough of it ready to go for the update!  Brain dead and exhausted, I yet strive to achieve adequacy!  But it's all been worth it 'cause DM's greatest fighter is BACK!  And Shannon's ready to kick some alien ass into the next Galaxy, boys!  Of course, there may be some bumps along the way... and grinds... and... well, you know.


Wow.  Here's another 5 issue series from ROBOTMAN for the fem-bot fan!  It's "Future F.A.I.T." and they're coming to take over planet Earth and will do ANYTHING to achieve their goals.  Why?  Beats the hell outta me.  They can HAVE it!  Then the "Xenomaze" gals get a real lickin' this week as their flora admirers just can't help but have a taste!  Gobble gobble!  That's gonna leave a mark.  "Omega Fighters" is back and their still try'n to drain the unwholesome badness from their number one prisoner.  But how much suffering can they take before they give it up and just shoot this guy?  Man...


New series starts this week!  "Sex Tales from Hell" kicks off with a graveside hottie doin' the "bring back the dead thing".  And when she's successful, she REALLY does the "dead thing"!  To each her own, I guess.  Then the "Nightmare Man" proves that he can get into her head when she's awake, too.  But that's not the worst.  NOW he can take what he wants - and he wants HER!  And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" coughs and smokes, rattles and bangs and >POOF< out comes "Makma Duel" from Donny!  She's hanging over a cliff, suspended over a lake of bubbly lava and still try'n to save her virginity!  G'luck with that, girl!

Recuperating from excessive thought - I remain,
Mike da Mutant



That's cause it's a really bizarre (but WONDERFUL) week!  Where to start...?  Ok, let's deal with the video first.  Due to piss-poor luck lately we're not shooting the concluding episode of DeathMatch until this coming Monday.  Then it'll be a bust-ass effort to get it edited and ready for next week's update.  So this week I'll punt, but I think you'll like it.  Why?  "Cause you guys get to pick one of three newly re-mastered Pay Per View flics!  Yep.  Members get one ENTIRE MOVIE this week only!


...what are they?  Well, since I don't have the preview files ready (and probably won't until Monday) I guess I better give ya the low-down, huh?  Here's the scoop:

Return of the Scurilee: The evil race of dominating woman sends another ball-buster after an innocent Earth girl.  With the help of her alien henchman she terrorizes and plunders the poor gal's goodies until... alas... tragedy ensues!  I'd give it a "hard R" rating.  Or select...

Character Test: Two Spacebabes face their final exam before being unleashed upon the Galaxy.  But there's a lightning-fast alien assailant on the loose and they'll have to join forces in order to capture him.  Meanwhile, he ravishes them both in a uber-quick blister-fuck style and he's gone before they know what creamed 'em!  Nuther "hard R rater".  Or you could pick...

Gray GOO: Dr. Gray has had a breakthrough!  His new nano-wutzits can clean up oil spills and leave the planet shiny and new!  But when a hapless spacebabe makes a GOO spill they get loose and follow their prime directive - eat organic material and reproduce!  Fortunately for us they don't eat the people they contaminate - they just turn gray and URGENTLY SEEK TO REPRODUCE!  Definitely "X-rated"!

Whew...  Hell, I ain't even started yet!


No kiddin' - heavy hitters all around!  Like "Jewel of the Damned" where our lovely survivor gets "got" by the wolf-man and tries to survive it!  But she's carrying a grudge now and when he lapses into sleep >WHAM<.  Time to go seek a cure for the insanity that grips the ship!  And "Poison" gets a fresh chapter.  The built-to-die-for Doc gets a visit from an old colleague who's up for a "royalty payment".  No cash changes hands, but he certainly takes his pound of FLESH!  Then it's 6 weeks into a long voyage and sexual tensions are high.  They keep it bottled up until some creepy alien thing pops by to take over.  Now there's no holding back and taboo or not - it's an endless orgy of forbidden sex in "Sector 13"!


Can do.  How about a tit-goblin' episode of "Xenomaze"?  Bridgitte and Heather endure their own custom-made versions of HELL as creepy crawlers wiggle around, on top and IN them!  Terror, pure and simple.  Then, as promised, there's the DOUBLE SIZED conclusion of "Explorers" this week!  Two spacebabes... alone on a long dead planet.  But it's REALLY not so dead and their horror seems endless as the ancient alien intelligence tries repeatedly to communicate.  Will they... CAN they possibly resist and save all of mankind?  Well THIS is the week to find out!  Get it now 'cause it's GONE next week!  And what's happening in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"?  Plenty!  Like a "Jeenzio ATTACK"!  He's got four arms and a bad attitude.  Worse still, he's nursin' a boner from hell and there's only one thing to do... visit the captive EARTH GIRL!  And "visit" he does!

So there ya have it fellas.  HUGE update by any standards and I really hope you enjoy your PPV selection.  They're not even available for sale yet so you guys get 'em first with my compliments and gratitude!  As always, I remain...

Mike da Mutant



Bastards!  Those evil scumbags that host "DEATHMATCH" have REALLY escalated it now!  Two more innocents add to the body count as they get crushed - just to lure back the champion Shannon.  Evil, pure and simple.  But even though they can snatch her at any time they hesitate.  Could it be fear?  Well we'll find out in two weeks when Shannon steps in to right these wrongs - and kick some alien ass!


Kinda.  It seems that Becky's shapely form has been taken by a sea monster and now it's reproducing.  Each of the "new" Beckys comes fully formed and insatiably horny, too!  So what's the downside?  Eh, after she blows you you'll die.  Big deal - reminds me of dating...  But Becky won't stand for her image being so abused... but what can she do?  Yep... That's "After School Special: Dionese CA" for ya!  Time for a STARWOES!  This time it's those wacky aliens from out in the galactic sticks taking advantage of the refueling girl.  Great lookin' Daisy gets double-DUKED!  Donny's back with "Lunch Break" in the W.A.B.A.C. machine this week.  Poor gal has to work harder on her break!  Then Joe Alex rolls out "The Ogre that brought his Cock" in the short story section.  But the real question is after all the rape and pillage... does he still have his cock?  Let the sun shine in!


An experiment goes wrong and a hot lab tech gets invaded by her petri dish creation!  And it likes her insides so much that it decides to set up house in a fresh episode of "Weird Wicked Tales"!  Then Heather gets the full tour in "Xenomaze" and wishes that she hadn't.  But wishes mean nothing in the ghastly gloom of the 'Maze!

Skipped this weeks "Explorers" update.  Got tentacled into submission and decided it wasn't going to hold up the update.  So next week I'll have a double sized finale' and you won't miss a thing!

The beat goes on...
Mike da Mutant



I guess that was the point.  Two Spacebabes take a terrible thrashing in this week's "DEATHMATCH: ESCALATION" movie.  Too bad.  They were so cute and evil that I just wanted to take 'em home, but it appears that if I do it'll be in a body bag now.  Bummer.  But they were just bait to lure out the one they truly want to fight - Shannon.  And It might just work.  In this week's "EXPLORERS" Lt. Styles comes face to tentacle with the ancient alien technology that she's looking for.  But it's got it's own agenda and her scavenger hunt just got really scary.  Like "why is it stripping me naked?" scary!


The "Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen" strikes again!  These guys are just looking for a good time and so far even their victims are partying down!  But after this latest invasion there's a hint of trouble in the air.  Is that really a whiff of some unseen Van Helsing?  EEK!  "Laura Talbot" doesn't even have to go hunt monsters any more.  They come to her!  Worse, they come to her IN HER DREAMS!  And our brave lass has no idea how to fight back!  Old enemies come back for more in "The Berserker".  Just when she thought that she could relax there's a knock on the hotel door and >WHAM< it's back to the sex-slave existence!  Bridgitte still lives!  But she's just a delayed snack in the "Xenomaze".  And Heather garners far more attention than she ever wanted from a band of creepy critters.  Probably far more than she can handle, too!  Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "Captured" from Donny this week.  Poor gal... the lone survivor of a battle and now she's being used to taunt her comrades as the merciless alien scumballs pound her relentlessly - and broadcast it to her commander.  You realize, of course, that THIS MEANS WAR!

That's usually how it goes...
Mike da Mutant



But it doesn't kill.  That's right, the two SpaceBabe fighters in this week's "DEATHMATCH" clips have set their alien opponent in fire!  But as his screams fade away and they make to leave - surprise!  He's a phoenix!  And he's bigger, stronger and REALLY, REALLY, PISSED!  Now the slaughter begins.

Lt. Styles makes a surprising discovery this week in "EXPLORERS".  She's after any left-over alien technology that she can salvage from this long-dead alien planet - when she finds it.  But it's NOT dead - and it's apparently got plans for her!  Slid slips in another chapter of "Sector 13" and another brave Spacebabe gets the treatment.  She's alone and vulnerable to unseen forces - the nasty kind that lurk within the forbidden sector!


"Xenomaze" features a grisly girl-munching, and non-stop insectoid advances on those that survive!  There's no end to the evil that befalls these lusty young things and there's no shortage of nubile "volunteers" to take their place!  And what would happen if some horny Earth-gal turned the tables on a creepy Martian invader?  Well... find out in this week's short story "Escape from the Horny Earth Female"!


'Scuze me!  It's just that some of these gals are hard to digest!  But that won't stop the girl-gobbling in this week's second short story "The Sludge"!  And when soap opera and alien sexual abuse combine >voila!< you get this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" feature "Dr. Spacelove"!  Cut!  That's a wrap!

Mike da Mutant



And hard on an old mutant!  First the update news and then a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  First up is the new "DEATHMATCH".  Strangely, these two Spacebabes seem to have DESTROYED their other-worldly opponent.  AS they get their rocks off rubbing against his near-comatose body I can't help but get the feeling that something's not right.  It's NEVER that easy.  NEVER.  But that's how it's shakin' down so far... just don't place any bets yet.  I just flat ran outta time to get this week's EXPLORERS segment up so I'm pinch hitting with a new short story called "NAZI'S vs. ZOMBIES" from D.Praved.  Explorers will resume next week after I catch up on some sleep, but I don't think you'll be disappointed.  I mean think about it - when Nazis are fighting Zombies... who do you root for?  Sheeeezz..


No kidding.  This week we're rolling out new chapters of "POISON", Jewel of the Damned", "Xenomaze" AND the final issue of "The Labyrinth"!  This is the BIG GUNS boys - go get 'em!  Oh - next month when the rotation comes around again "The Labyrinth" will get replaced by a new series called "SEX TALES FROM HELL"!  Any guesses what this one's about?  And rounding out this week's update is "Detention" from Donny found deep inside "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!  Super-hot school principle has to contend with an alien pervert with an unruly attitude.  But somehow they come to an agreement.  Makes ya miss High School!


Two things of import.  ONE: I have bled tears and given up sleep in order to roll out TEN NEW PPV MOVIES!  And what kind of an ass would I be to do that on the day that the HALF PRICE sale ends? (Rhetorical question, really.)  So just to show ya that my heart's in the right place I've EXTENDED the sale for one more week so you can soak up the new stuff at a bargain price!  Get 'em while they're on sale 'cause we don't do this often!


SLID has a new website!  Check out slidssupersexcomics.com for the doodle master's latest and greatest!  Membership is a paltry $12, but if you join NOW you'll get it for a ridiculously low $9 a month - FOREVER!  Yep, charter members get a 25% discount, but ya gotta act now - in two weeks the deal is OVER!

So I'm just gonna sleep some tonight and see what it's like.  Those remastered movies are a lotta work and my tiny little brain aches.  And just so's ya know there's FIVE "DEATHMATCH ENCOUNTER" flics, "IT CUMS FOR ME" (Funny as hell and kinda scary, too.), a shorty called "Escape from the SAUCER of DOOM", "The Miner's TOMB", "The DEATHMATCH CHALLENGE", and "BEFORE DEATHMATCH" - a shorty that sets all the DM flics up.  Whew!  So if you wanna get up to speed on the DEATHMATCH scene - go fer it!

I see all but understand little.
MIke da Mutant

ADDENDUM: (I just love big words.) Last night we went live with 10 new PPV flics.  I only had 6 previews though.  I got 3 more done and uploaded today and I'll get the last one "The Miner's Tomb" done this weekend and uploaded on Monday. That's about 25 minutes of free video content if ya just watch all the previews!  Enjoy!



What else could you call it?  This week it's revealed that the new "DEATHMATCH" is just a trap!  While these two Spacebabes THINK that they have the mini-wookie critter on the ropes they're apparently gonna get a BIG surprise soon.  And if that comes true and they're really just bait... how is that gonna lure Shannon back?  Methinks this is gonna twist a bit more before we get the real lay of the land.  But in the meantime it's fun to watch the bait writhe on the hook!  Poor unsuspecting bait...  Dastardly indeed!

Bridgitte gets a little tied up in "Xenomaze" this week.  It looks like the spider is about to put her in long-term storage.  But even as he spins his cocoon another big-boobed victim is selected!  The brave "Explorers" of Cepia 5 are preparing to go out into the unknown.  Well, at least one of them is.  The other one... not so much.  Is she losing her mind or has reality been radically warped?  Maybe it's the influence of some ancient alien curse?  Hmm... Then there's a new twist on alien captivity in "Abducting Daisy"!  Now she's no only the sex-toy for the alien men - but for their evil feminine companion and her "pet" as well!  Damn... This gal is definitely adaptable.


But Noooooo... this guy, this hunter thinks he's bagged a couple of real trophies when he stumbles across a couple of hotties bathing in a pond during his hunting trek.  But (as we all know) there's always a price.  And this guy's in "up to his neck" - as you'll soon see.  That's just how it goes with any "Wicked Weird Tale" from MonsterBabe Central!  You've been warned.  Becky...

Oh Becky - every man's ocean side wet dream just collided with a green snotty thingy from the deep and it's made itself her doppelganger.  Now I'm thinking that two Beckys sounds like a real party... well at least I was.  Until the dopple-Becky sucks the life out of a couple of muscle-heads.  Now I'm not so sure.  She's soooo hot but jealousy gets tangible in this week's "After School Special - Dionese, CA" update and hell's come to string-bikini beach!  Maybe I'll wait until the original Becky's up and around again.  And the last update of "Alien Eyes" is festering within the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine's" rusty confines.  Release it and discover why a great looking naked chick suddenly sprouts tentacles with teeth and decides to screw - then chew - everybody in sight!

If you dare...
Mike da Mutant.



Gotta bunch of 'em this week.  First off you'll notice that "The League of Monstrous Gentlemen" has been elevated to the lofty status of button holder.  Yep.  I REALLY like this comic series and I'm happy to give it a boost from the short story section.  But it comes at a price - EUROPA.  Sadly, real-life bit James Lemay on the ass a little while ago and for reasons beyond dispute he's had to curtail the series - at least for now.  If/when that changes I'll let ya know.  But this week you'll see how the wolfboy became the WolfMAN!


It's been like pulling teeth but I got it!  "DEATHMATCH: ESCALATION" starts this week!  I'm double-pumped to continue the DEATHMATCH tradition that we started on SpaceBabe Central so long ago.  Better yet, we've got the killer babe with the killer physique almost convinced to reprise her roll as Shannon - the undefeated alien killer!  But first she'll have to be "persuaded"...

"Explorers" is back for it's second week and the creepy crawlies are just outside the airlock!  But inestimable treasure is the goal and tentacles or not - these babes want it!  One way or another - they'll GET IT!  "Xenomaze" has a spider get'n Bridgitte's best this week and she's none too happy about it.  But what he lacks in manners he more than makes up for in stamina!  And "Laura Talbot Monster Hunter" is up to her ass in intrigue.  She's having nightmares - nightmares that seem to blend back into her waking thoughts.  But are they really just bad dreams or is there an evil force that guides her sleeping mind into an inky abyss of damnation? (Huh?)

The "Star Woes" section gets a kicker with "Her First Voyage" this week.  Normally, you'd call it her "maiden" voyage but as you'll soon see - that wouldn't really be appropriate.  And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" groans and grunts and smokes but out comes part two of "Alien Eyes' to torment YOUR dreams this week!

Mike da Mutant



Well reality has reared it's ugly head and bit me in the arse once more.  I do not have the new DEATHMATCH movie ready to go.  I'll skip the excuses, but I just want you to know that it'll start next week because I refuse to rush it out.  It's too important a tale to be half-assed and I don't want to give you guys anything less than my best.  So my punt replacement is a promo flic that I made over 10 years ago for SBC.  It's a ten minute tour-de-perversion that's surprisingly entertaining (surprises me!) and since this woulda been SpaceBabeCentral's 10 year anniversary anyway...  Well I hope you like it, too!  So check out "SBC's 10 Year Retro-flic" and I'll get back to the DEATHMATCH editing.


...I DID get the first issue of the new photo story, "EXPLORERS" done!  Two gals on a long-dead planet somewhere way, way out there.  Time to look around for alien treasure, right?  Just beware: the aliens are extinct - but some of their toys may still be working!  It starts now.  Basta takes us back into "The Labyrinth" this week where a couple of would-be heroines are about to experience things that will reshape their lives forever.  Tentacles?  Oh yeah - BIG FAT ones!  Bridgitte takes a dive into a web... a spider's web in this week's "Xenomaze" presentation.  She has a soft landing, but when the strands of the web begin to tremble there's one fairly obvious reason - SPIDER time!


Tasty... right down to her toes!  This week's short story is "Captured" from Eateries.  Let's just say that one mad scientist's experiment gets hungry and... well, you might be able to guess the rest!  "Omega Fighters" is up next.  She's one bad-assed mistress, but her need for discipline sent her on a mission to HELL!  Bet that when she got up this morning and put on her leather kink-wear she never could have guessed that she'd end the day as DR. GRAY'S mindless SEX SLAVE!  And this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation is part 1 of "Alien Eyes".  Hot chick gets two-timed by her man - and while she's sulking she gets attacked and possessed by something evil from outer space.  Wow, talk about a bad day...  Anyway, now she's gonna go back to that cheatin' bastard and take her alien inspired REVENGE!

Sorry 'bout the new DM disappointment.  I'll get it done - and I'll make it good...
...next week.
Mike da Mutant



On every deck!  Life aboard a spaceship that's been taken over by a horribly mutated crew is extremely interesting!  Ghosts take on two babes at once, and unspeakable terror lies behind every door.  Such is life - within the influence of "The Jewel of the Damned"!  Becky.  Ooohhhh... Becky's got a new string bikini that's... well, just string.  And the busty beauty stirs up unparalleled lust and jealousy on her debut day at the beach.  In fact, a huge slimy hunk of the 'ol green monster seems to be following her every move.  And it's HUNGRY!  This could only happen in "Dionise, CA" of course.


Yep, our wannabe vampire slayer is at the end of his rope.  He's shot his wad and now he's just another tasty snack for the babe with the pointed teeth.  Look at it this way - if ya gotta go...  Oh well - "Kiss of the Vampire" wraps up this week and it's good to the last drop!  Incidentally - next week we're starting a brand new DEATHMATCH series.  Uh-huh.  D E A T H M A T C H !!!!  Gonna be cool to see the SpaceBabes in action again.  And there's a new photo story of alien planetary exploration starting with it - retro-kinky style!  But back to this week.


Only within the "Xenomaze" as Bridgitte discovers that big hard things hide in colorful flora - and that they REALLY like her huge tits!  But if you think the flora has needs... wait till you see the fauna!  Then Slid presents another "Sector 13" episode.  You know, terror and death in the place where no ship should go.  But they always do.  And there's ALWAYS a hot babe to suffer the consequences!  And speaking of consequences... how many dim-wit bimbos are gonna have to suffer the wrath of the wolf before they stop seeking him out?  Answer: At least one more.  This week's short story is "Hunt the Werewolf" and she's hot, but obviously not real smart.  I like that...!

And a really good one bubbled up from the depths of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week.  Check out Donny's "Dora Spikes" as she bravely tries to defend her ship from invasion.  Tries but fails!  But I'll give her an "A" for effort.

Groundhog Day... Silly Earthlings!
Mike da Mutant



"Abducting DAISY" - her training's gettin' REALLY rough.  Where's that damn lube when ya need it?  And how long can this sweet young thang endure before she unravels or expires?  Place yer bets.  Now here's a neighborhood beautification project that really worked.  Nope not a "clean up our park" effort - this one's far more lasting.  Ya see... this rockin' chick has it all - all EXCEPT some BOOBIES!  But here comes robo-man to the rescue >WHAM - ZAP< instant huge knockers!  But of course he's gotta give 'em a test ride before he let's her back out in public.  So check out "Bicentennial Fuck" in STAR-WOES section!


Slid wraps up the "Towel Lady" trauma this week with an ending that blew the girl's mind and Basta's back with another bitchin' "Wicked Weird Tale" about a sneaky midnight rapist who gets what he wants and then gets what he DESERVES!  BUUUwahahahaha!!!  Bridgette gets a crash course in whore-ticulture this week.  Strung up like a fish and completely helpless, she's on the receiving end of a brutal botanical Bopping!  And after the plant gets it's seed pods serviced... is that HUNGER I see?  EEK!  "Xenomaze" gets scary!


And "Kiss of the Vampire" explores the feverish mind of the so-to-be-dead guy as this beautiful undead walking woody gives him his "last rights".  Next week... CLIMAX! (and disaster...)  The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spins out part two of "SCI-FI Surfer Babes" as both teams of nubile athletes struggle for "the package" - and tear each other apart!

NEXT WEEK: New photo story begins.  Retro sci-fi at it's cheesiest!

Pass the pickles and chips.
Mike da Mutant



That's his feverish mindset as the evil Vampire sucks away his life.  Confusion, passion, yearning, imminent death...  But if ya gotta go... there's probably worse ways than the "Kiss of the Vampire"!  But what if death is denied you?  What if your eternal existence is unsatisfied lust and unavoidable murder?  Well then you must be one of the unlucky cousins in the conclusion of "Tainted Legacy" - up this week!


...and HORNY!  That's the fate of our second contestant in FurBall's fantastic "Xenomaze"!  But she won't have to be horny for long... nope.  Not for long at all!  It's Xeno FLOWER POWER time!  LT IS ONE TOUGH BITCH!  Laura Talbot takes on a whole pack of giant wolves - after getting nearly guillotined!  And this gal will NEVER roll over - no matter the odds.  The supernatural should fear - HER.  "The Berserker" gets a little time off for rest and relaxation for a change.  And what does a supercharged test-tube sex slave with a bent for destruction do with her down time?  C'mon... take a guess!


And don't ever let the "Towel Lady" get you alone!  MonsterBabeCentral explores another Urban Legend this week with part one of the grisly shower scene.  It's gonna make you turn on all the lights!  And she's a stranger in a strange land - desperate to get back home to Earth. (Dunno why...)  So when the "PIZZA GIRL" shows up please remember that she works for TIPS!  Or maybe a free ride home..?

Tough out there.  Better carry a ray gun!
Mike da Mutant



Could be.  But whatever the cause our would-be vampire slayer is losing touch with reality as past and future, then and now, all run together in his feverish mind.  Is he getting pumped by the hottie with the fangs or is she still performing mouth to cock resuscitation?  Nether?  Both?  Or is he already dead but not aware of it?  Yeah... complicated.  But oh boy, it's worth the effort to figure it out!  So check out this week's "Kiss of the Vampire" and marvel (I hope) at the amazing slow-motion footage taken at 300 fps - it's an MBC first!


In "The Labyrinth".  You'll find a couple of gals already there - all tangled up in a huge knot of tentacles and slime.  They think it's a pervert's playground until something HUGE and HARD comes along!  Then it's time for some "Tainted Legacy".  Wow... maybe the Uncle wasn't the bad guy?  Maybe his revenge is kinda justified?  Hmm... who am I to judge - you do it!  Bridgitte is called upon to enter the "XENOMAZE" this week.  And she does so obediently!  What's happening in there?  And what will become of the doe-eyed beauty?  Further issues will tell!  DON'T MISS 'EM!  And one of my favorites is back in the rotation this week.  Observe closely the brave beauties of the "Omega Fighters"!  They offer their delectable bodies up to assuage the lusty monsters that have come into their care.  Apparently the only way to make these mutant mo-fo's turn back into men is to sexually exhaust them!  Good thing that these gals are up to the job.


The monster's got 'em and nothing 'cept a big-boobed bimbo is gonna satisfy his appetite!  So another gal gets gobbled in this week's short story selection called "The Mess".  Ah well... there's more where she came from.  And in this week's wacked-out "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" offering there's some future gals that'd just love to "hang ten" with ya!  At least after they settle this little bet they have with a rival team of "Sci-Fi Surfer Babes"!  Give 'em time boys.  Give 'em time.

Before you know it >POOF< it'll be next week!
Mike da Mutant



No, not YOU!  I mean those dirty bastards that sent that poor slob on a suicide mission to kill a vampire!  He thought it was real, that he had a chance to rid the world of an ancient evil, but it was all a lie.  Too late he discovers that he and his companions never stood a chance.  That she was far, far too powerful.  Now they're dead and he's a half-cooked woody that she'll use to pleasure herself with before she sucks his life away.  Sure, it's not all that bad at the moment but in the end the "Kiss of the Vampire" will be the last thing that he ever feels.  Bastards...

Uncle weirdo (the dead guy with the cloak) has two of his very own dear nieces in most compromising positions this week.  Whatever their Moms did to piss this guy off musta been very bad.  I mean, he's dead and he's taking out his anger on their daughters!  And this week one of them bites the big one!  So much for familial fondness - this guy's "Tainted Legacy" will send them all to hell!

When the chips are down...

... call out the BIG GUNS!  "Xenomaze"!  I'm re-stoking the fire that came from the freakishly popular comic series one more time.  And this time it's a WEEKLY update!  The first victim enters the mystery maze this week - it's just beginning.  And we'll present all 25 issues back to back until all of your strange-alien-gets-gorgeous-babe fantasies are satisfied!  Like bringin' a gun to a knife-fight.  Can't lose!

There's nothing COMICAL about it!

So why are they called comics? (Sorry - just can't deal with "adult graphic novel" - too "sanitation engineer-ish", ya know?)  But back to the uh... COMICS for this week.  First up is Slid's latest "Sector 13" installment.  He came from the deep desert of a world long dead.  But he breathed life back into a tempting damsel that he chanced upon - and her life changed forever!  Who was this mystery "man"?  Ya gotta read the story!  Then "Monster Joe" lurks in the dark forest looking for victims.  Fortunately for him, he spies one drop-dead-beauty alone in a secluded cabin and before you can say "suck it bitch!" he's got another conquest!  Apparently, I been doin' this all wrong.  Dammit.

And there's a whole new twist in "Jewel of the Damned" this time around.  The alien jewel has done it's thing to reality once more and this time the cuddly sex fiends have turned into KILLERS!  A Ghostly apparition is now the ship's top sex-predator and he's found sweet over-boobed Claudia sans guardians.  She's NOT enthusiastic about his lusty attentions, but with her man missing and her robo-protector disabled... well there's not much that she can do about it.  Ghastly!  Horrible!  Right on target!  And it just ain't an update without the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" chiming in.  So this week's update serves up "Straight Flush" from Donny.  She was acquired as payment for a gambling debt.  But her training and abilities far surpassed all expectations and now all the aliens WANT AN EARTH GIRL!  No good can come from this - it's tough enough policing the planet as it is.  Dammit.  Just when things were settling down...


THAT.  The two new buttons on the main page!  Oh c'mon... you gonna tell me that the sacrifice of my little mini-banner so that we could set up "Abducting Daisy" and "Xenomaze" with their very own feature buttons didn't get your attention?!!  Good gravy, dude!  I hate to mess with things, but "Daisy" proved so damn popular that I had to make it an ongoing series and "Xeno"... well Xeno deserves a whole page!  But we do what we can and since I don't have any "clunker" content to drop we just had to e x p a n d.  Guess that's a good problem, huh?

And sorry for the day-late update.  Screwed myself by stupidly forgetting to upload some important stuff so I had to fix my mistakes last night.  I'm okay.  Just a little mentally wobbly these days.

This too shall pass. (I hope.)
Mike da Mutant



2011 I mean.  And the final update of the year is a ZINGER!  I guess even the most generous Vampire gets tired of just giving 'cause this week she's climbing on board for a wild ride in the dungeon!  Quite a "Kiss of the Vampire" she delivers, huh?  Ya gotta wonder... is it cold?  Then good old "uncle weirdo" has split the three busty cousins apart and is taunting each one individually.  But this supernaturally supercharged madman can't keep his incestuous desires controlled much longer.  The only real question - since they're all doomed - is who gets the spook wiener FIRST!  That's his last perverted bequest in this week's "Tainted Legacy".

"The League of Monstrous Gentlemen" is back again with a second amazing issue.  This time the Mummy gets some, too!  It's in the short story section even though it's an ongoing series.  I just ran out of front page real estate for another button!  Everybody needs a little "POISON"!  This week you can get yer fix as the good doctor personally demonstrates it's proper use to a prospective buyer.  I'm pretty sure she'll make the sell (wink wink)!


Oops!  Never mind - found 'em!  They're all in the basement teaching sweet young Becky a new twist on givin' "head".  But she's been through a lot and is desperately trying to escape they're evil grasp.  Maybe if she sets them on fire?  We'll see.  And what better way to look back upon the year than with a little trip in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"?  Especially when it's destination is a hot space vampire on a killing spree!  Yep, that's this week's "The Dark Evil".  QUERY: if you were drowning and woke up saved by a hot horny redheaded mermaid would you complain?  Me neither.  But perhaps the Captain of this week's "Wicked Weird Tales" offering should have made some contingency plans...


...for the rest of the YEAR.  I promise.
Mike da Mutant



Happy Hanukkah, too!  There's a special "member only" Invasion Report linked up on the front page.  It's got one of SBC's low points chronicled for posterity and now (9 years later) we can finally laugh about it.  I just hope Santa's not holding a grudge - he was kinda pissed.


Well, there are new clips in the suckorama that we call "The Kiss of the Vampire", a new and revealing chapter of "Tainted Legacy" and a bunch of fresh comics!  The creepy spook in "Tainted" has got some serious issues as he lusts after his own sweet nieces.  "Monster Joe" invades the bedroom of some far away princess and seriously tarnishes her soul (as well as other parts) as he distorts her fragile female parts.  Then "Europa" is back and... so is a dead guy?  Huh?  I thought Kat's momma killed that prick!  Hmmm...  Less confusing to my tiny mind is "The Berserker" where a desperate cop takes lascivious advances in stride in order to get that all-important tip leading to our heroines arrest!  Whatever the intel was - she's earned it!


Lucky you.  "Laura Talbot" gets the back story on a town that's accursed!  But strangely, as she hears the ancient tale of evil and corruption she's... SERIOUSLY turned on?  WTF?  Is this place getting to the famous monster hunter?  Can she prevail against her own body's freaky reactions?  And does she want some help? (hehehe... pant, pant)  It's a brand new issue of a brand new chapter!  And closing out the update is "To The Rescue" from the depths of the W.A.B.A.C. Machine!  This chick needed a bigger gun!

So enjoy the holiday weekend and save lotsa room for desert!
Mike da Mutant



In a BIG way!  "Tainted Legacy" begins this week - our new photo story!  So there's these three gals that inherit a huge rural home from an uncle that the family has shunned.  And they had good reason - as these gals are about to discover!  Join us as we explore the dark corners of imagination and supernatural terror - starts NOW!  Then you'll see that Vampires obviously have no gag reflex in this week's "Kiss of the Vampire" clips.  Guess that makes sense.  If you get your meals by tearing out the throat of people and sucking their blood... I guess you'd be immune, too!


..of AMAZING comics this week!  The comics are terrific.  "The Grid: Recharged" is this month's "Star Woes" entry and it's nothing like that mild mannered series of movies - MUCH better! ('least for us.)  And "The Labyrinth" gets a fresher as the gals fall into another trap.  But this one dissolves their clothes and makes 'em do naughty things to each other!  "Ligea - Vampire MILF" is back!  You can find her in the short story section this week where she's up to her usual evil doin's.  Then a couple treasure hunters are wishing that they'd stayed home today.  In "Jungle Gem" a ruthless woman will stop at nothing to secure the find of a lifetime - but she had no idea what it REALLY was!  And in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry a futuristic tomb raider discovers that the "tomb" she's exploring is really more like an alien club house.  And boy - are they glad she dropped by!

Me too!
Mike da Mutant



Vampires... really when you think about it... who would you expect to be the best at sucking?  Experience counts!  So check out the "Kiss of the Vampire" and marvel at the mastery!  It's NOT gonna be a case of kiss and tell - unless our "victim" has got a secret way to escape.  And wants to escape...


That's the word for the comic updates this week - and that's downplaying it!  Starting with "Omega Fighters".  The mutagenic virus that's turned men into monstrous horny sex maniacs is being studied.  But the only cure seems to be to let 'em exhaust themselves on an endless cadre of volunteer Spacebabes!  Curiously, one seems to defy the therapy - more about that later.  "Abducting Daisy" - it's like an alien cottage industry!  And sadly for Daisy she's become VERY popular with the flying saucer set.  This one's in the short story section, but it's really the third in a mini-series.  "Monster Joe" is also in with the short stories.  The big ugly brute discovers a lonesome lovely all despondent and abandoned in a post apocalyptic world and decides to "comfort" her.  'Course he'll do it HIS way!  "Jewel of the Damned" is up, too.  This time there's a general orgy goin' on between the survivors, but just as they seem to have adjusted to the bizarre circumstances that they've found themselves in - there's a wrinkle - "Wha... What's that GLOW?!!!"


I did!  I said, "DON'T VENTURE OUT TO 'SECTOR 13'."  But nobody listens...  This time a busty pilot gets a little too curious about a stray box she finds in the ship's hallway.  And when she opens it up for a peek.. well we won't be seeing HER again!  I told ya so!  Darwin awards all around.  Back on Earth there's a certain alien explorer who just can't leave until he tries out some of that famous Earth nookie.  But the poor workin' girl that he decides to accost is get'n a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" version of the "Hooker Blues".  BIG TIME!

Terrific update -thanks guys!  Hope ya LOVE it.
Mike da Mutant



Yep.  So she's at least 10,000 years old and has obviously been around. (If'n ya knows what I mean.)  And the the lone survivor of the three assassins is about to get the last thing he expected to get from the "monster" he was sent to kill.  And brother... she's gonna blow his... uh, mind!  Of course, when it's over he's gonna be a snack, but until then... enjoy the "Kiss of the Vampire"!


So there's this "Indiana Jones" wannabe that stumbles into an ancient ruin only to find a gorgeous half-naked native gal just waiting there to screw his lights out.  Sound too good to be true?  Hmmm... check out the latest issue of "Wicked Weird" for confirmation of your skeptical assumptions!  Oh NO!  It's the "Invisible Sex Maniac"!  And this week the poor guy's got his work cut out for him.  Maybe he's just a victim of his own success, but this time he stalks a hottie who rooms with another hottie - who lives in an apartment building full of hotties - and they've all heard of him and wanna try out the "can't see him" lover!  Better take yer vitamins dude!  And it's time for a dose of "Poison"!  This time the drop-dead evil scientist babe is taking stock and reviewing her victories.  She's gonna turn us all into monsters - one orgy at a time...


...and freaky monster sex!  That's what the "Fraternal Order of Monstrous Gentlemen" brings to the table.  Lord knows that when Drac and Frank get back together for some party time - SOMEONE'S gonna suffer, but ya gotta admire their polite mannerism as they stick it to the babe!  EXCELLENT COMIC!  (I hope there's more forthcoming).  And "After School Special - Dionise CA" is up again!  Becky just got laid in the basement (by the same pool boy that her mom just blew) when she goes upstairs for a snack.  When she gets back he's dead and some tribe of deadly lawn gnomes is about to finish what he started!  Can't say that I blame them.  Then it's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" time!  This week's blast from the past is "Special Teams" and you'll never look at the locker room quite the same way again!  Why is it that the ugly alien critters always get the hot babes?

Yeah.  I dunno either.
Mike da Mutant



OH MAN!  We've got a real smokin' video goin' now!  Pissed me off after workin' so hard (and still being a day late) that we get it published last week and I'm too friggin' sick to rave about it.  The flu hit me like a mother-in-law's stare and pretty much took me out most of last week.  But it's time for a little chest thumpin' now.  "Kiss of the Vampire" is our first flic shot with the new HD camera & shotgun mic, and it was edited using the newest/best effects software that I can master.  And in a week or so we'll get to the slo-mo shots made using a high speed camera for even more ZING!  The whole damn thing was shot green-screen and the "scenes" were done in post production.  Ball-busting amount of work, but I'm really happy with the results.  Hope you guys are, too!  We back-filled a little set-up info on the movie page so that you'll get the overall idea, and Natalie Minx does an AMAZING job as the Vampire who's been delivering this "kiss" for 10,000 years!  Ain't no substitute for experience boys!


It's a RED HOT week!  Lemme tell ya 'bout the rest of the update.  First - Briaeros is up in the rotation with another killer episode of "Laura Talbot Monster Hunter".  This is sooo damn good.  Been workin' with this artist for over 9 years now and he just gets better!  "LT" is a great story, well thought out and superbly illustrated and the action is amazing.  Warning: you may NEVER be able to get that blonde gal with the two foot long tongue out of your mind!  I think I love her...  Top shelf, first-rate all the way!  Same can be said for "The Berserker" from Predator - another lavish issue of the best bad girl in the business this week!  And for once she's not killing anybody!


Huh?  NO WAY!  We gots lots of shorties!  "Monster Joe" is actually a mini-series, but I have so many series goin' on now that I ran outta buttons!  Joe's a huge hairy more-than-human kinda guy that has a winning way with all the hot chicks!  If they're into it - or not!  Caution: don't try this a home - you'll go to jail - forever.  Then Slid's up with another "Urban legends, Camp Echo" yarn for the slasher-freak in you.  But there's less slashing than thrashing and these demonic characters enjoy setting the humans up for a fall as much as the killing part.  Damn clever these spookies...  Hell, this "short story" is up to it's 9th chapter... did I mention I ran outta buttons?  Then the only "real" short story in the short story area this week is "Out in the Cold".  And it's a tasty treat for you VORE fanatics 'cause this gal ain't fast enough to escape and gets gobbled by Frosty the snow beast!  And roundin' out the selection is " Tomb 19v" in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine".  A not too bright explorer on an alien world finds a tomb full of aliens.  But is it really a "tomb" when they all come back to life for some much needed sex with the silly human?  We'll have to ponder that a spell.  Still ponderrin'...

Early update so we can all dig in to the grub tomorrow - it's Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A.!
Gobble gobble!
Mike da Mutant



MIKE <stopped>



Yep, still buy'n time to get the new movie the way I want it.  So this week's PPV flic substitute is "The ACME BCD".  I kinda like to lighten it up a bit once in a while anyway - too much scary shit out there in the real world!  Enjoy a few giggles and make sure to look at the bottom of the ACME page where I've posted a couple stills from next week's movie.  It's gonna be a killer!


Hope so... there's a BUNCH of comics up!  Starting with "SECTOR 13" where only fools go!  Fresh chapter in the new series for your edification and enlightenment.  Then "Jordan Nightshade" is about to be vamp'd in the short story section and she's joined by "Abducting Daisy" and "Another Close Encounter" in the same section.  "Jewel of the Damned" gets even scarier this week as the mutations become more evident and invasive while "Omega Fury" takes it's turn in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine".

Is Veteran's Day.
Mike da Mutant



Your ass, I mean.  Well I did.  My intention was to have the next flic rolled out this week, but it didn't work out.  And it's way too damn good to rush so...


It's a good one!  Here's the deal.  You refrain from hating me and I'll give you a complete 54 minute long movie from the PPV area this week.  Deal?  C'mon!  Cut me some slack so that I can master the new f/x software and the 64 bit programs that technology has thrust upon me!  Thought I had it covered... I was wrong.  So in a classic move to buy some time I've posted the complete "ZOMBIES" flic in the member area - for THIS WEEK ONLY!  Next update it'll disappear faster than a hooker's smile, then I'm gonna put up another one!  Yeah.  Learned my lesson - no rushing on the upcoming movie - so I'll buy two weeks of head scratchin' time and you'll get two complete Pay Per View flics while I'm sweating 64 bit f/x blood.  Okay?  By the way, I wouldn't be doin' this for a lesser project - the next one up is a MAJOR movie upgrade for us - you'll see.  And "Zombies" is one of our all-time best flics and a best selling PPV.  So take the bribe - with my humble compliments.  FREEBIE GUYS - Even the "Zombie" preview is 3 minutes long!  Mucho Gusto, Hombre!


And a bunch of 'em!  "Rouge Vampire (part 2), "Rivals" and "Undead 2" grace the short story section and "Solara Sex Temp" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!  Good stuff - right on target if yer into naked girls, sex, aliens, scary critters and lotsa blowjobs.  And if not, seriously, what are you doing HERE?  Then "AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL - Dionise CA" is up with the 28th issue of this kickin' comic!  Becky's mom sucks gardener schlong, but doesn't notice the killer lawn gnomes behind her.  But when sweet, sweet Becky goes for some of that too they'll follow her inside.  What their intentions are... we'll find out together!  And there's a fresh issue of "Wicked Weird Tales" this week.  It's "Little BIG World" and it's a sick, sick twist on "Gulliver's Travels".  BIG babe wakes up to tiny tormentors, but somehow they strike a bargain.  A JUICY bargain!  Everybody wins!

Humbled but resolute,
Mike da Mutant



...had sex with a gal that you didn't wanna be seen with!  HA!  But maybe your "piggy poke" wasn't quite as bad as Robert Knox's?  Well it's over this week and the alien girl-critters got what they wanted.  So what's he gonna do about it now?  Probably just sleep it off as "DOUBLE TROUBLE" concludes with many unanswered questions.  Then the conclusion of "Time of Demons" is up and some really hot chicks get a double dose of the 'ol demon seed.  And they LIKE it!


Gotcha covered with several short stories this week!  "Zilora #4" leads off as the mistress of evil takes on an ancient African fertility god in a one-on-one sex-battle to the death!  This gal has SKILLS!  Then "Jordan Nightshade" is on a killing spree that can't be stopped (unless she pauses long enough to have sex!).  And "Chasers #2" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine."  While one gal sacrifices all to keep the bad alien goons occupied her cohorts have arrived to save the day!


Nah... not baseball.  Our exclusive comic series!  Like "The Labyrinth" from Basta.  It's Spacebabe against barbarian in the endless tunnels of doom!  But a snapped sword changes EVERYTHING this week and this one just keeps get'n better.  Then Briaeros' masterpiece "Laura Talbot" is back with the most disturbingly fantastic issue yet!  Her new friend is grateful for Laura saving her life and decides to reveal a little secret.  But there's really nothing "little" about her 18" tongue and she's gonna give Laura the ride of her life!  AMAZING!


Ok.  Maybe a little.  NEXT WEEK we're starting the most intense new movie in ages.  Gorgeous gal and some fabulous video footage combined with TONS of 3D graphics and special effects.  Don't miss the premier of "Kiss of the Vampire"!!!

Now I better get back to work!
Mike da Mutant



Yeah... that's what Robert Knox is try'n to figure out in this week's "DOUBLE TROUBLE" update!  Either way there doesn't seem to be too much that he can do about it so... relax and let it happen?  Why not?  Snarky pig-critters aside, it still looks like a good time to me!  And check out "Time of Demons" this week.  It's the first of two parts and it's all about a time when DEMONS ruled and the women served!  Yeah... tough to imagine, huh?  Well, that's why it's fantasy!


Oh yeah.  Like "a new episode of "POISON"!  This time some demented chick experiments with the secret formula on a PIG!  Don't see anything good comin' outta this meself, but I guess she'll find that out.  Then we're starting a new comic series called "Sector 13" this week.  It's all about the premise that some places (even large regions of space) are just inherently EVIL.  And as this one unfolds you'll see what we mean.  IF we survive!  "Abducting Daisy" begins as well with a sneaky alien bastard that has got the hots for this gorgeous farm girl.  But once he's finished with her it looks like she's gonna get passed up the chain of command.  And she AIN'T gonna like it!


You betcha!  And when a beautiful "Rogue Vampire" decides to go after her own kind there's gonna be a helluva battle!  Place yer bets...  Let's go back...  "W.A.B.A.C." in fact!  This week's offering is part one of "Chasers" - the story of bad-ass babes with guns hunting down the evil mutant hoard - not very successfully I might add!  But hey, they should know better than to mess with us mutants!

I think...
Mike da Mutant



Bobby, just relax and roll with it!  That's my advice for the "victim" in "DOUBLE TROUBLE"!  Sheeezz... I mean yeah, sometimes the two hot cocksuckers kinda look like alien pig critters, but hey - who hasn't been there a few times?  At least they seem competent at what they're doing and when they're not alien pig critters they're pretty damn hot!  So kick back dude and let 'em do what they're gonna do anyway!


The newly released spirits of the girls of "Hurdford House" are free now.  Free to engage Hurdford in an eternity of kinky ghost sex that is!  It's the final update and it's a slaughter!


It just happened that way!  One INCREDIBLE week of comics updates...  Like "Omega Fighters."  The mighty Black Rage comes across an evil doer doin' evil (go figure..) and just HAS to intercede.  BIG MISTAKE.  She's a prime Omega Fighter, but she's stumbled across DR. GREY, the mastermind behind all of the recent mutant attacks.  Poor Rage is instantly enthralled by his powers and can't resist his will.  And his will is that she will be his next sex slave - now and forever!  And he also reveals his evil plans for ALL the Omega Fighters!  Then "Jewel of the Damned" is back again with more interstellar terror!  Everyone aboard has been CHANGED.  A few were enhanced, the rest are cannibalistic fantasy nightmares that prey upon them.  Amazing sexual encounters take place next to deadly dismemberment and you never know what's around the next corner!  And James Lemay's newest nightmare, "EUROPA," unfolds as Katya comes across a mysterious space shuttle - waaay out there where shuttles don't go!  No apparent life-signs, no activity, no damage.  What's going on?  Guess she'll have to go over there and find out!  "Jordan Nightshade" rips an adversary apart!  EEK!  Only then does it dawn on her that she's been turned into something UNHOLY.  And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" takes you on a journey to an ancient and long forgotten planet where a "sweet young thang" discovers a tomb full of aliens.  But not ALL the aliens are dead!  Cue the terror music... let the orgy begin!

What an amazing update!
Dunno WHO to blame...
Mike da Mutant



Seriously.  Had a tooth pulled and it's been getting even worse ever since.  That's why the update went up sans notes yesterday.  Took drugs and called it a day after I'd met my content obligations.  Muy better today and it's FRIDAY so things are lookin' up!

So here's the scoop.

"DOUBLE TROUBLE" - in more ways than one!  Robert Knox is screwed - or is gonna be screwed - or blown!  As long as there's nothing he can do about it (being secured to the abduction table and all) then he might as well kick back and enjoy the ride, right?  Of course, it'd be a lot easier if whatever makes the snorkel critters look like hot babes would work ALL of the time!  But c'mon... admit it - snorkel critters or not - you'd do 'em!  And that's exactly what's happening in this week's video clips!  Then "Hurdford House" echoes to the screams of two hot bimbos under the deadly influence of some creepy ghost perv that wants 'em to do each other in so that they'll become like him - and then HE can do 'em both!  Evil?  Sure.  But hey, at least he's got a plan!


Dunno.  But they're little killers and they're springing forth in the garden of motherly lust in this week's "Dionise, CA" update!  When Mom gets her game on for the gardener she alienates sweet, sweet Becky - but far worse - she's stirred up another nasty supernatural threat to Dionise California!  Hell man, I'd move away.  But Becky will no doubt figure out some way to use her bountiful boobies to defeat yet another evil scourge!  I think... In the meantime, enjoy the show that Mom's put'n on!  Then the short stories bubble up as we present "Interstellar Relations" and "Alien Force," a couple disturbing little peeks into the ongoing alien relations crisis.  Why can't we all just get along?

Basta rolls out a new "Wicked Weird Tale" about a guy that REALLY shoulda listened when his new girlfriend said "I wanna eat you all up."  Sometimes that's not so good..  And the tale that wags the dog comes from the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" as we re-present "What REALLY Happened at ROSWELL."  Big boobs, lotsa tentacles... yep.  I'm pretty sure this is how it really went down, fellas!

And if you noticed I snuck in a significant upgrade for everybody last week.  The "Small" movies are now the old "Large" size.  And the "Large" movies are now straight 480p wide - meaning they're about 4 times as big as anything we've ever posted before.  Bandwidth is cheap and everybody wants BIG HI-DEF video so we've delivered!  Enjoy watching "DOUBLE TROUBLE" full screen!

Until we meet again I remain,
Mike da Mutant



Snatched right off of the sidewalk!  Another guy gets ABDUCTED?  WTF?!!  Robert Knox was just taking a walk when suddenly he's strapped down to something in some alien hideaway and >poof< two ugly aliens arrive!  But wait!  Are they really ugly aliens or are they hotties bent on taking his virtue?  Or both?  Hmmm... You can help him figure it out in this week's new movie  "The Abduction of Robert Knox - DOUBLE TROUBLE"!  Hurdford's about to get a couple hotties himself - 'least as soon as they smash each other's brain's out!  UNFAIR!  But it's "Hurdford House..." his house - his rules!


Great series updates this week!  "The Berserker" gets attacked from the sky and these bird dudes are lovin' her!  How's she gonna get outta this one?  The answer's in the final panel!  Then "Laura Talbot's" betrayed by a friend that she tried to rescue.  Worse - her former friend is possessed - and strangely equipped for a woman!  Laura's got BIG problems!  "Jordan Nightshade" gets a beating from a couple of curiously overpowering girls, but soon discovers their secret.  Something to do with fangs...  And "The LABYRINTH" echoes to screams and thuds and and all the sounds of deadly combat as Spacebabe takes on Barbarian in a battle of life and death!  'Course it's what they DON'T know about the Labyrinth that'll kill 'em!  Then it's time for little grays and sweet little farm babes to mix it up in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" selection "Daddy's Little Girls"!

Mike da Mutant



She did it!  One daring Spacebabe has chalked up another accomplishment by securing that much needed alien DNA for the Spacebabe Command laboratories.  And yeah... there might have been a little collusion involved, but don't blame me for get'n the job done AND pay'n off a gambling debt!  I mean, it was all for a good cause, ya know?  Regardless, it's the FINAL UPDATE of "Alien Penetration" this week and you don't wanna miss it.  And next week... Oh man!  Next week the sad tale of another alien abduction begins - and this one's got a real TWIST!  And speaking of twisted, apparently the "Hurdford House" spook has picked his favorite.  Or maybe not.  Maybe he just wants them BOTH dead so the real fun can begin!


Man... you don't EVER wanna get on this Spacebabe's bad side!  Sure Dr. Ericson is a killer, a rapist and a scum-bag of monumental proportion... But holy shit!  Momma Castaway has MORE than paid him back - and it ain't the final outrage - even though it's the final "Housewives in Space" episode!  EEE-Gads!  And just when you thought you knew these guys...>WHAM< there's a new "A TEAM"!  OR "X TEAM" - whatever!  This new gang doesn't stick to the old gang's rules - especially when they find the hot young chicks from that 'lil prairie house just awaiting some company!  NASTY...  Just plain NASTY.  And you'll find it in the "STAR-WOES" section!  Dr. Simone is back with another dose of pure "POISON" this week!  If it works on this guy, it'll work on ANYBODY!  Gotta get me some of that...


Nope - not Thanksgiving yet.  'Least for us.  But for one cursed man it's always a good time to chow down on a hot babe.  He's tried to kick the habit - really tried - but it didn't work, so now "I Did it Again" says he!  Yummy...  And the infamous "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has served up a super-slimy selection this week.  "Space Slugs" - sure they're ugly - but they come with their own lube.  How thoughtful!

Bad to da bone!
Mike da Mutant



James Lemay jumps a generation to bring you a brand new series - "EUROPA."  This one takes up with the daughter of "Alien Winter's" brave heroine and she's on a mission to the outer worlds.  She's just doin' what girls do to pass the time, but she's not gonna be lonely for long!  Don't miss the FIRST ISSUE!  The "Alien Penetration" movie gets a little rough and heads to next week's CLIMAX, and the "Hurdford House" frat girls are falling under the spook's dastardly spell. (Duhh...)


Oh yeah - Jordan Nightshade.  She's found herself on a desolate world where few survive and those that do are all female!  Now I know that the women folk are 'sposed to get along better and all... but that ain't what's goin' down and there's something WRONG about the survivors.  Really WRONG.  Another "OMEGA Fighter" takes one for the innocent as she rushes in where Angels fear to tread.  But nothing can stop Blue Thunder from her appointed mission.  No matter WHAT it takes!  "Wicked Weird Tales" gets a fresh story about (you guessed it) a solidly built but obviously dim-witted sorority pledge that has something she has to do to be part of the group.  If she lives..

And from the archives it's "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" from Donny in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine!"  If a hot lookin' mama comes across as too good to be true - well, she probably IS!

There's a lesson in there somewhere.
Mike da Mutant



Better be.  There's a lot to scream about this week.  First, our brave young SpaceBabe is on the ropes and she's screamin'!  This "Alien Penetration" is rubbin' her raw!  How much longer can he inflict this upon her?  Will she ever get her DNA sample and live to return with it?  Where did she learn to suck like that?  Yep... these and many more questions will soon be answered.  And the sorority bimbos of "Hurdford House" are finally get'n the idea that maybe... just maybe... something's wrong!  Beautiful to behold but dumb as rocks...  I hope the horny ghost gives 'em some lessons!


You know... like "Dionise, CA" kinda ass!  Gotcha covered!  Sweet, sweet Becky must perform one last murderous tryst for the haunted lingerie that has possessed her.  And this time the target is the BOSS!  Killing him's not too tough - but getting away with it?  THAT could get complicated!

They've been restructured into super-human sex machines.  All of their shipmate's are dead or have been turned into monsters.  There's a powerful alien influence on board that will doom them all - "The Jewell of the DAMNED."  So what's to do?  Well, SPLIT UP and search of course!  'Least they didn't say "I'll be right back"... Duhh.  And there's a lesson to be learned here fellas.  If you decide to offer a woman as a sacrifice to the Gods... you BETTER make sure that she can't come back for revenge!  Ya heard it here first so take heed and enjoy "The Sacrifice."


REALLY bad call!  So there's this pack of cruel, evil, sadistic vampires in London.  They kidnap "Zilora" right off the street and subject her to the worst possible series of tortures ever devised by their kind.  But somehow... she doesn't break.  In fact, when it all starts to bore her, they'll discover their FATAL mistake!  THIS bitch is NOT one to be MESSED WITH!  And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out the final GROX comic.  Sadly, GROX bites the big one... but his creator chokes on a big one, too!

Just spreadin' the pain,
Mike da Mutant



...a GAP!  "Alien Penetration" my ass! (Okay, make that HER ass.) This gal's not get'n so much penetrated as IMPALED!  But she's not only drop-dead gorgeous - she's DURABLE!  Ya gotta be pretty tough to make a living as a Spacebabe.  Trust me, we've seen some tough assignments, but this one is PUNISHING!  And then fools rush in... etc.  Like these two "Hurdford House" bimbos.  C'mon.  Yer in an obviously haunted house, complete with murderous horny ghost and you wanna drop yer pants and flash yer ass?!!!  WTF!  I.Q.'s are dropping like rocks!  But if the ghost doesn't take advantage of 'em... I'll volunteer.  Just to keep the story goin' of course...


Hell no!  There's a TON of good stuff up this week!  Like Briaero's "Laura Talbot" series... oh man!  Laura's gotten herself into a helluva situation in a nasty little back-alley brawl with some tentacle men who wanna do "evil things" to her!  And even though she might fight 'em off today - rest assured that they'll all get a shot at her soon.  And just 'cause I know what's comin' - keep a close eye on that big-boobed babe that Laura just saved... She's got a secret fellas - and it's a KILLER!  "Screwbee Doo" wraps up the final issue of this Mystery Machine thriller!  The Saturday morning cartoons never really gave ya the WHOLE story now did they?  But we do - and the girls are a LOT more useful than anybody ever thought!


...this offer!  Just pay separate pissing and moaning charg...  Uh.  Ooops.  Wrong gig.  But the sentiment's the same - we ain't done yet!  Like "Technoflesh."  Can you say "holy shit!  She's insatiable!?"  I betcha can.  And you'll have every reason to use them thar multi-syllable words after you see the nympho-spacebabe that's up in this week's bitchin' short story.  She's a non-stop sex machine!  More?  You want MORE?  Sheeezz... okay.  How about "The Purple Menace" served up freshly re-heated in your local "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" kitchen?  Strange invader abducts sweet young thang from planet dirt and takes her away to the stars for unending sexual perversion!  You know... it's our shtick after all.  And Basta brings scary tunnel encounters to all-time high point with his spooky comic series.  It's a deadly duel between a scrumptious SpaceBabe and an equally stacked barbarian cookie from days gone by!  The past tries to knock the hell outta the future in the dark, dank recesses of "The Labyrinth!"  But it's not each other that they should fear... BU-Ahahahahaha....!  This is just BEGINNING!

Wow.  Now THAT's an UPDATE!
Mike da Mutant



Yep, but she got better.  Through the miracle of alien science the matriarch of the "Castaways" clan has been brought back!  But even as she celebrates she knows that her youngest daughter is still the captive of the evil Dr. Ericsonn.  And that's a situation that she can not tolerate!  And we've added a button for "POISON!"  Which means that I like it enough to keep it comin' for a while.  Good stuff - terrific art and nifty story - check out this week's update!  Now sing along... "I've Been Lurking on the Rail-road..."  Or don't.  But you'll be humming it all day anyway after you see our newest "Fable of Fright!"  And it's time to earn some spending money - even "The Berserker" has to pay her bills.  So a little side job seems tempting enough... I mean... what could go wrong?  And it's time to revisit the 'lil city in the desert - Tucson!  Yep, the local authorities swept it under the rug, but we here at Monsterbabe Central have the blow-by-blow details of that embarrassing "Attack of the Giant Babe" that threatened to level the Old Pueblo a few years ago.  Thanks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine!"


Well it's not QUITE that horror-movie dumb, but it's pretty close.  This week the Gals in the "HURFORD HOUSE" settle down to play with the Ouija board - in a haunted house!  Duhhh... And even though she volunteered, this Spacebabe has gotta be having second thoughts about this mission.  Then again... she's get'n the high hard one from an alien that (at least) doesn't drip slime or have tentacles.  Just lookin' at the bright side as "Alien Penetration" augers in.  BTW: I'll have some AMAZING out-takes of this one when it's over - it'll be a bonus!  Stay riveted!

And so it goes...
Mike da Mutant



WOW!  Now that they've got a real mission the "Omega Fighters" waste no time bringing down Dr. Gray's evil mutants!  Red Fist herself takes out the first slimy creep mid-rape, but the war has just begun.  Still, for this evil mutation... it's OVER!  Then curiosity (and strange noises) make the girl's skin crawl as they investigate the mysterious sound.  But they somehow overlook the fact that the "H" in "Hurdford House" is checking them out too!  SpaceBabes have to be durable.  It's just part of the job when yer mixin' all rough 'n tumble with the low-lives of the Galaxy.  But I'm puttin' this one up for a medal!  She's damn-well earning it in this week's "UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY: Alien Penetration" video!


Good guess!  The hideously evil, body-snatching bitch that haunts "Camp Echo" is back!  And she's selected an amazing body to snatch this time!  It's currently occupied by one terrified co-ed - but that's not really a problem!  Basta presents another "Wicked Weird Tale" about bad things that happen to good girls.  This gal was so upset that she lost her head!  And the boys of "Screwbee Doo" have finally noticed that the girls have disappeared!  Where can they be?  Hmm... check downstairs underneath all the monsters and vampires, boys!  After a lot of belching and smoking and other strange clunks in the night..."The W.A.B.A.C. Machine's" surrendered "Routine Patrol" for this week's bonus.  Poor police gal just rattling doorknobs when all-of-a-sudden >WHAM< - she wakes up with a challenge that she HAS to overcome to live!

Mike da Mutant



Gotcha covered!  "ALIEN PENETRATION" - holy rug burn!  This Spacebabe is DEDICATED!  She's taking a hell of a pounding workin for that alien DNA sample - and I didn't tell her to, DAMMIT!  But ooh la la none the less!  And when the movie ends I'll post the out-takes.  You GOTTA see the out-takes!  Ghosts?  Oh yeah.  The moldy, creepy horny kind and it starts in this week's new photo story "HURFORD HOUSE!"  Two silly gals (duhh.) invade a home searching for a ghost.  Yeah, they'll find him.  BUUAHahahaha!!!


You betcha!  Worse than that, it's REALLY ANGRY undies and it's got sweet, sweet Becky enthralled!  She's the unwilling accomplice as it sends her to murder again and again!  Along the way she gets lotsa action so it's not ALL bad!  But things can change in an instant in "Dionise, CA" so she's probably in for a real bad ending.  REAL bad!  And shit's gone from bad to unfreakingbelivable in "Jewell of the Damned!"  The ship's crew is either dead or transformed into horrible horny monsters that pursue the last two survivors!  They better figure out the situation fast or they'll be EATEN! (Or conversely, they be eaten and THEN the bad stuff happens - it's that kinda story!)  Then a chance collision in space lands a luckless Spacebabe on a nasty planet with an even nastier TENTACLE ALIEN!  Boy, does SHE get the grand tour in "Under a Barren Sky!" 


No so much really.  I mean, she tried but it just didn't work out.  And then when she's discovered by the yucky GOO guy... well, it gets downright snotty!  So all you "Alien Agents" make note: If ya make too much noise the GOO guy will get ya - and there's a helluva mess to clean up when HE's done!  And wrappin' up the week comes a fresh new (old) comic from deep in the archives of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine!"  "Paul is DEAD" is what it's called but it coulda been called "Alien dick-faced creatures explore the inner workings of terrified human female."  Probably why he called it "Paul is Dead" huh?

Despicable Deviant Destruction - made to order!
Mike da Mutant



Dammit.  Sorry guys, I really tried to knock out some more PPV'S before the sale went away, but it just wasn't gonna be.  But when I do finally get 'em up I'll start 'em at 1/2 price (for a week or so) and letcha know just to be fair.  Computer crashes and competing priorities got the best of me.


If I were to pick a week to be a slacker then this is a good one.  Why?  'Cause the update today is just OUTSTANDING.  No shit - check out this stellar line-up!  "Alien Penetration" wastes no time in getting to the... uh, "ALIEN PENETRATION!"  This spacebabe may have bitten off more than she can chew... er, swallow!  But this girl's got balls (bouncing on her chin right now) and she'll see this misguided mission through till the gooey end!  "Screwbee Doo" (Where have I heard that before?) is up with part one of three this week.  The mystery machine better have a first aid kit 'cause there's gonna be some chaffin' before this one is over!  And Basta's "Aliens, Babes and Creatures" has ended!  So what to do? Simple!  Replace it with "The Labyrinth" and keep on truckin'!  EXCELLENT addition to the stable, and it's just starting!


Did I just type that outloud?  No matter... Continuing with the update news there's some MAJOR stuff in from Briaeros.  He's hard at work on "Laura Talbot" and the first chapter of her third episode is up NOW!  The big "B" re-did it all and with his stunning new models there's a reality factor that's gotta be seen to be appreciated.  Really - this just blows away all his previous work.  And I raised him from a puppy ya know.  Then slippery Slid skids in with "Mars Needs Hot Babes!" and I trust you'll figure out what THAT's all about from the title.  Yes?  No?  Well, it's an open-ended buffet of boobies!

But no!  That's not all.  Act now and we'll double your order. (Pay only separate shipping and handling charges.)  Hurry 'cause you know we can't do this all day.... oops.  Wrong medium.  But back to reality.  And reality BITES!  "Night with a Vampire" concludes >CHOMP< with episode #5 this week and it's sooooooooo worth the wait!  This comic is just freaky-good, and if ya miss the last episode you'll be doomed to late-night infomercials FOREVER!  It's true - every word!  And wrappin' it up is "Attack of the Dickheads" found exclusively in the W.A.B.A.C. Machine!  These guys are all "what ya see is what I'm gonna stick ya with" if ya know what I mean.  And it pays to advertise!

So WTF?  Go get it!
Mike da Mutant



You're gonna read that I sent a SpaceBabe on a mission to "collect some DNA."  IT'S A LIE!  THAT AIN"T ME TALKIN' TO HER!!  I'm completely stupefied - I swear that ain't my voice!  I assume foul play is in the offing, but I don't know what I can do about it.  'Least fer now.  So... I guess we'll just see how it plays out and I'll try to root out this imposter in the meantime.  Damn... ID theft... whoda thunk it?  But it looks like it's gonna be a lotta fun either way, so check out "ALIEN PENETRATION" while I deal with the perpetrator of this foul deed!


Like the poor guard-babe in "Formula ZTZ."  Nobody believes her now that the terror has been dealt with!  And there's certainly no love in the heart of the huge-boobed slasher babe in "Urban Legends!"  She's got the WORST timing that any evil-doer could ever have!  "Dracula Erotic" just goes to show ya that you can't trust those undead bastards either!  Virtue is stolen and he's NOT EVER gonna let her escape - not even a little.  There aughtta be a law...

Explorers find soooooo much more than they expected as they reach the dark hidden floor of "The Cave."  Sub-human horny hominids GO WILD!  Spelunking ain't nearly as boring as I thought...  And just when I thought it was safe again >WHAM< we've been GROX'd!  Seems the big drooler wasn't quite done on the porn shoot set.  And his co-star's goin' for a Guinness record!  Close yer eyes, "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is powered up!  This week the tumblers land on "It Came from Outer Space!"  And it's not leaving empty handed.


...well the new flic ate up all my time so here's my Socratic solution.  I WILL get the next couple PPVs up by early next week and we will EXTEND the 1/2 price sale until the next update (Aug 4th) just to show ya that my heart's in the right place. (And avoid a lynching)  I'll update the banner to letcha know when things are available.

Back to the grist mill!
Mike da Mutant



...the voices?  Hmmm...  There's an extra clip up this week so that we can bring "Dr. Jekyl does Ms. Hyde" to a climatic conclusion!  Everybody gets off, but there's a price to be paid.  And next week we're starting a new movie with a SPACEBABE!  It'll light yer thrusters!  And spacebabes are tough to find these days.  We keep losing them.  Even simple guard duty like the babe in "Formula ZTZ" - even she's in fear for her life!  Whatta fuster cluck!

"Full Contact" - the story of a guy abducted by two hot alien blue girls.  It's epic but really, who's gonna believe him?  Basta's back with another "Wicked Weird Tale" about a stowaway bimbo and the alien that finds her hiding in the hold.  He's about to put her through some serious changes!  If you didn't already know it, NOBODY messes with "The Berserker!"  Just ask the Ant Queen... while you still can.


Nope, we finally find out what it's all about.  The "Omega Fighters" have been recruited!  They're joining forces to combat the evil wanna-be master of the universe - Dr. Gray!  And the battle is joined THIS WEEK!  Kinda torn on this one.  Sure, I'm for the babes... mostly.  But did the bad guys have to be MUTANTS?  I mean I get enough trouble as it is, ya know?  Next up is a cool classic from the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" - SGT. SPIKE.  He's a bad-ass mo-fo that fears nothing in the arena - but he might have met his match this time.  But should he prevail... she looks like she could be a lotta fun!  We'll see.

And this is embarrassing.  SOMEHOW along the way we never got around to making a PPV version of the "DEATHMATCH" flic!  Whatta dumb-ass am I!  It's like the most popular flic (and series of flics) that ever appeared on SpaceBabeCentral and somehow... ARGH!  Anyway... I have corrected that in plenty of time for everybody to take advantage of the 1/2 price deal that's goin' this month.  And if the stars are favorable I'll have DM2 ready for next week and there will still be time to snag it at a bargain price.

Or so I hope!
Mike da Mutant



Well, at least that's what SHE thinks.  But what's only in her head CAN hurt him.  And will.  But that's the last thing he's thinking of as "Dr. Jekyl does Ms. Hyde!"


Wow honey!  Nice package!  Why is everyone else dead?  THAT'S the question in this week's "Jewel of the DAMNED."  Sounds like some evil alien mischief to me.  CURSED LINGERIE?  REALLY?  Yep.  And it claims it's first victim in this week's "After School Special - Dionise CA" episode.  Kinda gruesome... but I'm sure he had it coming to him.  Mostly.


Maybe... but more like food FOR the Gods when the passion plant strikes!  Two researchers get the shock of their lives when a gorgeous babe emerges from a rare plant and does 'em both.  But when the fun's all done there's a bill to be paid.  FEED ME!  "Formula ZTZ" is politically incorrect in so many ways.  But it's all true!  See... there was this spacebabe on guard duty... and these two zombie dudes... and then they grabbed her and... You know!  Then the unseen "GROX" episode rears it's ugly head to wrap up our mini GROXathon.  He's big, he's ugly as hell, but he sure gets all the babes!  Then "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents a scientist with a GIANT opportunity to get some "evens."  And he doesn't waste a second of it.

Nasty, but in a good way!
Mike da Mutant



...between her ears!  But she can field-strip a pineapple using just her tongue - so she's got the part.  And lucky for her the neighborhood mutant menace just dropped by for some action!  Yep, This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" offering features the mighty GROX - at a porn shoot!  And now for some Poser/Photo distraction!  Check out our 'lil romp through the warehouse as a frightened Spacebabe has to deal with the chemo-fired mutants of the future!  "Formula ZTZ" has 'em all fired up and lookin' for a victim.  One that we're all-too-happy to provide!


...the same way again!  Not after seeing the second "Zilora" comic!  You won't either!  Death, murder, hot sex, gory death again... that's the summary, but all the good stuff happens in-between!  And is she gonna kill this guy by sucking till his head caves in? I mean... seriously, Ms. Hyde has all the instruction that she needs from her ever-present voices and they say she's gotta end the dude, but she's still screwin' him!  There's so little that we can predict when "Dr. Jekyl does Ms. Hyde!"  Frustrating! (But highly entertaining video!)  Then we've got a new Star Woes comic!  This time it's a parody of a parody?  Well, kinda.  "Demolisher Man" is AB Lust's parody of one of the worst friggin' movies that Stallone ever did.  Yeah... ponder THAT!  But somehow they made the comic about a zillion times better than the flic ever was.  Go team!  That couldn't been easy...


Not usually.  But they'll end just the same.  Basta's "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" comes full circle this week with the final chapter. (Or is it the first?)  So confusing!  But either way it's a good 'un and wraps up the series.  And "Laura Talbot" - is this really the FINAL CHAPTER?  Hmm... I guess that's up to Briaeros.  But I can tell you that you won't be disappointed with it - it's a BLAST!  And he's hinted that LT might just return...  I'll letcha know.


And do it for HALF PRICE!  How the hell can you pass up an offer like that!  All month long we're cut'n the price on the PPV movies in half.  And that means member prices (already 1/2) get cut in half, too.  So if my math serves me that's like a 75% discount to members.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!  And last week we put "Bloody Harry" up, this week I just added "The Author" to the lineup.  And I'll have another one ready next week.

Get 'em while they're cheap!
Mike da Mutant



Hmmm... probably.  I know that it LOOKS like he's got the porn star by the ass BUT - she's not entirely in this world and when she turns the table on him this week he's got little chance of recovery.  Hope it was worth it Dr. J 'cause I think she means to kill yer ass!  Maybe "Dr. Jekyl does Ms. Hyde" shoulda been called "Crazy cocksucker mangles drug dealer?"  We'll see.


No... DON'T PULL MY STRINGS!  Eh... too late.  "Grave Consequences" wraps up this week with (shock! surprise!) a couple of dead sorority girls.  Who says that there's no justice?  Next week we'll get a surprise visit from Colonel Cocksnapper! (Don't remember Cocksnapper? Just wait...)  GROX is wounded by an irate boyfriend and seeks shelter in a church this week.  Lucky for him that he's randomly stepped into the "Our lady of Past Indiscretions" temple and not some tight-ass denomination.  Luckier still that a seriously soul-searching sister Cleo is there looking for a sign.  And she's decided that Grox's leg-sized wiener is plenty of "sign" for her!  That's in the W.A.B.A.C. Machine - don't make me type it twice!


What's amazing?  THE COMICS!  You'll get a double-slam from A.B.Lust this week!  First there's "XXX Files" in the Star Woes section.  Agent Scully... c'mon - admit that you had the hots for her, too.  Especially after that (season 4?) boob job!  It's taken years, but she's finally about to find "the truth" and she ain't gonna like it!  But you will.  Then the same talented team rolls out "Pat-a-Cake" (Patti Cake, whatever!) in the Fables of Fright area!  You'll never trust the Baker Man again!  And when another wacky bimbo decides that she needs a little DEMON in her life she's gonna get her wish.  "The Conjuration" works and soon she's getting that reward that she so richly deserves!  Ya gotta wonder... was it all that she expected?  And closing out today's update is "Curiosity - Part 2" from Slid.  Another summoning gone horribly, HORRIBLY wrong!  Stupid chicks.  Don't summon evil - just give me a call! 867-5309... Jenny?

I'll be waiting!
Mike da Mutant



...goin' on!  Like Ms Hyde - she's gobblin' Dr. Jekyl - but biding her time so that she can KILL HIM!  How's that for gratitude?  He wakes her up from her fugue state and all he wants is a little head.  Seems reasonable to me.  But NOOOooooo... her voices say that he must die!  Ain't that always the case with women?  Don't miss "Dr Jekyl Does Ms. Hyde!"  Grox has the munchies, too.  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up "GROX - Love is Blind" this week, but it looks like his appetite has gotten the best of his sex drive!  Least... so far.

"Omega Fighters" is back in this week's rotation.  And nobody gets gobbled!  Well... not until the end anyway.  Then the "Goth Chic" does a buncha monster-gobblin' but sadly the last bite is on her!  "Wicked Weird?"  Yep.  Back-alley blowjobs trigger the irresistible urge for something a wee bit more filling - there be gobblin' here!


"Curiosity?"  Don't let it get the better of ya!  Part one of two is up this week and the girl next door is gonna wish that she'd been a lot less inquisitive before this one is through!  "Summoning" a date is really not a good idea...  Then how 'bout a little clowning around?  C'mon... you know you want to.  And there's plenty of fun to be had as two sorority bimbos meet their doom in the graveyard.  Piss off the clown - suffer the "Grave Consequences!"

Only one thing left to say...
Mike da Mutant



...did you hear something?  No?  Well listen closer 'cause the voices are get'n insistent.  And while they started off telling her what a loser she is, NOW they're talking about Dr. J!  And they don't like him much.  "Kill him before he kills you," is not what ya really want your lover to be thinking about during sex, is it?  Especially if she's kinda deranged to start with?  Yeah.  This ain't gonna end well for somebody!  But that's no surprise - whaddaya expect when "Dr. Jekyl does Ms. Hyde?"


"Jewel of the Damned" gets down to the nitty-gritty this week as a party breaks out aboard ship.  But all the festivity - and celebration is releasing an energy that won't go to waste.  There's an alien object around that just soaks that up - and we'll soon see what it does with all that passion!  And the "Spirit Whisperer" TV show doesn't just show up somewhere and hope there's a ghost - NO SIR!  They send out the "Advance Girl" to make sure that it's worth the effort.  And this time she's really found a WINNER!  But she has to survive it first.

Then there's trickery afoot in "Dionise, CA!"  Lovely Becky just fell in love with her new lingerie set.  So did her boyfriend.  But she soon discovers that IT WON'T COME OFF!  Worse still, it talks and it has a mission for her - one that she HAS TO PERFORM!  Then "The Berserker" takes matters into her own hands as she turns the tables on the evil ant queen and takes her sweet, slow, perverted revenge!  Grox'd again in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" update!  This time the demented mutant attacks in broad daylight!  He snatches a gal right out of her convertible and does her right there in the street.  What IS the world coming to?

"Grave Consequences" ensue when the demented puppet master tries to turn the girls against each other with his trash talk and perverted orders in this week's photo story update.  He's not clowning around - this is life changing! (Life-ending?)

Mike da Mutant



...to the voices!  Ignore them girl - they're only in your head!  But I'll bet that she won't listen.  And I'm guessin' that the voices are the real reason that she was locked up in the funny farm!  But it's too late now and Dr. Jekyl still has no idea that when he brought her back - she came with a chorus!  "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde" twists away this week and it's completely INSANE!


No don't!  Pull hers instead.  "Grave Consequences" tugs at ALL of their strings now that the puppet master has made the scene!  How many girls have to die horribly in graveyards before they figure out that it's smart to stay away?  Dunno... let's start a body count!  "Cassiopeia" starts a scavenger hunt, but her robo-sidekick lets the genie out of the bottle.  Literally.  And he's been in there a long, long time.  Nice to see a girl again.  Mind if I rape you?

Wow!  Great artwork in this week's short story "Zilora."  One man's wet dream turns to a nightmare after his unexpected guest displays some unholy behavior!  Some gals are hot, but she's TO DIE FOR!  Then the abduction action gets kinky in this week's "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" update.  Fortunately the slab-donged alien hoard is more than willing to accommodate her wildest dreams.  For now...  But seriously, what IS their plan?


...die like the rest!  Amazing episode of "Laura Talbot - Monster Hunter" this week!  After she's ravished by two over-sized cocks she's set up to be sliced and diced by the madman with the chainsaw.  But Laura's been keeping a secret - a howlingly BIG secret, and she's about to let 'em in on it!  And rounding out this week's update is an experiment gone so..so..so very wrong!  "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" churns and burns and spits up a "GROX" this week!  What's a GROX?  Well... he used to be human.  But now he's some kinda mutant monster.  And he's a terribly un-mannered sloppy-drooly kinda mutant monster that's 4 times normal size and has a permanent woody!  And he ain't afraid to use it ma'am!

Mike da Mutant



Dr. Jekyl's formula seems to be bringing Mz. Hyde back to life - BUT - she didn't come alone!  There's these annoying voices that keep talking to her.  They tell her to do things.  BAD things. Maybe there was a reason that she was locked away?  But as long as she's doin' his dong it's okay with him.  So far... so good in "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde."


...of it!  Nah... not talking 'bout Weiner. (Too easy.)  I mean the short stories that are up this week!  First up is the third of Slid's "Camp Echo" comics.  This time it's the councilors that get possessed!  Really STACKED counselors!  Then I asked Santana to crank out some more of his "POISON" for us.  And he did!  The brilliant Dr. Simone has set out to see what effect her secret formula has on even more men.  Sure... they'll change into dick monsters forever, but hey - it's all in the name of science!  And they'll screw the good doctor for hours on end before they die!

Then it's ZOMBIE time in "Hart of Darkness."  Lizzy Hart investigates the source of the nasty surprise that raped her last time.  But the whole town's against her and soon it's happening AGAIN!  And you gotta give her props - the "Monster Hunter" endures a lot to get her ma... creature!  And after she's through with him this smelly dead guy's gonna need a deep, deep hole!

Evil has reared it's ugly clown-head in "Grave Consequences!"  Dip-shit broads shoulda hauled ass outta there a long time ago.  But NOOOoooooo... they have to linger in the graveyard and even investigate some noises - alone.  I wash my hands of this.  Whatever happens to these two dim-bulbs is on them!  Oh MAN is it gonna be ON THEM!  HAHAHAHAHahahahaha!!!! (My best evil laugh.)  Then it's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" time!  This week there's a couple more Spacebabes...  arresting another super-sized bad guy...  and get'n nailed BIG TIME along the way!  Sometimes that shit's just gonna happen.  I try to warn 'em.  'Least I got a signed liability release when they joined up!

Goodies up for grabbin'!
Mike da Mutant



Hmmm... Our drug-addled chemo-therapist pops Mz. Hyde in the ass with another shot of his special "go juice" this week when she's not as exciting as he'd hoped for.  The second injection seems to turn the trick - maybe a little TOO well!  Suddenly she's on the offensive and Dr. J goes head over heels!  That's the kinda stuff that happens when "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde!"


OH YEAhhhhh... Lotsa heavy-hitters up this week!  MASSIVE TITS and INSATIABLE SEXUAL APPETITES!  That's what drives the "Omega Fighters" to beat the holy hell out of each other!  Sure, there's some kinda rivalry for braggin' rights and such, but the bottom line is that the winner gets the giant dong!  And man... this red hooded babe... she wants it BAD!  And it's the FINAL issue of James Lemay's "ALIEN WINTER!"  No spoilers - check it out for yerself!  And as one door closes... NEW SERIES starts this week!  Basta kicks off the new "Wicked Weird" series with "First Contact" and he's not holding anything back!  And neither is the Spacebabe who's gotta out-screw the new alien critter if she wants to survive!  Funny... there's a lot of that going around.  Like "Rhonda Retro."  She's there to arrest a bad guy when suddenly >SPLUNK< she's his main recreational pleasure device!  Poor Rhonda's in way too deep in this guy's goo, but she's still in there sluggin! (and sucking and thrusting and...)


Kinda.  Strange huh?  But it just wouldn't be a party without a group of Spacebabes all screwing the same evil-doer and thinking that they'll still arrest him when they're done.  Dumb (but shapely) asses!  Now they'll all be punished when the W.A.B.A.C. Machine shows their sins in "Armed and Dangerous!"  And it's been a while, but we've finally got a new photo comic ready for ya.  "Grave Consequences" starts this week!  College hazing - graveyard dares - silly gags - and DEATH!  That should cover it!  'Least until...

Mike da Mutant



Is this week!  It's the CLIMAX of "Clovis Man!"  He makes sure that he leaves her with something to remember him by!  But "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde" is just crankin' up!  He's done it - he gave her his special formula to bring her back from deep inside her mind where she's been hiding.  But... there's always a price.  As he'll soon discover!


So why the hell do we call 'em comics?  Guess it's easier to say then "Erotic graphic novels with frightening overtones?"  Hmm... whatever.  "Breakout" is up in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" and it's certainly NOT comical.  Spacebabe knows he's coming for her.  He's huge, powerful & unstoppable and he's gonna get her goodies.  What does she do?  What would YOU do?  Yeah... like I said... not funny!  SCARY!

Couple of real nice short stories up this week, too.  "Artifact" details a first contact situation between a lovely human explorer and a...  a DEVICE of some sort?  It's some alien creation that has been sent to "interact" with those that discover it.  Origin: UNKNOWN.  Whatever it is it's certainly makes a strong first impression!  Then Slid slips in a squishy 'lil tale of lust between a gorgeous gal and... her... shower monster?  Yep.  Just checked.  It's a shower monster.  A really ICKY one too!  Slid calls it "EEEW! GOO!" - I call it HOT!  Ya just can't get quality entertainment like this on the Discovery Channel!  Then there's a couple of "serialized erotic graphic novels with frightening overtones" updates as well.  "The Berserker" is tossed in a holding cell awaiting the judgment of the Ant Queen.  But since she's not alone (and swings both ways) she passes the time having sex with her fellow prisoner.  But lesbonical desire gets set aside as they're ushered before the queen and told to select their weapons - to fight the GURGANT!  Don't really know what that is, but it gets a <gasp!> from the Berserker babe so it's gotta be really BAD-ASSED!  Good 'nuff fer me!

And the Wolfman is about to slip into a trap in this week's "Dionise, CA - After School Special."  Becky's "honey trap" that is!  But has the brave busty bimbo finally wrapped her mouth around more than she can swallow?  Will she survive the ghastly penetration that's sure to ensue??  And what about the consequences?  IS SHE INSANE?!!!

Could be... but with a body like that - who cares?
Mike da Mutant



...rocks on!  Though considering the nature of the flics maybe I should call it a double-header!  The history lesson is done and there's a countdown to climax in "Clovis Man."  He's already made an impression - now he's gonna make sure he leaves "something to remember him by!"  And "Dr. Jekyl does Ms Hyde" - or at least he will - soon as he gets the dosage right!  A brain-scrambled porn star is at the mercy of a designer drug maker who WANTS her!  And though he's got a plan to restore her mind he's not opposed to a little foreplay first!  Pity that she's not aware of it... but that AIN'T gonna slow him down!

She's brainy and cute, but now that Bart's lil' sister has come of age she's about to make contact with those pesky tentacle alien invaders!  They've watched her all her life and they've decided that now is the time to harvest her for their own sick sexual amusement.  DOHH!!  It's all in the STAR WOES section and it's called "A Girl Named Lisa."

Every body knows that you DON'T EVER walk alone in "Whisper Park" after dark!  Almost everybody.  Sweet busty Rebecca is visiting from out of town - she didn't know - but she's about to learn the deadly secret of the ancient evil that resides in the woods!  She's got more balls than a pool table, but can "Laura Talbot" really withstand being double-dicked by the masked killer and his sister (yeah - she's a mutant) while Grampa urges them on?  Or will she be split asunder by these two over-sized meatpoles as they grind their way through her?  And how the hell does she keep that positive attitude when she's obviously doomed?  Somebody ' splain it - I'm flummoxed!


Time for yer ABC's!  That's "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" of course!  And this week one poor little Earth girl - abducted then apparently forgotten - wonders around the alien spaceship trying to find her way home.  But all she finds is wild-assed aliens doin' the dirty and now she's about to be sucked in too!  Yep... that's always how it starts - poor lil' Earth girl!  Then the cherry on top is this week's W.A.B.A.C. Machine selection, "To Tame a Giant."  You see, there's this giant with a REALLY bad attitude that likes to show up occasionally and stomp some villagers into goo.  Just for fun.  But the village elder has a plan.  He'll offer up the hottest babe in the 'hood to assuage the giant's evil desires with her comely body!  But first she's gotta grow up a bit...

Don't we all...
Mike da Mutant



For three weeks we're running overlapping flics!  "Clovis Man" works it's way to the inevitable climax while "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde" is just beginning.  Summary: A modern day entrepreneur/chemist makes his living by creating novel pharmaceuticals (designer drugs).  But he's bored and when his favorite porn star disappears from the scene he's curious - and puts out feelers.  She's soon discovered languishing in a mental institution and he arranges to have her "borrowed" for a while.  He's gotta have her.  And he's willing to experiment on her to bring her back to reality.  Therein lies the rub!


Could be... there's a lot of it this week.  "Poison" is all about unexpected side effects from a new energy serum and how it effects the inventor.  And "Overdose" is this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" update and (as you might deduce) it's all about some "unintended consequences" too!  'Cept these consequences are HUGE!  Then the "Jewel of the Damned" is back for a second issue.  The crew of the Nautilus is engaged in space-kinky pursuits instead of scientific endeavors.  Silly, really.  Especially when you consider that they're all ABOUT TO DIE!!!

Next up comes "Housewives in Space - The Castaways."  And after all that they've been through the women of the Crusoe family have made up their minds.  If they are to survive then Dr. Ericsonn MUST DIE!  And so two of them set out to confront and exterminate Ericsonn in his hidden lair - unaware that a trap has been set and that he's really back at their ship preparing to violate sweet Trina!  EEE-GADS!  And wrappin' it all up, there's a new short story about "Lara Cloft."  It seems the redoubtable Ms. Cloft has set herself to the task of capturing the "missing link."  As you expect there are many "complications" along the way.  Yep, she's got a stiff-monkey problem!

So there ya have it. Enjoy the double-slam videos and we'll see ya next week!
Mike da Mutant



New movie starts TOMORROW 'cause I'm still working on it. Update notes after the work's done - but everything else is up!

Mike da Mutant



So we better get to the bunny-humpin' fast!  That's the mood in this week's "Clovis Man" update.  Now that she's got his back-story he's gonna get some of her back-side before he disappears into the mist of time once more.  For her part, she seems pretty happy to have him slip a 'lil Injun in 'er!  Nothin' like a history lesson to prime the pump!


So why do they call 'em comics?  Yeah... ponder THAT one while you checkin' out some of our best.  Like "Omega Fighters."  Titania finds nothing humorous about being ambushed and electrocuted with a high-tech dildo!  And being forced to do those awful things to that huge awful slave cock... well.  She's not laughing.  But on the last page... (Nope.  Ain't gonna spill it.)  Then there's a short story called "Blood Forest" about a couple that thinks Mother nature is the the setting for love!  BOY were they wrong!  And how 'bout "Marooned?"  Poor chick gets dumped on a nasty planet by some aliens, attacked by some little green rapist and finally "saved" by a huge alien killing machine?  Wow!  Sounds like a bad day!


...that you haven't dreamed of being the "Invisible Sex Maniac!"  I ain't gonna believe ya.  WHAT A GIG!  This guy just swoops in anywhere he wants, pulls up all the blouses and decides who he's gonna do first!  I wanna be him when I grow up!  And there's BIG, HUGE, GIANT problems in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" update.  It's called "Attack of the Tentacles" and we have just the girl for this over sized job!  Then it's time for "Camp ECHO Pt 2" this week.  More evil, more peril, more HUGE TITS!  And this poor horny guy knows she's evil, probably knows that she's gonna kill him.  But he's a guy - that's something to worry about AFTER the sex!

Been there, done that.  Got the scars...
Mike da Mutant



... then who's THAT?  Whoa!  "Alien Winter" takes a twist for the bizarre this week.  While Kat's about to die - in the very next room, something stirs - something left by Olga!  While we were worried about what she'd done to Katerina we SHOULD have been worried about what she was making FROM her!  Oh boy!  Then onto the VIDEO!  "Clovis Man" finally locks up with our Geosexoligist and begins to share some "info" about himself.  And why his people are no more.

Short stories abound with "Deadly Sex" (she'll REALLY eat you), "Urban legends - Camp Echo" (two-parter about those deadly summer camp slaughters) and "Another Night in the Desert" (the UFO investigator REALLY gets the facts) so click once and read three times!  Then "After School Special - Dionise, CA" growls back into the lineup with a nasty little wolf problem.  But experts are available - for a price - and Becky has got the goods to make a deal!  Hope it works out...

Don't leave without checking out the newest offering from "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" - "Playing Hardball" takes you deep into financial negotiations conducted in the raw!  Love the alien guy in this one - looks like a member of the family!

Double-feature news next week!
Mike da Mutant



...into the future?  Well sometimes.  But then it get's all jumbled up as one stacked geologist continues her encounter with the mystery man from the past!  Is his control breaking down or are the time jumps part of his plan?  And is she ever gonna be able to keep her mouth off his schlong long enough to get screwed?  These and many other intriguing queries get (partially) answered this week!  So don't you DARE miss this week's revealing clips of "Clovis Man!"

It's a comic plethora!  "Laura Talbot" - captured, beaten, raped by a chick with a dick, and forced to climax for their sick, sick enjoyment!  But then the fun ends and it gets SCARY!  He's stalked the dorms.  He's haunted the gym.  But this week "The Invisible Sex Maniac" has struck the MUTHU LOAD!  And what a load it is as he takes his pick from the beauties that hang out in the park - and he makes some fans!  They never knew what hit them...

Awww... he's soooo cute!

Yeah.  Well, she'll get over THAT real quick!  "E.T. X" is a little different than that E.T. critter that was in the movie.  But you're gonna like our horny pervert version much better!  After all, it IS a STAR WOE!  Indescribable horror stalks a beautiful girl in this week's "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" update!  And just when she thinks that she's avoided being eaten and has escaped.... WHAM BABY!  And her body is great, her heart is so kind - pity she isn't very smart.  But that's just how it goes as one gorgeous bikini babe finds a cute little "Jellyfish" washed up on the beach and decides to help it out.  I'm guessin' that you can figure out that this wasn't a good idea, right?

FINALLY... "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out the cherry on top of this delicious treat.  It's called "Seek & DESTROY" but these two bad-ass assassin types have no idea what they're up against in this seemingly helpless (and really accommodating) babe with the golden hair.  Pity... for them!

Mike da Mutant



...for a horny spook!  She's diggin' the new house.  What a bargain!  But once hubby leaves and she's alone... well, she's NOT alone!  And the grisly ghost that's get'n her goodies is anything but "The CHASTE!"  Then it's time for a fresh chapter of "The BERSERKER!"  She's been in some tough spots.  But she's never been captured by giant bugs and forced to fight them for their queen's amusement.  'Least till now.  And while that might dampen the spirits of a lesser woman all I can think is that these bug fools have NO IDEA WHO THEY'RE MESSING WITH!  But they'll soon find out.  HAHAHAhahahahahaaa...

"Urban Legends" - The Man in the Lake.  C'mon you remember this one right?  Dead guy needs to catch a nut to end his wet purgatory... dumb teens screwin on the dock..?  No?  Well here's yer chance to catch up on some popular culture!  And maybe learn a lesson?  And don't miss "Monster on Campus" where a sweet young thang meets her secret admirer - FROM BEYOND!


From the same demented mind that brought us "Alien Huntress" (Predator) now comes a fresh start in "Jewel of the DAMNED!"  It's an adventure!  A daring crew discovers an ancient alien spaceship and sets out to learn it's secrets.  But some secrets are best left unknown and when the crew finally discovers that it'll be far too late to avoid their loathsome fate!  Along the way there will be plenty of babe/monster interaction (if ya know what I mean... hehehe) so pull up a chair and get started!

Oh yeah... "Clovis Man" makes his needs known without words.  And his delightful conquest makes his wishes real.  This video presentation will get ya crankin!  Where do I sign up?!!  And then "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" wraps up the week with "Inside Job" - a story about espionage, intrigue, sadomasochistic tendencies and other words that are really, really hard to spell.

But worth the effort!
Mike da Mutant



Or actually... FOUR of 'em!  Yep, there's an abundance of brand new comics in the short story area!  Good'uns too!  "Baby John" is just out for a stroll one night when he stumbles across a couple of naked lovers.  Well (it bein' down South and all) he naturally kills the guy and takes over for him.  But the gal's less than pleased and 'Lil Johnny has to persuade her a bit.  Then "ERIS - Barbarian MILF" swings her mighty sword... err... swings her mighty breasts at an easy conquest.  But the Gods get the last laugh as the mighty ERIS discovers that her lover has a terrible secret!

Oh boy!  I just LOVE these "Night with a Vampire" comics!  The comic style is friggin' awesome and the story is always a hot, raunchy rumble.  Part 4 is up today and it's a FANTASY come true!  Better than a man-cave!  Then in a world gone ZOMBIE a lone lass with a taste for cock does what she has to do to get some.  And if that means risking her life to capture a fuckable Zombie then so be it!  He may be one of the "UNDEAD" but a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!


Nuthin.  Absolutely nuthin.  And if I were the "CLOVIS MAN" I wouldn't say a damn thing either.  Why would he?  He's just met some gal in a cave and she immediately strips and starts blowing him.  Words are gonna improve ON THAT?  HA!!!  While she's seeking some poignant but ethereal hidden message from the experience - he's get'n a relaxing spit n' polish from a gal who really knows how to make that sucker SHINE!  Words... yeah.  So check it out in this week's video update already!


But of course mi amigo!  The FINAL ASSAULT is up in our kickin' photo story "Moth to the Flame" and all secrets (and breasts) are laid bare!  A hideous fate awaits that snoopy psychic as she finally realizes the game - but FAR TOO LATE!  BUUWAhahahahaha!!!!!!  And it just ain't an update without a weekly blast from the past so this week the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "Sales Figures" from the depths of the SBC vault!  She's got killer looks and her product is in high demand, but slumping sales mean that she's about to get a hard dose of robo-stiffy-reality from her supervisor!  Hey - ya gotta keep 'em productive ya know!

And so it goes..
Mike da Mutant


Need a (slightly used) HOT Geologist?

Well, we'll probably have one available.  After the "Clovis Man" gets done with her she'll probably be seeking a new line of work.  But in the meantime she's his private sex-slave and he's making the most of it!  Part of her is screaming inside - but that's not the part that he's interested in and all those parts are at his command!  NO?  Then maybe a psychic?  Uh.. never mind.  It's starting to look like there might be a shortage - as soon as the last two in "Moth to the Flame" get killed off.  And that (sadly) appears to be IMMINENT!

Is this.. Heaven?

Yep - 'least if you're a big comic fan!  For starters check out this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" offering.  "Torso Trap" is a fun story about sexual harassment on the job - waaay in the future.  But the chick fights back and makes the guys sorry that they ever started it - kinda.  Men are such pigs!  (Oink!)  James Lemay's up next with "ALIEN WINTER!"  Dr. Olga's a deader, but her (hideous, slimy, dangerous) work lives on!  Katerina is about to discover Olga's terrible legacy - first hand.  What has the demented doctor done to our heroine?  And what's with the new tentacles?  EEK!

Then you better bring a Scooby-snack for "Dionese, CA - After School Special!"  The latest "super stud" at school has his eye set on Ms. Dovehope and he's not interested in her teaching abilities.  But Becky finds them screwing in the grass just as he turns into a Werewolf and... from there it gets complicated!  Then there's a special treat for the VORE fans - "Bedtime" features a gal, a monster, an appetite for sex - and yearning for tasty women!  Then "Forever Ship" wraps it for the week with Slid's newest tale.  Gorgeous pilot awakens from suspended animation to take her shift at the controls of the generation ship.  But someone - something - is in control now and now and she's in for the battle of her life!  After the sex, of course!

ALWAYS after the sex!
Mike da Mutant



Just imagine... You're a psychic do-gooder and you're witnessing the ghastly death of another psychic.  But somehow you can hear each other's thoughts and she's pleading with you for help!  Problem is that she died a long time ago and no matter what you do YOU CAN'T CHANGE THAT!  Yeah... tough situation, but that's the low-down in this week's "Moth to the Flame" photo-story!  And if you're still plagued by do-gooder instincts think about this: "Laura Talbot" saved some sweet young thing from a hideous monster.  Her reward?  Well, betrayal, restrained, tortured and now she's about to meet a woman that should NEVER - EVER have been equipped "like that" for some "stretching exercises" - the DEEP, PAINFUL kind!  Screw that goodie-goodie crap - I'll just mind me own business!


Oops.. I meant BASTA.  Yeah... B A S T A rolls out a new series called "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" this week!  The first issue begins with a little date rape and cruel abandonment... and THEN it gets REALLY scary!  Issue number ONE - good stuff and you're there at the start!  And when your luck seems just too damn good to be true.. it is.  Witness the sad, sad ending to the "Maneater" short story and then thank whatever deity you care to that it happened to him - not YOU!  BAAA!  BAAAAAA!  Oh yeah - it's "Fable of Fright" time!  And this week's fable is all about baaaad and has little to do with sheep (uh, different website).  The not-so-little girl down the lane NEVER saw this coming!

Then there's a bitchin' "W.A.B.A.C Machine" comic that's all about girls, feuds, and the innovative sexual assault machinery that they use to settle their little disputes.  Let's just say that the tentacle sex machine is on back-order for now - but we're expecting a new shipment!  Sales should be brisk...


Ooooh... that feels GOOD!  Now I haven't met a strange gal in a cave and had her instantly start blowing me since... since the 70's. (Ah.. I MISS the 70's) BUT I'm not a 12,000 year old spook from a long-dead race either (dammit)!  And this busty spelunker has mistaken him for a stalagmite or something - she's intent on taking samples!  Seriously, whatever hold he has on her sure is working 'cause this gal's just goin' ape-shit all over this guy and he's yet to say a word!  Hmmm.. could be a new pick-up strategy...

I'll see if that works!
Mike da Mutant



And while yer down there...  Yeah - you get the idea.  One stacked geologist is obviously no match for an ancient sprit with needs!  This week the good doctor discovers that she's not alone in that cave - and that her companion has the ability to make her do anything he wants.  Now the only question is, "What does he want?"  And the answer is clear (and bobbin' in her face) before this week's clips are over!


The closer that they get to the truth, the more obvious it is that their investigation is dangerous - and that they're likely to be the next victims.  But nooooo.... they won't stop digging for the truth - no matter the cost!  And this week the cost is high indeed for one of the lingering spirits that haunt this place - this place that draws them like a "Moth to the Flame!"  Burn, baby, BURN!


TONS OF IT!  Let's start with "Omega Fighters."  The giantess known as Titanya mopped the floor with the mighty Red Fist last time, and another has sought her out to do battle.  But is Polly really the one to humble Titanya?  Methinks not!  And I'm certain that Titanya's gonna 'splain it to her!  "The Berserker" is a one-woman murder squad!  But when she attempts to sneak in where she's not welcome she's confronted with a hoard of giant insects.  Giant, HORNY insects!  So what's a girl to do?  WHATEVER THEY WANT!  Hahahahaha!!!  Then speaking of "What to Do" - check out this ghoul attack survival guide and maybe it'll learn ya sumthin!  Or not.  But either way it's a good story about a gal that should know better, but can't resist.

C'mon... admit it.  You were scared shitless as a little kid by those never ending "Urban Legends" right?  You know... The couple out parking when the guy gets out to take a leak - the scratches on the roof - the hanging dead body?  No?  What planet did you grow up on?  But to the rest of us "Urban Legends" just means a scary story that somebody swears is "really true."  Like the tale of the haunted locker-room.  And the gal that was warned not to stay after midnight.  Don't know this one?  Then yer really gonna like it!  Complete with alternate endings (she likes it - she don't) 'cause we've heard it told both ways.

And that's a wrap!
Mike da Mutant



He's a mystery that she's going to solve!  This week begins a new movie.  "Clovis Man" is our latest study of ancient Shaman's and Mystics and we didn't even have to dig him up!  He came to us... her... and after 12,000 years he's pretty damn horny!  Mildly spooky and VERY HOT, "Clovis Man" is the tale of a spirit from the past and the modern woman who becomes his unwilling conquest.  Twisted history baby!


...are the norm this week!  The stars have aligned and we're swimming in short stories!  But beware the water!  Just ask the big-boobed babe who took a midnight dip in "Swim at your own Risk!"  Or how about a story of the woman who mates and then kills?  "Black Widow" will scratch that itch.  Maybe you'd like to see some more of the "Castaways?"  Gotcha covered - check out the newest from the "Housewives in Space" shorties!  And those pesky KRIN are still running rampant in this week's blast from the past "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" selection: "The Alternate Universe."  Remember - ya just have to keep killing them till they stop getting up!

Don't forget about our photo-story!  "Moth to the Flame" goes waaaay over the top as revelation after revelation leads the two sleuthy psychics to one inevitable conclusion: It's all a trap - and they're the next victims!  Buuwaha-ha-ha-ha!  Wrappin' it up for the week is "Jack be Nimble" - part two of the Jack the Ripper "Fable of Fright" story.  Jack's on a tear and even the best laid traps of London's elite law enforcers can't stop the MAYHEM!

But they gotta try...
Mike da Mutant



This week we've got two of 'em!  First there's "The THING" - a short story about a rescue team sent to find out what happened to those missing colonists.  Then there's "A THING Possessed" about a nubile young Earth gal that's been snatched by the OVERLORD to become his new sex toy.  But this Earth gal has her own ideas about how this should all pan out - and she might be more than he can handle!

Then "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents the conclusion of D'praved's "The KRIN Incident" and the mystery of the golden artifact is revealed!  James Lemay sends us a new chapter of "ALIEN WINTER" this week and Katarina is get'n the high hard one (actually several) from the creature formerly known as Doc Olga!  But Kat's always got a back-up plan and when the sex is over she knows that one of them is about to die!  So her hand slips under her pillow and... IT'S SETTLED!


They can't help themselves.  It's something inside of them that compels them to search out that which others shun.  And it's likely to be their LAST act as two psychically endowed (and well endowed) babes try to unravel a series of grisly murders that seem to have a supernatural origin!  But will they discover the killer before he discovers them?  Dunno yet - that's what makes "Moth to the Flame" a mystery!  And this week's issue of "Dionise, CA" BITES!  Well, not really..  But SOMEONE got bit by a werewolf and is now the town's newest red-hot STUD!  Sweet Becky loses no time at all re-mounting her new cock-monster and a good time is had by all!  At least until the killing starts...


Yep, it's the slam-ass conclusion of "PANDEMONIUM" this week!  If boppin' two Spacebabes at once is yer thing then yer gonna love it!  And next week there's a totally new, completely awesome video all prepared to WOW ya!  Those who wish to study ahead should start the research on "Clovis Man" right now!

Till next week!
Mike da Mutant



But he won't... and then it gets worse.  "Laura Talbert" slits the killer's throat, but she's chloroformed by his victim?  WTF?  And now she's in an even more perilous position with no idea of what's gonna happen next!  Cool stuff from Briaeros.  Then the psychically tuned bimbos are hot on the trail of something better left alone in this week's update of our new photo story "Moth to the Flame."  There will be no happy ending here.


Well... close enough.  How about "PANDEMONIUM" instead?  That's our new movie that starts this week and ends next week.  It's a little bit more tongue-in-cheek than our normal fare - kinda a spoof of our "DEATHMATCH" series.  Tit's, ass, giggles (some were even intentional!) and snickers... lotsa fun!  Just shot the "real" next movie last night.  Gonna be a hell of a week editing this puppy, but when it's done yer gonna really dig it.  Then we've got "REALLY Close Encounter" as a short story and Part !1 (of 2) of "The Krin Incident" in "The W.A.B.A.C Machine" for all you aspiring time travelers.

And the hits just keep on coming!  Next up is Slid's "HAINT 3" about a haunted babe and her feeble attempts to end the nightmare!  And the icing on this week's cake is a new episode of "Night TERRORS" starring yours truly (kinda) and ending up in a weird-assed office orgy!

There ya have it!
Mike da Mutant



...have fallen!  Unbelievably, the mighty Red Fist has met her master!  This week TITANIA lowers the boom on the (previously) undefeated warrior and spoon feeds her a mighty helping of humble pie!  But things change fast in "Omega Fighters" so who knows?  Maybe a few more cyber-implants and she'll be back on top?  Hey, there's a NEW PHOTO COMIC up!  "Moth to the Flame" is the scary tale of a supernatural serial killer and his victims.  But there's two living gals who just can't resist the temptation to meddle in his affairs.  So they probably won't stay living for long!

"The TRAP" wraps up this week with a classic ending - "tear off his arm and beat him with the bloody end!"  Yep - that's just how it went down.  AWESOME!  Oh.. you gotta check out the new "Star WOES" comic, too!  This time we're pickin' on the Blade Runner movie - 'cept our version is called "Dick Runner."  Cyborgs, better be on the lookout!


...let's pile it on!  Next up is a fantastic "BERSERKER" comic.  The cops are hot on her trail, but she's still got the time to make 'em look like fools!  Ya gotta love this Bette Davis gal!  And the "Invisible Sex Maniac" strikes again!  This time he's stalking the hottest chick on campus and he's out to "teach her a lesson!"  And in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" a beautiful bounty hunter discovers the consequences when she screws up an arrest.  But it all works out in the end... HER end!!!

Mike da Mutant



Safety tip: No matter how horny you get DON'T summon the dead for a quickie!  Too late for these big boobed bimbos in "The TRAP!"  This week they get their rocks off and wanna end the affair.  The Zombie?  Not so much.  In fact, he seems to have developed his own agenda - one that demands that they stay right where they are!

...comes around.

Yep.  It's KARMA BABY!  When the worst of the worst come callin' on this evil babe, she's gonna get a rapid-fire lesson in civility.  And if she learns the error of her ways she MIGHT just survive.  But only after she's screwed every kinda icky critter you can imagine!  Hard times spare no one in "SPLOOGED!"  A whore gets boned doggie style and the fate of the world changes due to one man's infidelity.  Screw the ho, dump the queen and head for the hills - that's how it goes in the final chapter of "Steel from the Sky."  Ms. Mcardle is blessed.  Blessed with a fabulous figure and face.  Blessed with the adulation of every man she meets.  Blessed with a ghost that has an insatiable appetite to do her!  Anywhere, anytime and usually in some painful fashion!  So what's a gal to do?  Well... find out in "HAINT 2" this week!

And here's a story with a moral.  "ABDUCTION" is the tale of the guy that moved too slow and lost the gal - to an ALIEN!  One of those "teachable moments?"  Dunno.  But SHE sure learns a trick or two!  And The W.A.B.A.C. Machine has a beautiful little tale up about the amazing technological inovation that we've come to know as "Virtual Reality."  'Course there's always a twist...

Tell me a story!

How 'bout a fable?  A "FABLE OF FRIGHT!"  Jack the Zipper lives again and stalks the ladies of the night!  "Hump me, Dump me" introduces this icon of evil in a most grizzly fashion!  And fear not - there's more to come!  Gotta love a good fable!

Till next week,
Mike da Mutant



Or maybe just gender embarrassed?  Yesterday there was a news article about a guy that's seeking police protection from his sex-crazed-wife!  Really, I'm not makin' this up.  And now we see a healthy, normal and apparently heterosexual man who gets stranded on the planet of the Amazons and...(wait for it)...HE WANTS OFF!  C'mon fellas... help me out here.  Yeah, too much of a good thing... yadi yadi yadi, etc.  But C'MON!  He's get'n prime nookie and the gals are KILLING each other to get to him.  WTF!!!?  Okay... I'm never gonna get it.  But there's just something WRONG about the situation in "Prisoner of Paradise" if ya ask me.  Check it out and see if you think I'm over-reacting ( I hear that a lot).  Good story, great artwork, but DAMMIT!  It ain't right for a man to be... oh screw it!  See what you think.

Alien mutant sex anyone?

Well, you came to the right place.  Still smokin' from marathon sex with that Ruski dude, Katerina is cornered by Dr. Belova down in the Vostok station and it's time for some girl-girl action.  NOT!  'Cause DR. Olga Belova AIN'T HUMAN NO MO!  And Kat's gonna discover that for herself as soon as the good doctor mutates into a hideous tentacle laden bag of slimy undulations!  But she'll probably still want sex... hehehe... Don't blame me, it's that evil James Lemay who presents this week's chapter of "ALIEN Winter"!

Everybody's doin' it!

The Queen's scewin' the smith in "Steel from the Sky" while over in "The Clinic" some poor blonde bimbo is get'n the high hard one from devils!  Yeah.  She's there for some fertilization and these horned servants of hell are just the right group to help her out with her little problem!  Mom begged me to become a doctor... shoulda listened.  Then the teacher is dead and sweet little Becky is left alone to please each and every ghost that haunts that burned up school in "Dionese, CA!"  Fortunately, a life well wasted in high school has prepared her for the ordeal and there's not a stiff one around by the time this girl's done!  Wonder how she's gonna explain the dead teacher though...  And this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" update's a good one.  "Telefighters" is all about the miracle of instant teleportation and how mankind has wisely used it to.. send.. chicks to.. fight each other?  Uh.. yeah.  But strange concepts aside there's naked fighting and some good ol rug-munchin' accolades for the winner!

And don't forget "THE TRAP."  These horny bimbo's are runnin' roughshod over the zombie-spook-thingy that they summoned from hell.  But ya gotta wonder.. are they REALLY overpowering hell's minion?  Or is he just enjoying the perverse dose of naughty nookie until he bites back?  Yeah.  Keeps me awake at night, too!

So there ya have it.

In order, you have: Alien Amazon chicks killing each other for possession of some man meat, mutant alien sex doctor viciously licking a Russian chick, a royal screwing in the dirt, devil's in charge of the fertility clinic, a host of ghosts all horny for the high school girl, instant tele-nookie on call, and demented D-cups bangin' the undead for kicks!  Where the hell else can ya get such QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT?

I rest my case.
Mike da Mutant



Well yes they are - in a "until they get horny and grow to an unmanageable size" kinda way.  'Least that's what she thought in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Plan 69 from Outer Space."  It's the kinda evil alien plot that I always warn people about... but they never listen!  Too late for this gal - maybe too late for us all!  And it's a theme this week?  Gals makin' dumb choices?  Could be 'cause "Rookie Mistake" highlights another buxom babe bitin' the big one!  This time it's a cop on the hunt for... for something truly EVIL!  And the evil bastard has plans of his own that involve the involuntary use of this dumb rookie's every available orifice!  Again and again and again!


"The Trap" is laid and the gals hope to be next.  I really don't wanna speculate on what kinda mental issues make hot babes wanna screw moldy dead things, but here ya have it in this week's video.  After 'ol ugly checks 'em out they execute their plan and grab him!  But are they really gonna screw the zombie thing?  And really, why?  Why, when I'm available and (probably) don't smell as bad?  Friggin' unfair is what that is.  But that's just how it goes for me - always the fluffer - never the fluffee!

That snotty Queen puts the move on the blacksmith this week.  Surprised to see her "lower" herself with a commoner.  But that's exactly what she does - lowers herself onto a commoners uh.. "Steel from the Sky!"  And she's likin' it!  And it's time for a new issue of "Night with a Vampire!"  This is the third one and now the vampire stud has a hot vampire babe sidekick.  Together they tear right through an unsuspecting couple that just wanted to party!  Party?  You betcha - Vampires LOVE to party!  It's a hell of a way to pass the time - on your last night on Earth!


But he ain't listening!  "Laura Talbert" ain't shy about killin' the bad guy.  In fact she's downright enthusiastic as she fills his chest with hot lead and stabs him through the heart!  Sadly, the Slasher didn't get the "now you die" memo so he's unaware that his continued pursuit of the shapely Mz. Talbert is breaking the rules.  I'm certain that once he finds out he'll gracefully withdraw his over-sized member from all of her private parts and succumb to a peaceful death - but 'till then she better have packed some lube.  LOTS of lube!  And pain killers...  And if it ain't those damn slashers it's the pesky scarecrows!  You can't turn yer back on 'em.  Like the one in this week's "Night Terror" update.  You know, the "screw the hot bitch till she's dead" kinda scarecrow that's always out there lurking somewhere.  Just waiting for some big-boobed bimbo to saunter on by his cornfield and then... GOTCHA BITCH!

Guess she's "goin' green" huh?
Mike da Mutant



"The TRAP" is up!  This new video kicks off with about 10 minutes worth of clips this week just so that we can get through the set-up and into the GOOD STUFF!  The whole idea is that a couple of horny babes decide to take a supernatural lover - with the emphasis on "take."  We'll just see how that works out for 'em, eh?

Mike da Mutant



But it sure seems cursed.  We've had to reschedule the "Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde" shoot twice now due to weird cast problems.  That's pretty unusual - even for us.  So it's back up on the "soon as we can" list and luckily we've got "The TRAP" waiting in the bullpen.  Wasn't expecting to have this up for weeks so it's gonna be tomorrow for it's debut - gotta 'nuther long night of editing first!  But check back manana - it'll be here!


...keep a good update down!  So here's everything else!  First off, "Rhonda Retro" gets some much deserved recognition for all of her valuable service.  But it's not quite the award that she'd anticipated.  On the other hand - it's not one that she'll soon forget either!  Then they're beating swords out of meteorites in "Steel from the Sky" and even the queen gets in on the dirty work!  "Cassiopeia" started something with that bomb, but she didn't get 'em all.  Now the survivors are really pissed - and really horny!  Good luck girl.

There's a new chapter of "OMEGA FIGHTERS!"  This time RED FIST takes on two challengers.  She quickly dispatches the female but... has an entirely different plan for the guy.  Gotta love that gal!  And "The BERSERKER" has walked right into a trap!  There's no escape, and this week she'll pay a horrific price for her carelessness.  Better shape up babe or you won't last too long...

And "Ve hav vays to make you talk":

Resistance is futile - and kinda dumb anyway see'n as how this babe wants to screw the information out of you!  So what the heck, tell her your secrets, she'll only share them with me.  And ya know that I can keep a secret....

Right... yeah.  I can do that.

Till tomorrow,
Mike da Mutant



Is it REALLY over?  After 30 issues the "Alien Huntress" is gonna hang up her guns and live the simple life?  Oh man...!  Sadly, that's the scoop.  Unless... maybe you guys would like to see her back in a fresh comic?  Helpdesk is open - lemme know and we'll see what we can do.  But as of now she's officially retired as you'll see in this week's epilogue.  Dammit.  Maybe I could threaten the artist or kidnap his favorite dog or...?  I HAVE MY WAYS ya know!

Sure gonna miss that girl.  But life goes on.  This week's lineup is "eclectic" - 'least as I understand the term.  Basically it's chock-full of all kindsa crazy!  Like "Labyrinth" where the dominant male finds out that endurance is a big factor in conquest.  He gets the all-so-willing-and-stacked Spacebabe, but in the end... well, you'll see.  Great artwork by the way - I just love this guy's work.  Then have ya ever fallen asleep with the boob-tube on?  Sure ya have.  But did you find yourself being ravished and engulfed by a hideous TV monster when you woke up?  No?  Well, check out "Wrong Channel" and see why you were just lucky.  This shit happens all the time, but nobody believes me.  Oh well.

Next up is some nasty treatment for a recently screwed queen as her non-Godlike lover ties her to a post and goes searching for goodies.  But there's fire in her heart, lust in her loins and "Steel from the Sky" so this ain't over yet!  And it's the darkest chapter of "The Castaways" yet!  The Crusoe women have fallen victim to rapist robots, perverted professors, and all kinda of alien scummies but this... THIS tops it all!  With no men around 'cept the evil Doctor that plagues them this family of hotties tries everything to find some relief - sometimes they get it - sometimes they REALLY GET IT (hehehe..ya know?).  This week things are lookin' pretty grim and evil has triumphed over the freakishly super-stacked clan!

Historically speaking...

...there's a fresh "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" comic up for your edification and enlightenment.  Or whatever...  Anyway it's one of Donny's finest from days gone by about a rookie space-cop that has some highly unusual interrogation methods!  You gotta check it out!  But pause and reflect on the fact that "individual results may vary" before you run up to the local precinct and 'fess up to some offence or other.  Chances are that your interrogation might not work out quite as well. (Trust me.)

And "The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" wraps up this week.  That conniving 'lil alien hussy gets her way (and her DNA "sample") and Tony gets "POOFED" off to who knows where!  General Marsdek is strangely silent (perhaps embarrassed over his initial panic at this dastardly deed) but I expect a full report on my desk in days... weeks... whatever.  Anyway, I think it was just a harmless drive-by-blowjob from some curious alien critters so I'm recalling the troops and ratcheting down the ready status.  No reason to keep everybody on edge.  'Specially since they're all hung-over from New Years parties!

It's a brand-new year!

Loads of new stuff up for ya next week.  Stay tuned for a new movie "Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde"!!!

Mike da Mutant



...through another Christmas!  Nobody got hurt, no family fights, no blood was spilled.  Weird.  But I'll take it!  Hope yers was a winner, too.  Now we must gird ourselves against the onslaught of NEW YEAR!  Oh man, the party gets kinda strange around here.  Like ya gotta remember to see if the gal has a reflection before you respond to that old "Follow me, I wanna suck you" line.  Some of them are talking 'bout yer blood!  Then there's the kinky alien chicks - don't even get me started on those weirdos...  Guess it's just an occupational hazard.  But I digress...

So back to reality.

Really?  Not so much.  But Fantasy is okay by me so let's start with this week's SLEEPER comic.  Check out Jack Lee's "CYBERDEVIL!"  This guy's got talent (seriously - he does work for the BIG BOYS i.e.: a two letter comic book publisher that's been around a zillion years) and is enjoying letting his kink out by doin' some side-line work for us).  Super illustrations and story - you're gonna dig it!  Then the "Star Woes" section gets a new update with "The 69th Day."  But it's tough to parody a flic that like maybe 8 people saw (mostly Arnold's family) so we gave the writing staff a little leeway.  A little too much leeway apparently... but WTF!

"Steel from the Sky" issue 3 is up!  And the tight-assed queen just found out that her "GOD" lover is really just some dude that happened by and BOY IS SHE PISSED!  Hey - get their names first ya dumb slut!  Royalty... go figure!  Then it's time to learn a little lesson here fellas.  If ya find it lay'n on the beach there's probably a reason somebody threw it away.  Like that super hot chick that's just lay'n there doodlin' herself in this week's "Night Terrors" story.  Don't walk away - RUN!

Principle Hammermeyer is dead but his dong's still stiff as a board, so little Becky Lovell hasn't noticed that he's no longer breathing.  She's convinced it's part of the game that they're playing so that she doesn't fail High School.  Silly girl!  And admit it - you wanna try sex in zero-G.  Well it's all good fun as long as yer with a gal that doesn't spit - that REALLY makes a mess!  But since you can't all have private spaceships such as mine I guess the closest you'll get to finding out would be to study this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" comic called "Simulator."  Ah yes... that brings back some memories!

She won't keep her mouth off it!

But somehow Tony Steel doesn't seem to mind.  I have no friggin' idea what race this alien chick is from, but I'd sure like to find out!  I'm reasonably convinced that there's no planetary security risk here.  Just some random DNA collection - same shit that's gone on for years.  But while awaiting next week's final report from General Marsdek and his team of experts I'm gonna suspend my official "all clear" message - just in case.  Next week we're wrappin' up "The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" - either way.  Sorry Tony...

So beware the vampires of New Years eve and those of you that survive - regroup here next week.
We'll leave a light on.

Mike da Mutant



Nah... but that's about the only thing that the alien chick DOESN'T do to Tony Steel's family jewels!  The action flip's sides again this week and next week's the CLIMAX!  So don't miss it!


Oh boy!  We've lined up an awesome selection of comic distraction to help get your mind off of those cookies and fruit cakes.  "Steel from the Sky" supports the notion that the Gods must care about us - or at least the hot queenly babe in this episode.  Then there's a short story called "Space Cool" about a little three-way incident and another one called "T.P.T." that outlines the problems that occur when you kill a lover - but he won't stay dead! (I hate it when that happens.)

Then James Lemay's back with chapter seven of "Alien Winter" and Briaeros backs up his EXCELLENT first chapter of "Laura Talbert - Monster Hunter" with a slammin' new chapter!  This week Laura meets "The Slasher!"  And a tiger gets tamed BIG-TIME in Donny's "Tigress" comic found deep inside the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine!"

Everybody stay warm and we'll re-group next week after all the Christmas celebrations are done.

Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah!
Mike da Mutant



Yep.  This week we're kickin' off an eight part series from Red Duke (with some dialogue revamps from the the SLIDster) that kinda opens up a new area for us.  Just a taste of some Sword & Sorcery content added to the mix.  It's called "Steel from the Sky" - lemme know whatcha think!  This week features a "Gift from the Gods" via special delivery from the stars!  "Cassiopeia" discovers that stealing from thieves is not as easy as it sounds.  'Specially when they're hard-workin' pirate scum-bags that have a mighty hanker'n for some nice young booty!  Ultimately... I guess her mission is successful-ish.  But it wasn't easy!

"The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" rolls on, and this week Tony has her right where he wants her!  At least if he wants a mouthful of alien muff... I'm still not seeing the planetary security threat that General Marsdek says that this poses to the Earth, but at least the "torture" is fun to watch!  Kinda hopin' that she doesn't get what she's after and comes after me next!  Bring it on ALIEN!

After Red Fist powers up on some man protein she's ready for a rumble!  Good thing 'cause Black Widow from the Antar system has just arrived to challenge her title as champion among the "Omega Fighters!"  The challenge is quickly answered and Red Fist gets back to her protein gobblin' faster than you can say "teleport me!"  This is one LUSH series - REALLY good artwork!


Why not?  Everybody else is!  Like my favorite lab created bimbo, "The Berserker!"  She's tracked down her creator, Dr. Linus and after dispatching his body guards she's poised to take the ol' duffer out.  But the cops are on the lookout and things appear to be getting complicated.  And she wouldn't really kill the 'ol boy without screwin' him first - would she?  Standby... And there's a whole lotta nasty surprises for a solo pilot who didn't check for "unauthorized cargo" before she headed for deep space.  Now the "cargo" is loose and she's about to surrender all that she has to it - one tryst at a time!  NOTE: always check for "The Stowaway" before lighting them rockets off!

And space lesbians take over "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" as this week's feature "Firewalkers" bubbles up to the top.  Marauding lesbians take their sex slaves where they can find them.  And they just found one!  And now they're gonna... maraud (?) all over her!

News flash: Just found out that Wikileaks has absolutely no embarrassing secret information on me due to be released anytime soon.  Kinda bummed...

Mike da Mutant



All good things must come to an end... and this week it's "IMMORAL KOMBAT."  Yep, today marks the final episode of this long-runnin' babe-bashin' photo story and (whoda thunk?) HELL ends up the winner!  On the bright side, there's a NEW "Fable of Fright!"  "Foxy and the Grapes" tells the tale of another innocent life shattered by those damn grape.. uh, trees?  Thought they grew on vines, but the effect's the same either way.  Succulent...!


Yep.  But "Food Chain" wraps it up with another untimely demise.  These Spacebabes are falling like dominoes!  Man, I gotta do sumthin' 'bout that - FAST!  Then "Tony Steel" is really showing that alien babe what he's all about!  If he's all about muff-divin'... I'm sure there's a plan in there to save the universe and all that, but so far it's been more about some alien babe catchin' a nut!

The "Alien Huntress" is hanging up her G-string?  SAY IT AIN'T SO!  It seems that even the homicidal beauty from beyond has a saturation point for death and destruction.  And she says that she's there.  C'mon babe!  You can still kill a bunch more!  Right?  And if yer more into supernatural than technological... well yer gonna LOVE "Hart of Darkness" from Slid.  Tentacle-icky guy gets lucky when a babe to die for just prances right into his lair!  I mean gee-wiz, what's a monster to do?  And there's a Donny comic that's bubbled up inside the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week!  "Xeno-Bordello" is one of those fantasy places where "one size fits all."  Or NOT!

Lotsa new stuff comin' down the pike!
Mike da Mutant



Bad ones... So a couple of "good 'ol boys" decide to kidnap a hot babe and take her out into the woods for a little torture, abuse and rape - typical Friday night stuff in many parts of the world.  But this night's gonna be different.  There's a full moon, and this particular victim is different... way different.  And the sands of time are running out for a couple "good 'ol boys!"  That's this week's "Night Terror" update!  Moving on to "DIONISE, CA" where anything goes! Principle Hammermeyer has taken sweet 'lil Becky to an abandoned school for some seriously jaded sex.  Becky's workin' for good grades and Hammermeyer's just a perv after some primo young ass.  But they're both about to discover that the souls of those who died at that school in a terrible fire have never left!


I'm see'n a whole lot of screwin' but no interrogation in "The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" - how 'bout you?  I'm startin' to think that the curiously absent General Marsdek has completely mis-categorized this.  Looks like a benign bonkin' to me.  But Steel gets loose this week, and swiftly makes his move - on her!  Then "Food Chain" ramps up the video action as a clumsy Spacebabe falls prey to the same weird killer that just gobbled up her partner.  But his hunger can wait now that he's found a new toy!  Hell has it's way and the end is nigh in this week's "IMMORAL KOMBAT."  Let's see... Jinx is get'n gang-banged by mini-demons, Denz is get'n e x p a n d e d by the punisher and a victorious Flashblade is trying to figure out how she got sent to hell!  Yeah... busy week!

Dr. Ericsonn has his eye on sweet young Trina Crusoe while his alter-ego robo-rapist hunts down her mother!  Life just seems to be a series of never ending tribulation for astoundingly stacked castaways in space, and it looks like it's just gonna get tougher!  Check it out in "Housewives in Space - The Castaways!"  And finally in the "W.A.B.A.C Machine" we've found the secret to eternal happiness - a human-ish sex-bot!  Get' 'em while ya can! (I hear that Uncle Sam's gonna regulate 'em soon.)

Mike da Mutant



...developments.  That alien inquisitor chick sure has been workin' hard - 'specially since she ain't asked him a damn thing - yet.  But General Marsdek (who's strangely silent this week) assures me that she will, and that it's all an evil alien conspiracy called "The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel."  So far it just looks like a masterful blowjob to me.  But what do I know?  Her throat must be takin' some wear 'cause this week she stops swallowing his pride and mounts up!  Dunno where the torture's 'sposed to start... but I'll be watchin'!  OH YEAH...

Fresh meat just delivered itself to the hungry monster in the dark.  And this gal's even worse than the last at keeping her weapons close.  Disarmed and about to be disrobed, I'm bettin' that she'll be a tasty snack sooner than later.  Just in time for a Thanksgiving FEAST!  Bet she'd be great with cranberry sauce.  It's all in this week's aptly named "FOOD CHAIN" video.


...there was a brand new series!  Yep.  Briaeros kicks off "Laura Talbert - Monster Hunter" with a hideous boyfriend killing, girlfriend raping monster in a hockey mask!  But these evil deeds will surely attract the attention of the monster hunter.  Sadly, it'll be too late for these two.  Oh well, she may be doomed, but she sure is hot!  And Ligea the "Vampire MILF" is back!  Some fool breaks into her abode to do her harm, but Ligea's guardians are on the job, and while they don't stop the buxom intruder, they sure as hell take their toll (wink wink)!

"IMMORAL KOMBAT" CRANKS!  We got a loser in hell meeting "The PUNISHER," a big spider problem, and two dinky demons having a good 'ol time with a gal that wasn't as fast as she thought she was!  Exciting!


..."Alien Winter?"  No Prob.  Katerina's still recovering from her brush with the aliens in the shower, but she's surprised to discover that all she can think about is sex.  Good thing that Ruski dude's handy!  And Olga has secluded herself in the lab where she enjoys the undivided attention of her tentacle lovers while plotting the cross-genetic fate of her comrades.  Friggin' hot - and get'n hotter by the episode!


Yep.  Now I remember the first time that "Siobhan" was up.  I damn-near pissed myself when I read the last panel.  Friggin' hysterical!!!  And since it's been so damn long I forgot and it got me again!  That's the one good thing 'bout get'n old.  You forget shit - everything's new!

So all you TSA beleaguered travelers in the USA - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
And to everybody else... uh...  Happy Thursday?

See ya next week!
Mike da Mutant



No kidding!  This week there are fresh clips up for “The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel” AND we’re starting a brand new flic called “Food Chain!”  Just our way of say‘n thanks members!  Check ‘em out!

Three exciting scenarios in this week’s “IMMORAL KOMBAT.”  One is vanquished and sent to hell, another is discovering just how bad bugs can be ,while the third involves some mini-demons and their runaway victim.  Complicated, but well worth the effort.


We got ‘em!  First up is the FINAL “Dead Sky Above Us” and this alien encounter shouldn’t be missed!  Then “The Berserker” gets a fresher and something’s up.  Something sneaky.  Something DEADLY!  The “Omega Fighters” are back!  And in between all the hot sex they’re fighting a WAR! 

Wrappin’ it up this week comes “90 Day Rotation” from the W.A.B.A.C. Machine.  Crossover time comes dear for those left alone for 3 months at a time.  You’ll see what I mean!

Mike da Mutant



Rough week.  Lotsa good stuff goin' on in the background though.  Not so much progress in our headliner mystery "The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel."  It appears that general Marsdak and his team of abduction experts has settled down to observe the ordeal, but I don't see any chance of intervention.  We don't even know where he's at.  On the other hand this alien gal's "tongue torture" doesn't seem all that bad - so far.  "Immoral Kombat" has gotten crowded!  There's a duel to the death, a giant spider attack, and now there's a hell of a chase going on as two diminutive demonoids seek some comfort from a gal that doesn't wanna give any.  Kinda sounds like my old neighborhood!


Oh yeah, we got yer comics right here!  "Big Monster on Campus" leads off with a werewolf sorority tale while "M.U.F.F." takes us to completely new dimensions populated by gorgeous gals with nasty attitudes.  Then "Revenge" is sweet as one brave Spacebabe takes the fight to her tormentor - Spacebabe style!  The ever-popular "Alien Huntress" finally confronts THE FARMER this week and her revenge is also sweet.  Not that HE liked it too much...

Then The W.A.B.A.C. machine coughs up "24th Century Stand-off" and once again an evil alien slimeball is taught a lesson.  Beware of the Cyborg!

Been working on something new for next week.  Hopefully we'll be able to roll it out next Thursday with the update.  Details not yet ready to publish, but I'm pretty sure that you're gonna like it.

Mike da Mutant


Update is up...

Notes tomorrow.

Mike da Mutant



I HATE being late with an update.  General Marsdek better have a pretty good excuse for this or I’ll take the day’s delay outta his ass!  Maybe he had some trouble assembling his “crack team of Abduction experts” or sumthin.  But I see that they’ve finally gathered and are applying their keen collective intellects to the problem.  God help us.  It’s all in this week’s “The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel” update.

Then there’s a new chapter of “IMMORAL KOMBAT” with more insect issues and a that little green eyed monster is back in “Dionise, CA!"  Frankenstein’s Monster meets the pussy-mouthed aliens in this week’s Night Terrors comic called “ALIEN PROBE!”  Sounds like a marriage made in… well... probably not... but a GOOD MATCH! 


Bet you didn’t even know about the autopsy fiasco at Roswell did ya?  HA!  I knew it!  A MonsterBabe Central exclusive expose’!  Yep “The Roswell Sexpediant” reveals what the government has been covering up for so long.  Two women – TENTACLES - Icky stuff!  It’s all there if you think you can HANDLE THE TRUTH! 

And for a haunting tale of great big boobies, marauding psycho apparitions and free-floating ecto-penises you have to check out ”HAINT” from Slid!  The “W.A.B.A.C. Machine” serves up the second half of the “Sistrix Saga” for desert and life is GOOD!

Now back to that Abduction…
Mike da Mutant



It's gonna be okay.  General Marsdek has arrived to take charge of the unfolding "Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" debacle.  Dunno what he can do about it but he exudes confidence, and since I'm all tied up at this damn sensitivity training thing (Who'd have thought that Zombies have feelings?) I guess he'll have to handle it.  Captain Steel is gonna have to dig deep to find the will to resist this little invader.  She's REALLY got him by the balls!  And uh... sorry freebie guys - I had to do some blurry-assed censoring for the free preview.  Lil' kids can get their education elsewhere.  Members - rest assured that the member clips ARE NOT censored!


Abductions are 'sposed to be kinda chauvinistic right?  I mean... normally it's a gal that gets snatched.  So for a little breath of sanity check out Darkwing Design's "ABDUCTION" comic - it's a little more of what we're used to.  Then strap in - it's time for the "ALIEN WINTER" update from James Lemay! Katarina's flashback ends gruesomely and reality is not much better.  Olga has her setup to look like a wacko while she lets her little alien lovers run amuck and plots to get rid of Kat once and for all!


Hope so!  'Cause we've got a brand new "Housewives in Space" chapter!  Evil Dr. Ericsonn has been terrorizing the girls of the Neptune One and this week he's branching out.  When an unsuspecting (and STACKED) alien lands for a visit he intercepts her and with a lusty punch in the jaw he blows their only chance to get home!  BASTARD!  Then of course there's his signature "interrogation"... 


"IMMORAL KOMBAT" starts off with the slasher duel of the knocker mommas, but at the end we catch a glimpse of what's next.  And it's HORRIFIC!  Like giant spider gets cute lil' bimbo horrific!  So, yeah... that's buggin me.  But maybe next week there will be a giant can of RAID?  Or she's doomed... yeah, probably doomed.  And Cameron Connell has been beaten and raped and has suffered all kinds of humiliation at the hands of the Amazons and their queen.  Now she's chained and whipped and - is she really gonna offer sex to her torturer?  EE-GADS!  Well... it's gonna be a while till we find out as Briaeros switches gears for a little while and we start a new series next time.  But fret not - we won't leave her hanging there in the "LOST LANDS" forever!  Finally the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" takes to the "SISTRIX SAGA" and if you ever thought that space gals would be a little less ruthless than guys - this'll straighten you out!  That Issali broad is BAD NEWS and a stone-cold KILLER!

SWEET!  The good stuff keeps on comin'!

Mike da Mutant

Oh - reminder - the 1/2 PRICE MOVIE SALE ENDS on NOVEMBER 1st!



A line has been crossed that's never been approached before.  The friggin' aliens have taken Captain Tony Steel of Spacebabe Command for purposes unknown.  This marks the end of a long observed gentleman's agreement that has kept both us and the aliens in relative peace as long as we only snatched each others babes.  That has ended now and the repercussions will reach far into the future of alien/human relations.  Now we're gonna kill those little fuckers...


That's what they'll say about me, but dammit... I'm Mike da Mutant and I AM a sexist pig!  THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!  I've reactivated General J.J. Marsdek (retired) for the duration of this emergency and he'll have an official announcement from Spacebabe Command soon.  Meanwhile, might as well watch the live feed and draw your own conclusions.  More on this next week.  LOTS more.

But don't be overly concerned.  Captain Steel is a highly trained veteran of many a Spacebabe tryst and will no doubt acquit himself well.  And there's so much more to do besides worry.  Like...

"IMMORAL KOMBAT" for one.  Hell keeps one of the fighters and the other two are paving the way to it with their evil intentions.  And cutting each other's clothing off.  I like that part!  Then there's a...


Oh man!  Check out the great new chapters of "The Berserker," "Omega Fighters," and "Dark Sky Above Us!"  Three great comic series just got better!  Then this week's short story "Extinction" will send a shiver down your spine (vertebrates only) and this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" feature is "BOOBYRELLA!"

I like the sound of that... BOOB- BA-Rel... well I'm just sayin'.

We're gathering our response team after being caught completely off-guard by this new alien menace..  Next week.  Next week we'll address this calamitous abduction event in excruciating detail.  Till then stay frosty and check out the knockers on that alien!

Mike da Mutant



Okay.  I screwed up.  Again.  Yesterday's update had two problems.  Anyone who chose "The Gauntlet" found that their links took 'em to "Seduction of Frankenstein."  Duhh.  And THEN I didn't have the preview files for "The Gauntlet" enabled.  Double Duhh!

Thanks for the timely tip-off Mat!  And sorry for the confusion fellas.  It's all fixed now.

Mike da Mutant



Firestorm that is.  She's lost her contest (and her life) and now she's being whipped by Hell's demon!  Tough breaks when ya lose in "IMMORAL KOMBAT!"  But Flashblade and Denz are just beginning their battle - we'll see who ends up as Hell's next customer!

OH NO!  It's... over?

It's the FINAL chapter of James Lemay's "Brothel of Blood!"  And it ends... bloody!  But fear not - Alien Winter continues and he's making noises about a brand new series to replace B of B in the near future!  We'll be watchin.  OOOoooo... I LOVE the "STAR WOES" stuff!  And this week there's "N'EBI" which is, as you might expect, a STAR WOES parody of AVATAR!  And those evil Earth people are even nastier in our version!

In the mood for a quicky?

How 'bout TWO?  First there's "The Devil's Wishing Well" where dreams come true and wishes are answered - as NIGHTMARES!  One of those cautionary tales about being careful what ya wish for!  Then "New Generation" is a dark, scary tale of a lone human woman left at the mercy of a being from a dying race.  His goal - PROCREATION!  And he's got a pretty good idea of how to make it happen.

And then... THREE MORE Pay Per Views released!  And for the VERY LAST TIME ya get to pick one for this week's movie update!  "The Seduction of Frankenstein," "The GAUNTLET," and "The Monster in the Closet" join the PPV lineup and you can have one!  Woulda been two more if my friggin' HD hadn't crashed and ate 'em.  Oh well... had to end sometime.  But man-o-man are you gonna dig the new ABDUCTION movie that starts next week!  Keep an eye peeled.

Mike da Mutant



I'm sooooo tired of get'n bitch-slapped by people looking for new PPVs!  I don't blame 'em - I'm just workin' as hard as I can (and still falling behind).  But after last week's victory (when I got 5 done) I kept on pluggin' and this week I got 5 MORE DONE!  That was unplanned, so the upshot is that ONCE AGAIN you guys get to pick yer own flic!  I'm on a roll and I don't know how much longer (if at all) I can keep crankin' 'em out.  But while it lasts - GO 4 IT!!!  There's a brand new ABDUCTION flic just waiting to go online and I will NOT delay it much longer.  It's too friggin cool!  Get 'em while ya can!


We ain't slackin' at all!  This week the "BLUE MAN" shows ya what woulda happened if the HULK was a porn star!  Talk about a gal taking on more than she can chew...!  EXCELLENT short story!  Then "IMMORAL KOMBAT" echoes with the screams of the dead and the dying as Firestorm GOES TO HELL, DENZ titty smothers her opponent, and Flashblade SKEWERS hers!

And then Basta serves up a fresh issue of "Night Terrors" and this time it's girls night out.  Even vampires, ghouls, and alien weirdos PARTY DOWN occasionally!  Next up: SLID!  "Housewives in SPACE" is up with Castaways #3 and these gals aren't safe anywhere!  Oh... you're gonna LOVE this week's W.A.B.A.C. machine comic!  It's "Curious" from IGOR and this time it's the EARTH GIRL that's the aggressor!

Finally, The "ALIEN HUNTRESS" is back and she's get'n the treatment like NOBODY has EVER given her before!  She's completely helpless as the king of evil takes her again and again!  There's just a couple more issues to go on this story - don't miss it!

So there ya have it!  Another terrific week of scary perversion in multiple flavors!  CHOW DOWN!

Mike da Mutant.



YOU get to pick yer flic!  Sounds dirty don't it?  Well, it is!  I FINALLY got FIVE NEW MOVIES re-mastered for the PPV section.  And YOU get to pick one this week for FREE!  Even the freebie guys get a rare treat with the previews alone being over 20 minutes of video!  It's like I done did a bad thing that I forgot about, but I'm still gonna try to make up for it!  Weird.  I don't remember screwin' anything up (but I surely did)... and you guys deserve the best anyway so here's my humble attempt to make ya feel appreciated!  Check out ALL the previews and then CHOOSE WISELY!


Lotsa new content up this week!  Let's start with "ALIEN Winter" from James Lemay.  This episode takes us back in time to discover the origins of Katarina's bionic arm.  And it ain't gonna be a happy tale.  But if all was sunshine and light we'd be "SMILEYFACECENTRAL" wouldn't we?  And who the hell wants THAT?!  YUCK!

Meanwhile, "IMMORAL KOMBAT" has three different contests goin' all at once, and if you can keep 'em straight you'll love the action.  And the BABES!  Ogle those "triple F" knockers on DENZ!  DAMN!!!  Cameron Connell is back in a new chapter of "LOST LANDS" this week.  She's met her match in the Amazon Queen and this week she's just the Queen's quivering sex toy!  Oh how the mighty have fallen!  The DEEP SPACERS take the plunge in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" update and OH MY GAWD! - there's been an "ABDUCTION!"  Yep.  Those pesky aliens have snagged another gorgeous Spacebabe and now her boring days of sentry duty are starting to look good to her again!  But ain't that just the way it goes?  Bored, bored, bored, AAAAHHHH! - scared shitless!  Kinda like bein' married...


Man!  Been a long time between "Fables of Fright!"  But this week we gotta new one!  Row, Row, Row yer Boat (go ahead, sing along) will NEVER sound the same after you see this one!  It's scary and dark and yes, the babes bite the big one.  But hey!  Please understand that NO TENTACLED BEASTS were harmed in any way in the making of this comic! (Just to keep them whiny PETA weenies off my back.)

Yeah.  Long winded "What's New" this week.  And it's about to get longer.  Here's the poop on those movies that ya get to choose from this week.

Spook Hunters - A team of paranormal investigators examines a building said to contain a homicidal apparition.  But this investigation leads to insights that will shock even the most ardent disbeliever!

Channeling Evil - Madam Solee's seen it all - she thought. But when Jennifer Clayton showed up at her home to seek help in contacting her dead brother...  Well, it was uncharted territory for the experienced medium.  It was what she didn't know about Jennifer and her brother Jesse that will make her realize too late that she's been Channeling EVIL!

Bad Dreams - Usually a dream is just that - a nonsensical byproduct of your brain doing a little sleepy time house cleaning.  Nightmares?  Same thing.  Usually...

Ash Gordon - A beautiful woman named Keyla tears across space, pursued by a curiously antique warship that is bent upon her destruction!  Her mission: Find planet Earth and - if any exist - find the living descendents of the Earth man known as FLASH GORDON.  Even as her spaceship is destroyed she manages to escape to the planet's surface.  But she has not evaded her determined pursuers - and now the hunt begins again!  Emperor Twing's army of indestructible robots soon have brave Keyla cornered.  And then...

Possessions of the DEAD - Three gals have to work on a Saturday to prepare for an estate sale.  But the dearly departed was a perverted monster and now his spirit is attached to those things that once brought him pleasure.  He possesses one gal and uses her body to violate the rest!

So there ya have it!  I'm gonna TRY to get some more PPV flics up next week. (We'll see how it goes.)  I actually have more TO DO then we have DONE! Damn... need an assistant.  With tits.  BIG TITS...

Mike da Mutant



One GLORIOUS side effect of combing SBC and HBC into MonsterBabe Central has been the comics.  Even with more content up on the site we're in a position to offer nothin' but TOP QUALITY comics these days.  And the new guys that have been contacting us to do work are AMAZING!  I have a rough time curtailing my propensity to expound (if ya know what I mean).  And I can't shut up about it neither!  Just check it out...


This week we're starting a new series - "OMEGA FIGHTERS."  Friggin' awesome artwork wrapped into a cool futuristic story about bio-enhanced babes from the future and their efforts to dominate each other.  This one is lush and colorful and has terrific action - and though you can't see 'em yet (sorry) the succeeding issues get BETTER!  No shit.  This is really COOL!  Not to be outdone, Predator has just churned out the best issue of "The BERSERKER" yet!  She's NEVER been in THIS kinda trouble before, and the tentacle nasty that grabbed her has plans for her.  Baaaaad plans!

Max Zero slips in a bizarre tale of ancient evil in disguise.  "Sir Reginald" should have headed back to Europe, but he chose to stay in the Holy Land and dally with the devil's whores.  Too bad.  Too late to change.  Too good to miss.  And "Ms. Anderson" I presume?  Yep.  She's got a system for stay'n hot and keeping herself entertained.  It requires that some young hotties die.  But hey - no plan is perfect!  In "The W.A.B.A.C Machine" this week we're serving up part 2 of "Deep Spacers."  Apparently when you come out of suspended animation you wake up horny.  REAL horny!


Yes indeed!  "Immoral Kombat" has three engagements running at once this week.  Quickblade toys with her opponent while Firestorm is tormented by hers.  And in the last couple of pages you'll meet Dancer Denz who begins her match without weapons!  And you'll remember Denz for a long long time.  Trust me.


The conclusion of "Recycle or DIE!" is up!  And lets just say that garbage man won't soon be waggin' his banana in anybody's face again!  Planet be damned - KILL THE GARBAGE MAN!

EXCELLENT line-up!  It's a secret (pssst..don't tell anybody) but... NEXT WEEK all the PPV flics go on sale for 1/2 price again.  All through the month of October non-members can snag 'em for the usual price that members pay while members get 1/2 off of that!  Just our way of stirrin' the soup and say'n thanks guys.  But it's a secret so don't tell a soul!

Till next week!
Mike da Mutant.


Funny Stuff.

"STAR WOES" features "FUCKARAMA" this week.  If ya liked the Futurama series yer gonna LOVE this!  And if ya didn't then what the hell's wrong with yo... I mean... you'll still like it!

But Seriously...

Yep - it can't all be light and giggly.  Here's the dark side my friends.  First off it's James Lemay with "Brothel of Blood."  This week Scarlett goes exploring deep within the brothel.  But the secret that she discovers will blast her soul! (Quiver of fear goes down my spine.) Then "Ecstasy of One Bite" features a gal with a secret - a DEADLY secret and her suitor should have seen the signs! (Quiver turns to shiver.) And the W.A.B.A.C Machine has the first of the "DEEP SEED" series up.  This week we meet the girls - next time we'll make OTHER friends!

But realistically speaking...

...there's a new babe in town!  Quickblade takes on a demonic challenger in "IMMORAL KOMBAT" and fells... she's a DOLL!  But her looks won't save her any more than they're saving Firestorm this week!  She's about to take a quick trip to HELL - just as soon as Scorpia tires of torturing her!  But that could take a while...  And Planet Earth's trash representative finishes off one babe and turns to the other for some extra fun in the "RECYCLE or DIE!" video series.  She taunts him and starts plucking him while he's fucking her!  You go girl!

"Dead Sky Above Us" - Slid rolls out chapter three and a daring escape is in the works.  But the cost... THE COST!!!! (Melodrama... I can do that!)

There's always a cost...
Mike da Mutant


Revenge – so SWEET!

Scorpia’s back from HELL… and boy, is she PISSED!  The Punisher has a way of motivating these fighters and really get ‘em fired up!  Firestorm's blown away by a tsunami of RAGE and appears to be helpless before her enemy!  A trip to HELL seems inevitable – AFTER some naked humiliation!  Guess that’s why we call it “IMMORAL KOMBAT.”

The “Alien Huntress” is taken before the king of evil and learns about his plans for universal domination.  But she’s drugged and unarmed and about to meet his oversized “persuader!”  Worse still – the Farmer's on the way to begin an all-out WAR! 


Yep, it’s the final episode of “Gray GOO” and the nano’s are triumphant!  So now I guess we’re all gonna die as they spread everywhere and reproduce.  Tsk, tsk.  Sorry ‘bout that.  But we’ll probably have time for a few more updates before our time is up, so go ahead and check out this week’s “Recycle or DIE!” update for a lesson in ecological sensitivity.  Or you could just enjoy watchin’ the trash monster bang the hell out of ‘lil Ms. Snooty!  Either way, lotsa video up this week – enjoy!

Just married – his life is over!

Literally!  The bride’s a fox, but her cannibal parents just haven’t raised her right.  And now one unlucky stud has married her and knocked her up – thus serving his purpose.  With no other use for him now… it’s monster SNACK TIME (>CRUNCH<) in the "Night Terror" realm.  Who’d a thunk that the “Little Green Monster” was real?  I always thought that just meant jealousy.  But it seems that it really CAUSES jealousy.  And it’s tearing the lovely burb of “Dionise, CA” apart as all the cheatin’ lovers get there just deserts!  Sex and Mayhem (it IS California ya know).  Finally, this week’s “W.A.B.A.C. Machine” update is “ARMADA X” from back at the beginning of time and it’s still a good read.  It’s all about a girl that I used to know…

Them was the days!
Mike da Mutant


Let's be clear.

If you judge a website based on one week's update then yer really not being very fair.  I mean there's always gonna be good weeks and better weeks - it's the nature of the beast.  BUT if that's the kinda shallow thinker that you are - DO IT THIS WEEK!


'Cause this is an OUTSTANDING UPDATE!  Sheeee--it... Just look at that lineup!  Its a content Tour-de-force!  Starts off with "Gray Goo" - chicks' a lickin' under the evil influence of nasty nano-bots while the deranged scientist cheers them on (Video no less!) and "Recycle or DIE" - more video with a self-absorbed booby-babe get'n the work-over from a TRASH monster for endangering planet Earth!  Hell, that's just the VIDEOS!

Then James Lemay rolls out the next chapter of "Alien Winter" which in my humble opinion is his best work to date!  And that's say'n a lot.  Katrina barely escapes a mutant alien tentacle assassination attempt at the bottom of the world - but she's not safe yet - Evil Olga is gonna give it another try!  On top of that Briaeros sends in the next "Lost Lands" chapter with Cameron bound and tied and completely unable to resist the evil Amazon queen's lesbian advances!  (Gotta try that myself!).

And it ain't over yet!

Check out "IMMORAL KOMBAT" if only to see THE PUNISHER work over SCORPIA deep down in the depths of HELL!  He promised her a real hot time and baby - she's get'n it!  How about an ABDUCTION?  Yeah... we'll do that.  It'll be part two of the redneck diplomacy chapter.  Yeah.  And we'll have another stacked alien attempt to rescue the first one... and then we'll let the rednecks get the better of 'em!  That's want we'll do... er did in this weeks "ABDUCTION" update!  And to round out the perfect update we're gonna have to have a really good "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" retro-comic.  Let's see... Hmm... GOT IT!  We're gonna go with "INCUMMING" from a few years ago.  Nasty (and horny) alien critter takes a shot at a gorgeous spacebabe, only to suffer the ultimate sanction after the dirty deed is done.  Yep.  That'll cap it off!

So there ya have it!

And it's an amazing update chock-full of quality thrills and giggles.  Good job team!  You guys enjoy the three day weekend ('least here in da USA) and we'll see ya all next week.

NOTE: Exciting shoot scheduled for next Tuesday - two new hotties - new models - letcha know how it went next week!

Never a dull moment.
Mike da Mutant


Did it!

Check out the clips from "Recycle or DIE!" and tell me if you'd like to be the trash monster!  And the Archives are up!  Man... take your time lookin' through 'em - there's a LOT of excellent work in there.  James Lemay's second collection has got so many favorites from the pouty lip/puffy nipple master that you GOTTA have it!  Then Slid's entire "Jane Deerborn" series and (my favorite) "Vampire City" is FINALLY available, and if you don't at least check it out then you, sir, are worse than a pin-hole in a rubber!  Oh... we very quietly snuck in a couple new archives last week too - "Wrecking Crew" and "SpaceLab51/K.A.T.E." for you 3D poser lovers!

Go get 'em fellas!

Mike da Mutant


Video power play?

Could be.  "Gray Goo" continues Goo-Betty's work of spreading the Goo - and Dr Grey sure doesn't seem to mind.  But man cannot live on Goo alone, so TOMORROW I'm gonna kick off the next flic "Recycle or DIE!"  Yep we've been screwin' the planet for so long that it's starting to return the favor... real personal like, ya dig?  When a repeat offender is sentenced to community service after her 8th littering conviction she's not at all prepared.  She's over dressed, under enthused, and about to try to cheat when she should be toe'n the line.  But events are about to teach this gal a really big, really SMELLY lesson!  Tomorrow..

Death be not proud (or permanent)

Scorpia bites the big one under Firestorm's unrelenting assault!  Yep... she's a deader.  But unfortunately (for her) death isn't the end of the "IMMORAL KOMBAT" - no sir.  There's a STIFF penalty to pay for losing in this contest - a quick trip to HELL where the PUNISHER awaits!  Then... she'll be back for REVENGE!  Then there are two bitchin' short stories up this week.  "Inherited Haunting" from Slid about a babe that gets the estate of some distant relative and discovers that the estate comes with ghostly perverted baggage, and "Station 385" which could have been called the "Earthmen or horny idiots and it's easy to screw 'em and suck out their life-force testosterone trap."  But we'll just call it Station 385.  Much easier to say in one breath.

Don't mess with a killer!

"The BERSERKER" is back!  And if you haven't figured it out yet - she's not one to be fucked with!  You make a deal with this gal, you better plan on keeping it.  Just ask the two low-lifes that tried to rip her off today - oh sorry.  You can't - they're DEAD!  But they both got a helluva blowjob before the ice pick slipped into their ear!  Hope it was worth it...  Then the W.A.B.A.C. machine summons "Kayla's Run" from somewhere deep in the past to entertain you in the present.  Poor sex-slaves... they never get the recognition that they so richly deserve.  But hey - at least they get a lotta action!


"Recycle or DIE" will be posted and we're rolling out a BUNCH of brand-new ARCHIVES for your amazement. TOP-SHELF stuff for all you new guys who weren't members when this great content rolled through the member area. So for a mere pittance you can catch up on some of the best comic content from HorrorbabeCentral and SpacebabeCentral and (as always) members get a hefty discount!

Till tomorrow,
Mike da Mutant


GOO Betty GOO!

And so she does.  When Dr. Grey walks right back into the lab and discovers an outbreak she should have turned and bolted.  But nooooooo.  Now she's the cherry on top of a GOO sundae and Betty's got the spoon!  The other Dr. - Dr. Gray seems quite content to just set back and watch Betty do her thing... for now.  But you can bet that before it's over he'll want to spew some "Gray Goo," too!  Then there's three delicious short stories up this week.  First one is "Devils Lust" - the Devil's on prowl and horror sex is his calling card!  Beware sinner - he's lookin' at YOU!  Then "Dead Sky Above Us" is up with chapter two of Slid's mini-series about the great unknown, and "DEAD FREAKS" demonstrates why graveyard sex is such a BAD idea! 

After all, who wants to share?

"IMMORAL KOMBAT" spins into it's second week and the magic wand ain't cuttin' it against the cosmo-zapper!  But it's the skill of the magician, not the wand that makes the difference, right?  So don't place yer bets just yet!  Then James Lemay serves up a fresh chapter of "Brothel of Blood" and the action gets HEAVY!  Wrappin' it up is the W.A.B.A.C. machine's presentation of "Cary Cosmic" - and this girl has APPETITES!

Bona appetite!

Mike da Mutant



Yep, there's a whole new batch of "Immoral Kombat" heading your way, starting with this weeks double-sized introduction! Horrorbabe guys know what's up but it'll be a surprise to the Spacebabe vets. Now they can see what they were missing! Lotsa great looking babes lined up for this one - stay frosty. VIDEO: Dr. Grey comes back to find that Dr. Gray has gone gooey all over Betty! And now Betty wants to REPLICATE with Dr. Grey and spread the "GRAY GOO"! The alarm's been sounded but it's far too late. We're all DOOMED! And don't ya just love Betty's oral fixation?

The comic mother load!

"Dionise CA" is back in the comic lineup with a bathroom quickie that gets rough and causes a gal to see DEMONS! (I'm told that this is common in California). That ever-popular killer with the tits is back as the "Alien Huntress" gets a little too confident and gets herself nabbed. But she'll soon screw her way out of this mess - as always, right? I'm pretty sure. Then there's a new "Night Terrors" about the perfect gal - she can become TWO perfect gals for kinky sex at will!

Just DON'T EVER piss her off.

And just brought back from oblivion is "Dream Story". The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" came up with a dark one this time! Then we introduce ya to the next big thing: "The Galactic Hunter"! Actually, we'll spend most of the time on the creepy alien that abducts the Earth girls (and what he does to 'em!) but you'll get the idea - she's a KILLER!

Couple new ARCHIVES will be available tomorrow. Then next week a couple more!

Mike da Mutant


Interesting... death by GOO! 

Betty has worked so hard on Dr. Gray's "problem" and this week she gets her reward!  I hope it's everything that she expected.  But the other researcher (yeah - she with the tits) is on the way back to the lab now.  This should be real... real interesting!  Just another day in the life of those infected with the "GRAY GOO!" 

I can't believe that it's been a month since we kicked open the doors.  But it's gotta be 'cause this week James Lemay is back with chapter two of "Alien Winter!"  And this time the alien menace visits our heroine in the shower.  TENTACLE TIME!  Then an unfortunate alien lands her shapely ass deep inside hillbilly territory and gets a real "down home" welcome from the local Billy Bob's in Darkworld's "Abduction."

Baseball bat diplomacy at it's finest!

Cameron has been captured by the evil Amazons and now the immortal queen thinks Cammy would make a fine oral sex slave.  Naturally there's some disagreement, but the queen forces the issue and it's off to the lesbo chamber of doom!  But doom is her stock in trade and Cameron has always triumphed magnificently in "Lost Lands."  Hope I didn't jinx her!

There's a haunting short story of a shapely ghost in "Blonde in the Taxi" and Slid's back with a fresh issue of "Vampire MILF!"  This time the awesomely evil Ligea seeks out ancient knowledge, but learns that there's a HUGE price - even for a vampire!  Finally, a touching tail of love on the run as "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tosses up Tish's 2002 comic "Mike the Mutant"...

Hmmm... it's GOTTA be good!
Mike da Mutant



I said I’d keep the links to Spacebabe Central and Horrorbabe Central open for two weeks after we smushed ‘em together to create Monsterbabe Central.  It’s been a month. But just outta paranoia I’m gonna keep ‘em up for ONE LAST WEEK!  If there’s anything you gotta have from the old sites – and you had a membership to one (or both) - this is your last chance.  Here are the links again:

OLD SpacebabeCentral 
OLD HorrorbabeCentral 

The databases that control access to the old member areas have already started to purge so if you have any trouble logging in with your old user/pass let us know on the help desk and we’ll fix something up for ya.  This is strictly a member-only offer.

Now on to the good stuff!

Evil faces off against evil as a werewolf demands the affections of a dazzling witch after he’s served as her assassin.  But deals mean nothing to the damned so there’s a deadly double... uh… triple cross ending!  You’ll find “The Wolf and the Witch” in the short story section.  Be prepared - the next short story is pretty grim.  “The Butcher” has snagged his latest victim and after a little “play time” it’s a rush to ring the dinner bell!  Well... she does look yummy!

The final short story this week is “Training Day.”  Friggin’ alien space cadets get the inside scoop on why they REALLY keep taking our Earth gals!  And now the next generation of off-planet ne'er-do-wells has the acquired a taste for human nookie!  THIS MUST BE STOPPED!  I’m workin’ on it.  Then the awesome “BERSERKER” is cornered by the techno-cops, but she’s not intimidated.  Using all her artificially bred enhancements she manages to turn the cuffs on the cops and get back on her mission! 

Strap in.  This week’s “Gray Goo” update is all action!  It kinda looks like Betty has decided that the only way out is to suck the evil out of Dr. Gray.  Seems kinda sketchy to me - but I don’t mind if she tries.  He seems to be pretty okay with it, too.  GO BETTY!  And I’ve cobbled together a weird collection of out-takes and old clips and just plain strange stuff that we’ve done to flesh out the final “Invasion Report” clip.  Goofy seems to be the order of the day, but it’s a lotta fun and who knows, ya might just learn sumthin!  Then the final chapter of “Deep Seed” is up in the W.A.B.A.C. Machine.  The whole story is complete and next week we’ll see what Mr. Peabody recommends as a replacement. 

Till then, I remain
Mike da Mutant


Hey!  Things are chuggin' along!  Hello all you new guys!  Welcome to the club.  Hope yer findin' yer way around okay.  We're still tinkering with the site's layout - try'n to simplify access to the free samples and other ‘lil tweaks, but so far - so good! 

The conclusion of "The Invasion Report"

...is up this week!  You might come away from it thinkin' that we still have a technological/supernatural rift in the newly joined organization.  Nahhh...  It'll blow over.  They'll learn to get along.  One way or the other.  But I guess we'll have to crack a few heads (assuming that they've got heads).  Busty (but brainless) Betty is get'n the pounding of her career this week from a nanobot controlled researcher named Dr. Gray.  That's really saying a lot considering Betty's many... uh..services... yeah, personal services that she's provided at the old SBC headquarters during her tenure.  Hang in there Betty and watch out for the "Gray GOO!" 

Vampire lovers beware! 

Don't trust 'em!  Check out "Night with a Vampire" Pt2 in the short story section and pay close attention to her hands on the last page!  Yeah.  Sumthin's up!  And holy double-whammy, Bat Man!  There's another Vampire story this week!  And this one is the first issue of "The Brothel of Blood" from James Lemay!  It's his newest series (maybe his best!) and it's the saga of an "innocent" prostitute seeking shelter from life's perils in a Brothel.  She thinks she's safer there than out on the streets.  And she's soooooo wrong!  EXCELLENT!  Then Slid kicks off a four-part mini series with the first chapter of "Dead Sky."  Now I'm not try'n to cover for the murderous aliens responsible for this outrage - all I'm saying is that if you're gonna die horribly at the hands of an alien race - THIS is not a bad way to do it!  It's all relative, but you’ll see what I mean.  Slid's just get'n the story started!  It's in the short story area - ya gotta check it out!

Total Recall?

Nope.  They wasted waaay too much time on Arnold in that flick.  Luckily, we're here to set things right and present it the way it SHOULD have been done!  Just a little Arnold hero setup then >BAM< spend our time on the chick with three boobs!  NOW we're talkin' about some interesting science fiction!  Why can't Hollywood get it right?  A.B. Lust created "Total Bullshit" to set the “Recall” record straight - and that it will!  Rounding out another week is the W.A.B.A.C. Machine's "Deep Seed" - part 3 is up this week.  This poor gal shares the ass-hugger experience with another, but she's still gonna be somebody's bitch!  Once they HAVE her – they can’t give her back!  One more chance to get free - next week!

So enjoy the update fellas.  We're still working to make 'em grand.  And I'll get right back to keeping the peace around here just as soon as SOMEBODY GETS THIS FRIGGIN VAMPIRE OUT OF MY REFRIGERATOR!!!!!


Mike da Mutant


ARGHHHHhhh!!!!!  Busted ass all weekend.  STILL didn't get the Newscast up till just after midnight (Monday morning).  Lotta work... Sorry for the tardiness.  Bit off more than I could chew again I guess.  But IT'S UP!  And Part Two will roll out with this Thursday's regular update so see ya then!

Mike da Mutant


“I get more ass than an Afghani goat-herder with a case of Viagra”

So says the Vampire!  Things have been kinda up in the air for the last few weeks as you might imagine after the “merge.”  Fuckin’ Ghouls keep breaking into the soda machines, the aliens are running scared from the zombies (apparently they’re tasty!) and even the swamp monsters are get’n into fights with the cyborgs!  ARRRGGHH!!!!

So… I’m grasping at straws here, but I’m outta ideas.  In desperation, I’m bringing back “The Invasion Report” – hoping that if we report on the problem it’ll go away.  Seen it work all the time on TV.  “Government Broke – BANKRUPT!” screams the news – then – nothing.  It’s no longer news I guess ‘cause there’s nothing else ever said or done about it.  So apparently if ya talk about it a little – it’ll no longer be a problem and… I guess it fixes itself?  Anyway... Gonna give it a try.  So check back in sometime Sunday when Monsterbabe Central’s ALL-NEW INVASION REPORT will post!  SBC veterans – you know that this is the UBER-GOOD stuff.  HBC guys and all you newbies – standby for something TOTALLY different!  The INVASION REPORT - it’s soooo much fun to watch!  Sunday…

Now let’s talk update.

First off, you gotta check out the movie.  Dr. Gray is nano-controlled and Betty is about to get the ride of her life!  Now - as you know, Betty is kinda the “good time had by all” here at Spaceba.. MONSTERBABE Command so we’d hate to see anything bad happen to her.  Mostly.  At least no permanent damage.  Anyway, she’s get’n the high-hard one from an experiment gone way, waaay bad and Doc Gray hasn’t even gotten to the “GRAY GOO” yet!  Developing story – check back next week.

Then a buxom maid finds an unwelcome guest has arrived to claim his fleshy prize.  But is “The Visitor” REALLY unwelcome with his endless all-night sex cravings?  Methinks not!  And Predator whips a new chapter of “Alien Huntress” on us that is great to look at, advances the story about the hunt, features several different horny aliens, and has one of the longest blowjob scenes ever to fit in 5 pages!  Folks… we’re talkin’ QUALITY entertainment here!  Okay – ya get past that one and we’ll get ya with the next.  Edgar Rocha’s fresh chapter of ”After School Special” (I just call it ASS) wraps up the “HELP! I’m get’n screwed by museum statues come to life” story.  But there may still be consequences.  Hope so. 

Basta trots out a new “Night Terrors” comic about a gal that gets a magic camera (or was it a magic camera that gets the girl?).  Either way it's tits and ass and scary lollipops so don’t overlook it!  And the W.A.B.A.C. machine still functions!  TWO weeks in a row!  This week it comes up with part 2 of Wasabi’s ‘lil ass-hugger saga.  Last week she got ass-hugged, this week she seeks help for her “condition.”  But the doctor and staff are distracted by her instant-enlargement tits, and I don’t think that they’re really helping her much.  Can’t blame ‘em!


Mike da Mutant


Memberships notes

Hmmm... ya know, I coulda made one thing clearer.  So I'll try right here.  If you were a member of Spacebabecentral or Horrorbabecentral your membership has just rolled over to Monsterbabecentral.  You don't have to do ANYTHING - your old user name and password will work on the new site and the billing stuff remains the same.  So as long as you agree that the new site's worth hanging around for - you're set! 

If you were a member of BOTH SBC and HBC then all you have to do is cancel one or the other membership (doesn't matter which one) and the other will allow you access here.  YOUR BILLING PRICE REMAINS THE SAME ($20) for as long as you remain a member.  Starting next week - new joins will cost $25 but the price increase DOES NOT EFFECT ANY CURRENT MEMBERS.
Anybody that's a member before the price increase will maintain the old price for future re-billing.  If ya quit and join again later... THEN you'll pay the new price.


Get'n a few confused folks on the helpdesk.  Those of you familiar with SHC expect a weekly "Member Area."  You won't find it here.  All the content pages with the samples and the links to the member's content are available from the HOME page by clicking on the buttons found there.  First time you click on the MEMBER CONTENT links you will be asked for your user name and password.  Once you have given it you will be considered "logged in" and will not be asked for it again during that session.  So even though the page looks the same (it is) you can ONLY get to the content AFTER you log in.

In other words this website is COMPLETELY WYSIWYG (What ya see is what ya get).  It's that way on purpose, and once you switch off the SHC "member area" mindset it's quite logical and easy to understand.  Everybody sees the same pages and free samples - but only members can get the content links to work!

Thanks to everyone for the support and the terrific response to the big merger.  So far it's going better than I ever expected and I've got you guys to thank for it.  So... THANKS!

Mike da Mutant


Well it coulda gone a lot worse!

I'll probably screw something BIG up this week to make up for it but... THE SWITCH OVER WENT GREAT!  I messed up a few links and quickly corrected them (thanks for the tips guys!), a couple fellas got all tweaked 'cause they couldn't get to all the old stuff (They could - ya GOTTA READ the What's New!) but that wasn't my fault (as much) so all-in-all it went AMAZINGLY well! 

So what's new this week?

More roll out's that's what!  James Lemay starts a new comic series this week.  James is pretty much doing work for us exclusively besides some commission work from time to time, and he's doing TWO new series for us now.  This week we start "ALIEN WINTER" which I think is his absolute best!  He doesn't.  He thinks that the next new series (to start in two weeks) "Brothel of Blood" is his best work.  He could be right, but then so what?  I don't need no stinkin' facts when I've already got an opinion!  Regardless, "Alien Winter" is SUPERB!  Big cast of characters and a masterfully sewn story with great suspense, peril, and tons of ACTION!  If you don't like it then you sir - are a CAD!


And the promised W.A.B.A.C. section is open for your perusal. (Tip 'o the hat to Mr. Peabody and his boy Simon.)  Okay, you can call it the WAYBACK section if you wanna - 'cause that's what it's for.  EVERY WEEK we'll post a "once-run, years-ago" comic or series or whatever of great content that you would have enjoyed if you were a member of SBC or HBC waaaaaaay back.  Most of this stuff is not even available in our Archives area!  It's great to have a place to share the really good stuff (without re-running it in place of something new) - hence this section begins the 4 part saga of "Deep Seed" by Wasabi from the SpacebabeCentral archives of 2002!  And you ain't seen NUTHIN yet!  Go go go go GO!!!

So without further adieu - THIS WEEK

You're get'n the new James Lemay comic "ALIEN WINTER" (did I mention that I think it's his BEST?), the first issue of Wasabi's "Deep Seed," the FINAL clips from "Bloody Harry" (bummer... but it's ALL ONLINE NOW - and it will GO AWAY next week when something new starts), the FINAL update of "Sex Droids in Space" (thanks again Robotman!), the next set of "Gray GOO" movie clips (you like?  I like it lots!), and "LOST LANDS!"  Yep, Briaeros presents us with another fantastic issue of the adventures of Cameron Connel, and there's way more to come! 


While remaining confident in my own ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, even I must admit that this has really turned out to be a good thing.  With more time to lavish on the combined site, we'll make it deeper, more varying in content, more detailed and just plain better in every way than either of the predecessor sites. 

Let's raise the bar!
Mike da Mutant



We finally took the plunge and merged SpacebabeCentral and HorrorbabeCentral!
I'm always get'n hassled about there being a distinction without a difference between the technological and supernatural monsters that populate the sites so... here it is!

I kept the VERY BEST from each genre and the new site is full of outstanding content - just check it out!  And this is just the start.  We're gonna revise the Pay Per View page and the Archives collections soon.  There's gonna be a new section called the "Way Back Machine" that'll feature some of the best short stories from years gone by, and every update after today will have SEVEN FEATURES PER WEEK!

Goals: Combine efforts to improve the content quality, stop the redundancy and duplication of effort, expand the possibilities, widen the content mix, and turn up the HEAT!

Complications: unintended consequences will no doubt bite us on the ass for a little while.  You see a bug - PLEASE - drop us a note at the Helpdesk.  The next few days will see an ongoing effort to catch any boo-boos and refine the look and feel of the site, so expect it to be pretty fluid for a while.

Several of these features will end in the next week or two and when that happens we've got some fan-friggin-tastic replacements from James Lemay (TWO new series!), Santana, Slid, AB Lust and others just waiting for a button-spot to open up. NO SNOOZING! As the stories and features conclude they'll go away quick to make room for new stuff - so don't miss a week!

MEMBERS: Your HBC or SBC password still works and will continue to for as long as you remain a member.  New joins will of course not be affected at all. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you were a member of BOTH sites you'll need to cancel one membership (doesn't matter which one) to avoid DOUBLE BILLING!  Hey, the LAST thing I wanna do is rip you guys off - you RULE!  But there's some things that we CAN'T do for ya 'cause of tech limits in merging the databases.  Just kill one and the other will still work.  BUT don't KILL 'em both!  That would be BAD!  The new membership price will be going up in two weeks. (Gimme a break, in nine years we've NEVER raised the price.)  ALL CURRENT members (anyone who joined before July 15, 2010) will continue to enjoy the new website at the current monthly $20 price for as long as you remain a member.  Members who join AFTER July 15th will pay the new monthly price!  But whatta friggin' deal!!  BIGGER - BETTER - BADDER and for current members - IT REMAINS THE SAME PRICE!

SBC guys - check out all the glorious new content from HBC!  And HBC guys you get the same in reverse!  TONS of new stuff from "the other side!"

And just to show you that my shriveled little heart is in the right place here's a link to the old websites just in case something that we didn't carry across was important to ya.  Your SBC or HBC username/password will still work for TWO WEEKS - then they're gone FOREVER! 

OLD SpacebabeCentral 
OLD HorrorbabeCentral 

Tomorrow (Friday) we'll surely be fixing whatever we screwed up today and as I said, we'll be doing corrections and enhancements for a while yet.  But guys... I'm really stoked!  This is gonna be so damn good for everybody!

Whatever I screwed up I'll fix.  Soon as you tell me what it is!

I remain your humble servant,
Mike da MUTANT!


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